Let’s Eat 3: Episode 5 Recap


Ji-woo faces the most daunting challenge she’s faced yet and has to make both big and small decisions regarding her mom. However, she realizes that she’s not alone in this and that there are still people there to support her such as Dae-young. As uncertain and terrifying as this all is, maybe things don’t have to be so scary and difficult as they seem.

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 5 Recap


Episode 5 starts off with Ji-woo and Dae-young inside a taxi heading to the hospital together. Ji-woo’s mom suffered from an accident so she was transported to the hospital immediately. Ji-woo panics and anxiously waits to arrive at the hospital. Dae-young offers her his support by placing his hands over hers in the taxi.

We’re then taken back to the good old college days. Jin-seok recruits his three best friends and together they embark on what they believe is a trip to the beach near their town. However, they’re taken to Busan to not only visit the beach like they originally thought but to help Jin-seok run an errand for Seo-yeon. ASDKJFD. She forgot her phone while she’s in Busan so she ordered Jin-seok to grab her phone for her and bring it to her in Busan. The boys complain about the short notice to a town hours away, but they’re already on the road so they try to make the best of it.

Ji-woo is with Mom in their restaurant located in Busan. She and Seo-yeon have stopped by to visit for Ji-woo’s Dad’s memorial service. Seo-yeon drags Ji-woo with her to the beach, but Ji-woo is unwilling to go. It’s only until she discovers that Dae-young will also be at the beach that she suddenly changes her mind. Hahaha, she is too cute.

F4 are dying in the hot car because of the hot weather. The boys have no choice but to roll down the car windows and travel slowly but safely to Busan because using the AC could cause the car to break down and die. Lol.

The four boys finally make it to Busan though and they reunite with the two sisters at the beach. While Ji-woo takes Dae-young, Byung-sam, and Sung-joo to a nearby restaurant, Jin-seok stays behind with Seo-yeon. However, she’s annoyed by his presence and pushes him away from her. Lolol.

Today’s menu is hagfish. Like usual, Ji-woo gives the boys a few information and helpful tips on how to eat the fish and they dive into the dishes after. After lunch, the four walk back to the beach. Along the way, the three guys enter a tile-breaking competition and the loser has to buy everyone some iced coffee. Dae-young wins by breaking all ten tiles and gives the small animal keychain he won to Ji-woo as a gift. Meanwhile, Byung-sam loses and has to treat everyone to some iced coffee. Hahah.

Jin-seok keeps pursuing after Seo-yeon although she’s clearly uninterested in him. Lol. The group decides to play a game. Ji-woo, Dae-young, and Sung-joo will be on one team while Seo-yeon, Byung-sam, and Jin-seok are on the other team. The guys will carry the female representative and whoever grabs the other’s hat first wins. The game seems simple until the two sisters get heated and eventually start fighting each other. Asdkjfd, they can never catch a break. The game ends with no clear winners since the two sisters fought each other.


Ji-woo loses the keychain Dae-young had given her while she was fighting Seo-yeon so she searches for it desperately in the water. Meanwhile, Dae-young, Byung-sam, and Sung-joo continue to play some games in the water and are disgusted when Byung-sam squats down to relieve himself. Asdkfd. Byung-sam pls!

It’s time for dinner so F4 changes and prepares to leave. While the three boys leave first, Dae-young searches for Ji-woo who’s still in the water searching for the keychain. She finally leaves once Dae-young urges her to stop being in the water and he quickly notices her pale blue lips as well as her scarred feet. He carries her bridal style out of the beach and into the beach town. Aww.

They head to a clinic afterwards to treat Ji-woo’s injuries. She finishes getting changed and is ready to leave with Dae-young. Before heading out, Dae-young gifts her with the same keychain he had given her earlier. He found one in a shop not too far away so he bought it for her while she was changing.

F3 aren’t ready to leave Busan just yet. They find some young ladies sitting and relaxing on the beach so they devise a quick plan to hopefully catch their heart and attention. However, things don’t as planned and the two young ladies clearly aren’t interested in F3. Lolol.

Dae-young walks Ji-woo back to her mom’s house in Busan. As they arrive, they witness Mom treating Seo-yeon’s scar on her face that she got earlier from the water game against Ji-woo. Mom tends to Seo-yeon’s injury, but she gets angry at Ji-woo for the injuries she acquired on her foot. Ji-woo heads inside after thanking Dae-young and complaining about Mom’s unequal treatment towards her. Dae-young bids farewell with Ji-woo and Mom afterwards and is handed some money from Mom to buy snacks for himself. If he dares to hurt Ji-woo, he’ll hear it from Mom himself.


This was one of the last remaining images of Mom that Dae-young had of her back in college. In the present, he and Ji-woo finally arrive at the hospital where Mom is stationed after falling down a staircase at the nursery home. Dae-young introduces himself to Mom, but she doesn’t remember who he is. While he leaves to grab her some necessities for her hospital stay, Ji-woo has a discussion with an employee from the nursery home where Mom resides. He blames Mom for the incident and also threatens to sue Ji-woo for the damages that her Mom’s caused at the nursery home. Ji-woo in return gets angry at the nursery home for being irresponsible and lazy in watching after Mom.

Dae-young witnesses the heated discussion between the two and approaches Ji-woo after she’s finished talking to the employee. He hands her the bag of necessities that he grabbed at the store and gives her some new slippers to wear in replacement of her mismatched shoes. Before they enter the hospital to visit Mom again, Ji-woo gives Dae-young a brief explanation of Mom’s current situation and the fact that she’s suffering from dementia.

Back at Woo-sun’s house, he finally gets his restroom fixed after a fire incident caused by Seo-yeon. She apologizes to him and promises to pay for all the damages after she catches her business partner. Meanwhile, Ji-woo is going to take care of Mom and have Mom live with her after she recovers from the hospital.

While at Woo-sun’s house, Seo-yeon accepts a delivery package of food ingredients. She opens the package and cooks with the ingredients without Woo-sun’s permission. However, Woo-sun is angry and upset with her for cooking and opening the parcel without consulting him first and he throws her food down the sink. Just as he’s about to walk away to his room, Seo-yeon follows after him but trips and falls onto him. They land on the ground with Seo-yeon on top of Woo-sun. He’s clearly shocked and overwhelmed and runs to his bedroom after pushing Seo-yeon off of him. Hahaha.

Ji-woo prepares for Mom’s move-in. She goes grocery shopping, sets up some devices and equipment in her house, and tries to apply for a caregiver. However, the list of applications are plentiful and the process will take some time. Ji-woo will have no other option but to transfer to a private hospital so she can continue working and also be able to take care of Mom.

Mom arrives at the entrance of Ji-woo’s house. When they arrive, they encounter Dae-young and Beanie who went for a walk. Mom easily gets scared of Beanie so Dae-young volunteers to take care of the dog for a while while Mom stays with Ji-woo.

Seo-yeon seeks her revenge on Woo-sun for calling her names such as being a ‘lowly woman.’ She approaches him fervently and helps him with his tie and even volunteers to drive him to work. She’ll continue to act as the low woman he called her until he rightfully apologizes to her (as well as give her some money). He’s clearly uncomfortable and timid with every move she makes and he’s unsure as to how to respond. Woo-sun runs away to catch a taxi instead. It’ll be better than sitting in the same car with a straight-forward Seo-yeon.


Ji-woo finishes taking a shower only to find Mom attempting to turn on the stove and cook some food. She has Mom sit down on the couch while she cleans up Mom’s mess. Before Ji-woo knows it, Mom quietly runs out of the house and down the stairs out onto the street. She tries to find her young daughter Ji-woo who she thinks is finally returning home from school and stops a young girl along the way. Ji-woo manages to bring Mom back home safely after explaining to the little girl the situation.

Dae-young enjoys some soba by himself at a restaurant when a customer catches his attention not too far away. She’s none other than Seo-yeon who pleads for the chef to give her the half-cooked meal that Woo-sun had ordered the other day. After successfully getting the chef to make the half-cooked meal, Seo-yeon joins Dae-young at his table. He eats the “fishy” soba in front of her while she watches him devour the noodle soup. Dae-young’s food rant about soba that he gives Seo-yeon reminds her of Ji-woo who used to do the same thing back then. She speaks badly about Ji-woo to Dae-young, but he doesn’t listen much to her. Maybe Seo-yeon isn’t aware about Mom’s dementia which is why she speaks so nonchalantly about Mom and Ji-woo.

Seo-yeon’s attempts to seduce Woo-sun are still ongoing. After she hands him the half-cooked meal that he ordered the other day, she helps him cook the meal. She places her arms around his waist and even corners him in front of the fridge. Woo-sun’s finally had enough and apologizes to Seo-yeon. She then stops all her antics and walks away only to receive the same kind of treatment from Woo-sun himself. She’s not the only one who can act crude and seductive. Aaskdjfd. Please stop it already you two!

He throws her onto his bed and hovers himself over her. Woo-sun slowly leans in to Seo-yeon and whispers into her ears for her to be careful before leaving her in the room. Lolol, these two are too wild.

Ji-woo receives a call from her realtor about a new place her and Mom could move into. Ji-woo hurries over to check out the new place after locking her mom inside the apartment with a lock so Mom won’t run away. Ji-woo is too occupied watching the security camera of Mom sleeping in the apartment to even look around the new place. When Mom finally awakes, Ji-woo rushes back home to find Mom pounding on the locked door. Dae-young is there too after hearing the sounds of pounding, but thankfully Ji-woo arrives in time to save Mom.


Dae-young does his best to help Ji-woo take care of her Mom. He not only is able to get the former nursery home that Mom had stayed at to apologize to Ji-woo and compensate for any damages, but he even finds Ji-woo a new safe and convenient nursery home that Mom can stay in. The three visit this new nursery home together and Mom is satisfied with the new place. Before leaving, Mom hands Dae-young some money he can use to buy himself some snacks and also warns Dae-young to not hurt Ji-woo or else he’ll hear it from her — just like she did ten years ago (OMGGG I’M CRYINGGGG).

Ji-woo feels conflicted about placing Mom in a nursery home again. It’s not that she wanted to, but she couldn’t afford to take care of Mom while working. Dae-young cheers her up and reassures her that she made the best decision possible despite her doubts.

Woo-sun and Ji-woo head out for some food together. He wants to apologize and make up for all the nuisance and burden he caused the night he was drunk. As they enter the restaurant, they encounter a strange and suspicious situation. Also inside the restaurant is a drunk Seo-yeon resting her head on Dae-young’s shoulder as he caresses her hair. He is taken aback by the two’s appearance and quickly removes his hand away.

They stare at each other, confused and shocked by the sight in front of them.

My Thoughts:



DAE-YOUNG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? AND DAE-YOUNG, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. How dare you betray not only me but Ji-woo like this?! Why why why? Asdkfjd.

Okay but on a more serious and calm note, I wonder why Dae-young and Seo-yeon met and more so, why he was combing his hands through her hair while she was unconscious as if he was her lover or something. It was oddly intimate of them to be so close to each other like that and a part of me feels betrayed confused on how they were able to build a relationship like that so fast already after having just met not too long ago. It’s been more than a decade since they’ve met and the two did meet a few times a few weeks ago, but they’ve really moved on fast haven’t they? I’m not too sure what the circumstances were and why Dae-young was seen in the restaurant with Seo-yeon, but I can’t wait to see how he will explain the situation to Ji-woo.


It’s funny because just when I thought Dae-young was so kind and caring to Ji-woo for helping her take care of Mom, he goes off to pull something like this. I’m pretty sure it’s all just a misunderstanding and that’s not to discredit all the things that Dae-young did do for Ji-woo, but I’m also having a hard time wrapping my head around everything. Dae-young was such husband material, lending his support and time to Ji-woo so she can manage to take care of Mom without having to do it all by herself. Little things like taking care of Beanie for Ji-woo while Mom stayed with Ji-woo or finding Mom a new nursery home to stay was so sweet and kind of Dae-young. It’s these traits and characteristics of Dae-young that I’m sure lead Ji-woo to develop and maintain feelings for him as she did fourteen years ago. However, I can also see how the sight of Dae-young with Seo-yeon can cause Ji-woo and me to be angry and upset with him. It doesn’t help that Seo-yeon and Ji-woo aren’t on good terms either. Has he been completely honest with Ji-woo this entire time and more so, what will he say to her to explain what she saw? Good thing the next episode has already been released so I can go and watch it immediately after finishing this recap. Asdjkd.

The plot with Mom is starting to take up more time in this drama which I actually don’t mind. It’s interesting watching Ji-woo struggle to take care of Mom while also taking care of herself and her career. There’s this conflict between choosing Mom over her nursing career because she has trust issues with nursery homes or choosing a nursery home so she can continue her nursing career that has provided her with satisfactory living conditions and money. I can understand Ji-woo’s frustration and fear when Mom moved into the new nursery home, but also her acceptance of it all because she knows she can’t afford any other options at the moment. It’s a bittersweet feeling and I’m glad that she’s reached a decision even if it’s not what she necessarily wants. Ji-woo has to be realistic about their individual circumstances and doesn’t want to have to do things like guiltily lock her mom inside the apartment or watch her mom 24/7 on camera. She’s made the best decision for her and Mom.

Also, the scene where Mom gave Dae-young snack money and made the same exact comment about hurting Ji-woo in the present like how she did to him in the past back when Dae-young was in college absolutely broke me. It was deja-vu all over again and even if Mom doesn’t remember many details because of her dementia, this is one thing she does remember even if it’s unconsciously. She still feels the same way after all these years and I’m so amazed by it.

Seo-yeon and Woo-sun continue to remain entertaining and comedic in this drama. Whereas compared to Ji-woo and Dae-young whose scenes and interactions are more light-hearted and calm, Woo-sun and Seo-yeon are so fierce and feisty at each other and it’s so funny. The small competition they had in seducing each other was the comedic highlight in this episode, but it also at one point made me question if it was necessary. Like do they really have to go this far in establishing who’s the dominant one in their relationship?! Lol. Of course, in between all of these games and competition, the two will eventually fall for each other and it’ll be funny to watch the two realize that they’re all but playing games with each other by the very end.

Seo-yeon’s character is one that is cunning and manipulative and tricky, but I also have to admit that she’s very smart. She knows what she wants and will attempt whatever means she needs to go to be able to get what it is she wants. That’s not to say that the methods and strategies she utilizes to achieve those means are right or ethical most of the times, but desperate times calls for desperate measures right? Even as evil and scheming as she can be most of the time, I don’t harbor as much dislike towards Seo-yeon as one would. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she’s also in difficult and challenging situations (as are all the characters) and you’re reminded of that in every episode.


Like usual, the college throwbacks are the greatest parts of each episode, but the scenes in the present are slowly starting to catch up. Seo-yeon and Woo-sun’s interactions are still my most anticipated scenes and I’m really in awe of how supportive, kind, and caring Dae-young is towards Ji-woo. This drama remains smooth and light and warm-hearted with both the college and present scenes and I’m enjoying it. I’m glad things are staying this way and I hope it remains like this for the rest of the drama.

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