Infinity Challenge end its long run of 13 years


Gaaah, all good things must unfortunately come to an end. Popular MBC show ‘Infinity Challenge’ recently ended its first season run of 13 years on Saturday, March 31. After the announcement of the departure of PD Kim Taeho, there were follow-up announcements regarding the end of the show.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t cry during the last episode. It was so bittersweet seeing the cast members shed some tears and bidding their farewells to the show that they grew up with and filmed every week. I haven’t been a viewer of Infinity Challenge since the very beginning, but it was a show that I consistently followed and watched for a few years now. It was a show that I watched every weekend so to watch the last episode without any feelings of sadness was impossible. I still am sad over the end of the show and even though there are talks of another season, it just won’t be the same.

The show struggled over the years to maintain their ratings, to satisfy their viewers and audience, and to come up with fresh new ideas. In addition, with the cast changes over the years it became obvious that the chemistry and team dynamics between the cast members just wasn’t as strong anymore. People grew accustomed and was accepting of the original cast that the change of cast members might have made it difficult for viewers to watch the show. Maybe it was for these reasons and so much more that PD Kim Tae-ho and the cast members decided to step down and end the show.


Although the future for Infinity Challenge is uncertain, there could possibly be another season under the same name, but just with different cast members and a different PD. The show could possibly try the same thing that 1 Night 2 Days experimented with and has been doing its past 3 seasons: the show’s premise still remains the same, but the cast members (and PD) varies for each season. For 1N2D, the brand name sells while it’s up to the cast for each season to maintain that brand name (that’s one reason why Season 3 is so successful). Although this tactic seems to be working for 1N2D, I can’t say that the same thing will work for Infinity Challenge. It’s a show that ran for 13 years for its first season which varies exponentially from the 1N2D seasons; people grew up with Infinity Challenge and became attached to the show. Because of its longevity and success, this is something that could help but hurt the show if it was to return with another season. People will tune in because of the name, but might not continue and support the show because of the cast and PD changes. With the return of the show but just with different cast members and a PD, I’m not sure how people are going to react and respond to the changes. Will it still be as successful as the first season or will it fail?


I’m still very sad about the end of the show and will forever be sad about it. The show remained popular with the public even though it faced many struggles and challenges over time. The show also set precedents and records for inviting huge and successful stars from all over the world onto its show, including NBA superstar Stephen Curry as well as boxing maniac Manny Pacquiao. Its music festivals were always successful every time. Even up to its last few remaining episodes, the show had a special with the Korea Curling Team from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The only thing that one can hope for is that the show will return with the same cast members and PD Kim Tae-ho. However, as sad and heart-broken as I am over the end of the show, I hope that this break is well-used. Everyone within the show deserves it.

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