Miss Hammurabi: Episode 16 & Final Recap


And that right there is the amazing, bold, fearless, and brave image of Department 44 that I’ll never forget. The grand finale that we’ve been all anticipating, dreading, and waiting for is finally here. As sad and sorrowful as I am that this journey has come to an end, I’m also satisfied having witnessed the growth of many of our characters. Department 44 has changed and grown so much since the beginning and they’ve fought against the inequalities in the court system as well as the enemies who perpetuated those inequalities. The team has faced some losses and challenges along the way, but I think we can ultimately agree that they’ve won just as many victories and so much more.

Also, I would just like to thank everyone who’s joined me in this journey of recapping ‘Miss Hammurabi.’ It’s been fun, stressful, satisfying, and heart-warming all at the same time, but was ultimately a drama that I greatly enjoyed recapping. I’ll see you around for other drama recaps very soon! Until then, take great care of yourself 🙂

Miss Hammurabi: Episode 16 & Finale Recap

The final episode continues with Presiding Judge Han confronting Presiding Judge Sung and Chief Presiding Judge about how they’ve used their privileges and status of power to maintain their positions while junior judges like Oh-reum and Ba-reun are left to fend for themselves. No higher-up within the court district advocated for them or supported them at all. Presiding Judge Bae enters the cafeteria outraged at all the commotion. He tries to stop Presiding Judge Han from creating any further turmoil, but Presiding Judge Han is not the only one who should be stopped.

Ba-reun and Judge Jung and Presiding Judge Bae’s other associate judge also step up to the plate to acknowledge their contribution to all of this. If Oh-reum is going to face disciplinary action for protesting and rebelling within the court district, then they too should be punished because they’ve been doing the same exact thing. Presiding Judge Bae rushes Chief Presiding Judge out of the cafeteria to end the conversation while our Department 44 judges eat with Judge Jung and his co-judge.


Back in the office, Oh-reum, Ba-reun, Judge Jung, and Do-yeon all contemplate on what to do next. They need to get as many signatures as they can before the disciplinary committee meet to discuss about Department 44. It doesn’t help that Presiding Judge Sung has been in constant contact with the Supreme Court to push them to do something about our judges.

So the team gets on it and collects more signatures. As Judge Jung returns to his office to grab more petition papers, he encounters his Presiding Judge along the way. Presiding Judge Bae attempts to stop Judge Jung in an effort to save his career, but Judge Jung won’t give in. He’s going to keep collecting signatures regardless of what happens to him because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

Judge Jung meets with Ba-reun to discuss an article written by Da-in on Sejin National University Hospital. Apparently the victim who accused the professor of rape was seen as the hospital not too long ago even though she had already quit her job there. Someone at the hospital must have compelled her to change her testimony in court.

Ba-reun and Oh-reum work late into the night. Ba-reun checks in on Oh-reum and asks her how she feels about the court trial happening the next day. Oh-reum reassures him that she’ll be fine. She has Ba-reun by her side so there’s no need to worry. Omg, they’re too cute. Who allowed them to be this cute?!

It’s the final hearing for the murder case. Team Department 44 anxiously awaits Oh-reum’s arrival into her office. They all wish her good luck on the trial and Ji-young even gives her a hug. After they leave, Do-yeon hands Oh-reum a manual on noise management. The audience is going to be loud at the trial and there’s going to be many reporters there as well.


Our three judges head into the courtroom and the process to selecting the jury begins. Each person selected has thoughts of their own about the court case such as a woman who cries in support of the wife in the case or a man who opposes what she did. Meanwhile, another guy secretly wishes he hadn’t been picked because he needs to use the restroom. Asdkfjd.

The final hearing for the trial begins. A representative from the jury reads the oath out loud in such a loud and aggressive manner that it throws everyone off. Ba-reun becomes suspicious of the man reading the oath and finally recognizes who he is. It’s the same guy that was on the subway causing noise and trouble because of his shouting. Ba-reun remains wary of the guy and wonders what his intentions of being on the jury are.

The landlord is the first to testify as a witness. She recalls the night of the murder when she witnessed the wife running down the stairs with a pair of scissors in her hand. The landlord ran up to their apartment unit afterwards to find the husband dead on the floor with a puddle of blood near his body. Pictures of the bloody scissors and the crime scene causes an uproar from the audience. The landlord goes on to describe the rumors she heard about the wife and her affair with a children book’s salesmen who kept on visiting the wife’s apartment unit even though he had no wife himself. Once the husband learned about the alleged affair, he went home and died the same night.

Presiding Judge Han calls for a short break. Our two judges discuss about it back in their office. Ba-reun’s worried that the case might be too one-sided and favorable towards the victim. The jury seems like they’re already against the wife and the media is going crazy about the murder case. At that moment, Presiding Judge Han calls the two judges back into the courtroom since the witness has calmed down.


It’s time for the defendant’s lawyer to question the landlord. Anything he says causes commotion within the courtroom though so he feels pressured to stop asking any questions. However, Oh-reum senses that something’s wrong and stops the chaos in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, all the other judges back in their offices receive an email from Judge Hong, one of Presiding Judge Sung’s associate judges. She writes about the emotional and mental abuse she suffered as a result of his harsh mistreatment and actions towards her and all the wrongdoings he committed as her Presiding Judge. She ends the email by writing that it wouldn’t be fair for the court to let someone as evil and malicious as Presiding Judge Sung stay but let someone as strong, confident, and intelligent as Oh-reum go. Judge Hong enters Chief Presiding Judge’s office after sending out the email, prepared for any consequences she’ll face even if that means leaving the court district.

Back in the court trial, Oh-reum asks the witness a few questions of her own. After continuous questions regarding the witness and her late husband, a photo of the wife’s injured and bloody face taken the night of the incident is shown in the courtroom. The idea that the wife could have possibly been beaten by her husband so she killed her husband to defend herself finally starts to click for everyone in the room. Seeing the photo of the wife reminds Oh-reum of when she first saw her mother’s face badly bruised and beaten up as well.

The witness confesses to having seen the wife holding onto her waist as if she was badly injured on the night of the incident. They reach the conclusion that the husband – who was a cheater himself – was an angry man who habitually abused the wife which lead to frequent domestic disputes.

There are more posts about Presiding Judge Sung that other judges from the court district are writing about as well. Meanwhile, Presiding Judge Bae visits Chief Presiding Judge to voice his concern about the recent incidents. They need to do something about all the noise and commotion, but Chief Presiding Judge is more concerned about the victims and judges themselves than about the reputation of the court. He’s reminded of Presiding Judge Han’s honest but brutal words regarding how quiet he’s been in the midst of all the controversy.


Back in the courtroom, prosecutors continue to question the wife. Why didn’t she use any other alternative options instead of the scissors that was laying on the floor right next to her? The wife confesses that she was using the scissor to fix her husband’s torn jacket and when he started to abuse her that night, the only way she could defend herself was with the scissors. For the closing statements, the prosecutor asks for a 20-year sentence for the defendant while the wife apologizes for her actions. The jury convene in the jury room to discuss and make their final decision. The same guy from the subway who had read the oath earlier in the hearing is an alternate juror so he is to only participate if needed.

Judge Hong enters Ba-reun and Oh-reum’s office while they wait for the jury’s decision. She updates both judges about the posts that other judges have been making against Presiding Judge Sung and then thanks Oh-reum for all her work. Because of Oh-reum, many others were brave enough to come forward and tell their truths as well. They’ll definitely hold a meeting to testify against the inequalities and corruption within the court that they were unable to have last time. This time, there will be change.

Back in the jury room, the jurors discuss on what to decide. However, one of the jurors is dismissed when he breaks some rules that jurors were strictly prohibited from committing. This leaves the judges with no choice but to include the alternative juror – the man who had been causing noise and trouble on the subway – to take his place. Some of the jurors advocate for the late husband and decide that punishing the defendant would be the best choice. Not doing so would cause a lot of backlash from the public as well.

Meanwhile, our three judges have a discussion about the court case themselves. Oh-reum and Ba-reun want to declare the wife as not guilty. She was defending herself from her habitual abusive husband who almost killed her just for cheating. Plus, if this was the other way around where the husband had killed his wife, he would have gotten a reduced sentence because his wife was caught having an affair. Things aren’t as easy as they seem because the jury will most likely rule the defendant as guilty while our three judges want her to be found as not guilty. There’s a lot at stake when making the final decision to this court case, including Oh-reum’s career.


Chief Presiding Judge visits Presiding Judge Sung’s office to make a grand announcement. Instead of a disciplinary action hearing for Oh-reum, the Chief Presiding Judge is going to have a disciplinary action hearing for Presiding Judge Sung instead. So many of his former associate judges have also made similar statements about him as Judge Hong did so he needs to be investigated. Presiding Judge Sung is shocked and outraged at the sudden notification.

The update spreads throughout the court district. As Judge Hong mentioned earlier, she’s gathered Judge Jung, the two gossip guys, and other judges from the court to hold a meeting to discuss their future plans and moves in support of Oh-reum. However, just when the meeting is about to start, they learn that they won’t have to attend Oh-reum’s disciplinary action hearing anymore since it’s now been cancelled. They all rejoice and even Judge Jung gives one of the gossip guys a high-five. Hahaha. All is going well.

Yong-jun holds a press conference to introduce plans for his foundation NJ Social Welfare Foundation. He was inspired by his younger sister to start the organization and to provide support for those who are physically impaired just like her. However, his spotlight turns for the worse when Protesting Mom and Da-in crashes the press conference. They question why the victim who was raped by the professor was seen at Sejin University Hospital the other day. Was it possibly because they threatened her to change her testimony in court so her mother could stay in the hospital and receive treatment? Furthermore, what about Protesting Mom’s son? The doctors who were operating on him changed halfway into the operation and it seemed like the doctor who had left the operating room – who was also the same professor accused of rape – was still hung over from drinking too much alcohol the night before. All the reporters there then start to swarm Yong-jun, asking him countless questions and taking many photos of him. While Da-in and the Protesting Mom are dragged out of the room, a voice over from Ba-reun starts to play,

Sometimes, things like trying to break a rock with an egg seems futile, but surprisingly enough, the world does change sometimes if someone asks a question… the kind of question that must be asked that nobody asks.

Back in the court, the jury finally makes their decision on the murder court case. They unanimously rule the defendant as not guilty. Our three judges are in relief, but they wonder how the decision came about.

That’s when the drama takes us back to the jury room. The same man that Ba-reun was wary of is the biggest advocate for the defendant out of everyone in that room. He notes that the wife was helpless. She didn’t have the money to reach out for help nor did she have any other way to defend herself. Some jurors agree with the man, but some others disagree. Just when the jury is about to submit their individual votes, the man pleads that they come to a unanimous decision. Someone’s life is on the line here. They shouldn’t think of it too lightly.


Back in the court room, Presiding Judge Han warns Oh-reum and Ba-reun about the possible aftermath even if they rule the defendant as not guilty. He also makes another grand announcement that the two judges (nor I) was expecting: he’s submitted a resignation letter and the murder court case will be his last trial. NOOOOOOO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Presiding Judge Han had met with Chief Presiding Judge to discuss his resignation. Someone must be responsible for all the controversy so if anyone should be held responsible, it should be him. Presiding Judge Han asks for Chief Presiding Judge to take care of Oh-reum and Ba-reun for him once he’s gone.

Oh-reum and Ba-reun are in tears upon hearing the news from Presiding Judge Han himself (SO AM I). He shakes both of their hands before they head back to the courtroom to give the final verdict. T_____T WHY DID THE DRAMA HAVE TO DO THIS?? 😦

In the courtroom, Presiding Judge Han announces the final verdict: the defendant is found not guilty. The defendant breaks down into tears while some from the audience claps for her. Some from the jury cries for the defendant while our three judges sit in relief. While observing everyone’s reaction to the final ruling, Ba-reun thinks to himself,

If you really wish to understand someone, you must go under their skin and become them. And our citizens managed to do such a miraculous thing.


Presiding Judge Han prepares to leave the courtroom, but stops to give everyone in the room a bow. Afterwards, he approaches the rest of the Department 44 team and thanks them for all their hard work and efforts. They cry upon shaking Presiding Judge Han’s hand, sad at his sudden news of leaving the court district.

As our three judges walk in the hallway back to their office, Do-yeon is seen in her office preparing to write her next web novel. Titled ‘Miss Hammurabi’, it’ll be about Oh-reum and be based on real stories and experiences that happened within the courtroom. As she brainstorms ideas for the web novel, she comments,

This is the story of our heroes whom we think are no where to be found, but can actually be found everywhere.

The drama then takes us back to Oh-reum and Ba-reun’s high school years. It turns out that Do-yeon and Judge Jung had met before when they were still in high school and the book that she handed him the day they met is a book he’s still kept to this day.

Meanwhile, Ba-reun and Oh-reum attempt to regain their stolen seats back from them. Ba-reun first asks the person sitting in their seats to nicely move, but he won’t budge. The person in their seats is none other than Presiding Judge Han! Hahaha. He keeps refusing until Oh-reum steps up to the plate and voices her frustration as well. Presiding Judge Han finally moves to find another place to sit.


Oh-reum and Ba-reun quietly rejoice at their success and celebrate their good teamwork. They bump fists with each other while smiling from ear to ear. They were always meant to work together.

My Thoughts:


Ahhh and that’s it! That’s a wrap! I have many many thoughts about this finale and the particular way that the drama decided to wrap everything up, but as a whole I’m glad the drama stayed true to its roots and was consistent the entire time. Also, I was so nervous and sad watching this episode that recapping it made me realize and accept that like wow, this really is the last episode. LOL. I didn’t want it to end at all so I kept on checking how far I was into the episode every time and now I wish there was a second season. There has to be one please!

Anyways, moving on to the finale. If I’m going to be completely honest, I wished the drama had ended things differently. Instead of seeing another court case like we’ve done in the past 15 episodes, I wished this episode was more focused on Oh-reum. Since she’s entered the court as a rookie judge, she was threatened with disciplinary actions and there were so many enemies who were against her. It just felt a little odd that the drama spent so much time focusing on that and emphasizing how rebellious her work in the court district was only to not show us anything being done about it. These judges never went through with what they said they were going to do and I was expecting to watch Oh-reum defend herself with everyone else right behind her in support. Instead what we got was a sacrifice that Presiding Judge Han made because he felt it was the right thing to do as Oh-reum and Ba-reun’s mentor/senior judge. His decision doesn’t go out of line nor is it random, because he’s had thoughts of resigning before and we clearly saw how stressful the controversy was for him as well. However, I do think him resigning in order to save Oh-reum felt like the drama was taking a shortcut and using a cop-out. I don’t think Presiding Judge Sung’s disciplinary action hearing will do much either. ‘Miss Hammurabi’ is one of those dramas where an additional episode would have been nice and maybe even necessary to wrap everything up. This final episode felt a little rushed and didn’t focus on our leads as as much as it did in past episodes so that was a bit regretful.


I extremely and do desperately wished that we would have seen Oh-reum in that disciplinary committee hearing and watch her speak her mind, advocate for herself, and continue to voice her thoughts on the inequalities and corruption within the court district. It’s how she’s always felt about the court and remains the reason as to why she continues working in the court anyways after everything she’s gone through. To me, the perfect ending would have been that after the hearing, the higher-ups acknowledge their faults and mistakes and change their ways to make the court district healthier and much better for everyone. They finally realize that it’s not only been Oh-reum but so many others who also feels the same way that she does so this pressures them to change their ways and habits. Thanks to Oh-reum, the court will finally change like it should. Not seeing this in any form in the last episode was honestly disappointing to me and Presiding Judge Han’s resignation was even more disappointing.

To me, Presiding Judge Han’s resignation made it seemed like the higher-ups were only willing to keep Oh-reum and Ba-reun because someone else took the fall for them. Accepting Presiding Judge Han’s resignation doesn’t mean that they’ve recognized and acknowledged their faults though. They were just glad to have someone take responsibility for the controversy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will change all the wrongdoings and bad habits within the court district. If another controversy similar to one with Oh-reum happens in the future, how is the court going to handle it next time? Who’s going to be the one to take the fall? No one person should be responsible for any controversy that happens. Instead, the court as a whole should learn from their mistakes so that there won’t be any controversies or commotion within the court district again in the future. To me, Presiding Judge Han’s resignation might be what the court needs to help calm the general public down from attacking them at that moment, but that doesn’t mean that the court district has necessarily learned from this specific incident unfortunately. His resignation wasn’t necessary and there were other ways to go about to solving everything. I just wanted to see a bad-ass Oh-reum stand up for herself and her colleagues while up against a bunch of powerful, privileged, patriarchal, and evil people. Was that too much to ask for?

Moving on to the actual finale of the drama itself, there were many things the drama could have changed. I think I would have been a lot more satisfied with this particular court case had it been one that we were introduced to from the very beginning so that I could then care about it a little more. I felt for the wife and I completely understood why she did what she did and I was angry for her when no one else believed in her. However, I felt the same for all the other court cases as well that the drama spent just as much time on. We spent so little time on this murder court case that was used as our final court case, I didn’t feel the impact from it that I wished I could have. I understood its significance because it aligned with the theme of empathy and putting yourself in other’s shoes which the drama has always emphasized throughout its 16-episode run. For that, I give the drama credit for being consistent with the theme of emotions and empathy. However, the court case honestly just felt like another court case and I would have preferred that the final court case had been Protesting Mom’s court case if anything.

We’ve learned about Protesting Mom’s case since the very beginning and the drama focused on it at certain points throughout the drama. I’m glad that Protesting Mom received some kind of closure about her son’s death with the help of reporter Da-in, but they should have taken it to court so that she and Da-in – who were both affected and threatened by Sejin National University Hospital – along with Department 44 could have gotten their revenge on the powerhouse. The university hospital has been everyone’s enemy it would have been so fulfilling and satisfying to watch them be taken down in court. Da-in and Protesting Mom could have used the evidence they gathered to testify against them in court and then Oh-reum would have gotten her peace as well when she helps make the final decision to rightfully punish the hospital. The murder court case was an interesting one to watch, but it just felt like every other court case that the drama had with its prior episodes. Protesting Mom’s court case would have been the perfect one to wrap everything up and to really defeat the enemies in this drama.


I think the ending for Yong-jun was so interesting. He was a mysterious character who had feelings for a young lady, but he was also a part of a system and institution that she disliked. He must have felt conflicted between love and family and I wished we could have gotten to see a little bit more of this dilemma. The drama did show us some bits of this struggle, but I wanted to see more. Granted, Yong-jun didn’t play that big of a role in this drama, but I do have to admit that he was very interesting whenever he appeared because you never knew what he was going to do or how he felt or why he wanted to meet with Oh-reum. Although Yong-jun has a soft spot for Oh-reum, I think it was clear what was more important to him in the end which was also what led to his downfall. His own downfall happened because of his dedication to his corrupt and dishonest family which is ironic considering that he himself hasn’t been shown to take part in any of that. Regardless, his career and reputation is damaged and he’s going to have to work very hard to regain the trust of not only his younger sister and the public, but Oh-reum’s as well if he wishes to repair their friendship.


Even with all the major hiccups and changes this drama had taken with its finale, I realize that I only feel as strongly as I do about it because it was an amazing drama I was so invested in. Other than catching up and recapping the many episodes that had already aired, ‘Miss Hammurabi’ was truly its own kind; it was like something we’ve rarely ever seen in dramaland. I appreciate its honesty and ability to dig deep into controversial topics and themes that are sometimes taboo or that society tries to bury. It was so refreshing watching our Department 44 judges rightfully advocate for those who deserve justice and punish those who did wrong. The drama was procedural, but it was never boring or dry. The drama showed us that the judges – despite their power and the privileges they hold as judges – were also human and the drama always reminded us of that in different ways. Whether it’s Oh-reum’s relationship with her family or Ba-reun’s doubts and concerns about his position as a judge, you never forgot that our judges too were human beings. They also go through their own struggles and challenges in life like everyone else does and they too have the power that normal people in society does inside of the courtroom. If anything, this was the aspect of the drama that I enjoyed the most. It was just nice seeing Oh-reum and Ba-reun make mistakes or suffer their own losses or rejoice over wins. As judges, they’re sometimes placed on a pedestal and people assume that they’re either really great and successful or that they’re evil with many privileges. We see Oh-reum and especially Ba-reun fall prey to these assumptions and sometimes it got to the worst of them. Instead of focusing on the court cases, the drama focused more on our characters and their teamwork and the process to solving the court cases and it was so refreshing in that aspect.

Although I’m honestly not satisfied with the ending to this drama (and that’s totally okay because you don’t always have to agree with how a drama ends), the entire drama was great to watch. I really have to give it to our cast for portraying such complex, complicated, and multi-dimensional characters. I admit that I went into this drama with doubts and concerns about Go Ara and L’s acting, but they really proved me wrong with this drama. I’ve seen them in other projects before and their acting skills weren’t the best, but they improved tremendously in this drama and portrayed Oh-reum and Ba-reun in ways that was the most comfortable and simple for them. They made Oh-reum and Ba-reun their own and you really cared for them when they were struggling or crying or stressed.

I don’t have to mention this because everyone already knows, but Sung Dong-il continues to be the great and talented actor that he is. I think this drama would have been very very different if another actor had been selected to play Presiding Judge Han. As our two leads’s senior judge, his role was really big. He informed, influenced, and impacted their decisions and journey as judges so I can’t imagine anyone else playing Presiding Judge Han.

Lee Elijah as Do-yeon was also a big but pleasant surprise. She was so charismatic, calm, intimidating, and confident, but was also a very cute, soft, and warm sweetheart who works to provide for her family and who likes to write successful web novels on the side. Her character was definitely a surprise and a huge breath of fresh air in this drama and I really liked her. Judge Jung was also another character that stood out because of his huge character growth which I kind of mentioned about in past recaps. He went from obeying every word of his senior judges to rebelling against his presiding judge and teaming up with Department 44. He not only became best friends with Ba-reun like he wanted, but found love and inspiring friendships along the way.


Out of all the characters, Ba-reun to me was the one who changed the most and the one who I am the most proud of (although I’m also very proud of everyone else). Before he met Oh-reum, he was so aloof, cold, reserved, quiet, and complicit and he had his reasonings to be so. But through Oh-reum, he started to be more daring, bold, confident, out-going, and persistent and when Oh-reum was falling apart, he was the one there to hold her together and keep her strong. He also took the time to learn more about his parents to find what ways he could contribute to improve their family dynamic. Whether it’s work, relationships, family, or himself, Ba-reun developed in so many ways in all those aspects and I truly am so proud of him for doing things he would have never done ever.


And of course, that was all thanks to Oh-reum. I had predicted in my earlier recaps that Oh-reum was going to face many challenges as a rookie judge, but that she wouldn’t be alone in this fight. I’m glad that to an extent, this prediction came true. In this episode, she had an entire team of judges behind her to support her. There were so many people who followed her footsteps and gathered the courage to protest against their higher-ups and bosses. She truly was the change that the court district needed and she couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Oh-reum remained so strong and bold and daring, but there were also times where she broke down and wanted to quit everything and just give up. I loved seeing these conflicting sides of her because it showed that: 1) she is human 2) it’s hard to change a system that no one has attempted to change before. She was setting a precedent by being the first to shake the court system up and it was difficult for her because no one was on her side in fear of repercussions and consequences. It’s no wonder why she was so stressed and overwhelmed when those within and outside of the court district were coming after her. Despite all the chaos and controversy, she was essentially the person to encourage everyone else to do the same and to voice their valid opinions. Don’t give in and don’t stay quiet even though you know things are wrong just because you’re afraid. Even if it’s dangerous and risky, always stand up for what you believe in because that’s the right thing to do. This was essentially what Oh-reum taught the rest of her colleagues and judges who were also being mistreated and discriminated the way she was. Oh-reum truly played such an incredible and important role to those close and far from her and her legacy as ‘Miss Hammurabi’ in and out of the court district will inarguably live on.


Even with the way that this drama ended, it’s still one that I ultimately appreciate. Just like the characters in the drama, the drama itself was daring, bold, confident, and fearless, often venturing into topics and discussions that are hidden or brushed under the rug. There are certain cases and episodes that hit me harder than others and that I’ll probably re-watch such as the sexual harassment case in episode 3 or the one with the Pastor who took in and cared for kids. This drama is one that I probably won’t visit anytime soon, but that I will eventually watch once I’ve calmed down from my disappointment with the ending. LOL. I’m going to miss our Department 44 team because they worked so well with one another and even when Ba-reun and Oh-reum had opposing opinions, they worked through it and they learned from these heated arguments. It’s because of these small debates or because of meetings with Presiding Judge Han that the department was able to make the just and fair decisions that they did and that ultimately allowed them to grow into the persons that they were at the end of the drama. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to find another team work as effortlessly, profoundly, and beautifully as Department 44 team did and that’s okay if I never do.

This is the image of Department 44 that I’ll always remember and that will stay with me for a long time. I’ll never forget the work that they did or the impact that they made. Just like our Department 44 team did, ‘Miss Hammurabi’ truly worked just as hard as well.

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