[Discuss Away!] A Witch’s Court episodes 9-10

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Why can’t our protagonists win? Why do they keep on getting defeated by the villains in this drama? Why our own good guys going against each other? Why are our two leads arguing and fighting each other? Ahhh, this drama makes me stressed, scream, and want to pull my hair out, but it makes me stressed in a good way.

The stakes keep getting higher and higher and the drama gets more and more intense, but that’s what I love about this drama. I’m enjoying how the Ahn Tae-gyu and Baek Min-ho case within the past few episodes have been directly tied to Ma Yi-deum, Yeo Jin-wook, as well as Mayor Cho Gap-soo. You’re no longer having a random sexual assault case assigned to our main two characters and watching them work with each other to solve these cases while also watching them struggle with their own respective issues in life. The drama has actually gone in the complete opposite direction with our two leads being directly tied to the heavy and complicated case that also involves other powerful individuals like Mayor Cho Gap-soo. Now that the case is connected to our characters, the stakes are so much higher and everything is so much more risky. I’m particularly afraid for Ma Yi-deum who we all know is persistent, strong, and powerful, but often times her decisions and actions can do her more damage than good as we saw with episode 10. As much as I love and root for her, I do think she needs to realize that her recklessness and stubbornness can result in consequences which is what she hopefully learned once Chief Prosecutor Min resigned. She says things and act before thinking and if there’s anything I want her to learn, I want her to know that her actions and words can be hurtful and not only affect her but also those around her. Hopefully she’ll learn to be more careful next time she wants to do or say something.

I’m kind of sad that the drama drew back on the romance because I was expecting them to spoil us a little bit more this week. Although I’m sad, I’m not surprised nor mad that they didn’t give us any romance. I actually think this week’s episodes made sense with the direction that it took and the decisions that our two leads made. Ma Yi-deum is so desperate to find her mother and receive closure that she’ll do things to benefit herself while Yeo Jin-wook is an all-around good guy who doesn’t condone and tolerate corruption. He wants things to be done in a fair and equal way and even if that means confronting Yi-deum who he has feelings for and possibly disagreeing with her, he’ll go for it. The decisions they made in episodes 10 were not out of their character which is why I wasn’t mad that we didn’t receive any lovey dovey scenes between the two. I’m actually glad that we got to see them full-on disagree with each other for once. They’ve had little bickers here and there before, but in the last two episodes they actually faced real conflict with each other where their own raw emotions and feelings were involved. While Yi-deum thought about herself as a daughter before her position as a prosecutor, Jin-wook only thought about his job which lead the two to disagree. I thought it was so interesting to see Jin-wook struggle to be the sole prosecutor assigned to the crucial case though. Yes sure, Yi-deum shouldn’t have done things that were illegal, but she’s a smart lady who gets things done and as we’ve seen in the past, Jin-wook works best when paired up with Yi-deum. Seeing him work alone and take on the case alone without Yi-deum could have also contributed to Baek Min-ho’s loss. Maybe they work best when they’re with each other and not apart.

I know that things were hopeless and that Baek Min-ho wasn’t going to actually win the case because he doesn’t have that much of a influential and powerful support network like Ahn Tae-gyu does, but does that really mean that you had to kill Baek Sang-ho? I totally wasn’t expecting him to die, but I could see why the drama decided to cut him off. It made sense because Ahn Sang-gyu needed to be saved and as long as Baek Sangho was alive, there was no way that that was going to happen so Sang-ho had to go in order to save Sang-gyu. It’s just so unfortunate though that he died and then that after Min-ho faced a punishment that Sang-gyu should have gotten. Granted, Min-ho did choose to hang out with him and whatnot, but he wasn’t the one who committed the murder so there should have been some justice for Min-ho. It just seems like things are so hopeless and like the villains are just continually winning. Baek Sang-ho getting murdered, Min-ho facing imprisonment for years, Chief Prosecutor Min resigning, and Ma Yi-deum giving up on getting revenge and justice for her mother. Could we not have gotten just one victory to balance out all the losses the last two episodes? It hurts watching the drama right now and I just want things to look brighter and better for our characters.

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However, with the return of Ma Yi-deum after a 3 month break, maybe things will hopefully start to look better. She’s rejuvenated from the small short break she’s needed and she’s ready to get herself and everyone else back on track. I’m excited for her return and I’m anticipating how things are going to be different and how things are going to turn out now that she’s back. And of course, I’m also looking forward to more interactions between our two leads. Less bickering and more loving please!

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