Choco Bank: Episode 6 (and final) recap

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Aww, I’m gonna miss this short and cute romantic drama. It was so short and just a brief introduction to the lives of our characters, but there was warmth and life in each and every single one of them.

While Choco Bank might have been only six episodes long it was able to steal my heart from the beginning. Here’s to hoping there’ll be more short but cute romantic dramas like this one in the future.

The final episode begins with Dal-soo waking up after a long night of sleep. He’s seen making bank transactions on his phone while at a shop. Turns out Cho Co was watching the new commercial that he was in. Our Dal-soo is now a huge star, having hit it big after being casted by an agency while delivering chocolate for Cho Co. Haha. Cho Co is enjoying the video when the landlord comes rushing into her shop complaining about the overdue fees for the shop. Uh-oh.

Since it’s winter and Valentine’s Day is coming up the shop should be able to prosper. Just two more weeks and the landlord won’t have to complain about wearing fake earrings and clothing. Haha. Cho Co gains the landlord’s trust and goes back to taking care of her shop. While looking over her website, Cho Co’s mind traces back to Eun-haeng. He still pops up in her mind every once in a while. It’s been a while since they’ve talked and seen each other.

Meanwhile Eun-haeng is now a bank employee. His next customer is an old man who’s hard of hearing so Eun-haeng has to talk a little bit louder (as if in shout) to get the man to hear him. This backfires on Eun-haeng who gets yelled by his supervisor for yelling at the bank and wasting time with an old man. But our protagonist defends himself. His supervisor walks away after scolding him, but Eun-haeng catches up to him to hand him the coffee that he left behind. Hidden inside his sweater though is a resignation letter.

Eun-haeng joins his mother for lunch. While eating, his mother reveals that she’s planning on traveling to Iceland with her calligraphy club so she won’t be able to feed her son anymore. Haha. She also voices her support for Eun-haeng, encouraging him to do what it is that he wants even if that means starting his own business like how he’s always wanted to do. Mom leaves to prepare for her trip.

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Cho Co is selling her chocolates on the street when she comes across Dal-soo. While catching up with each other at the shop, Dal-soo asks Cho Co about Eun-haeng. Cho Co answers that they haven’t seen or talked to each other in a while until that moment it is. Eun-haeng enters the shop shocking both Dal-soo and Cho Co. Cho Co thinks it’s just another hallucination like all her other ones of Eun-haeng so she pretends to act like she doesn’t see Eun-haeng even though he’s clearly there talking to her. Omg this is so funny haha. Poor girl ends up elbowing Eun-haeng in the stomach where he falls down to the ground in pain. Hahaha.

Everything seems to be back to normal at the shop. Eun-haeng does his daily job of being a financial advisor, Cho Co is busy selling her chocolates to customers, and Dal-soo is busy being interviewed by the journalist originally interested in Eun-haeng. While the two converse with each other, Eun-haeng joins Cho Co and hands her a gift he got specifically for her.

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At first, Cho Co is disapproving of the gift (“where did you get it from? How can you just pick something so randomly?”), but she happily accepts his gift after almost getting it taken away by Eun-haeng. She’s a jolly little lady, squealing over the gift and whether this means that Eun-haeng likes her. Heehe, so cute. Eun-haeng grabs her by her shoulders and leans in towards her for a kiss.

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Ahh, it seems like the two finally get their happy ending that they deserved.


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The drama takes us back to the first very time that Cho Co and Eun-haeng met each other. She was having a hard time selling her chocolates to people, but Eun-haeng was the very first person who was willing to give her chocolates a try. Of course this sticks with Cho Co who falls in love with Eun-haeng. The drama has only shown us Cho Co’s side of the story up to this point, but we discover that Eun-haeng had also shared the same feelings for Cho Co! He walks away after giving her delicious chocolate a try, but he stops to look back and steal a glance at her again. He smiles sweetly after looking at her.

My Thoughts:

Aww, this is such a sweet and adorable ending. Considering how cute and fluffy the drama was overall it’s not like I was expecting a sad ending or anything so even though the ending was predictable it was still very cute nonetheless.


Although I’m glad that Eun-haeng returned to the shop to do what it is that he wants (and is best at) as well as to support his crush, I do think Mom’s turnaround happened a bit too quickly. Granted this drama is only 6 episodes overall with each episode averaging out to 14 minutes so we didn’t have too much time to demonstrate Mom’s change of heart, but it did feel a bit off in this episode. For us to have spent the last episode and a half on Mom opposed to Eun-haeng’s position at the shop to coming around and supporting him with his decisions in this episode was a bit too random and abrupt, especially since we didn’t see Mom’s change of thought and mind. However, I’m glad that she made the decision to support her son though and to let go of her toxic and frustrating treatment of her son. She finally let him live his life like how he had wanted to.

I know this drama was for PPL-like purposes with the whole bank information and whatnot, but I wished there were more dramas like this where it’s only a few episodes and each episode is less than 20 minutes long. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for much content and substance, but there’s still enough time to pack in some stuff. Even though this drama was short, it still managed to stay interesting and cute and adorable. I think what worked to its advantage was how short it was both in terms of episode counts and the length of each episode. When you don’t have that much time you only implement what is actually truly important without any unnecessary plots and details.


Kai might not have been the best actor (and he was quite bland and awkward for the most part), but he was still cute and charming overall. I think I would have been quite sad after watching this if Park Eun-bin was not in any other drama, but she’s currently in ‘Age of Youth 2’ so I know that if I miss her I can tune into that drama any time to get my dose of her. Overall, ‘Choco Bank’ was by no means without faults or errors, but it was still cute, fluffy, and light-hearted overall making it an enjoyable and pleasing watch.


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