School 2017: episode 9 recap


In between all the wild ride of emotions and feelings that I get from watching this show, I learn to appreciate both the negative and positive emotions. Yes, some things about this show frustrates me to no end, but there are also other things like Tae-woon and Eunho’s budding relationship that makes me all giddy and happy. I guess there are some things worth watching on this show.

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School 2017 episode 9: The Weight Rumors Carry

The episode begins with Tae-woon and Eunho hiding under a tree from the rain. Tae-woon protects Eunho by placing his backpack over her head, but releases it as he leans closer in towards her for a kiss. Eunho interrupts him, warning him to stop playing around with her to which Tae-woon responds that he isn’t. He’s genuine about his feelings for her (AHHHHHHH! I’M TOTALLY NOT SCREAMING RIGHT NOW). Eunho stops Tae-woon from moving in any closer to her and runs away, leaving Tae-woon behind.

Tae-woon asks friend Byung-goo for some dating advice. He pretends to ask for “a friend” (aka himself) about what his friend should do now that he’s confessed to his crush. Byung-goo responds that things will get awkward between them so he should try to avoid running into his crush. Tae-woon takes into account everything his friend tells him, but then becomes angry when Byung-goo’s asks Tae-woon, “Why would your friend ask you for dating advice? You can barely handle your own love life.” HAHAHAH. Omg. I can feel the burn all the way from over here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.50.07 PM

Eunho ponders over the “almost-kiss” with Tae-woon later on that night in her bedroom. She questions whether Tae-woon actually meant what he said in regards to his feelings for her or if he was just lying. Eunho’s brother comes into her room – at first asking for money, but then staying once he notices her odd behavior. By the time he leaves the room, he’s figured out what’s happened to Eunho and starts shouting, “Mom! Eunho’s in a relationship!” Haha. Gotta love their sibling relationship.

The next morning at school, Tae-woon and Eunho both head out onto campus early in hopes of avoiding the other. But they end up meeting instead because they both came to school early. HAHAHA. It’s awkward between the two of them and no matter what they do or which way they walk, they end up crossing paths (it’s fate guys, just accept it).

The two finally separate ways again. While walking, Eunho finds a diary on the ground that belongs to Bo-ra.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.05.03 PM

In a meeting with Teacher Shim, Bo-ra conveys that she’s planning on dropping out of school so there’s nothing he can do to protect her. But Teacher Shim won’t give up easily and while she takes drop-out classes, he’ll do everything in his power to save her. Later on in class, Bo-ra receives her diary back from Eunho. Eunho gives Bo-ra some words of encouragement and relays to her that Bo-ra can go to her if she needs any help or support with anything.

Tae-woon and Eunho can’t stop thinking about each other. Tae-woon is still just in love with Eunho as he had been, thinking about her while he rests in his secret hideaway. Meanwhile, Eunho can’t seem to sleep at all. Her mind keeps tracing back to Tae-woon and all the times they spent together. She grows frustrated over not being able to refrain herself from thinking about him and from not knowing what her feelings for him are.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.14.46 PM

Eunho and Sarang finally hang out again after weeks of not hanging out with each other. Eunho explains that she’s just been busy and so many things have been happening to her. Sarang then guesses that that one of those things is Tae-woon to which Eunho grows surprised. How did Sarang know?! But it’s so obvious with the way Tae-woon follows Eunho around and stares at her at every chance he can get. Haha, aww. Sarang accuses Tae-woon of bothering Eunho, but Eunho just calms Sarang down. No, there’s no need for Sarang to beat Tae-woon up. Haha.

Tae-woon ends the awkwardness between him and Eunho by addressing the issue with Eunho. Regardless of what she thinks or feels, he’s going to keep doing what he wants so she should do the same. They leave it at that.

There’s 10 more days until final exams. All the students groan in dissatisfaction and pain upon hearing this.

Rumors that Hee-chan and Bo-ra used to date spread throughout the school. Hee-chan denies it in front of everyone while Bo-ra remains silent about these rumors.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.25.47 PM

Tae-woon encourages Eunho to continue with her webtoon series. She hasn’t been keeping up with drawing the past few weeks so she should probably get started again. In an effort to reach a wider audience, Tae-woon offers to help Eunho out – specifically with the character X of her webtoon series.

Whether it’s next to her or behind her, Tae-woon just can’t seem to keep some distance between him and Eunho. He’s stuck to her like glue and he knows it. Eunho requests for some space between them, but Tae-woon doesn’t budge. It’s not until she pushes his chair away from her that he’s the furthest away from her yet.

While drawing her webtoon series that night in her bedroom, Eunho conveys her honest thoughts about Tae-woon’s confession. It’s not that she doesn’t want to understand and accept Tae-woon’s feelings, it’s just that she doesn’t know how as this is the first time someone has ever confessed to her (omg I’m cryinggg). Tae-woon on the other hand goes back to commenting on Eunho’s webtoon series as he had been doing. While on his laptop, his father enters his room and hands him some chicken to eat before walking out.

The pressure to succeed and rank in first at school is too much for Hee-chan. As if he hasn’t had enough lectures from his mom, he receives yet another one, being told to do well or else his chances of getting into Seoyul University is ruined. Hee-chan has a breakdown that night while studying.

Nam-joo can’t stand the silence between her and Dae-hwi so she asks for a talk. While outside with just the two of them, she blows up. Why didn’t he tell her she knew he was lying? Why did he have to break up with her on their 200th day anniversary? Dae-hwi explains himself and his side of the story, but it’s no use. The both of them are too mad and upset with each other to think properly and to forgive the other. Things just end up worse between the two ex-lovers.

The drama then takes us back to the days leading up to Nam-joo and Dae-hwi’s 200th day anniversary and all those moments when Dae-hwi discovered that Nam-joo was lying. He had been waiting for her to be honest with him and to come out clean, but despite all the opportunities he gave her she never did. We now have a better understanding of why Dae-hwi decided to break up with her and how he came about to doing so.

While eating with Kyung-woo, Sarang overhears some students talk about her beloved celebrity crush Issue. She defends him, refuting rumors that he’s going to get kicked out of his idol group. But the rumors are true to some extent. Issue shares with Sarang that he’s going to withdraw from the idol group, but it’s not because he’s getting kicked out — he’s just leaving first. Kyung-woo suggests Issue to join him in forming a band together (OOOOOH GREAT IDEA!!), but before he can even speak a word, Sarang stops him and walks away with Issue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.51.18 PM

Ex-principal tries to bribe students into revealing who X is to him by giving them snacks and drinks in return. Some students give their guesses, but some others are there just for the snacks. Haha. I would be one of those students there just for the snacks.

While in class, a roommate checks up on Nam-joo to ask her about her dad’s taxi company. Nam-joo struggles to speak up and answer the classmates’s question so Dae-hwi steps in for her to answer her classmate’s question. A situation that could have gone horribly wrong is saved.

Hee-chan and Bo-ra have a private talk outside. He’s concerned that his mother and other students might find out that the two used to date, but Bo-ra reassures her that no one knows. But since Eunho did find Bo-ra’s diary not too long ago which consisted of entries written by both Hee-chan and Bo-ra, there’s a possibility that she might know about the dating history between the two. Hee-chan goes to search for Eunho.

Hee-chan finds Eunho sitting on some stairs drawing. He confronts the issue about the dating rumors with her to which she answers that she didn’t read Bo-ra’s diary nor did she spread any rumors. But Hee-chan has a hard time believing her and ends up throwing her down onto the ground. Tae-woon witnesses this and grows enraged. He attempts to fight Hee-chan, but Eunho holds him back from doing so.

Tae-woon scolds Eunho for injuring herself. Why did she leave his side? He told her to not cause any trouble and to stay with him. Eunho ends up explaining to Tae-woon why Hee-chan could have possibly attacked her, mentioning Bo-ra’s diary that she found that made her a possible culprit behind spreading rumors. But Eunho didn’t spread any rumors though and this makes Tae-woon even more furious. He leaves the warehouse to get revenge, but Eunho stops him. He should learn to control his temper better.

Hee-chan’s mother and Eunho’s mother have a meeting at school with staff and faculty. Hee-chan’s mother demands for a meeting with the school violence commission.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.05.07 PM

Eunho is not putting up with any of Hee-chan’s threats or behavior. While in the classroom, she demands for an apology from Hee-chan in front of everyone for how he attacked her. This captures everyone’s attention and Hee-chan himself once again almost attacks Eunho. But he is stopped by Dae-hwi who requests to have a talk outside. Tae-woon enters the classroom in the midst of all this, but doesn’t do anything about it. He just simply goes back to napping at his desk.

Later on that day, Tae-woon warns Hee-chan to never touch Eunho again or this time he’ll really be dead (OMG THIS IS SO HAWT). Once he finishes talking to Hee-chan, he walks away only to find Sarang and Eunho waiting outside in the hallway not too far from where he was talking to Hee-chan. Eunho and Tae-woon exchange small grins with each other before Tae-woon comments, to her, “See? I wasn’t playing around.” Omg she got herself a bodyguard now, hehe.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.14.03 PM

Hee-chan takes Bo-ra to a secluded area on campus to demand for her diary. He’s afraid people might know about it or read it. But Bo-ra refuses to and when she gives him her final answer, he grabs her by the neck and prepares to hit her in the face. The drama then takes us back to when they did use to date and the moment when Hee-chan almost hit her. He’s never changed all this time. He’s still the abusive and ugly person he’s always been. Luckily, Tae-woon arrives in time to save Bo-ra and to stop Hee-chan from striking her.

Hee-chan tries to find the diary that night at school, but fails to discover anything. While walking back home, he notices someone in the bushes watching him. Petrified, he hurries home.

Teacher Shim, Officer Soo-ji, and Eunho all try to get Bo-ra to talk about what she saw that day between Eunho and Hee-chan. But Bo-ra refuses to speak and ends up not revealing the details of what she saw. Not even Dae-hwi can persuade Bo-ra to talk. She struggles to trust him, especially since he’s close to Hee-chan and based on all the painful things he’s done to her in the past.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.26.58 PM

Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Shim have a talk about the students. Teacher Shim believes that since they’re young, they can just make up after fights and arguments and everything will be alright. But Officer Soo-ji begs to differ. They’re not young and they’re not as innocent as Teacher Shim thinks they are. The conversation ends when Teacher Jung enters the room to ask Officer Soo-ji to get food with him. Haha.

Through Teacher Jung, Officer Soo-ji gets a better understanding of how difficult, exhausting, and demanding Teacher Shim’s position as a guidance counselor can be. As he describes all the things Teacher Shim has to do and put up with, her appreciation for Teacher Shim grows.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.35.16 PM

Nam-joo pleads Dae-hwi to give her another chance. She explains to him why she kept on lying to him in hopes that his view about her will change so she can win him back, but Dae-hwi doesn’t plan on giving her another chance. Yes, he liked her, but his feelings for her are different now. Things have changed.

Hee-chan and Dae-hwi have a private talk outside the classroom. He requests for him to “take care of” Eunho (aka finish her) before she spreads any rumors or does anything damaging to them both. But Dae-hwi doesn’t sit comfortably with this request and refuses to do so. But it’s not until Hee-chan raises doubts about Dae-hwi’s future that Dae-hwi grows fearful. If news about what happened between Hee-chan and Bo-ra last school year gets released which Dae-hwi was involved with, then it’ll be over for Dae-hwi. Tae-woon watches and listens in on their conversation not too far away.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.42.33 PM

Later on that day he approaches Dae-hwi to talk to him. Dae-hwi simply tells Tae-woon to get out of his life, but Tae-woon refuses to. He exposes Dae-hwi, telling him that he’s not as innocent and kind as he and everyone else thinks he is. Dae-hwi stares back at Tae-woon while the intensity between the two of them grows.

My Thoughts:


Ahhhhhh. I have such conflicting thoughts. While I appreciate that the drama is giving us context on some of our minor characters and actually did a decent job in doing this, it took away time from the overall plot of finding X and only caused for more unnecessary drama and sub-plots than needed. The drama isn’t as good at handling so many cases, but it keeps adding in more than it can handle and just doesn’t know how to stop which is why I feel conflicted.

If Hee-chan was one of our main characters this episode would have been great. It’s not so much his character itself that I’m praising, but rather more of the way that the drama gave us context on his life, his struggles and worries, his actual personality when at school versus when with Bo-ra, and much more. This episode was dedicated to him and spent a good time introducing more of him to us than it did in the earlier episodes which is why I say that if this drama was focused on Hee-chan it would have made for a great episode. Now we know how much of a douchebag he really is (on top of all of the threats he made to Dae-hwi or ways he treats Dae-hwi) and just how insecure he is about himself, his academics, his life, and even his love life. With that being said, in no way do I have a single ounce of sympathy for him and no matter what the drama decides to do or to pull on us to put Hee-chan in a better light (if it will ever go that route in which I hope it doesn’t), there’s nothing Hee-chan can do to make me think about him differently. He’s just a horrible, violent, and abusive person who has no saving grace. Him threatening Dae-hwi and taking advantage of Dae-hwi for help on his exams was just the tip of the iceberg; now we really know what he’s like and what’s beyond just his concerns of being ranked first and yikes, he is much much worse than we thought he was.


Because this episode was so heavily focused on Hee-chan and Bo-ra, we weren’t as focused on the X investigation case. The drama so far has been more primarily geared towards focusing on this plot than our characters and so for this episode to have been about about our characters, it confuses me. And then to add onto this confusion, Hee-chan and Eunho are now in this dispute and the whole school violence commission is involved. I like how the drama weaves everything together in a way that makes sense; Hee-chan and Bo-ra’s relationship issues explains why Bo-ra chose not to reveal details of the fight between Hee-chan and Eunho to anyone but it’s frustrating to watch because then this overpowers the plot of the X investigation case. There was barely anything about finding X in this episode other than the one scene where the ex-principal tried to bribe students with snacks and drinks to gain answers, but there wasn’t much time other than that and it’s disappointing. The drama should do a better job of placing emphasis on both plot and characters and weaving that together or it just focuses on one or the other.

Poor Bo-ra just can’t seem to get a break from the school. First with the bullies, then Bit-na, and then now Hee-chan. She’s such a pitiful character and you want her to stand up for herself or for someone to save her, but there are no heroes at her school that can do that. As much as you want her to be strong and to voice her thoughts and opinions, there’s not much she can do because she doesn’t have the power to say anything. So in a way, it makes sense as to why she’s choosing to remain silent and quiet about these issues that impact her so negatively.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.08.50 PM

I knew there was something off about this episode when you get more scenes of hate between Tae-woon and Hee-chan than between Tae-woon and Dae-hwi. It was only until the very end of the episode when the drama gave us the love-hate relationship between the two male leads again and not that I liked it because I actually don’t, but I was getting tired of the unnecessary drama between Tae-woon and Hee-chan. Hee-chan’s storyline in itself is unnecessary and shouldn’t have been added into this drama (it also came out of no where so I wasn’t expecting to see more of him in this drama than what the drama gave us) so I’m glad that the episode gave us some time of a sub-plot that was in the drama from the very beginning. Now if only the drama would keep focusing on or actually solve certain plots before adding onto others, that’d be great.


Rants aside, I’m loving the way that Kim Jung-hyun is portraying Tae-woon as the smitten and tough guy head-over-heels for Eunho. He’s doing such a great job at it and he has great comedic timing as well. He’s so good and I’m absolutely loving every scene he has with Eunho or those conversations he has with Byung-goo where he’s asking for dating advice. It’s the cutest thing in the entire world and is one aspect of the show that I heavily enjoy and will always enjoy. It’s such a great contrast from all the drama and fighting and angst that goes in the drama so I’m glad the drama has been giving us Tae-woon and Eunho moments. Of course, maybe he should be patient and listen to Eunho and respect her feelings as well (disregarding her feelings and doing what he wants to do with her is a big no-no) so hopefully he’ll listen to her from now on and take into consideration what she says about him especially since he’s so in love with her. It’s obvious that Eunho has a big influence in his life and hopefully she’ll motivate him to change some aspects about himself for the better. Tae-woon is willing to do anything to protect her regardless of who or what it is that he’s dealing with and if that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.


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