What Mary Thinks: A Witch’s Court

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Who knew that a drama about prosecutors investigating sexual assault cases would be just as nerve-wracking and engaging as it is charming? This drama is really pulling wonders on folks, hence, the strong and surprising ratings that it has been pulling in since the second week of its run.

Starring Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min, the drama centers around their characters Ma Yi-Deum and Yeo Jin-wook as prosecutors tackling sexual assault cases. They find themselves often working together to solve these cases and in between all of this are also conflicts that they two are dealing with in their respective individual lives. Annnnnd of course, our two main characters also happen to fall in love with each other as well.

When I first heard that ‘A Witch’s Court’ was going to be primarily about our main characters solving or investigating sexual assault cases, I was a bit wary and cautious. I wasn’t too sure how the drama was going to go about doing this. After watching the last 8 episodes, the drama has been carefully treading around this sensitive topic and for the most part is doing a decent job in giving us content and substance without turning viewers off.

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I think what I enjoy the most about this drama is the balance between your usual procedural investigation on the cases, but also the insights that we as viewers gain on the lives of our two main characters Yi-deum and Jin-wook. You’re engaged and committed to the characters because you know about them, what issues they’re dealing with in their own lives, and how they’re going about dealing with those issues, but then you also get to see them actually work and go after the bad guys and work as a team to beat the villains. Seeing all of this unfold right in front of my screen makes me excited, makes me care for the characters, and makes me want to keep rooting for them. I appreciate the context and background stories that we continue to get fed on Yi-deum and Jin-wook’s characters. I think this balances out really well with the investigations and had this drama just focused on the investigations, it would not have been as interesting and engaging for me.

Just like with ‘Because This Life is Our First’ and ‘Mad Dog’, it took me a few episodes to finally warm up to ‘A Witch’s Court’ and be committed. It wasn’t until the end of episode 4 that I decided that I was going to stay and watch the rest of the drama for sure. Witnessing Yi-deum dream about her mother and pleading for her not to leave in her dream just really hit me. Props to Jung Ryeo-won for playing such a straight-forward and non-emotional character with such emotions in that scene (funny story: I was actually watching this episode at like 1AM right before I was going to bed and after watching this scene I just felt so compelled to call my mother and tell her how much I love her and miss her. In the end I didn’t because… it was 2am by the time I finished episode 4 but omg, the feels were strong). Tears were coming out of my eyes watching that scene and it was so emotional and is probably my favorite scene yet in the drama.

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Ma Yi-deum is an independent, strong, and stubborn woman, but she knows what she wants and she’ll do anything she can to get what she wants. Sometimes, this doesn’t always work out or she gets in trouble for the things she does, but I love how persistent and passionate she is towards her work. Nothing stops her when she has her mind set on something and in the upcoming episodes, we’re definitely going to see this when she battles against Jo Gap-soo, the soon-to-be mayor who might have been the reason for Yi-deum’s mother’s disappearance. Things are going to get a lot more personal, serious, and intense and while I am totally all here to witness Yi-deum kick some people’s butts and finally receive the closure she has been longing for after so many years, it’s definitely not going to be an easy journey.

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Which is why it’s great that she has Yoon Hyun-min’s character Jin-wook as not only her partner in crime, neighbor, and co-worker, but also her support system. They’re each going through their own obstacles in life, but they remain as each other’s support system and network. We saw this in episode 8 when Jin-wook supported Yi-deum and took her home after she had a talk with Gap-soo at the rooftop of the building. Overwhelmed with emotions and feelings, she reached out to Jin-wook for help and he being the kind, caring, and supportive boyfriend person that he is,  he was willing to take her home and even wanted to hold her hand to reassure her that everything was going to be alright. I like how their relationship is slowly developing and it doesn’t feel rushed. I also like how their relationship is not the drama’s first priority and instead is given to us viewers in increments. I’m dedicated to knowing what’s going to happen to our characters and what exactly happened to Ma Yi-deum’s mother, but I also root for Yi-deum and Jin-wook as a couple because they work well together and balance each other out well even though they’re complete opposites. The next few episodes are going to be even more difficult for our two characters and I’m looking forward to seeing them be there for each other in the upcoming weeks. I’m expecting a lot more emotional and lovey-dovey scenes between the two. Hehe.

I also really like Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min. They’re doing a wonderful job portraying their own respective characters. They’re charming both individually and together and every time Yoon Hyun-min just stares at Jung Ryeo-won, I squeal and melt inside because it’s so darn adorable. I actually first discovered Yoon Hyun-min back in ‘Cruel City’ which is where I first saw him. I haven’t watched many things with him in it ever since, but his character in ‘Cruel City’ stood out to me that he was on my good side since that drama and so I’m glad to see him back as a male lead of a drama. The same applies to Jung Ryeo-won. I remember her most from ‘My Lovely Sam-soon’ because I absolutely loved that drama and it’s still one of my all-time favorites today, but I haven’t really watched her in anything ever since. But I also liked her because of ‘My Lovely Sam-soon’ so I have no complaints with her acting or character in ‘A Witch’s Court’ and I think she’s doing a great job.

Ultimately, the real question here is what exactly happened to Ma Yi-deum’s mother. It pains me to see Ma Yi-deum just investigating endlessly the disappearance of her mother just so that she can receive the kind of closure that she’s so wanted all these years. It pains me even more when she’s sort of halted any investigations on her mother’s disappearance because she realizes that she’s not really getting anywhere or because she finds herself at dead-ends. It’s so heart-breaking to see this and I really hope that Ma Yi-deum will be able to get down to the gist of what happened on that day that her mother disappeared. Knowing just how strong, loud, fierce, and determined Ma Yi-deum is, nothing’s going to stop her to get these answers and I am all here for that.

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