Let’s Eat 3: Episode 4 Recap


This episode is all about growth and change. While some relationships grow and get better within time, some relationships change and becomes worse. Our characters have a fair share of those relationships in their lives now that they’re all connected to one another somehow. Will they choose to keep their ever-growing relationships or will they choose to save their ever-changing and unstable relationships instead?

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 4 Recap

After fainting outside of Woo-sun’s apartment, Seo-yeon is taken to the hospital. While she rests, Woo-sun communicates with his cousin who’s still in the hospital for having given birth. Woo-sun will have to keep Seo-yeon with him for a little longer until his cousin fully recovers.

While walking back to Seo-yeon’s hospital room, Woo-sun comes across Ji-woo! It turns out the two knew each other back when he was in middle school. They exchange phone numbers and Ji-woo resumes working. Meanwhile, Seo-yeon walks out of her room and confronts Woo-sun about her fainting. None of this would have happened had he just given her his passcode into the apartment.

The guilt gets to Woo-sun and he feels apologetic. He gives her his passcode into the apartment and will also give her some money for successfully helping Dae-young accept the job offer. She also can use his restroom now. Haha.


Dae-young and Woo-sun meet the next day to sign the contract. Dae-young reveals that he ultimately decided to accept the job offer because he wanted to challenge himself to do something different. They then head to a meeting with the rest of the team and discuss possible restaurants they could visit. Everyone eventually decides to go to the abalone restaurant that Dae-young suggests and they’re easily impressed by his rant on the perks of eating abalone.

The food is delicious and healthy and Dae-young’s restaurant suggestion is an instant favorite. All the team members enjoy it, even Woo-sun who seems a bit envious of Dae-young’s knowledge and expertise. Everyone is easily impressed by Dae-young’s food tricks and tips and they all warmly welcome him onto the team, but Woo-sun begs to differ. He’s not even as knowledgable about food as he seems. The rest of the team heads out with Dae-young to throw him a welcoming party while Woo-sun stays behind.

Ji-woo checks Dae-young’s blog to discover that he had gone to eat some abalone. She’s about to write him a comment when she finds that Seo-yeon had already written on the post. She becomes discouraged and resumes to eating her cereal when she receives a phone call from Woo-sun. He wants to catch up with her over some drinks.


The two meet up at a restaurant to have some drinks together. While catching up with each other, we learn that Ji-woo used to be Woo-sun’s tutor back when he was still in middle school. The drama then takes us back to the Summer of 2004.

Ji-woo arrives at Woo-sun’s place to tutor him. He seems more interested in food than in his homework and he recommends to Ji-woo different restaurants they can order from. We obviously know where little Woo-sun’s priorities lie. Hahaha. After tutoring, Ji-woo hurries home to watch the Korean drama Phoenix starring Eric Moon and Lee Seo-jin. ASKFJD. Meanwhile, F4 also watches their own movie in Dae-young’s apartment, but it’s not the erotic film that they had been expecting. It’s a documentary on conches. Looool.

Seo-yeon orders Jin-seok to buy her a specific lipstick that she had run out of. When he fails to bring her the accurate one, she scolds him for doing a poor job. She runs off to her blind date with plain lips and Jin-seok is disappointed in himself. Ji-woo tries to cheer him up when her Shaman neighbor comes across the crew. She predicts that someone out of the group is going to kiss someone very soon, but who the person is specifically is yet to be revealed.

Of course, Ji-woo’s imagination runs wild knowing that this person could be her. She plays out a situation in her head where she and Dae-young kiss each other after he hands her some of her favorite bread. In reality, she’s sticking her lips out with her eyes closed and is interrupted by Seo-yeon who catches her in the act. She assumes that Ji-woo must be thinking of Dae-young, but Ji-woo denies it. Seo-yeon then suggests that they set Ji-woo up on a blind date if she doesn’t like Dae-young to which Ji-woo agrees to.

The next day at school, Ji-woo catches Dae-young practicing soccer by himself. Since Seo-yeon isn’t attending practice, the rest of F4 isn’t coming either. Lol. To help Dae-young practice, Ji-woo volunteers to be the goalie. It seems like Ji-woo isn’t too familiar with the position of a goalie though as she runs into his arms to catch him instead of the soccer ball. ASKDFJD. When she finally wakes up to reality, Ji-woo has her arms around Dae-young hugging him while he stands in confusion (“Catch the ball, not me”). AHHHH, THIS IS TOO CUTE AND FUNNY.

The two are soon joined by the rest of F4. They announce to Dae-young that they’ve managed to secure themselves a blind date with girls from another university. Ji-woo gets upset upon hearing the news and accidentally kicks the ball into Byung-sam’s face while trying to pass the ball (“how can you be our team doctor if you’re injuring people?!)”.


Ji-woo returns home that night still in a sour mood. She receives food sent from Mom designed for Ji-woo to cook for Seo-yeon. She explodes on Seo-yeon for being a freeloader and not helping her pay for any expenses. Instead, Seo-yeon’s living in Ji-woo’s apartment for free and setting F4 up on dates. Seo-yeon clarifies that she didn’t set up a date for them but for Ji-woo. Ji-woo’s reaction immediately changes once she learns the truth. She says yes to the blind date since Dae-young will be going on a blind date anyways.

As Ji-woo prepares to leave for her blind date, Seo-yeon waits outside the entrance of the apartment complex for errand boy Jin-seok. He approaches Seo-yeon with some stockings that she had wanted, but similar to the lipstick situation, he bought the wrong stocking. He complains about not having time to run errands for Seo-yeon because of his upcoming blind date which shocks Seo-yeon. As he leaves and she heads back inside the apartment, Ji-woo meets her blind date at the same restaurant that Dae-young works at.

Unlike what Ji-woo assumed, Dae-young isn’t going on the blind date. He chose to work instead because the World Cup means more to him (LOL okay but why does this not surprise me? This sounds like something that Doojoon would do in real life LOL). Ji-woo feels apologetic afterwards and wants to end the blind date, but her blind date is already at the restaurant waiting for her. She walks over to meet him, but suggests that they go out for drinks somewhere else instead.

Meanwhile, Jin-seok and Byung-sam enter Dae-young’s work restaurant to have their blind date there. The girls aren’t too interested in either guys though even with their singing and guitar playing and are rather interested in Dae-young their server. Hahaha. SAME GIRLS SAME. ME TOO.

The two girls make up excuses to interact with Dae-young. Meanwhile, Byung-sam who had brought his guitar with him to the blind date to impress the girls is busy playing the guitar for a family celebrating their little kid’s birthday instead. Hahaha.


Ji-woo and her blind date walk back home together. She tries to end the blind date and their relationship in general, but he’s resistant. He wants to get to know her better and even leans in towards her for a kiss. However, he’s interrupted by Seo-yeon who runs towards the both of them at that moment. To scare off the blind date once and for all, Seo-yeon kisses Ji-woo on the lips and pretends to be her lover. AHHHHHHHHH. The tactic obviously works and the blind date walks away in shock. So much for her first kiss. Ji-woo was the one who was going to kiss someone like the Shaman had predicted, but it was with Seo-yeon instead. ASDJDKFD.

Byung-sam and Jin-seok take their anger out on Dae-young for ruining their blind dates (“don’t blame me! it’s not my fault my parents made me this handsome!”). Sung-joon then joins the trio to complete the F4 squad. He reveals to them a new account they can buy legitimate films and DVD’s from so they won’t be scammed like they were last time.

The person behind this account is none other than our Little Woo-sun. HAHAHA. He packs the films that F4 had bought into a box while tutoring with Ji-woo and sends it to Dae-young’s house. F4 assumes that the person selling them the films must be older than them and has experience as a salesman, but really it’s just Little Woo-sun. LOL. While eating some blood sausage and spicy rice cakes with Ji-woo, Little Woo-sun has food stains all over his shirt, but he doesn’t care to clean himself up while eating.

This eating habit is still the same many years later with adult Woo-sun. Aww. While drinking with Ji-woo, he gets drunk and has food stains all over his shirt. He tries to hand her his business card, but ends up dropping them all over the floor instead. Ji-woo – while cleaning up after him – is reminded of her childhood whenever she sees Woo-sun with shirt stains. Woo-sun listens to Ji-woo’s confession and then makes a bold confession of his own: Ji-woo is his first love.


The next morning, Woo-sun wakes up to find himself sleeping in the same bed next to Dae-young. It turns out that Dae-young and Ji-woo had brought him to Dae-young’s apartment the night before.

We return to Ji-woo and Woo-sun’s drinking date to witness how Woo-sun ended up sleeping next to Dae-young. From where we left off, Woo-sun had made a grand confession to Ji-woo that she was his first love. She’s quite aware of this though and adds on to his confession, but before she can comment any further, he knocks out.

At that moment, Dae-young finishes spending time with his colleagues so he calls Woo-sun to ask about their next meeting. Ji-woo answers the phone call and updates Dae-young on her history with Woo-sun once he meets them at the restaurant. The two are fascinated and entertained by Woo-sun’s drinking habits and together they carry him to Dae-young’s apartment. Woo-sun is still the same person he was as a little kid and recites the same menu he would do to Ji-woo when she was his tutor. Aww. How adorable and precious.

Woo-sun is baffled after learning what happened the night before. He hurries out of Dae-young’s apartment and reminds them of their strict professional relationship. No informal language. Dae-young agrees to calling him formally in the workplace, but not at his own apartment. Lol.

When Woo-sun arrives back at his own place, he discovers that there had been a fire. Luckily, there weren’t any injuries or much damage done to his place. Seo-yeon lit some candles on while taking a bubble bath and accidentally caught the towels on fire. Woo-sun is upset and frustrated at Seo-yeon and slips in the bathroom while trying to exit from the room. Lol. So much for letting her use the restroom.


Dae-young makes lunch plans with Ji-woo after successfully discussing with her co-worker about insurance. However, their plans are cancelled when Dae-young meets with Seo-yeon for lunch instead. She wants him to inform Woo-sun about her attempt in persuading him to take the job offer. She also wants to know restaurants that makes similar kimchi dough soup like the one her mother does, but Dae-young is uncertain if there’s a restaurant who makes the dish as good as her mom.

Ji-woo eats lunch with her co-worker and seems a bit sad. It probably has to do with Dae-young since it’s obvious that Ji-woo has feelings for him. She denies her co-worker’s accusations though and visits Dae-young’s blog upon receiving a notification about a new blog post. Everything seems fine until Ji-woo realizes who it was that he went to go get lunch with: Seo-yeon. Her heart drops and she leaves the cafeteria.


As Ji-woo enters the elevator, she comes across Seo-yeon waiting inside. Ji-woo prepares to walk out until some doctors and nurses enter the elevator with a patient. Ji-woo has no choice but to stand in the back next to Ji-woo while in the elevator.

No words are exchanged until a few seconds later. Seo-yeon asks Ji-woo about her mom to which Ji-woo gets angry. She warns Seo-yeon to never speak about her mom again or else. She marches out of the elevator.

The confrontation with Seo-yeon still seems to be affecting Ji-woo. She rejects Dae-young’s offer to have dinner together. He should be on a date with his girlfriend instead, not inviting her over for dinner.


Ji-woo heads to the nursery home to visit her mom. Mom wonders if she should get re-married again, but Ji-woo disapproves. She yells at Mom for even considering the idea and for having re-married once before. If Mom hadn’t, they wouldn’t be in the difficult situation they are in currently. Ji-woo storms out of the room to calm herself down.

Dae-young dresses nicely and prepares to head out. While walking out onto his balcony, he witnesses Ji-woo running quickly outside and down the street. Thankfully, he chases after her and saves her from getting run over by a car. He’s about to scold her for her impulsive act when she breaks down and cries in front of him. Dae-young glances at her in confusion but also with sympathy.

In the middle of the road with numerous cars passing by on either sides, Dae-young and Ji-woo stand across from each other, one in tears and one in silence.

My Thoughts:


First of all, PLEASE GET OFF THE STREET AND ONTO THE SIDEWALK. PLEASE. We don’t need another accident. Second, WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNNN. I suspect that Ji-woo’s crying must have something to do with Mom, but anything is possible at this point.

I do have to say though that Dae-young’s rescue reminds me of two things: 1) he prevented Ji-woo from a possible car accident which he couldn’t do with his last girlfriend Soo-ji so in this sense, he not only saved her because he cared for her as a friend but also because he doesn’t want to lose another loved one again and 2) his confusion and hesitancy to say anything to Ji-woo in that moment was so beautiful. He was going to yell at her for just running onto the street carelessly, but was hesitant in continuing upon seeing her break down into tears. He’s not so sure what to say in that moment or how to comfort her even though it’s obvious that he wants to. Dae-young wishes to reassure her and to care for her in the ways that she needs it in that moment, but he realizes that he doesn’t know her enough to be able to do so. He struggled while watching her struggle and it was such a interesting and beautiful sight to see.

This episode has to probably be my favorite so far. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier, the next scene outdo’s the last one and there’s this comedic build-up every time with the college throwback. Little Woo-sun was absolutely adorable and witnessing him in the present still being as adorable as he was back then with the menu recitals and shirt stains was so cute. The fact that he was the one who sold F4 the erotic films and DVD’s was even funnier; it was so random and unexpected. Woo-sun hasn’t changed since he was young and I loved seeing the consistency in his character over the decade.

I’ve said this so many times and I’ll say it again: I just really enjoy the college throwbacks and they’re usually the highlight of each episode for me. There’s just something about how quirky, funny, and silly our F4 crew is that makes me like them so much. They’re actually a bunch of charming guys individually and when together unlike what other girls think of them. The scene of Ji-woo hugging Dae-young on the soccer field was hilarious as well as the scene of Byung-sam playing the guitar for the family celebrating the little kid’s birthday. Plus, Dae-young’s love and passion for soccer makes me laugh because Doo-joon is exactly the same in real life. Asdkjfd. Overall, these scenes might not matter much or contribute to the narrative, but on its own it stands out for its comedic timing which I love.

Honestly, I wasn’t too fond with the route that the drama took in connecting Ji-woo and Woo-sun with each other. She’s his first love while she just sees him as a little kid and I just felt disappointed with the trope that the drama used. I actually would have preferred if the two didn’t know each other in this drama or at least not establish Ji-woo as Woo-sun’s first love which I feel is so overdone and typical in dramas nowadays. Even if they had to meet another way, I would have preferred that.


However, even with the first love trope that the drama used to connect Ji-woo and Woo-sun together, I do have to admit that I enjoyed their scenes together when she would tutor him as a young kid. Those scenes were funny and enjoyable and Woo-sun is still as cute years later as an adult so I can’t complain too much. I just feel like their relationship is going to be predictable with what we’ve already seen so far. He’s going to pursue an unrequited love with her, but she only sees him as the little kid she would tutor when they were younger. And of course, she has feelings for Dae-young so she doesn’t see Woo-sun in any other way other than as a young kid. I guess this only gives more room and reasons for Woo-sun and Seo-yeon’s romantic relationship if the drama decides to take that route. I’ve already hinted in earlier recaps of how excited I am about Woo-sun and Seo-yeon’s relationship development so I hope to see more happen with the two of them.

Seo-yeon and Ji-woo are certainly not on good terms so it was interesting to watch how intense their meeting was in the elevator. They clearly have feelings of resentment and dislike for each other, but it’s unclear what exactly happened. I expect that we’ll get more details on their fragmented relationship as the drama progresses, but I’m not so sure if I can handle anymore interactions between the two for now. They’re so fierce and intense when with each other. (But can we also talk about the kiss between the two back in their college days? ASDKJF).

Overall, this episode made me enjoy the drama a lot more. If the rest of the episodes continue to be his funny, warm, light-hearted, and genuine, I think I can really see myself staying and watching the rest of the show.

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