[Discuss Away!] Strongest Deliveryman ep 9-10

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WHY IS THIS DRAMA SO GOOD????? AHHHHHHHH. Almost everything about it is so good and perfect and I’m in love with this show.

Strongest Deliveryman has got to be my favorite drama airing right now. I’m not watching many in the first place (the only other dramas I’m watching are School 2017 and then I just picked up on Age of Youth 2), but even then something about this drama is just so addicting, amazing, and easy to watch. I love how short the episodes are because then there’s no room for unnecessary drama or scenes, we get progress and substance, and things are straight to the point. Strongest Deliveryman has been delivering in almost all aspects (and the one aspect it’s not delivering is not going to change by now so I shouldn’t expect too much from them) and I’m enjoying everything about it.

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Just when you thought that there couldn’t be more that you could do with the deliveryman plot, Strongest Deliveryman surprises you with actually doing more. In episodes 9 and 10, Kang-soo and his friends decide to create their own delivery business and partner up with other restaurants in the neighborhood in an effort to save Grandma’s 30 year old restaurant and to fight against the larger issue of Jin-gyu’s brand new restaurant.

I was surprised with this new plot because I wasn’t expecting it; I knew Kang-soo was going to do something about the competition that Grandma was facing being the righteous and kind man he is but I didn’t see the idea of the new business coming from him at all. Now he’s the CEO of the new business and has his co-workers/friends to help and support him. One of my favorite scenes would be when they were all giving themselves titles/positions for their roles in the new business. It was all so random and actually didn’t have any meanings; they were just choosing which title sounded best to them whether that’d be ‘Director’, ‘Manager’, ‘Deputy Chief’ and so on. Hahaha. Of course, now Dan-Ah is working under Kang-soo whereas before he had been working under her as her hoobae so it’s a plot twist but she seems to be handling the switch well so far (kind of haha). I’m excited to see where this business goes and how it’s gonna be able to go up against the powerhouse that is Jin-gyu’s restaurant as well as Ji-yoon’s wealthy family. They don’t have any plans of stopping anytime soon so this clear-cut competition is going to be one fierce and heavy one. Can’t we all just be winners in the end?

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Jin-gyu’s character development and growth has slowed down within the last few episodes which I admit I kind of missed but am glad that it did. His character growth was so important and necessary to where we are right now because 1) there needed to be a reason for his position as branch manager of the restaurant 2) you don’t necessarily hate, despise, or resent him even though he’s up against Kang-soo’s business. In fact, you don’t really get that feeling from Jin-gyu at all. He seems to be more concentrated on his own restaurant succeeding than overtaking Kang-soo’s business and Grandma’s restaurant. He’s been studying to seek methods and solutions to increase the sales of his restaurant and in episodes 9 and 10 we see that hard-working mentality of his play out which I thought was nice and greatly appreciated. Yes, he has competition against all the others in the neighborhood, but he’s more concerned about his own restaurant and fulfilling his own responsibilities as branch manager. There’s still some character development in store for him that we are witnessing, but it’s not as drastic as compared to the beginning of the drama which I like because this leaves us with room for other things.

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Other things like Kang-soo and Dan-ah’s relationship which I’m glad (but also sad) to say that I’m on board with. Prior to episodes 9 and 10, I was kind of hesitant about their love line just because I didn’t see the reasons why I should support them but in episodes 9 and 10 we are provided with a few more reasons to support this couple and now I squeal at all their scenes together. I think it’s so sweet and cute the way that Kang-soo wakes up at 4:30am every morning just to go help Dan-ah with her part-time job even though he doesn’t and shouldn’t. I find it even more adorable that even though Dan-ah tries to stop him from helping her using whatever methods she can (aka knocking him out), he still manages to find a way to get himself to her workplace to help her. It’s small moments and things like this that makes me fall in love with the couple and root for them. Together as workers they have their own work ethics that demonstrates why they’re so successful and then as a couple, they each have their own traits that illustrates why they’re so cute together. I’m afraid that I was going to have second lead syndrome throughout the whole show (and I slightly did the first half of the drama), but with the Kang-soo and Dan-ah ship now floating and the Jin-gyu and Dan-ah ship slowly sinking, it’s clear who’s going to end up with who. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon did end up having real feelings for each other in the midst of pretending to have feelings for each other right now. They will probably fall in love and it’ll be the most mundane but cutest thing ever: having pretended to be a couple only to actually fall in love with each other in the process and become a couple. That’s something I’d like to see.

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I rarely feel the need or want to re-watch any dramas, but a part of me is so in love with Strongest Deliveryman that I feel compelled to re-watch the last two episodes again. This is once again something so rare that I usually never do, but because of Go Kyung-pyo (help me! I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with him! I love the change in his hair and clothing in episode 10!!) and everything else about the drama I want to go back and re-watch episodes 9 and 10 again. The drama is doing such a great job at remaining fluffy, smooth, and effortless to watch. There are times where I don’t want the episode to end or that I don’t even realize just how fast the episode has passed by because I’m so caught up in what’s happening. I’m really enjoying Strongest Deliveryman and I’m glad I gave this drama a try because I actually was absolutely not going to watch it at all. Oh the irony. Haha. To any of you reading this who is not watching Strongest Deliveryman, I highly recommend that you do. And don’t worry! If Kyung-pyo’s hair in this drama is what is keeping you from watching the drama, it doesn’t stay like that for long! He actually changes his hairstyle!


P.S.: This OST track was actually my favorite out of all the OST tracks and when I looked it up right now to listen to it while writing this post, guess who I found out sings it? It’s none other than Go Kyung-pyo! Even better!

P.S.S: Watch a BTS video of the cast filming for the drama (starts @ 5:00)! They’re super cute and fun!


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