Cookies for you if you correctly guess whose birthday it is!


YES! If you guessed that it’s my birthday, Mary’s birthday, then you are absolutely correct!


I live in the U.S. so as of right now, it’s still September 29 so it is still my birthday. I’m not spending it sadly with my family back at home because I just moved into my college dorm yesterday which is 3 hours away from home so I basically spent my birthday alone by myself (I don’t have any friends going to my college with me). BUUTTTTT, as sad and lonely as that sounds (okay, I was very lonely), I spent my birthday well by doing a few worthy things. I figured I might as well just tell you guys how I spent my birthday since I’m talking about it.

I first went to put some money on my laundry card because it costs money to wash our clothes (which is kinda lame tbh). Then afterwards I attended a workshop on ‘How to get an A’ in college, specifically at my college, because ya know, everyone wants to get an A so I went to that and learned a few important things along the way. Afterwards, I signed up for a few clubs (there’s a K-Pop club at my college! HOW COOL IS THAT?!) and met some new people. Then after signing up for some clubs, I toured the campus a little bit (and admittedly, I got lost so I was just walking around not knowing where I was going but I didn’t want to turn around because then it would make me look like an idiot so I was all walking like I totally knew where I was going when really I didn’t) but I eventually made it back into my dorms or I wouldn’t be writing this post right now. I bought myself some Starbucks because there’s a Starbucks on my campus then I ate dinner with my roommates and her friends and we hung out for a while. Then the highlight of my birthday was the rally that we went to. It was pretty fun. I won a few free things, like a t-shirt and pen and some coupons (oh yeah that reminds me – when I was signing up for clubs, I got some free things as well!) and met some more new people. Then I am back in my dorm right now writing this post!

All in all, it was a pretty lonely birthday because I didn’t have my family here with me, but I am very grateful for my roommate and her friends who are so open-minded and kind (I didn’t have a bike so my roommate’s friend offered to give me a ride on her bike since she had an open seat in the back). I also got to spend some much-needed time to myself so that was great. I can’t say that I don’t miss my family because I do, but I think I can get used to the college life…for right now of course (;

3 responses to “Cookies for you if you correctly guess whose birthday it is!”

    • Thank you recaplover~

      My school is based on the quarter system, instead of the semester system, so every three months starting in October is a quarter which results in June being our final month of school 🙂

      I’m sorry if that sounds confusing. Haha. Thank you once again! 😀

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