An Appreciation Post for Bangtan Boys / BTS / 방탄소년단


Since today is the birthday of a very special person who means quite a lot to me, I’d thought I’d write an appreciation post for the boy group that he belongs in and is busily but happily promoting with. I was originally going to write this appreciation post for Bangtan on my Tumblr account, but then I decided that it might be too long and no one will probably read it so I thought it’d be best to write it on this blog. So I’m back with another appreciation post and will continue to write more appreciation posts for groups and artists I believe deserve them. My first appreciation post was of my ultimate K-Pop group or the group I call ‘my boys’, B2ST / BEAST.  Next up is my second ultimate bias group who’s only barely a year old, Bangtan Boys also known as BTS also known as Bulletproof Boy Scouts also known as 방탄소년단.

*sigh* I’m already getting emotional right now just talking about them and I haven’t even seen them in real life nor have they been out for that long. Since it was just their first year anniversary a few months ago (June 13 to be exact), I was planning to write an appreciation post for them and how much they’ve changed my life, but I never got around to it, so I thought I would right now and post this appreciation post since today is Rap Monster’s birthday! YAY!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with BTS, they’re a seven member boy group from Big Hit Entertainment who also houses other groups and artists like 2AM, Lim Jeong Hee, and GLAM. They debuted on June 13, 2013 with debut track ‘No More Dream’ and have been actively promoting ever since with other title tracks ‘N.O‘, ‘Boy in Luv‘, and ‘Danger.’  They have like 10939340562 songs out right now, including both pre-debut and debut songs (just kidding. They don’t have that many songs out, but they are constantly putting out albums and singles) which are all really good. In this post, I’ll be explaining how I became a fan (because it is the most ironic and strangest but funniest thing ever), my impressions of each member debut and now, my thoughts on their music, and overall opinion of the whole group.

So I guess I can start off with how I became a BTS fan also known as an ARMY (their fandom name). A little bit more than a year ago, when BTS had released their debut concept teasers, I didn’t like it. I honestly thought they were trying too hard to be ‘cool’ (they were apparently to cool for school) and I honestly thought they were just gonna be another wannabe hip-pop boy group putting out wannabe hip-hop songs like how many other boy groups around that time was attempting. But then one day, my cousin who’s also into K-Pop and who was unexpectedly a BTS fan told me about them and kept on spazzing to me about the MV. So then I was like, “Okay okay, I guess I’ll just check out the MV even though I didn’t like their picture teasers.” So I watched their debut MV ‘No More Dream’ and wasn’t really liking the song, but I was for sure checking out the members! Haha. The members that caught my attention were Jin and Jimin, who I honestly got kind of confused between a few times. Jin is very very handsome, although he was kind of awkward in the MV now that I go back to watch it, while Jimin was and is still the hottest thing in that MV. His smirks are to die for! GAWD. NO WONDER I FELL FOR HIM AND CLAIMED HIM AS MY BIAS. HE IS FINE AF IN THAT MV (and everywhere else). My cousin went on to tell me that her favorite members were Rap Monster (who I wasn’t attracted to) and Jungkook (who I didn’t know at that time) so I went to go check out Jungkook and found this MV and yeah, he was so adorable in that MV I was like, “Nope. Gotta claim him as my bias too.” So I kept on watching the ‘No More Dream’ MV and then pretty soon the song kept on growing on me and it became so catchy. I remember I went to L.A. when BTS debuted and the whole time I was there I just kept on listening to BTS’s debut album because all the songs on there were so so so good, lol. So I basically went from being a ‘ew-no-gawd-please-take-those-chains-off’ to ‘omg-why-you-guys-gotta-be-so-cool-and-attractive-fml-‘ person, all thanks to my cousin who couldn’t stop talking about them to me. I have a lot to thank her for, haha.

cuutteee weirdos

Regarding BTS’s music and songs, ever since their debut, they’ve always been releasing music that’s more associated with hip-hop and R&B which can be off putting to some fans, but I have no problem with it because I grew up listening to that genre so I tend to enjoy listening to their songs. I personally believe BTS’s first debut album that they put out ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL‘ (yes, that’s what it’s called lol) is so far my favorite album, despite it containing only a few tracks. ‘No More Dream’ their debut track was not my cup of tea at first. I actually didn’t like it, but then as I continued to listen to it, I really liked it. And their choreography for the dance was insanely good and full of eye candy too (I see your abs Jimin). Then ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2’ I also didn’t like, but it also grows on you as you listen to it and it makes you feel like a total bad-ass. Also, the lyrics to that song are just woah woah so so good. Like how did you guys manage to come up with song lyrics like that?! And last but not least is ‘I Like It’ which is no doubt my most absolute favorite song from BTS out of all their songs. THE CHOREOGRAPHY, THE VOCALS, THE RAP, THE BEAT, LIKE THAT WHOLE SONG IS THE PERFECT SONG. IT CONTAINS EVERYTHING. THE WHOLE PACKAGE. PERFECT. PERFECT. really. I honestly believe that my life is complete once I see BTS perform this song live. Once I see them perform my most favorite song from them with my own two eyes, I can die happily. LOL.

(MY MOST FAVORITE SONG FROM BTS. AAHHHHHHHHHHH! I will never get tired of listening to this song OTL).

I was a bit disappointed with the albums they’ve been releasing after their debut album because I’m not just as impressed with them. Whereas I really enjoyed all 3 tracks from ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’, in their albums after, there would only be a few tracks that I enjoy which I was honestly kind of disappointed about. To this day, I still like their debut album the best even though they’ve put out like a few albums already. I’m scared that BTS will never release another album that will top my love for ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ which will make me really sad, because I know they have the potential to and I know they can. I’d have to say though that their latest and most recent album ‘Dark and Wild‘ is second in line after ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL.’ The whole album overall is a solid listen and I enjoy almost every single track which can be quite rare to come across in K-Popland.

ot7forever thisonescute

As we all know, being a fan doesn’t mean that you have to love every single thing about the group and with regards to BTS, there is one thing that I really hope will change. I’ve already ranted about this a few posts back, but one thing that I absolutely cannot stand in BTS’s songs are the line distributions which are mostly uneven. The three rappers get their own time to rap which I like, but then when it comes to singing, all you hear is Jungkook and this kind of pisses me off because Jin, V, and Jimin are all great singers as well and they deserve so much more lines and time to sing. I hope that BTS will change their songs up a bit in that there are better equal line distributions for everyone and a change in the arrangement of the members’ lines (the rappers usually rap in the order of Rap Monster, Suga, and then J-Hope. This can get tiring after a while). Here’s to hoping they’ll change things up~

Some of you guys might be reading this right now and might be totally confused about who is Rap Monster and who is V and who is J-hope so I’ll take this time to introduce each member, my first impressions of them, and how I feel about them now after more than a year of being a fan. Let’s go!


This man right here is Rap Monster (but don’t worry, his real name is Kim Namjoon). Honestly, I didn’t really care for Rap Monster when I first saw him in ‘No More Dream.’ I don’t really have any interest in rappers in the first place (as good as they are at rapping though) and to me, Rap Mon just wasn’t attractive or charming. However, as time went on and I became a bigger fan of BTS, I got to know Rap Monster a lot more and now I have this whole new look and perspective of Rap Mon, especially after watching his episode of Mnet’s 4 Things Show where he talks about being an idol and an underground rapper. I never really cared for him before I watched that show, but after I watched it, I started to like him a lot more. I can tell that Rap Monster feels very conflicted about being an idol because he used to be an underground rapper and as many know, underground rappers like to criticize idol rappers because they believe that idol rappers are just puppets who don’t have any skills at rapping. It makes me sad to see Rap Monster struggle between living both the idol and underground life; it’s as if he doesn’t enjoy the idol life as much and that breaks my heart. I also started to appreciate him so so so much more when I heard the rumors about how he apparently had heart problems when he was younger and had to undergo surgery with a 30% chance of surviving (there are pictures to prove it, but I’m too lazy to go find it, lol). Knowing that he only had a 30% chance of survival, but still managed to make it out alive makes me admire him so much more because look at what he has grown up to become. He’s now the leader of an amazing and up and coming boy group who is slowly dominating the Korean music industry and getting to travel to many different places with this boy group such as Sweden, Brazil, and the United States. Rap Monster does a lot for the group, writes really insightful and thought-provoking lyrics, and is always constantly trying his best at everything (especially dancing since he’s kind of weak in that department, haha). I don’t ever see him becoming my bias in BTS, but I do see myself continually being amazed at his rapping skills (which are like on another level and if you don’t trust me just listen to this) and his personality and his weird face expressions when he’s dancing. Below are some GIFs that might make you question why I love BTS but it’s okay, I ask myself that too every single day. And I have come to accepting that I love them for being the weird, goofy, random, and silly people that they are.

LOLRAPMON  sometimesAISHFUCKTHIS rapmonrunninglikeagrandpa

Let’s take the time to acknowledge the fact that Rap Monster runs like a grandpa (which is totally okay you know?). And that he makes the best face expressions ever, especially when he’s “dancing.” Gotta love Rap Monster (:

FUCKYOURESOPRETTY shitjinpleasehavemercy


You’re probably wondering who this very very very pretty man is. Well everyone, this guy is none other than BTS’s oldest member or the princess Hyung of the group Jin (but don’t worry – his real name is Kim Seokjin). I still remembered how I felt the very first time my eyes laid upon him and I just thought to myself, man, this kid is ridiculously handsome. WHAT’S HIS NAME?! HOW OLD IS HE?! HE’S THE VISUALS AIN’T HE?! Lol. The very first time I saw Jin, I immediately thought he was handsome. He ain’t ranked first in visuals from the other members of BTS for nothing. Haha. He was one of those members that stood out to me when I watched the ‘No More Dream’ because of his looks. Not only is he good looking, but he also cooks for the group (he’s like the Mom of the group) and he takes great care of the members. As for talents, Jin might be weak in both the singing and dancing department, but knowing the kind of person that Jin is, I won’t be surprised if a few years down the road, he gets a lot more lines (than he already does which isn’t a lot lol). Overall, I like Jin – there’s just this really friendly, welcoming, nice, and innocent aura that I get from him and I just feel like he would be a very fun and great person to be around.

Because having just one GIF and picture of him is not enough, here are a few more.

JINSERIOUSLY  whatareyoudoingknockingoutlike


datsquishysmile ifhestaredatmelikethat iwoulddie jindabaeSOPRETTTYYYYY



Now this little boy here is SUGA. Yes, Suga. But don’t worry, his real name is Min Yoongi. Suga. He thinks he has swag when really all he does is just sleep and eat and when he’s not eating or sleeping he’s working on his music in the recording studio. So much swag Suga, so much swag. -sigh- It’s sad to say this, but Suga (along with Rap Monster) are the two members that I care the least about in BTS. why do i feel so bad saying that? LOL. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a bad person. I do think he’s a good rapper and he’s a funny guy and he’s not bad at dancing and he’s cute, but there’s really nothing about him that captures my interest or makes me captivated. I have yet to find something about him that makes me genuinely attracted to him (that doesn’t mean that I don’t like him though. Don’t misunderstand. I like him, but I prefer the other members). He’s cute, very passionate about music, and a very talented person, as evident with his amazing songs that he’s composed for BTS- ‘Tomorrow‘ and ‘Let Me Know.’ Give them a listen if you haven’t yet; They will definitely not disappoint! I’m quite sad that there’s no live performance of ‘Tomorrow’ yet because I would do anything to see them perform that amazing song, but even without a live performance, ‘Tomorrow’ is an amazing song with a great message. HECK, THEY’RE BOTH AMAZING.

I might not care for Suga as much as I do for the other members, but I can’t deny that there’s a Suga GIF for certain moments in your life:

When you’re so embarrassed to death and you can’t speak or explain your feelings in words so you’re just like:


When you’re so happy and excited words cannot explain how you feel:


When you really like something and approve of it:


See what I mean?



Next up is J-Hope (but don’t worry, his real name is Jung Hoseok) AKA everyone’s ball of sunshine. He likes to call himself J-Hope because well…he’s a very optimistic and hopeful person (we need more people like him honestly) and because he’s a very positive person so he remains our hope in everything. Haha. I would say that after Jimin and Jungkook who are my biases, J-Hope would rank as my third bias. He is just so lovable, I don’t understand how anyone could hate him. Kid is always smiling and laughing and so cheerful and jumpy and crazy and weird and insane and talented and underrated I don’t know how anyone could hate him. If there was one member I would say is underrated in BTS, it would definitely be J-Hope. He’s a very talented guy, but gets overshadowed by the other members. He’s a rapper, but so are Rap Mon and Suga and those two are the main rappers of BTS, so J-Hope never gets enough credit for his rapping. J-Hope’s a great dancer, but in the choreography, it’s always either Jungkook or Jimin that’s being focused on so you never know how good J-Hope is as a dancer so therefore he never gets enough credit for that either. *sigh* Poor J-Hope. Guy is talented in both rapping and dancing, but never gets acknowledged enough for it. Like I mentioned earlier, J-Hope loves to make everyone laugh. He’s always so energetic and optimistic and funny. He likes to make jokes and likes to joke around, it’s hard not to like him. It’d be hard to imagine what BTS would be like without J-Hope because he’s always the one that cheers everyone up. You know how in every group there’s always that one person that sets the mood AKA the mood maker? In BTS, it would definitely be J-Hope. How could one NOT love J-Hope, especially after seeing this video? It’s just impossible.

jhope1 jhope2 jhope3 jhope4

LOOK AT ALL THESE SMILES. LOOK! LOOK AT IT! I wasn’t lying when I said he was hopeful. He’s literally a ball of sunshine and our rays of hope.


More GIFs and photos that further prove my point. But don’t let these happy and beautiful and stunning photos trick you! J-Hope is the best person with the best face expressions. BEST I SAY.

When your sister asks you about something and you’re not sure what she’s talking about so you’re just like:


When you watch a scary movie and there’s a scary pop-up scene:


When your OTP isn’t sailing as smooth as you want it to:


When you get kidnapped with your family by strangers while waiting in the car:mewhenit'snotjikook

When you see your bias’s beautiful face and you can’t contain your feels:

:mewhenistareatjimin'sface jhopelovesyou

When you see something you didn’t want to see and disapprove of it:


And here’s just a few more J-hope because we all need more of him in our lives:




Now this adorable boy is V (why is he called V? I don’t know, but what I do know though is that you shouldn’t worry because his real name is Kim Taehyung). V is known to be the lovechild of B.A.P.’s Daehyun and EXO’s Baekhyun, but I ain’t complaining. I actually think he looks like them too. Anyways, V is known to be the weirdest and 4D member of the group. He picked up a kelp at the beach once and asked for its name. I mean, there’s nothing totally weird or strange about that right? LOL. V is super funny though, no doubt. Because he’s so 4D and because he’s so into his own world, he does all these crazy and weird and random things. As for his position in BTS, I would describe him as the member that’s kind of average / decent in everything. He’s not good at dancing, but neither is he bad at it. And he’s not good at singing, but he’s also not exceptional at it. As for what I like about V, I love how he’s very out-going and social. He doesn’t hold back on expressing his feelings or thoughts; he’s rather quite unreserved and I think that’s a great characteristic. If you watch him in BTS’s new reality show ‘American Hustle Life’, he often approaches strangers and starts a conversation with them so easily (something which I would have a very hard time doing). V’s just one of those guys that are also cheerful and bright which makes him very cute and lovable too. I too don’t see him ever becoming my bias in BTS, but I do like him and his personality. Sometimes his weird personality makes me like him more than I should and it’s not a good thing because he’s not even my bias in the group. I don’t want any bias wreckers now.

Like how it is with the other members, there’s a V GIF for every moment in life:

When someone makes fun of you so you tease them back like:


When your mom calls your other siblings to do the chores instead of you:


When your mom calls you instead of your siblings to do the chores:

v is fed up with yo shit

When you want to know your friend’s secret so you’re just like:


When you find out that your bias is in a scandal:

omg really

When you have to do aegyo to prove to people that you’re cute but they don’t believe you so you’re just like:

v1 v2

Then as if that wasn’t enough, you prove to them that you’re not just cute, you’re FAB:

v3 v4

evenmorefabv  fabvfabulous

When you’re talking to your sister / friend about guys and she teases you about your crush:

goawaayyyy hahahehe ehehehehethecutest

When you react as fast as a ninja:


When you’re surrounded by too many hot people and you can’t handle it:


When you approve of something:


When you disapprove of something:

vdoesn'twantto visnotpleasedyou'reweird

And here are just a few extra GIFs of biaswrecker V:

verycutevverycute  hahaha kekekei'msoshyyesthisisv

(yes, that’s him running about on an empty street)

Even though these GIFs might show the true nature and personality of V, the pictures below show the rare and infrequent sides of V that we don’t get to see too often so cherish them now while you can!

awwlookatthatsmile sadness vv



(This is the most attractive I’ve seen him yet honestly. It should be illegal for him to have that towel with him. New OTP = V  x towel.

awwwwjiminnieissosquishyawwwwwwwwww squeals

UGH UGH UGH ugH Ugh uGH uGh. It’s PARK. JI. MIN. NUFF SAID. Lol. I’m not gonna write about Jimin in this post, because he’s my second ultimate bias so he deserves an appreciation post of his own. I’ll write a post about him on his birthday (which is in October) so look out for that when it gets closer to October. The post is going to be rather quite long too because that guy gives me so many damn freaking feels so be ready for lots of spazzing and compliments. Hehe. If there’s anything you need to know about Park Jimin, it’s that I love him alot and that I sometimes think about how I want to marry him when I get older. LOL.





Last but not least is Jeon Jungkook, the golden Maknae who can dance and sing and rap (triple threat!). He’s also my bias in BTS along with Jimin, but sadly I think Jimin is stealing that number one spot. -sigh- What do I have to say about this guy? Jungkook is very handsome and talented despite being so young. I really liked him because he was just so adorable, especially after watching this MV (it was before they debuted too which makes everything even more adorable). Once I saw that MV, I immediately fell for Jungkook and ever since then he’s been my bias in BTS along with Jimin. Like I mentioned earlier, Jungkook is a lead dancer in BTS, but I think compared to J-Hope and Jimin, he’s weaker than them at dancing. I honestly sometimes feel like BTS makes him out to be a better dancer than he really is. That’s not to say that he’s not a good dancer because he is, but I sometimes get frustrated to see him be the main focus in their choreography dances when J-Hope and Jimin are much stronger dancers. I also feel like Big Hit is trying to make Jungkook the focus and visual of BTS which also frustrates me because I would like to see the 6 other members and I think the position of visual should belong to Jin only. LOL. I know I know, this isn’t Jungkook’s fault, but still, I think he’s being promoted too heavily and that’s another thing that irks me about Bangtan. But I stan him because he is so freaking cute and adorable. YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY CUTE AND ADORABLE?! YOU JUST WAIT FOR THEM GIFS BELOW. JUST WAIT. BUT FOR NOW, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT WHO I SHIP OUR MAKNAE WITH AND WHY.

I’ve never felt strongly about male x male OTPs nor female x female OTPs or even male x female OTPs, but damn, DAYUM, in all my ten years of K-Pop have I ever shipped an OTP as strongly, obsessively, crazily, insanely, and passionately as I have with Jimin and Jungkook AKA the best freaking OTP in not only Bangtan but all of the world – Jikook. I might make a post of my own as to why I ship them (it’s going to take a while because I suck at describing and explaining myself in words) and why they’re my most favorite OTP in the whole entire world, but I will one day. I will. For now, these pictures & GIFs shall be enough.

Look at the way Jungkook helps his Hyung put on his glasses and the smile he has on his face while doing so. He’s like teaching Jimin how to become and look cool like him. “Hyung, put on these glasses. That way you’ll look cool and handsome just like me. You might grow a bit taller as well.”




THEY SHARE SNACKS AND EAT TOGETHER.i'mhappytonighthehe jungmin



LOOK AT JUNGKOOK PATTING HIS FAVORITE HYUNG’S BUTT AND BOOTY. LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THIS! /squeals. And the best thing is that Jungkook is all happy too.

touchinghisass wut

K so here is how I started to ship them. Originally they were my two biases in the group, but then I couldn’t decide on who to like more so then I was just like, why not ship them together?! If I can’t have Jimin and I can’t love Jungkook, then they can have each other. And that’s how I came about to shipping Jikook. I know that many times it might seem like Jungkook doesn’t like Jimin and that Jimin’s love & support for Jungkook is one-sided, but I think it’s just that Jungkook doesn’t like to show his love for Jimin on camera. Jungkook’s admitted that he goes to Jimin whenever he’s in stress and he needs someone to talk to. They even have couple shoes! LOL. I think he admires Jimin and cares for him just like how Jimin cares for Jungkook. It’s just that a lot of it is never caught on camera (damn it!). Jungkook is super adorable and I think he’s a great singer too. Love love love his voice ❤


(HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP THEM?! LIKE THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER. DAMN. (Jikook’s the name of the ship btw. Jikook. Remember that.). If you don’t ship Jikook, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life honestly. I mean, even Jungkook approves of the Jikook ship.


He likes this ship yo. He loves it. He supports it. Now it’s your turn to do the same. SHIP JIKOOK WITH ME MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

Anyways, back to Jungkook, if there’s one word I would use to describe Maknae, it would be uninnocent (wait, is that even a word?) adorable. ADORABLE. ADORBS. He makes the cutest and most adorable face expressions without even trying or noticing. Like these ones!

adorbs cluelessjungkook jk1 jk2 jk3 jk4 jungkookandthefly  jungkookieee



Uhhh Jungkook, what are you doing with your arms?

jungkookwutudoingbaby     sweatyjungkook whatacutie yepthisismaknae



Let me ask you a question, have you ever seen anyone stretch as cute as that? That’s right, I didn’t think so.



(Aw, why thank you Jungkook for the flower. Hehe.)


No one has ever made drinking coffee look so attractive and fun before until Jungkook appeared. And this picture proves it all.






(Kid is apparently a classy snob too. Yep, a great one at that).

We can’t forget about his beautiful smile too can we?!

jungkookiesmiling jungkookie SOSQUISHYANDCUTE jungkookjungkook


Jungkook’s smile is one of my most favorite things in the world. He’s got a smile that could light up a whole town.


If you still haven’t gotten the whole point of this appreciation post by the time you’re reading this, then…well, I don’t know what to say to you. Lol. All in all, I love BTS a lot and it’s never taken such a short amount of time for me to be so in love with a group before. I remember watching all their live performances when they debuted with ‘No More Dream’ and just being so caught up with all their promotions and activities. My anticipation for them might have died down a bit, but these boys have really changed my life for the better. Their songs give me life, their personalities make me happy, their presence itself has made a big impact on my life. And I’m so grateful that I gave them a chance (that’s why I’m always a bit more welcoming and nice towards rookie groups, lol. Thanks to Bangtan). They’re always so kind to their fans, updating us with videos on Youtube and reality shows displaying their goofy and silly personalities.  I can’t thank these guys enough for all that they have done not only for me but for all the other ARMYs out there. All 7 members are really great and wonderful people who try their best to remain humble, kind, and respectful.


This was when they visited Suga in the hospital who was being treated for appendicitis. Lol, look at them taking pictures of Suga in the hospital. And omg Rap Monster’s face. Hahaha.

staybeautifulmyboys theirfacesdoe bangtanapproves  perfectlysumpsupbts thebabes thisisbangtan WOOAAHHHHthisonescutetoo ihopeyouguysalwaysalwayssmiletoocute

To Bangtan Boys, if there’s anything I would like to say to you guys, it would be that you guys have made such a huge positive impact on my life. Huge. I will always stick behind you guys as a fan and never abandon your side, no matter what. I hope that you guys will grow in the future and become better than you already are right now omg i wanna cry just writing this right now lol. I hope you guys never stop laughing, never stop smiling, never stop doing what you love doing. Please continue to stay humble, passionate, amazing, hard-working, and respectful like the way you guys are doing right now. I pray that you guys will always remain safe and healthy. And most of all, more than anything, I hope that the seven of you are happy, both individually and together as a group. I love you guys and I wish you guys the best of luck in the future. No amount of ‘thank you’s’ will be enough to express just how grateful and thankful I am to have people like you guys in my life. You guys, Bangtan Boys, will always be my babies 🙂


3 responses to “An Appreciation Post for Bangtan Boys / BTS / 방탄소년단”

  1. You have spoken so much truth friend! My bias is Jimin as well, and I’m so happy that I picked him out in the very beginning even though I didn’t think ANY of the members were that attractive at first glance. Now, I literally spend hours just listening and replaying their songs and youtube videos. They are LIFE! End of story! I also get what you mean when you say some of them just don’t have a spark with you. But what’s reassuring is that I know I personally love them because I wouldn’t be able to stand it if they left the group and got replaced or something. My heart would break!

  2. hello 🙂 I read this blog page today (150412, about 7 months and 1 day after you posted it) and I just wanted to leave a message since it really cool reading the blog, and also the gifs with comments – that was really funny, especially the v ones, really good 🙂
    but my main reason for commenting is coz I’m a jikook shipper too and I’m not sure if you’re still into bts or not but I just thought it was cool reading you spazz about them and sharing pics I hadn’t seen before so thanks ^^
    also, you know the jikook gif where they were showing their muscles? do you perhaps know the date to that backstage?

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