Epik High releases MVs ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’ and ‘Born Hater’ for upcoming comeback

Epik High is coming back and have released two MVs in anticipation for their long-awaited and highly anticipated comeback! Just recently they released the MV to their double title tracks ‘Spoiler’ and ‘Happen Ending’ starring YG’s new girl group member Kim Ji Soo (who is also my favorite member from the group so far and yes I know that doesn’t make any sense but don’t judge me).

In ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’, we get glimpses of the Epik High members rapping passionately to their lyrics while Kim Ji Soo is seen interacting with her on-and-off boyfriend who she shares bittersweet memories with. After watching the whole music video, I’d have to say that the acting is awkward because I can’t sense the chemistry between the two actors, but it’s filmed very prettily and I really like the cinematography. As for ‘Spoiler’, the song is just so amazing. It reminds me of Epik High’s past songs that they released back when they were still with Woollim – you know, the songs that had a very sentimental, emotional, and deep kind of vibe (e.g. ‘One’, ‘Umbrella’, ‘1 Minute 1 Second’). I’m glad that Epik High returned back to those roots with ‘Spoiler’ because I definitely missed their old stuff. Not that I don’t like their more rough and hip-hop music that they came out with once they joined YG, but I prefer their more serious, mature, and emotional side so I really like ‘Spoiler.’ But what I like more than ‘Spoiler’ is ‘Happen Ending.’ Sadly, we only got to hear a small portion of ‘Happen Ending’ at the end of the MV, but that small portion was filled with so many great things. I’m looking forward to listening to ‘Happen Ending’ the most because it just sounds absolutely amazing and it fits my ideal kind of music. You can bet I’m definitely going to repeat that section of the MV. Haha.

Earlier last week, Epik High also released a MV called ‘Born Hater’ starring and featuring well-known rappers Beenzino and Verbal Jint as well as YG’s rookies WINNER’s Mino and Ikon’s Bobby and B.I. I was excited for this collaboration because I mean, it’s Beenzino and the amazing Verbal Jint who I’ve been a big fan of for the longessstttt time so I was anticipating ‘Born Hater.’ As for the rookies, they were impressive and are no doubt the better idol rappers in the music industry these days. I haven’t read the translations to the song yet so I have no idea what they’re talking about, but just judging by the MV and the song, the collaboration was pretty good. As much as I love B.I, I wasn’t a fan of his parts in the song – I felt like they just included him because he’s one of YG’s favorites and ya know, YG loves promoting his favorites, but other than that, ‘Born Hater’ was impressive. I don’t like how the MV was shot vertically and it might be because I’m not used to that kind of thing, but still, I think no matter how many times I watch it, I’ll never get used to it and won’t be a fan of it. That’s not to say that ‘Born Hater’ wasn’t awesome because it was pretty much was. I’m definitely looking forward to Epik High’s album that will be released on the 21st of October.

Credits: OfficialEpikHigh @ youtube

3 responses to “Epik High releases MVs ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’ and ‘Born Hater’ for upcoming comeback”

  1. But B.I is one of the composer though XD, i kinda surprised too. I think many people that think YG shoved him in this.

    • Hello dbll~

      Thanks for pointing that out! Was he the composer for ‘Born Hater’ or which songs?

      And I think many people feel that way because of the fact that he doesn’t have his own ‘part’ in the MV compared to all the other rappers that did. His lines are more vocal so he doesn’t get the chance to showcase his rapping compared to every other rapper in the collaboration that did so that might have made it seem like YG just shoved him in this collaboration. It’s a shame he didn’t get his own part to showcase his rapping, but still, the collaboration was enjoyable and fun and I think he did his part fine.

      Thanks for commenting~

      • he co composed born hater, yeah i’m his fans but sometimes i hope YG not given him such burden and make people feels he’s overrated.
        B.I seriously talented but YG overrated it, he’ s even not debuted yet but already have many haters.

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