Let’s Eat 3: Episode 3 Recap


Everything’s starting to slowly fall into place for our characters in the present. We learn more about Ji-woo and Seo-yeon’s fragmented relationship as well as Dae-young’s struggle in making a decision that will most likely change the next decade of his life. Decisions of any kind are so critical and as doubtful and uncertain as our characters are, they can either stay in their comfort zone or do things beyond what they’ve ever imagined.

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 3 Recap


Episode three starts off with Seo-yeon and Woo-sun discussing about the living arrangements in Woo-sun’s house. He’s willing to let her live with him for the time being until his cousin arrives in Korea to deal with Seo-yeon herself. Meanwhile, Dae-young has trouble sleeping that night. He ponders over whether he should take Woo-sun’s job offer or not.

The next morning, Seo-yeon makes some breakfast for Woo-sun, but he’s upset. He doesn’t want her crossing the boundaries in his house and he won’t give her any money to spend either. If she wants to find her business partner who stole Woo-sun’s cousin’s money, she needs to find out how to do that herself. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call. Dae-young is willing to meet up with Woo-sun that morning.

At the company building, Dae-young’s easily fascinated and amazed at how big, spacious, and beautiful everything is. He’s easily intimidated by other employees working there as he watches them work and listens in on their conversations. Upon being given the contract, Dae-young kindly rejects Woo-sun’s offer to help with the project. His current job as a financial consultant at an insurance company suits him the best.

To cheer himself up and to fill his stomach, Dae-young stops by a restaurant to grab some cold buckwheat noodles (naengmyeon). Dae-young reassures himself that the decision he made was the right one. You just gotta do what you gotta do.

Seo-yeon contacts old high school friends to ask if anyone has kept in contact with her business parter who ran away with Woo-sun’s cousin’s money. However, she is unsuccessful in finding people. Meanwhile, Woo-sun’s housekeeper enters his house at that moment to clean. However, Seo-yeon lies that she’s the newly hired housekeeper so the original housekeeper leaves. Seo-yeon actually goes through with cleaning the house in hopes of getting paid and comes upon Dae-young’s resume while doing so. Seeing his resume reminds her of back when they were in college.

The drama takes us back to the college days. Ji-woo and Seo-yeon catch up with Dae-young on the way to their apartment complex. Right when they arrive at the entrance, Landlord Grandpa is sitting outside resting. Panicked and afraid, Ji-woo and Seo-yeon hide while Dae-young tries to distract the Landlord. However, Dae-young’s attempt is unsuccessful so Seo-yeon distracts the Landlord with some soda cans she throws out onto the street. This gets Landlord Grandpa running after the soda cans and the two sisters dash into their apartment. LOL.

Later on that night, F4 are hanging out in Dae-young’s apartment and having some drinks. Dae-young suggests the idea of creating a soccer club, but his friends aren’t too confident with the idea. They go back to drinking when Jin-seok suggests his idea: drink some soju and then hang upside down because it’ll get them tipsy faster. ASKDJFD. They come up with the silliest ideas ever.

Meanwhile, Landlord Grandma visits Ji-woo’s unit. Her water bills have been unusually high so she wants to check up on her. Seo-yeon hides outside in the balcony while the Landlord searches Ji-woo’s apartment. She even goes as far to conduct her search out on the balcony where Seo-yeon is hiding.

Thankfully, Seo-yeon sneaks into Dae-young’s unit through the window. At that moment, Landlord Grandma marches into Dae-young’s unit, but she doesn’t notice anything suspicious. Instead, she collects the soju bottles in the unit and walks out. F4 and the two sisters discuss the incident as well as the relationship between Seo-yeon and Ji-woo. How are they sisters? Ji-woo is hesitant to speak about their relationship so Dae-young interjects instead. They’re fraternal twins who has their own preferences about the date of their birthday. The three friends process the information and Ji-woo is saved thanks to Dae-young.

Dae-young is persistent and adamant on creating a soccer club at their college. However, the only way he’ll be able to recruit members is if there’s a female member involved with the club somehow. Hee sells his idea to Ji-woo who fortunately agrees to participate in the soccer club. As a nursing major, it’ll be helpful and beneficial to her as she can help treat any members who gets injured. She relays the details to Seo-yeon and she too takes an interest.

It’s the first soccer game for the soccer club. Ji-woo is the team doctor while Seo-yeon is the team’s mascot. Jin-seok was able to persuade Seo-yeon to join the team by volunteering to be her errand boy for as long as she wants. Even though Seo-yeon doesn’t attend the same school as the other five, F4 concludes that they’ll need Seo-yeon on the team.


However, it seems like Ji-woo is doing both her job as the team doctor and Seo-yeon’s position as the mascot. While she cheers F4 on, Seo-yeon is busy taking selcas. ASDKJFD. During practice, Dae-young suddenly falls and trips onto the ground. A worried Ji-woo comes running to him, but Dae-young reassures her that she’s fine.

Jin-seok fulfills his position as Seo-yeon’s errand boy successfully. He causes the team to lose when he runs out of the game to grab Seo-yeon some water. Hahaha. He would do anything for her!

The soccer club heads to a restaurant after the game. With Ji-woo’s quick thinking, food knowledge, and cooking skills, she manages to make their dishes tastier and better. Everyone clearly enjoys the newly revised and upgraded dishes thanks to Ji-woo’s improvisation and they have a great dinner.

The team goes for round two of snacks and drinking outside on the grass of a park. They brainstorm different ideas they could name their soccer club like Engineer boys or Highlight or BEAST. HAHHAHAA. OMFG I’M CRYING AND SCREAMING. AHHHH. All this shade though. Hahaha. F4 eventually pass out from all the drinking. Seo-yeon and Ji-woo watch as they wrestle one another and knock out. Seo-yeon urges them to go home, but Ji-woo wants to take Dae-young with them. They’re neighbors so they should at least take him if anything. She carries him on her back.

On the walk back home, Seo-yeon accuses Ji-woo of liking Dae-young. She blushes when he compliments her food knowledge and she invited him over to eat food with Mom that one time for Seo-yeon’s early birthday dinner. Ji-woo denies it and runs away with Dae-young still on her back. Hahah. So cute.


We return to the present where Seo-yeon had been cleaning Woo-sun’s house. Woo-sun returns home and updates his co-worker on Dae-young’s rejection to his offer. Seo-yeon overhears the conversation and makes a deal with Woo-sun: if she manages to get Dae-young to sign the contract and recruit him onto Woo-sun’s food project, he’ll pay for all of her expenses. Woo-sun is still upset with Seo-yeon for going through his office and snatches Dae-young’s resume from her hands. He doesn’t take her offer, but Seo-yeon moves on ahead with the offer anyways.

After visiting former girlfriend Soo-ji’s memorial site, Dae-young returns home and is visited by Seo-yeon. At the same time, Ji-woo comes across the two and finally meets Seo-yeon again after many years of no contact. Seo-yeon is also taken aback by the sudden appearance of Ji-woo and tries to greet her, but Ji-woo walks away angrily. Seo-yeon then diverts her attention to Dae-young and the two catch up over some coffee.

Seo-yeon explains to Dae-young how she and Ji-woo eventually lost contact with each other: Seo-yeon’s dad had passed away while they were in college so it felt awkward to live with Ji-woo when their parents weren’t together anymore. She then moved to the United States after. Seo-yeon then moves on and tries to persuade Dae-young to reconsider Woo-sun’s offer with the project. His job as an insurance planner won’t last for long, Dae-young should consider other options for his career. This gets Dae-young thinking.

Ji-woo has some drinks to calm herself down after seeing Seo-yeon since a decade ago. She watches from her balcony Seo-yeon and Dae-young bid farewell with each other. Seo-yeon purposely gives Dae-young a hug upon seeing Ji-woo observe them and separates from Ji-woo’s neighbor. As Dae-young checks up on Ji-woo afterwards, she encourages him to just stay with his current job. She also invites him over to her house for some drinks.


Woo-sun orders some ingredients and food to cook at home. Once he finishes cooking and eating the delicious dishes he’s made, he’s joined by Seo-yeon who finally returns home after meeting with Dae-young. She updates him on her meeting, but he remains careless. He still doesn’t trust or believe in her.

Back at Ji-woo’s apartment, she waits for Dae-young to return from the convenience store with some snacks. While waiting, Dae-young’s phone which he had left behind is alerted with some text notifications from Seo-yeon. Ji-woo quickly checks the texts that Seo-yeon sent him and reads that Seo-yeon wants to have dinner with him on that following Tuesday. When Dae-young does return, Ji-woo quickly makes plans with him so that he won’t be able to meet with Seo-yeon. Dae-young is a little suspicious as to why Ji-woo wants to meet on Tuesday, but he doesn’t say much.

Even the bathroom is off-limits for Seo-yeon in Woo-sun’s house. She has to use the building’s restroom if she wants to use the restroom. Lol. After rushing out of his house and then returning within five minutes, she pleads Woo-sun to give her some money so she can meet with Dae-young again. She’s confident he’ll accept the job offer this time around, but Woo-sun disagrees. Recruit Dae-young first and then they can talk.

Seo-yeon receives a tip from her friend that her former business parter was seen at a department store in Gangnam. Seo-yeon rushes over to the department store and desperately searches for her. Meanwhile, Ji-woo and her co-worker meets with Dae-young. As a tactic to spend more time with Dae-young and to prevent him from meeting with Seo-yeon, Ji-woo has her co-worker meet with Dae-young to discuss about insurance.

They head to a restaurant to discuss about insurance. Ji-woo’s friend receives a phone call so she steps out to answer it. Dae-young and Ji-woo discuss in the meantime about Dae-young’s job offer. He seems to like the idea of delivery services now delivering pre-cooked food and ingredients to people at their places unlike before where restaurants would cook the food and then deliver it. He can’t seem to stop talking about this innovative concept related to his job offer so Ji-woo encourages him to take it. It seems like it’ll be a new, refreshing occupation for Dae-young if he accepts it.

Seo-yeon’s attempt to find her former business partner is unsuccessful. She rushes back home in the pouring rain and is clearly exhausted and worn-out. She returns to Woo-sun’s place, but he’s not home and he’s not willing to give her his passcode into the apartment so she waits outside. Meanwhile, he receives a phone call from Dae-young who would like to accept the job offer. They make plans to meet the next day to discuss about the position.

Woo-sun is ecstatic and excited over the news. However, when he returns to his apartment, he finds Seo-yeon passed out in front of his door. He carries her and rushes to the hospital.

My Thoughts:

Aww, it seems like Seo-yeon is slowly starting to prove herself to Woo-sun. Granted, I don’t blame him for not really trusting her yet, but with Dae-young’s acceptance of his job offer, Woo-sun also can’t deny that Seo-yeon played a role in that. I expect him to slowly act different and nicer to her now that she’s made his job so much easier.

I’m actually really enjoying Woo-sun and Seo-yeon’s interactions so far. Because they’re not on good terms yet, it’s going to be challenging for her to gain his trust but it’s this process that’s the fun part. Once he does realize what she’s done for him and how much she’s gone just to help him, he’ll slowly start to fall in love with her and trust her and everything will be even more worth it in the end. On the other hand, Ji-woo and Dae-young continue to remain the good, lovely friends they were back then when they were in college. Nothing’s changed much for the two and I still find them so adorable. Ji-woo obviously has had a crush on Dae-young for the longest time, but she’s still a bit shy and reluctant to show him her affection. Her attempts to secure him from Seo-yeon in his episode was hilarious though and it’s making me wonder what else she’ll try to pull in the future.


Seo-yeon and Ji-woo’s broken relationship was one that I was curious about and I’m glad we got to learn a little bit about what happened between the two. Since we’ve heard from Seo-yeon’s side of the story, I’m curious to see what Ji-woo’s take on their relationship is when she feels comfortable enough to open up and talk about it. I also wonder what happened to the rest of F4 and where they are now in their lives. Hopefully, the college throwbacks aren’t the only times we’ll be seeing them in this drama.

I thought it was so funny that Dae-young wanted to create a soccer club in college because Doo-joon is such a soccer geek in real life. He lovessss soccer so it was funny seeing him excitedly talk about soccer and actually playing it this episode. And of course, we can’t forget the conversation about what they should name their team. HAHAHA. I love how they mentioned BEAST and Highlight and threw some shade in there; others might not catch onto it so easily, but for Highlight fans like me, this conversation definitely was the highlight of this episode for me. HAHAHA.

So far, the drama hasn’t been doing much and it’s surprising how food doesn’t really play a factor in carrying the narrative of this drama. Our characters eat when they are hungry or want to eat, but other than that, the food doesn’t play much of a role in this drama. It hasn’t really united our characters or made them closer to one another. I would say the only way that food has made some kind of impact on our characters would be helping connect Ji-woo and Dae-young back in their college days. Through food, Ji-woo was able to teach Dae-young more about food which then inspired him to start his blog and help him become the food expert he is now. I’m wondering if food will continue to just kind of pop in and out of the drama just for the sake of the drama’s title or if it will play a much bigger role in the future.


For now, food is just kind of here and there and that’s how I feel about this drama. I’m present, but not too invested in everything yet.

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