Miss Hammurabi: Episode 15 recap


EEEEK, this episode is way too cute and adorable and refreshing I couldn’t stop squealing every two minutes. Oh-reum has plenty of enemies and people who want her to fall and break and quit, but there are also plenty of supporters who care for her and want her to succeed. This episode is focused on those loving and kind individuals who remain her backbone and driving force in the midst of all the controversy. Oh-reum’s never forgotten who she is and has always been a strong woman, but she’s also undeniably stronger with the help and support of her family and friends.

Miss Hammurabi: Episode 15 Recap

Oh-reum enters Presiding Judge Han’s office to hand him her letter of resignation. However, Presiding Judge Han won’t accept it and rips the letter apart into pieces. He reminds her that he and Ba-reun also contributed into deciding the final verdict so she shouldn’t take responsibility for what happened with the professor. He orders her to return to her office and to get back to work.

Back in the office, Oh-reum asks Ba-reun to be honest with her. Will she able to stay and survive in the court even if she really wanted to..? Even after all that’s happened..? Ba-reun remains silent and glances at Oh-reum nervously.


Presiding Judge Sung urges Chief Presiding Judge to do something about Oh-reum. If he isn’t willing to, then Presiding Judge Sung will do it himself and make sure that Oh-reum receives disciplinary actions.

The harsh backlash towards Oh-reum continue. The general public disapproves of her as the judge for the upcoming murder case that she’s been assigned. They rather have someone else be in the courtroom.

The court hearing for the woman who murdered her husband begins. Presiding Judge Han is quite sensitive and short-tempered in the courtroom; it seems like all the stress about Oh-reum’s current situation is affecting him inside the courtroom as well. The wife’s attorney argues that the wife was defending herself from her violent and abusive husband who would threaten her, but the prosecutor disagrees. She only killed him because she was caught having an affair. Presiding Judge Han adjourns the trial and the three judges have a discussion about it. Ba-reun assumes that it’s going to be difficult for the victim as the jury already have their mind set on how they feel about the case.

The next case Department 44 takes on is another rape case. A college student offered his place to a runaway girl and raped her after bringing her into his room. In the court hearing, the defendant’s mother pleads for the judges to forgive her son, but Presiding Judge Han won’t allow it. He explodes in the courtroom and unleashes his anger out onto her. How dare she ask for forgiveness? What her son did was horrible of him and he should be punished for it.

Of course, articles of Presiding Judge Han’s outburst in the courtroom is written and published online.


Ba-reun meet with Do-yeon and Judge Jung outside in the courtyard to discuss about Oh-reum. She’s going to face disciplinary action and it’s all because of Presiding Judge Sung. He addressed his concerns about her to the Supreme Court and now they’re going to take measures against her. Ba-reun is outraged upon hearing the news. It seems like Presiding Judge Sung is getting back at Oh-reum for what she did to him back then.

Oh-reum opens up to Ba-reun about how she’s been feeling in the midst of all the controversy and chaos. She wants to quit and give up. She’s tired of everything. Oh-reum just wants to forget about everything and have time to herself again.

While walking home, Ba-reun reunites with two of his high school friends. They catch up over some drinks at a bar. His two friends start off by talking about Oh-reum and making harsh, degrading comments about her. Of course, Ba-reun doesn’t tolerate it and defends Oh-reum. So what about the murder case that she’s been assigned? It’s a good thing that there’s a jury so that the public can also have the power to decide on the outcome of the case. Ba-reun doesn’t really like the public though after all the backlash that they’ve been jabbing at Oh-reum. It’s not like the public having some level of power is a good thing. They’re not always right either and can also make mistakes. Ba-reun’s friend gets angry at Ba-reun’s snappy remarks and punches Ba-reun in the face (DON’T TOUCH MY MAN’S FACE!).

Ba-reun returns home that night and is scolded by his mother for getting into a fight. After getting treated by his mother, Ba-reun asks his mother how Dad manages to interact with so many people and help them? It must not be easy for him. But Mom argues that Dad does it because he enjoys it and because he’s genuine about it. Plus, he was able to meet Mom so all his good work and deeds paid off. ASKJFDK. Mom and Ba-reun are too cute together.

Ba-reun tosses and turns in his bed that night thinking about Oh-reum and her desire to give up. He ponders over how he can best support her.

Ba-reun supports Oh-reum’s decision to quit if that’s what she wants. But before she leaves, he wants her to go with him somewhere. So the next day, they set out on a date and spend time with each other. They ride bikes side by side throughout Ba-reun and Oh-reum’s childhood neighborhood and eat some yummy ice cream together. They also visit the same bookstore that they used to frequent when they were younger. Although the two spend the entire day together in the office, they’ve never really had the time to get to know each other. Today will be different.

The two judges walk past the piano school that Ba-reun occasionally visits and just as they walk by, they happen to come across the same kid who spends time with Ba-reun whenever he visits. Ba-reun enters the piano school to play the piano while Oh-reum and their child the little kid watch him play.

Presiding Judge Han pays a visit to former Presiding Judge Gam in prison. They catch up and discuss about all the recent controversy surrounding Department 44. Presiding Judge Han ends the visit by telling his former colleague and close friend to eat the food that he brought for him. Presiding Judge Han will be alright.


Oh-reum and Ba-reun stop by the playground to have another conversation. This time, Ba-reun shares with Oh-reum about his parents and the role of the breadwinner that his mom had to take on after his dad got fired from his job. Since then, Ba-reun wanted to get a job where he wouldn’t be dismissed wrongfully and he feels like he’s found the right job for him. Oh-reum processes Ba-reun’s story and now feels regretful for wanting to give up as a judge so easily. She reflects on her words and ponders over whether she really wants to give up being a judge or not.

Ba-reun takes Oh-reum to the last and most important location. They recall high school memories which Ba-reun still remembers so vividly in his mind. There was one moment in particular that made him realize how strong and charismatic Oh-reum was and it was right then that he knew she would fight for justice. He pulls out a letter of resignation from his pocket and hands it to Oh-reum. If she’s going to quit, then he will too. He will go with her where ever she goes (I’M NOT OKAAAAY).

In that moment, Oh-reum leans towards Ba-reun and kisses him on the lips (AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!). Ba-reun is shocked and surprised at the sudden kiss, but he also doesn’t back away. He stays frozen in his position while Oh-reum enjoys the moment (WHY IS THIS DRAMA DOING THIS TO ME. Asdkjfd).

They walk hand in hand to Grandma’s house where her aunts and the Department 44 team are awaiting her arrival. They’re all there to cheer Oh-reum up and to support her after all the recent controversy and incidents. Oh-reum hasn’t changed though and she’s still the quirky, witty, and out-going lady she’s always been. Ga-on and the three little girls that lives with the Pastor also joins the rest of the team. Omg, I love this family.

Everyone has a great time inside Grandma’s house and enjoys some food, fruits, and drinks together (also I wanna add that Ba-reun and Oh-reum look like newlyweds in this scene!! asdfjdk). Ba-reun gets jealous when Ga-on performs a magic trick for Oh-reum and hands her a rose and everyone gushes over how cute and adorable the three little girls are.

Grandma finally returns home and everyone heads outside to greet her. However, everyone stops in shock and relief upon seeing who Grandma has brought back home with her. It’s Oh-reum’s mom (I’M CRYING WATERFALLS RIGHT NOW). Oh-reum runs to hug her mom and all doubts and concerns she had about her mom forgetting her vanishes. Mom remembers who Oh-reum is and tells her daughter how proud she is of her. Everyone else watches the mother and daughter embrace each other and sheds a few tears in the process. It’s a happy day for everyone.

Do-yeon and Judge Jung leave Grandma’s house together, side by side, arm in arm. They express their concern over Presiding Judge Han who must be worried about Oh-reum. They also ponder over what will happen with Oh-reum. The couple tries to stay positive despite all the chaos and controversy. They believe that everything will turn out alright.

Presiding Judge Han returns home late that night, but instead of getting yelled at by his wife like he usually would his wife is patient and supportive. She encourages him to not give up and to stay positive, aware of the current situation he’s in. After giving her wife a hug, Presiding Judge Han enters his daughters’ bedroom to check up on them while they sleep. Presiding Judge Han is grateful for his family.

While heading to work, Oh-reum witnesses Protesting Mom confront the protestors outside of the court building. Although she defends Oh-reum, the protestors don’t listen and even knock her down. Oh-reum comes to Protesting Mom’s rescue and stands up for her. If the protestors have anything to say to Oh-reum, they should say it to her face (OOOOOH GO OH-REUM! YOU GO GIRL!). The protestors quickly become silent and are afraid to look Oh-reum in the eyes.

Oh-reum gets back to work on the murder case. She’s going to do her best to help the wife win the case. However, at that moment she receives an email from the disciplinary committee requesting for her attendance for a hearing. The time has come.


The Department 44 team all stop by Oh-reum and Ba-reun’s office to wish her luck in the hearing with the disciplinary committee. Although it’s outrageous that she was called, Oh-reum won’t stand for this injustice. She didn’t do anything wrong and she’s going to defend herself (YES OH-REUM YES!). She thanks everyone in the room for supporting her and being there for her. Ba-reun is in awe as he watches Oh-reum powerfully speak her mind. He thinks to himself,

The little girl that I saw, the girl who refused to back off.. stands right before me now.

Judge Jung and Ba-reun organize a plan to help Oh-reum after all that she’s done to help them. They go around and ask employees to sign a petition in support of Oh-reum after explaining Oh-reum’s situation to each of them. The recruitment for signatures is successful and many employees show their support for our female judge. Things are also starting to look better for Oh-reum after an article about her protection of Protesting Mom earlier that morning is published.

The article was written and published by none other than Da-in who Oh-reum defended and advocated for in her work dismissal lawsuit. Just like she shared with Oh-reum, Da-in has now become a reporter and meets with Protesting Mom to find out more details about her case. She’s going to report the truth behind what happened to Protesting Mom’s son so everyone will know what Sejin University Hospital is really like.

Our three judges head to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. Presiding Judge Sung and Chief Presiding Judge is also at the cafeteria and have a small conversation about Oh-reum’s disciplinary committee hearing. Presiding Judge Sung expresses his wish to have the hearing sooner since they already know what the outcome for Oh-reum is going to be. Upon hearing this, Presiding Judge Han rushes up to Presiding Judge Sung and punches him in the face.

He then turns to Chief Presiding Judge and grows enraged at how no one did anything to protect Oh-reum. While she was suffering and crying and overwhelmed with the controversy, he and all the other higher-ups just stayed quiet and pretended to look dignified. How can they just sit there and do nothing while making Oh-reum and Ba-reun and all the junior judges do all the work? Ba-reun and Oh-reum watch in tears as Presiding Judge Han shouts into Chief Presiding Judge’s face about the inequality and corruption of the court. He’s had enough.

My Thoughts:

OOOH, Presiding Judge Han snapped didn’t he?! I can’t believe we only have one more episode left to go. I didn’t even dare to watch the preview for the last episode because I’m afraid of how things are going to turn out for Oh-reum. Although I sense a satisfying ending for our female lead and her support system, she might have to face the worst of things before she can experience the good. I wouldn’t want her to be reprimanded, but it’s also sad to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if she did receive some kind of disciplinary action for her doings. Powerful people in and outside of the court district dislike her and want her out so they will go to whatever means to achieve that.


I didn’t know how this episode was going to turn out especially since the last episode was so dark and intense and heart-breaking for all our characters. However, to see the shift of mood in this episode change to something light-hearted and fun was so reassuring. Instead of focusing on the bad, our characters are positive and optimistic despite everything. I love how strong and great of a support system Oh-reum had and there was never any doubt that her family and friends wouldn’t be there for her. They were there by her side the entire time to give her words of affirmation and encouragement all the while being proactive in the court district and petitioning in support of her. Oh-reum might have been feeling lonely with all that went down, but she’s reminded of how lonely she’s not when so many people show up in support of her. I’m glad that she didn’t isolate herself and choose to just quit and leave the court district knowing that she had considered this option at one point. Instead, she ran into the arms of those who love her and it was the best option she could have taken after all that she’s been through.

It’s obvious that Oh-reum and Ba-reun have grown a lot from working together in the court, but I also think that Judge Jung has exhibited just as much character growth. We were introduced to him as this witty and tricky people-pleaser who would always try to kiss ass with the presiding judges and whatnot. He rarely ever showed any interest in what others were doing and he hesitated to show Oh-reum and Ba-reun support in the earlier days. However, now he’s going out and asking people to sign the petition in support of Oh-reum and he stands up to his own boss to protect the one person he loves and he’s basically doing things that he never would have done in the beginning. He was rarely involved with the politics of the court, but now he’s being proactive within the court and showing his support for Department 44 in other ways other than visiting their office. He’s changed a lot since his visits into their office and maybe all those times he stayed in their office like it was his wasn’t so bad after all. Each visit had a purpose and something good came out of it. He might have had to pull more all-nighters since he was too busy spending time with Ba-reun and Oh-reum in their office than in his own, but hey, it’s changed him for the better and I’m sure he has no regrets adding himself into their circle of friends. I’m confident he enjoys it.


This episode was bright, heart-warming, and light so I’m afraid that it’s going to be the complete opposite as we enter the final episode. Will things end on a bad note for Oh-reum where she receives some sort of disciplinary action? Or will she be saved by herself and the many other people supporting her from the sidelines? There are so many questions and not enough answers yet. Maybe this is what I get for catching up with all the episodes and recaps. It’s just a waiting game at this point and I’m not sure if I can be this patient. Presiding Judge Han, what should I do?!

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