I listened to Epik High’s 8th full-length album ‘Shoebox’ and you should too!

Epik High released their latest MV for their most recent comeback ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’ starring YG new girl group’s Kim Ji Soo and I wrote about how although I was not a big fan of the MV, I was a huge fan of the tracks ‘Spoiler’ and ‘Happen Ending’ themselves. I got the vibe that Epik High used to give before they joined YG and that made me really happy because I love that kind of music from Epik High – when they produce songs that are so sentimental and emotional and deep and serious. ‘Spoiler’ was a great example of Epik High’s pre-YG roots, but I loved ‘Happen Ending’ even more because it also gives off that sulky vibe that Epik High’s pre-YG songs used to carry, but also just because the song in general is very good to listen to. I mentioned how it’s my ideal type of music and right when I first heard it in the MV, I could not stop listening to it. Luckily once I finished watching the MV, the album had already been released so you know I just had to listen to ‘Happen Ending’ first out of all the other tracks on the album.

‘Happen Ending’ just gives me so many feels when I listen to it. I love Tablo and Mithra’s heart-felt and genuine rapping that is capable of touching hearts. Then you also have Roller Coaster’s Jo Won Sun whose vocals adds a a lot more emotions into the track. The beat itself just rings in your ears and my favorite part would have to be Tablo’s first rap which is accompanied by what I believe is the violin playing in the background. That part was just pure eargasm, but the whole track is just so amazing and wonderful to listen to. It’s so beautiful and mellow and I haven’t read the translations to the lyrics yet, but judging from Tablo’s genius lyrics, it’s probably going to consist of very sad and depressing lyrics that I will enjoy reading.

Although ‘Happen Ending’ is no doubt my favorite track from the album and one of my favorite songs from Epik High in all of their music career, other noteworthy tracks would have to be ‘막을 올리며’, the first track on the album, and ‘Fight Again’ starring the amazing and talented soloist Younha. Hearing Younha collaborate with Epik High again reminds me of the very old days where they used to always collaborate. Just being reminded of those times makes me so sad and nostalgic because we don’t witness as many collaborations between any groups these days in K-Pop so getting to hear Younha and Epik High collaborate again really does bring up old memories. The whole album is a masterpiece and every track is capable of being the title track. I’m happy that Epik High chose ‘Spoiler’ and ‘Happen Ending’ as their title tracks though because those two, especially ‘Happen Ending’, happen to be the tracks that I’m listening to a lot more out of the whole album.

(Happen Ending – no doubt my favorite track from the album!)

I highly recommend you guys give ‘Shoebox’ a listen if you guys haven’t yet. You’re missing out on Epik High (and it’s Epik High! COME ON!), good music (once again Epik High never fails to disappoint with their music), and life. You’re missing out on so much, so if you guys have time, listen to ‘Shoebox’ or at least ‘Happen Ending.’ I’m very content with Epik High’s long-awaited and anticipated comeback. Here’s to hoping they don’t disband or if they do, hopefully find some time to continue to do music together for us fans who still love and support them. Now I’m just gonna go hide in the corner and try to stop myself from thinking about a possible Epik High disbandment, because I know that it’s going to happen anyways one day, but I still don’t wanna think about it and will continue to refuse to accept it when it comes..which I hope isn’t anytime soon.

Credits: OfficialEpikHigh @ youtube, reesaille @ youtube, Hulkpop @ youtube

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