BTS releases MV to the Steve Aoki remix of ‘Mic Drop’ featuring Desiigner

bts (1)

Ever since their appearance at the Billboard Music Awards in May, BTS has been blowing up in the U.S. music industry and has had many artists interested in collaborating with the group. Among those artists included rapper Desiigner, the Chainsmokers, as well as DJ Steve Aoki who have all worked with BTS in some way or form in their album ‘Love Yourself: HER.’ While The Chainsmokers co-produced ‘Best of Me’ with BTS, Steve Aoki and Desiigner came together to work with BTS on a remix for ‘Mic Drop’ which was just recently released.

Steve Aoki stars in the MV while Desiigner features in the remix version of the track. The MV featured the original ‘Mic Drop’ though with Steve Aoki’s remix of it and then the version with Desiigner was released as an audio in which some of the lyrics are sung in english by the members themselves. Right after having released the MV, the song placed #1 on U.S. iTunes and was trending at #2 on Youtube (I believe.. or at least when I was watching the MV it was). Especially since this is BTS’s first music appearance since their AMA performance (a post about that to come soon), many fans were excited to see BTS again and what they were up to. For new fans or people who were interested in BTS from their AMA performance, this is probably the first big thing they would have seen since the performance which I think is a smart move from Big Hit. From AMA’s to this epic MV of ‘Mic Drop’, who wouldn’t become a fan?!

While I’m generally happy, proud, and excited for the boys with all the success they’ve earned and gained this year, a part of me also feels sad and cautious. Their appearance at the AMA’s garnered so much attention from so many people and maybe this is just me being the protective fan that I am, but I just want the boys to be surrounded by good, genuine, and kind people. Some celebrities and companies are using them for clicks and money and bait while some others are genuinely interested in them, what they do, their music, and who they are. While it might be difficult for the boys to differentiate between the two types of people themselves right now because they’re so popular and are in such high demand from everyone that they’re just accepting invitations from everyone and and whatnot (they’re on that high right now), I also do hope that they learn to be careful with the decisions that they make and that they’re not just accepting everything without carefully thinking about what they’re doing. Since this is all so brand new to the boys and they themselves or Big Hit probably never imagined to achieve such great heights, they’re probably very excited right now. I trust the boys and Big Hit that they won’t make any mistakes or regretful decisions, but I also remain cautious and wary about it all because some people can make mistakes and ridiculous decisions.


It seems like we can expect to hear more collaborations between BTS and other U.S. artists in the future which is a good thing all around. I hope that the boys continue to promote in Korea though and that they don’t fully jump on the plans for advancements in the U.S. just yet. It’s great that they have such high interest from artists and fans in the U.S., but we’ve seen in K-Pop that those groups who actually intend in breaking into the U.S. music industry generally don’t come out too successful (Wonder Girls, SNSD, CL, Big Bang, etc.). What makes BTS different is the fact that they’ve always sung their songs in Korean and never had any plans of promoting in the U.S. until ARMY’s started to get their names out there which then got people to check them out. I hope BTS remains true to themselves, their fans, and their music, and what they want to do. They’re doing so much and are going everywhere and sweeping all them awards and opportunities, but it would also be nice for them to just breathe a little bit and relax. Take things slow and enjoy everything while they can. There’s no need to rush. ARMY’s and fans worldwide aren’t going anywhere soon so the boys don’t need to worry.

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