Choco Bank: Episode 5 Recap

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The title of this episode is called ‘A Sad Valentine’s Day’ and yes indeed, it was sad. This episode is packed with angst and pain, leaving you in tears and sadness just like our characters. I just want everyone to be happy. Why can’t we all just be happy? 😦

Our sweet Cho Co reminisces about every Valentine’s Day she’s experienced in her entire life. The holiday has never sat well with her. She’s always been rejected from her crushes or she got cheated on one time by her ex-boyfriend. Will this year’s Valentine’s Day be any different?

Eun-haeng comes home to an exhausted and sleeping mother. While looking over her, he also reflects on his interview that is scheduled to take place the next morning. He feels conflicted, having remembered Cho Co’s question of whether he was going to go to the interview or not.

Cho Co wakes up to impatient and angry customers waiting outside of her shop. She opens her shop to let her customers in who are all waiting for Eun-haeng so they can receive financial consultation and advice. Cho Co panics and calls Eun-haeng to check up on him. However, he’s already at the bank ready for his interview and he ignores her phone call.

The customers are getting angrier and angrier at the minute waiting for Eun-haeng. Cho Co apologizes and announces that he won’t be coming to the shop today, but just then he comes running into the shop (YAAAAAY!). Eun-haeng to the rescue! Eun-haeng starts with his business of giving financial consultations to the customers. It seems like everything will be okay.

Of course Eun-haeng and Cho Co can’t keep their eyes off of each other. Even while working the two steal little glimpses at each other here and there. Dal-soo notices what’s happening and grows jealous. Haha.

A long day of what could have been a disaster but wasn’t comes to an end. While Dal-soo goes to take the trash out, Cho Co and Eun-haeng converse over his decision to leave his interview and come back to the shop. We find out that Eun-haeng chose the shop because of Cho Co (OMGGGG I’M SCREAMING. He’s so swoon-worthy). Cho Co listens attentively while holding a box of chocolates on her lap ready to give it to the man she likes.

However, the moment is interrupted when Eun-haeng’s mother enters the shop (OH NOOO). Upon having discovered what her son has been up to, she yells at him to stop what he’s doing and head back home with her. But Eun-haeng is different now. He’s not the young son that his mother raised growing up. Eun-haeng stands up for himself and explains that he wants to live his own life; he wants to do what it is that he is passionate about for once. Mom is shocked and surprised, falling to the ground and fainting as a result.

Eun-haeng takes her mother to the hospital. Later that night after she’s discharged and back at home, he visits her while she’s laying in her bedroom. There are no words spoken between them though and he leaves her alone to get some rest. Cho Co checks up on Eun-haeng and his mother asking if everything’s alright.

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Eun-haeng calls Cho Co to let her know that he won’t return to the shop. He’s quit and he’s never going to go back. After the phone call ends, Cho Co is left at her shop surprised and hurt. Tears form in her eyes as she stares at the box of chocolates sitting in front of her.

Another year of Valentine’s Day and another year of an unsuccessful Valentine’s Day.


The drama takes us back to Eun-haeng’s interview where he rejects the Director’s offer for an interview. When asked why, he reveals that he likes Cho Co’s shop better.

My Thoughts:

Omg, this episode was such an unexpected one. SO UNEXPECTED. The drama had been so light and cute and fluffy this entire time that episode 5 was full of angst and sadness and pain I didn’t expect it at all. The end of episode 4 hinted this change in direction and tone, but episode 5 went all out.

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I’m so sad that Eun-haeng decided to not return to the shop. As episode 6 is the last episode I have a feeling that he will eventually return because he knows that he’s in love with Cho Co and can’t resist leaving her, but at the same time I understood why he made that difficult decision. His mother doesn’t want him to work at the shop because it’s unstable and not a guaranteed position even though he personally might want to. He wants to put his mother first before himself so he’s willing to forego his position at the shop to make his mother happy. You can’t blame him as difficult as it might be because it’s his mother and he wants to be the best son he can be for her considering that there’s no father figure in their family. It broke my heart though watching him convey to Cho Co his final decision. I didn’t want more angst between them I wanted a happy ending!


Since the beginning of the episode gave us insight on Cho Co’s sad and unsuccessful Valentine’s Days the past few years, I thought her Valentine’s Day that year would be different. I thought that the drama was going to make her Valentine’s Day different and that she would confess to Eun-haeng and that he’d do the same and they would fall in love with each other. But then upon having been rejected it was yet again another sad and heart-breaking Valentine’s Day for Cho Co which I was not expecting to see. It’s such a sad day (and moment) for both Cho Co and Eun-haeng (and even Dal-soo) at the moment I’m hoping they can find some kind of hope to light up the dim situation they’re currently facing.

Also, as sad as this episode was everyone did such a great job with their roles. I was especially surprised by Kai who for the most part did a wonderful job as the suffocated and exhausted son who’s tired of listening to his mother tell him what to do. I could feel his frustration and impatience through his eyes and his voice. He conveyed the emotions greatly! Great job Kai!


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