An Appreciation Post for Park Jimin, my second ultimate bias in all of K-Pop <3


So a few months ago I wrote an appreciation post for my second favorite K-Pop group, Bangtan Boys / Bulletproof Boy Scouts / BTS, and talked about my thoughts, opinions, and love for them. I’m back with yet another appreciation post, but this time for one of the members in BTS that I did not cover in my appreciation post for the group.

If you haven’t noticed the title yet, this appreciation post will be for Park Jimin, the main dancer and lead vocalist of the amazing and perfect BTS. He’s my bias in the group and my second ultimate bias (after Yoseob ofc) so I’d thought I write an appreciation post for him since I love him a lot and since I wouldn’t have been able to fit all my explanations as to why I love him so much in my appreciation post for BTS. This guy, who’s just a year older than me, means a lot to me and he makes me very happy so there’s a lot I have to thank him for which is why I thought I’d write him an appreciation post.


*sigh* Where do I even start? There are so many great and wonderful things to say about this guy and I’m not so sure where to begin. I guess we can begin with how I became Jimin-biased in the first place. So when I first watched BTS’s debut MV ‘No More Dream’, Jimin was one out of the two members to catch my attention (the other was Jin) with his sexy ass smirks and his flawless dancing. I definitely noticed him because of those two things so ever since then, I’ve claimed him as my bias in the group along with Jungkook. The thing about me though is that when I settle on who my bias is within a group, I continue to stan that person regardless. You know how there’s that term ‘bias wreckers’ which are members who aren’t your bias but tries to be your bias? I’ve never felt that way towards BTS because I’ve always kept on my eyes on Jimin since I claimed him as my bias in BTS since their debut. And I remember that moment when I was like, “Okay. You are officially my bias in BTS forever” after watching a dance performance that Jimin performed with J-Hope and Jungkook on Mnet.

When BTS debuted, I knew Jimin was the main dancer but I didn’t know how good he was at dancing because he never got the chance to showcase his dancing skills. So when I saw him perform a dance performance on Mnet just a few weeks after their debut, I was totally captivated and impressed by his dancing skills. AND I EXACTLY REMEMBER THIS MOMENT WHEN I FIRST SAW THE PERFORMANCE. It was pretty late at night and I was just staying up in my room waiting for the Mnet performances to be uploaded because I was eager to watch BTS’s performance. Then the videos were uploaded and the first thing I watched was the dance performance and I just felt so freaking proud of Jimin. When I finished watching the video, I thought to myself, “Damn, I picked the right person in the group to be my bias.” Jimin made me proud to be Jimin-biased. I was just like, “I KNEW IT! I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON AS TO WHY I PICKED YOU AS MY BIAS IN BTS JIMIN. I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON.” Because I mean, the way Jimin tumbled and flipped was like the best thing I’ve ever seen from anyone in the music industry in quite a long time. There’s no other word to describe how I was feeling in that moment other than proud. I was so proud of Jimin and proud of myself for picking Jimin as my bias when there were 6 other handsome guys who were exactly capable of being that too.


Ever since then, I’ve been wholeheartedly giving not only Jimin but all of BTS all of my love and support, but sometimes I give Jimin too much love. LOL. I don’t know how, but in some way, Jimin became the reason as to why I was so supportive and loving towards BTS. It takes me quite a while to open up to groups and to support them, but for BTS I was rather quite obsessed with them in a very short amount of time and I believe Jimin plays a really big role in that. Sometimes I feel like he’s the only reason why I stan BTS and continue to support them which is sad because I do love the other members, but my obsession with Jimin is on a whole different level. Since I keep on talking about Jimin, I guess we can talk about what about him makes me love him so very much.

01 02 03 04 05 06

To sum it all up in simple terms, he’s such a sweetheart. It’s hard to describe Jimin because there are so many acknowledgeable and wonderful things about him but being a sweetheart is definitely one of the big ones. He’s always so supportive and encouraging of his members. In their most recent reality show ‘American Hustle Life’, Jimin encouraged Jungkook to go back to learn break dancing again since Jungkook had voiced his wishes to try it again which was so sweet and kind of Jimin. He added that Jungkook do good at break dancing. He also complimented J-hope on his dancing and even praised Suga and Jin who are known to be the weaker dancers in the group. He’s a big fan of every member in the group and you can tell that he looks up to his Hyungs and takes good care of the younger members, in particular Jungkook who had stated that Jimin is the person he goes to whenever he’s in stress and needs someone to talk to. He’s the member that I believe J-hope loves the most and J-hope is known to be the mood maker and hopeful one in the group. If there wasn’t Jimin, then there wouldn’t be an as excited and happy J-hope so it’s hard to imagine BTS without Jimin. Overall, Jimin is an absolutely sweetheart and that makes me love him so much.


I think another reason as to why I love him a lot is because we’re similar in many ways. We’re both short and we both get teased a lot and we kind of just play it off like it’s nothing. Just like how Jungkook always teases Jimin for being short and the least good-looking, my younger sister also makes fun of me for being shorter than her even though I’m older and for being ugly. Going through the same things that Jimin’s enduring, I know exactly how he feels which is why I’m just like, Jimin baby, you and I can connect and relate on so many levels. Maybe we were meant to be. LOL. JUST KIDDING. But there’s that similarity between us that makes me attracted to him. Then there’s also just the simple fact that he’s so passionate about everything he does, in particular dancing which is what he’s been doing for a few years now. I mean, that’s how he got so good and is as good as he is right now.

awwwwjiminnieissosquishy awwwwwwwwww squeals

A few months ago, there were rumors going around that a fan that attended BTS’s fanmeeting in Germany or some country in Europe had called Jimin fat. Upon hearing this, I was so mad and infuriated and angry and pissed I didn’t want to do anything. I wasn’t in the mood for anything. All I wanted to do was try to find that girl that insulted him like that (if it ever did happen) and then travel to Korea to tell Jimin that he is not fat nor ugly but an amazing and wonderful person with such great passion even if he hadn’t been told that he was ugly or fat. Jimin’s always been very insecure about his looks and weight and this worries and saddens me. BTS constantly teases him for being the ugliest member in the group or at least the least good-looking (which I disagree with but I mean everyone’s opinion differs) and Jimin often talks about his abs and maintaining his weight.

FUCCKKK heisososobeautiful heisthecutesttoo


I feel like Jimin’s the type of person who tries to please people and if he doesn’t meet people’s expectations, he lets it get to him and becomes deeply affected by this. I understand that this is Jimin and that it’s hard to change, but I just want him to know that he is perfect the way he is. There is no need for him to have to change to fit in or to meet people’s expectations. There are already so many who love him for the way he looks and the way he acts that manages to put a smile on many people’s faces. It broke my heart to hear that someone called him fat and ugly because if anything he is not fat or ugly. I MEAN HE HAS A SIX PACK DAMN IT. GETTING A SIX PACK IS NOT THE EASIEST THING TO DO AND OBTAIN IN THE WORLD. I think he looks perfectly fine and fit – I mean, have you seen those muscles and arms of his?! HOLY SHIT. He is looking ggreeattttt.

mybaby  he'sgorgeous jimindon'tknow jfc



His body is more built than the other members so he might look bigger, but there is no way that he is fat or ugly. Jimin’s face doesn’t necessarily scream out handsome or good-looking, but his eye-smile is so darn adorable and his personality makes up for that. I don’t know how someone can say something as rude and disrespectful as that to an idol who has worked their butts off for their fans, getting only a few hours of sleep because they’re busy practicing and rehearsing to make sure that their comeback doesn’t disappoint and that their fans are happy. It’s not even right in general to tease or make fun of anybody, but do it to Jimin who is the last person that should receive that kind of treatment from anybody just baffles me. Since Jimin is still young but is already going through such a wild time in his life because of the idol life, I’m afraid he is going to let these kind of things get to him which will just make everything worse.

heisthemostadorablethingeverIMISSTHISLOOKOFHIS hwaiting

I’ve come to realizing that Jimin hasn’t been as happy as he used to be lately. He would always be that bright, cheerful guy who always laughed and fought for screen time, but nowadays he’s just kind of like bouncing around not doing much and I’m heart-broken because I want him to be happy and I want him to go back to being the annoying and childish kid who craved for attention and for the camera. He’s changed quite a bit within the last year or so and if there’s anything I would say to him to cheer him up, it would be that even if everybody else in the world turned their backs on him and was against him, I would firmly stand by his side and confidently state that I love him and will continue to support him no matter what. Poor kid is an angel and he deserves all the love in the world for being such a gentle and kind human being.



I’m not good at telling people things through words which is why I’m having such a difficult time writing this appreciation post, but if there’s anything I would you want to get out of this post it would be that Park Jimin is one of the most genuine, sincere, passionate, compassionate, kind, caring, and loving people in the world. He is absolutely amazing in everything he does, whether that’d be in dancing or singing or interacting with his fans. You can tell that he loves to make people happy and he loves to make people smile and I’m happy to say that he’s done that to thousands of fans around the world. I know one thing for sure which is that he’s made my life a whole lot brighter and happier. There have been so many times where he’s made me smile and laugh and cry tears of joy. I’m glad that he’s in my life and that I’ve come across someone beautiful like him. I know I will sound very delusional and crazy for saying and thinking this, but I would not mind marrying Jimin in the future. I actually would love to. He would just make a very great and awesome father. I can imagine him playing around with the kids and making them laugh by doing some really corny and goofy things that would cause me to laugh and suffer from secondhand embarrassment. You know, read them books before tucking them into bed. Surprising me with little gifts and dates here and there because I’m his wife. Maybe Jimin’s not like this and I’m just creating these scenarios off of the image that he’s shown to his fans, but regardless, I think he would make the perfect husband and father.

ijustwannacuddlehimandtellhimthateverything'sokay keepstayingadorableputthatonguebackinside

He would make silly faces to get them to laugh then smile when they smile because of his silly faces.


He would listen to music with them and sing children songs with the kids.


He would reward the children for getting good grades with gifts and presents and whatever they ask for.


Jimin would play hide and seek with the kids and go searching for them when he’s not working.


Or he would do some really weird body gags to get the kids to take a bath, like falling and sliding into the bath tub to make it seem like taking a bath is fun and playful.

I mean come on, he’ll make the best father in the world.

HEREHAVESOMEJIMINjustgottsavethishe's so cute

Jimin’s able to make me go through all these weird and crazy emotions I’ve never felt for anyone in such a long time. There are many many idols and celebrities, but Jimin’s just the one for me and I’m proud to have chosen him. He makes me proud to say that I am a fan of his and of BTS and if one day my love for BTS begins to lessen, I will still continue to love Jimin just as much. When I get sad or depressed, I can always rely on him to cheer me up and to make me happy so I’m thankful for his mere existence alone. I don’t know what I would be doing right now if it wasn’t for him. He’s an angel sent from Heaven and he’s there to guide me and be my savior. I love him lots and I will continue to do so in the future.


To Park Jimin, I love you and am very proud of you. I hope you continue to stay as the person as you are right now and I hope that once you have discovered who you are, you don’t change to become someone you’re not. I wish you the best, I pray that you’re healthy, I ask that you do what makes you happy, I hope you’ll always be safe. Thank you once again for coming into my life. Thank you for being Park Jimin. Thank you for being you. And lastly, I hope that you’ll always be flying in your life and never have any moments that cause you to fall down. Stay strong my love (:

HAHAHAHSOCUTEawwwmybaby cutecute hellojimin  jiminpls JIMMINNNNNNN melovejimin prettyjimin thehandsomebae thosesparklingeyes

Look at the way his eyes sparkle! It’s so pretty ❤


This is Park Jimin everyone.



11 responses to “An Appreciation Post for Park Jimin, my second ultimate bias in all of K-Pop <3”

  1. u make me crying..he’s my bias too..the 1st bias for my entire love of kpop..i do think that he type of person that will please everyone,listen to their problem,compliment them but never ask anyone to do the same thing to him..he really sensitive..i can see it..he’s insecure with people’s thought,opinion..i really hope i can do the same..running to him, hugging him saying he’s perfect..i bet someone already done that because i can see his eyes sparkling back..brighter than before..thanks for that person..u can like anyone,doesn’t choose him as your bias or what but please don’t hate him..because he just too precious..


  3. I agree with everything you said. Such a well written post. When I got into Kpop I somehow always found myself drawn to the “underdogs” or the ones who never got any screen time because they were shy or whatnot. My first experience with BTS was Boy in Luv. V initially caught my attention because he stood out the most but I always remembered the handsome boy with black hair and a mischievous grin (I didn’t know any of their names back then). Ever since, BTS has become my ultimate bias group and I respect them so much for their music and the work that they put into their music. I love Jimin for the same reasons you do and it hurts sometimes to see him being teased when he is such an angel (with a little naughtiness lol). I have body issues as well and I’m short and get teased about it but I’ve learned to brush it off. Jimin seems like he’s too much of a perfectionist to not let comments like that bother him. I miss the days when he was a camera whore because I love re-watching those videos and they were what made me fall in love with him. I adore the other boys as well and I love the relationship they have but Jimin seriously makes me proud every time I see him accomplish something and he reaffirms by belief that I chose the right ultimate bias in Kpop. I don’t want him to ever change and I want him to get his confidence back because he deserves to be happy.

    TL;DR – Jimin is my ultimate bias and doesn’t deserve to be made to feel inferior to anyone. He is perfect just the way he is and I hope he realizes it soon.

    Jeez this is the longest post I’ve ever written lol

  4. you make me cryin in “he can be great father.. he’ll play in bathtub to make it fun for the kids, he’ll play hide and seek when he has time” and so on… you know, it’ll be harder for me not to imagine him as my husband :(( but i need my real lifeu omg i hate chuuu for this i hate chuuuuu >A<

  5. Ohh man…thank you for saying that. He’s a wonderful person no matter what. I’ve heard about that girl who called him fat, and that’s still annoying me. There are some “fans” who make them feel uncomfortable and insecure but, if someone (I mean , true fans) has the chance to meet him in person (I can’t 😦 I’m too far away😭) , please remember to him that he’s an wonderful, good-looking, sweet, with a great personality, precious and true armys will always love him the way he is and stay by his side no matter what. 💕

  6. Gah! I’m kinda sad this is old because that means nobody will respond. But lately the thing about Jimin being quiet withdrawn, not hogging the camera, not talking too much had been really depressing me. I hoped it was a tired due to come back but it’s not 😢

  7. This is from years ago, so you must’ve seen his physical evolution so far. I’ve only discovered Kpop in general 2 weeks ago, and the first MV I’ve seen from BTS was Blood, Sweat and Tears. My heart almost stopped when I saw Jimin. He’s breathtaking gorgeous and seeing this pics now, I can even believe how people ever thought he wasn’t attractive. Look at him now, right?? You must be super proud and I’m happy we share the same bias even though you started years before me.
    He’s 3 years younger than me and I’m still in love. Mochi ❤

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