School 2017: Episode 7 recap

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Wow, the stakes just keep getting higher and higher. Staff and faculty are now catching onto hints and the investigation for who X is getting more intense. I was hoping for a little bit more fun and adventures with more pranks done by X, but with the investigation getting more intense and suspenseful itself, I think I can deal with this for now.

School 2017 episode 3: Everyone Lies

At the end of the last episode, a video of Tae-woon receiving special treatment by the principal in regards to the upcoming math competition was leaked to the entire classroom. As he walks out into the hallway with Eunho trailing behind him, students can’t help but stare at him and criticize him for his behavior, but Tae-woon remains unconcerned.

Outside of the building, Eunho stops Tae-woon to speak about the video. What happened? What went down? How did he know what to do? Tae-woon explains to Eunho the details leading up to the incident and admits to committing the incident so he wouldn’t have to enter the competition. Now he has a legitimate reason to opt out. Haha, smarrrrt. When asked about what he’s going to do about the students who are all upset with him, he just shrugs. They can mind their own business (haha, gotta love his attitude).

The faculty and staff have a meeting to discuss what to do about the situation. Teacher Koo and Shim suggests apologizing to the students, but the principal quickly declines that suggestion. There’s no way he’s going to apologize. The meeting is interrupted upon news of the director and members from the School of Education arriving at the school.

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The meeting with the School of Education members is an intense one. The director tries to divert their attention by promising to achieve good results, but the members don’t believe in his words. His school has already received many reports for the harsh and bad things the school has done to the students. He and his staff needs to make sure they’re helping the students, not hurting them.

Tae-woon is brought into the principal’s office to meet with the principal, vice principal, Teacher Koo, and his dad the director. He’s going to receive punishment for what happened to appease the anger of the students, but so will the principal who was involved with the scandal. They conclude that the math competition will still be held, but in an honest and open manner this time.

A public announcement is made about Tae-woon and Principal’s punishment. A flyer indicating the details of the punishment is published at school and quickly gains attention from the students. Tae-woon pretends to be upset by it and by everyone’s reaction while the rest of the students are genuinely upset with how much leisure he’s given with his punishment. One student in particular exclaims that she hopes X will punish him properly. Ha, the irony.

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It’s the return of the 4 students. The drama finally reveals their faces to us. One of the students is none other than Bit-na while the other two are classmates Hak-joong and Jung-Il. The last student is Hee-chan who reassures the other 3 that they will catch X before he catches them and their corrupt behavior and that he will make sure to put Dae-hwi in his place before Dae-hwi can expose anything. Hmm, interesting.

Eunho visits Tae-woon’s hideaway spot as if it’s hers now (haha gotta love her). Curious, she asks him why he’s X. Tae-woon confesses to committing the pranks as X at first just for fun, but after a while began to continue doing them because he realized that they could actually be helpful. He continued to be X to help Eunho (okay, he just basically confessed to her and if this isn’t the smoothest but most indirect confession ever then idk what is). 

The next day at school, Teacher Shim announces to the class details about the new math competition. Additionally, everyone else is still clearly upset that Tae-woon is only getting a week worth of punishments all because he’s the director’s son. But Eunho begs to differ; he must have had a reason for doing what he did.

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Tae-woon and Eunho have a heartfelt conversation about dreams and goals in life. Upon seeing that only one person had read her webtoon series so far, Eunho grows discouraged, but Tae-woon tries to cheer her up. That’s when she shares that her dream in life is to find a job that will allow her to draw forever since drawing is what makes her the happiest. As for Tae-woon.. well, he doesn’t have a dream. A flashback to a memory with him drawing a motorcycle for Joong-gi at a coffee shop crosses his mind for a moment, but he brings himself back to reality. The conversation ends up with Tae-woon literally talking about his dreams: a dream where he teased Eunho many times. OMG. HAHAHA. Why is he like thisssss. But Eunho just shrugs it off and disregards what he said. Haha.

Turns out that Dae-hwi placed first in the math competition – as expected. While walking outside, he comes across an angry Tae-woon pulling out weeds on the school campus at part of his week long punishment. They stop to have a talk with each other that is full of taunting and threats like usual. Thankfully Eunho barges in to stop them both from arguing and from another possible fight from erupting. Dae-hwi leaves while Eunho stays behind to tease Tae-woon for pulling out weeds as a punishment. Omg they’re tooo cute. 

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Eunho asks Tae-woon for more information on his relationship with Dae-hwi, but he doesn’t reveal too much to her. In fact, he has nothing to say. Eunho notes that from her observations of them both, it doesn’t seem so much as if they’re fighting with each other but more so that they’re giving each other their attention because they’re both hurting. Oof, spot on. That’s so accurate. Tae-woon pretends to not know what Eunho is talking about and goes back to minding his own business.

Dae-hwi encounters Hee-chan while walking through campus. Hee-chan congratulates Dae-hwi for getting first in the competition, but the conversation turns sour. Hee-chan’s willing to give Dae-hwi whatever he wants or needs so that he can place first in finals over Dae-hwi for once. Dae-hwi doesn’t feel too comfortable by this bribe though and ends the conversation by saying that he’ll consider this request.

Rumor that X is someone in Teacher Shim’s classroom spreads throughout the school. Teacher Shim gets called into the principal’s office to discuss it with the principal. The only student evaluations that were posted at the school were all from Teacher Shim’s classroom. But Teacher Shim quickly denies the accusations and adds that they can’t reach a conclusion since there’s no definite proof of X being a student in his classroom. Hmm, could there be a possibility that Teacher Shim is also X?

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Back in the classroom, all the students take a guess at who X is. They throw jabs at one another and accuse one another of possibly being X. While they all throw out names, none of them even consider about Tae-woon possibly being X. Puahaha.

Eunho and Sarang are outside sitting on a bench. They bring up the topic of X and who he could possibly be and while Sarang speculates that the culprit is most likely Dae-hwi, Eunho keeps her mouth shut. She lies that she doesn’t know who X is and walks away to catch up with Tae-woon who’s seen walking past them.

Back at the secret spot, Eunho panics that the students have figured out that X is someone in the classroom. She didn’t expect them to think this far. Tae-woon agrees, but he’s not too worried. If he gets caught, so will Eunho who he will claim as his accomplice (but really, we know he’ll never do that. He’s just teasing her lol). As the 2 walk together on campus, Dae-hwi witnesses them not too far away. He has his own speculations as well and thinks that maybe Eunho could be X. Since she’s now a lot closer to Tae-woon, maybe she could have been the one to expose him.

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Tae-woon drops Eunho off home since her bike is broken once again (haha, he should just take her home from now on). As they bid farewell (that involves skinship I might say), Eunho’s brother comes out right in time to see them giving each other headlocks. He at first seems intimidating, checking out Tae-woon’s motorcycle and body to see if he approves of him. But then he breaks the ice by asking Tae-woon the real question, “Don’t you care about looks?” OMG HAHAHA. Eunho’s brother is hilarious. Eunho rushes her brother back into the house as she says bye to Tae-woon.

Back inside the house, Eunho and her family comes home to a drunk dad. Later on that night, Eunho’s brother heads out to the kitchen to find his dad putting on painkiller patches on his back. He worries about his dad, wondering how hard his dad’s been working that he’s putting patches on his back. Aww.

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The next day at school, Eunho catches up to have a talk with Dae-hwi. He asks her if she believes X is someone from their classroom to which Eunho just kind of shrugs it off. She pretends as if she doesn’t know anything. They then listen to music together sharing Dae-hwi’s earphones. The moment is interrupted though by Nam-joo and Tae-woon who watch them in jealousy not too far away. Dae-hwi leaves once Tae-woon approaches the both of them. Once alone, Tae-woon asks Eunho, “What’s your favorite flower?” Ahhhh, don’t tell me he’s gonna get flowers for her. He returns to the classroom though before she could even answer. Aww, someone’s jealoussss. Hehe.

The jealousy seems to be getting the worst of Tae-woon though as later on in his secret hideaway, he blasts music through his speakers while Eunho is busy drawing at his desk. He walks back and forth in anger holding the speaker in his hands saying, “This is how I listen to my music! I don’t use earphones like a wimp!” HAHAHA. OMG. THIS SCENE IS ABSOLUTELY GOLD. Someone’s clearly jealous that they can’t share the same earphones with Eunho to listen to music.

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The principal of the school is fired and his loses his job as principal. News about this spreads throughout the school. While Tae-woon smirks at the sound of this news, the principal himself isn’t so happy. He packs up his stuff in his office and receives a cruel farewell by the vice principal who is now deemed responsible for overlooking the school. Ha, seems like the vice principal’s been waiting for this day for a very long time.

As the principal walks to his new small office on the other side of campus, he comes across Teacher Shim and Eunho. Teacher Shim pretends to sympathize for the former principal, but Eunho doesn’t. Not after everything he’s put her through.

Dae-hwi and girlfriend Nam-joo are studying together at a coffee shop. She decides to spend some time with classmate and friend Bit-na since Dae-hwi is too busy studying. As they shop, she struggles to buy anything and to enter a VIP lounge exclusively meant for VIP members. She doesn’t have the finances nor is she a VIP member as she had claimed. Nam-joo leaves the shopping mall stressed and returns home that night.

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She grows agitated at her father who keeps doing stuff for her and buying her things she doesn’t need or want. She yells at him and shouts in frustration. Why didn’t he work harder like other parents did to provide for their kids? Are they beggars? Why is he so humiliating? Eunho’s father who had just delivered some chicken at an apartment complex nearby witnesses this argument and approaches Nam-joo’s dad. He tries to cheer him up and reassure him that all kids are like this.

Bit-na grows angry over having lost her pen that she spent quite a fortune on. She picks a fight with Bo-ra and assumes that Bo-ra had stolen her pen since Bo-ra had also “stolen” her notes last time. As they get into a fight, members from the School of Education, the Director, and staff visiting the school witness the fight. Bo-ra and Bit-na are called into the teacher’s office room.

Teacher Shim tries to make sense of the situation by talking to the two, but fails to understand what happened. He asks Teacher Jang who was there when the fight broke out for details, but she doesn’t have much to say since she didn’t see the entire thing. With not much, Teacher Shim tells the two girls to just head back to the classroom and to not start another fight.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.18.04 PM

Bo-ra speaks to Teacher Jang outside of the building and reveals that unlike before, she’ll never ask Teacher Jang for help or support anymore. Now she knows better.

In a meeting with Teacher Shim, Bo-ra is notified about a school violence hearing that she’ll have to attend since the fight between her and Bit-na was reported. But Bo-ra gives in and concludes that she’ll act as the perpetrator just so she won’t have to attend the hearing. It’ll be useless anyways since she doesn’t have the money for a lawyer or for support. Bit-na will obviously be the winner in this situation.

Teacher Shim blames himself for all the incidents that’s been happening to his students. He’s joined by Officer Soo-ji who sits with him on the bench outside on campus. As he goes on to explain why he feels like it’s his fault for all these fights, he accidentally reveals what he heard that night when two students were hiding in the teacher’s office room (Eunho and Tae-woon). He ends up revealing to Officer Soo-ji what he heard that night which leads her to suspect Eunho as one of the students who was hiding in the room that night. But Teacher Shim has faith in Eunho and doesn’t believe Eunho would help X, especially since she tried so hard to prove her innocence. But maybe – maybe she helped out X because she had no other choice.

Tae-woon and Eunho spend some time together again in his secret hideaway. She grows excited over having received a comment on her webtoon series (I’m thinking it’s probably from Tae-woon). As she prepares to reply back to the comment, she ties up her hair into a ponytail. Tae-woon – who walks to the desk where Eunho’s sitting to search for something – leans down near her only to glance at her neck. He immediately takes her hair-tie off and releases her hair back down. That neck is too dangerous. Hahaha. He ruffles her hair and adds that she looks prettier that way. Hahaha. Tae-woon is too adorable.

Officer Soo-ji gets called into a short meeting with her boss. He tells her to hurry up and find X before the director decides to run an official investigation on who X is. He hopes that asking her to do this won’t be too difficult and won’t remind her of her past. Hmm, I wonder if there’s more to Officer Soo-ji than we originally thought?

Officer Soo-ji goes to Teacher Koo for some advice on how to question students appropriately. Meanwhile that night Tae-woon has a meeting with his father on what to do when he gets called in for his punishment. While his dad goes on and on about what to do, Tae-woon can only think about Eunho’s neck… and how nice it is when she has her hair up. Omg. HAHAHHA. He’s so in love with her.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.44.06 PM

Eunho is called into a meeting with Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Koo the next day at school (ahh, so this is why she had asked Teacher Koo for some advice and tips). They pressure her into revealing who she was with that night in the teacher’s office room, but Eunho refuses to answer their questions. Even if that means getting expelled from the school, she won’t tell them who she was with.

Tae-woon paces back and forth nervously outside of the room as he waits for Eunho. The meeting comes to a close and the 3 of them leave the room. Eunho updates Tae-woon on the meeting and is worried that Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Koo might be onto something. They know that she was in the teacher’s office room that night so now all that’s left is to find who else was with her that night. Tae-woon scolds Eunho for not telling them who she was with; she should have said someone’s name at least. He tells her he’ll take care of the situation before walking away.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.52.46 PM

The next day at school, Tae-woon marches into the teacher’s office room. He approaches Teacher Koo and confesses to being the student who broke into the teacher’s office room that night. Upon hearing the confession, everyone in the room stares at Tae-woon in disbelief and shock, including Eunho and Dae-hwi who are also in the room.

My Thoughts:


WOOOOW TAE-WOON? MORE LIKE TAE-SWOON. He was just absolutely adorable in this episode, from all the comedic moments of being smitten with Eunho to standing up for her to prevent her from getting into more trouble. Of course I’m curious now that he’s turning himself in to sacrifice himself for Eunho (and Dae-hwi) and what the staff and faculty will do. He’s already in some how water as it is, but to come forth and out himself even more doesn’t sound all too good for me. I had mentioned that I would like to see Tae-woon use his power of status as the director’s son to help and support Eunho and while I’m glad that he’s been doing that – whether as X or Tae-woon – I also don’t want him to overdo it. It seems like he’s abusing his position at this point and could actually really get himself (+ Eunho) into some real trouble. But I understand he lovesss Eunho and wants to protect her so he’s willing to do whatever he can to save her. Just how much more can the staff and faculty punish Tae-woon than he already is?


We didn’t get too much Dae-hwi vs. Tae-woon in this episode and if we did, it was to demonstrate Tae-woon’s jealousy which I enjoyed. I had been getting exhausted of their fights that was going in circles and wasn’t getting anywhere, but I really enjoyed the conversation that Eunho had with Tae-woon about the two boys. Her conversation of how the two aren’t necessarily fighting, but rather giving each other their attention because they’re both hurting was so accurate because it’s the truth. You can tell that Dae-hwi and Tae-woon are hurt from both 1) the accident itself 2) the aftermath of the accident and how everything was handled which ruined their friendship. I feel like a part of them want to address the issues to get themselves out of this pain, but at the same time are too afraid to give in and be the first to bring it up so they just go back and forth in this cycle of arguing and fighting that leads them no where. I’m wondering when the boys will make up and how the drama is planning to do that. I just hope that it’s not too far away because I really want to see them make up and then watch them be friends for a little bit.

While I don’t like how the drama has been introducing new sub-plots this late into the show, I am enjoying the parent-children relationships and issues that are now just starting to be highlighted. Maybe it’s because I could relate to Nam-joo’s embarrassment of her father as a young child who has now grown to appreciating every single thing my parents have done for me that I find this sub-plot touching and heart-warming. These parent-children issues are also so refreshing because it’s such a nice change from the school atmosphere and from the X case that takes up the bulk of the episode. Seeing Nam-joo grow frustrated at her father who’s just trying his best to provide for his family was so painful. The father didn’t do anything wrong and just wanted to show his love for his child, but yet it was his fault and it’s something that he shouldn’t do. It’s the saddest and most confusing feeling in the world and I like how the drama is exploring this dynamic because I think it’s relevant and is a challenge that families goes through. It’s reality for many.


What I don’t understand about this episode was if the drama was going to hype up the math competition so much, why didn’t they actually show any scenes or hints about it? In this episode, we just got the impression that the competition took place and that Dae-hwi placed first. The drama spent the last 2 episodes building up so much momentum and controversy around this math competition where it impacted everybody and then in this episode we saw nothing about it. It was anti-climatic and goes against everything that the drama had been showing us of Dae-hwi studying endlessly for this math competition despite knowing what his chances of placing were. The drama fell flat with this sub-plot (just like it’s done with many others already). It’s a disappointment.


The drama had been steadily just focusing on one or two sub-plots the past few episodes, but it seems like within this episode it’s starting to overdo itself again by either focusing on other sub-plots or bringing up new ones (such as with Officer Soo-ji and how her job as an officer investigating the ‘X’ case reminds her of her past). This is a huge weakness of the show and I would like for it to go back to how it used to be and just focus on our main characters or give us details that will allow for progress with the investigation of X. While the faculty is making small steps with the X investigation as seen within this episode, these are teeny tiny steps and it seems to be dragging.


I’m also not so fond of the way the show has been handling the other characters or sub-plots as well. What happened to Eunho’s competition and opportunities of getting into Hanguk University? I don’t think the drama ever addressed whether she got in or not or placed in the competition. What about Kyung-woo and the possible details he could be hiding? Or worse yet, what about Issue who appeared in 2 episodes for a few seconds and that was it? It seems like to me the drama might be confused with the direction it’s going or what it’s doing and I need it to figure out those things soon. The drama understands that the overall plot is about X and has been doing a decent job on focusing on this plot, but in between all of this is a huge pile of mess with unnecessary drama and fights and more Bit-na controversies than needed or wanted. I no doubt do think that the drama is getting more intense and interesting now as more clues pointing to who X could possibly be are given and all the speculations arise, but this comes at the expense of some characters and sub-plots which is unfortunate.


Come on School 2017. Don’t play with me now. The only thing keeping me going for now is seeing Kim Jung-hyun doing an amazing job as Tae-woon and being as smitten over Eunho as I am for him.


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