Let’s Eat 3: Episode 6 Recap


Boundaries are just one of the many themes that this drama has emphasized on throughout its run so far. Our characters are reminded of these boundaries in this episode and have to learn to respect them even if it’s not necessarily what they want or wish for.

Let’s Eat 3: Episode 6 Recap

Seo-yeon is reminded of the incident the night before between her and Woo-sun when she sees him again the next morning. She stays within her boundaries and doesn’t dare to cross them knowing fully well what Woo-sun is capable of doing to her. Instead, Seo-yeon is occupied with finding her business partner who ran away with Woo-sun’s cousin’s money. She eventually finds her business partner at a hospital and confronts her about the money. We learn that Seo-yeon’s business partner escaped with the money to use it for her son’s hospital treatments. Although frustrated and angry, Seo-yeon can’t stay too mad at her former business partner for too long.

Seo-yeon relieves herself of her pain and misery by drinking some alcohol at a restaurant. She calls Dae-young and he soon joins her after. Seo-yeon comes clean to Dae-young and admits that she’s not who he thinks she is. Her business in the U.S. failed and she came back to Korea without any money.

Unconscious and drunk, Seo-yeon’s hair falls into the soup in front of her so Dae-young sits next to her to wipe her hair dry. That’s when Ji-woo and Woo-sun walks in to the same restaurant and catches the two sitting side by side with Seo-yeon leaning her head on his shoulder. Ji-woo and Woo-sun both quickly leave the restaurant after walking into them. Ji-woo explains to Woo-sun that she doesn’t know who Seo-yeon is and that the two probably aren’t dating since Dae-young already has a girlfriend.


That night, Dae-young and Ji-woo have a small and short talk about the incident earlier at the restaurant. Ji-woo doesn’t think too much about the incident; Seo-yeon was just probably calling Dae-young out to lunch for no reason like how she usually does. At that moment, Dae-young receives an invitation from college Sung-joo about his wedding. Sung-joo is getting married! AWWW.

Dae-young and Ji-woo decide to head to the wedding together. OOOOH. On the car ride over to the small wedding venue, they become curious about Sung-joo’s wife. He’s getting married to the same woman he had been dating since he was in college, but neither of them know who she looks like. Seems like today will be the day they find out.

Back at Woo-sun’s house, Seo-yeon updates Woo-sun on how she managed to finally catch her business partner. However, her business partner won’t be able to return her the money she had stolen so Seo-yeon will have to take responsibility for the situation herself. She bids farewell with Woo-sun and visits her dad at a charnel house where his ashes rest.

Ji-woo and Dae-young catch up with Sung-joo when they arrive at his wedding. The two learn that Jin-seok won’t be able to make it to the wedding which they get sad about. They were looking forward to a reunion. But Sung-joo suggests that everyone can all reunite again once Ji-woo and Dae-young gets married to each other. He’s always thought they looked cute together back in college. Askdfjd. Sung-joo introduces his wife to the two as well as their little son. Sung-joo explains that he and his wife are barely getting married, but they’ve already had a son a while back.


The couple walks down the aisle and are excitedly cheered upon by the audience. Seeing the two together reminds Ji-woo and Dae-young of their college days and how Sung-joo would often leave the crew to spend time with his girlfriend. On this certain day, Sung-joo spends time with his girlfriend leaving F3 with Ji-woo. They agree to have a pork belly outing but Ji-woo is unable to attend so it’s just Dae-young, Byung-sam, and Jin-seok.. like usual.

The three have their pork belly party at the rooftop of the apartment complex. Although it’s only the three of them, they have a fun and delicious time devouring the pork belly and drinks in front of them. While eating, Jin-seok receives another errand from Seo-yeon. Byung-sam criticizes Seo-yeon for leading Jin-seok on and even plays a song on his guitar in tribute of Jin-seok. Dae-young sings along and Jin-seok himself eventually does to. Poor Jin-seok, lol.

Ji-woo walks back home only to be joined by Seo-yeon. Ji-woo panics that she’s back at the apartment too early. She doesn’t want the landlords to find out about Seo-yeon. However, Seo-yeon does so anyways and heads inside Ji-woo’s place with her. Once they enter the unit, Landlord Grandma sneaks up from behind them and confirms her suspicions: Seo-yeon is living with Ji-woo.

To fend off the suspicions, Ji-woo pretends that Seo-yeon is living with Dae-young and has stopped by her place to use some cooking oil. Landlord Grandma then drags Seo-yeon over to Dae-young’s unit to confirm with Dae-young the truth. Thanks to Ji-woo’s winks and sneaky comments, Dae-young agrees that Seo-yeon is living with him as his girlfriend. Once Landlord Grandma leaves, the two sisters return to Ji-woo’s apartment to discuss the situation. Seo-yeon is just happy she doesn’t have to sneak in and outside of the apartment anymore even if that means pretending to be Dae-young’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ji-woo isn’t too happy with her role playing.


Seo-yeon isn’t stopping her role playing anytime soon. The next morning, she gets Dae-young to walk her out to the front of the apartment complex so as to not arouse the landlords’ suspicions. Jin-seok is informed of their situation and instead of getting upset and jealous of Dae-young, he expresses his gratitude. If not for Dae-young, Seo-yeon would have gotten caught and be unable to live near Dae-young which means he wouldn’t get to see her as often.

Seo-yeon is aware of how jealous Ji-woo gets when she pretends to be Dae-young’s girlfriend. Whether at lunch in the cafeteria or at soccer practice or even eating ice cream, Seo-yeon purposely irritates Ji-woo by tending to Dae-young. Ji-woo’s finally had enough and is about to confront Seo-yeon, but Jin-seok gets to Dae-young first. He punches Dae-young out of jealousy and the two begin to fight each other.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo heads to Landlord Grandma to reveal the honest truth. Seo-yeon isn’t Dae-young’s girlfriend like they had claimed; Seo-yeon’s actually her younger sister who’s currently living with her. Ji-woo accepts that she will have to pay more for Seo-yeon’s living expenses as well and is willing to make the sacrifices to do so.

As Ji-woo expected, she does have to pay extra to make up for Seo-yeon’s living expenses. In exchange for Ji-woo’s apartment, Seo-yeon helps Ji-woo with her waltz dancing class that Ji-woo is taking. However, Seo-yeon isn’t too helpful as a dancing partner so Dae-young who encounters the two sisters on the rooftop of the building volunteers to help Ji-woo. His waltz dancing skills are obvious and top-notch as he’s able to guide Ji-woo to waltz easily and perfectly.

The two return to practicing the waltz in the present at Sung-joo’s wedding. It seem as if it was just yesterday when they were dancing on the rooftop of their apartment complex building. Witnessing Sung-joo dance with his wife and son makes Ji-woo imagine that she’s dancing the waltz with Dae-young at their own wedding. However, it’s all just a precious and sweet dream and she awakes to find herself in front of her apartment.

Ji-woo and Dae-young head back to their respective places when Seo-yeon approaches Ji-woo and slaps her in the face. How dare Seo-yeon move her dad’s ashes without notifying Seo-yeon first? However, Ji-woo slaps Seo-yeon back and comments that she would have notified Seo-yeon if she just had been able to contact her in the first place. Dae-young suggests that the two talk to each other to sort any misunderstandings out; it’s not like the two can avoid each other forever.

Ji-woo explains that she had moved Seo-yeon’s dad’s churn to another charnel house after the contract with the former one expired. Why did Seo-yeon just barely find out after having arrived in Korea a few weeks ago? She should have visited her dad earlier. Ji-woo also warns Seo-yeon not to play around with Dae-young for he already has a girlfriend, but Seo-yeon gives Ji-woo the same reminder. She’s the one who’s been interacting and spending time with Dae-young while well aware he has a girlfriend.


The next morning, Woo-sun catches Seo-yeon walking out on the streets with her packed red suitcase. He stops her afraid that she’s running away, but Seo-yeon in actuality is just selling away all her luxury goods and belongings. She manages to make quite some money and pays Woo-sun back for the bathroom cleaning fees as well as for Woo-sun’s injured wrist treatment. Later on that night, Woo-sun even witnesses Seo-yeon handwriting apology letters to all her customers. He pretends to ask Seo-yeon when she’s leaving for the United States, but it’s clear that he’s actually worried about her and looking out for her.

Ji-woo has trouble concentrating on work because she can’t stop thinking about Seo-yeon’s comment. Dae-young has a girlfriend and Ji-woo should respect that. She denies an offer by her co-worker to attend a musical with Dae-young although he himself enjoys musicals (“Yeah I like musicals. There’s two musical actors named Yang Yoseob and Son Dong-woon who are also my clients. I’ve watched many thanks to them.” ASKDFJKDJFDK). Ji-woo feels like he should go to the musical with his girlfriend instead. She’s also still considering moving places despite Mom already having a new nursery home to stay at.

Woo-sun’s envy towards Dae-young continues. Along with gaining the approval and acceptance of his team members, Dae-young even charms female employees in the workplace. Dae-young tries to work his charm on Woo-sun himself and takes good care of Woo-sun both inside and outside of the building. Woo-sun is uncomfortable with how supportive and caring Dae-young is towards him and is unwilling to accept his assistance.

Woo-sun heads to a restaurant prepared to eat some ‘yangjangpi’ alone, but he’s soon accompanied by Dae-young. The two have a food history lesson on the dish and it’s clear that Woo-sun knows just as much about the dish as Dae-young does. Their talk is interrupted by the waiter who encourages that the two eat the dish before it gets cold. Hahah.

So the two co-workers dive into the meal and devour the yangjangpi as well as other types of food they order. At one point, the two are reminded of Ji-woo’s eating habits and even agree on how influential and impactful she’s been in both of their lives in regards to not only food but just life in general. They decide to order her some food from the restaurant, but Dae-young is already living in 2021. He’s already bought her her favorite food: dumplings.


As Dae-young returns to his place, he witnesses Ji-woo with a realtor and a lady who’s interested in taking over her place. Sure enough, Ji-woo is to move out within the next month to make room for the young lady. Ji-woo confirms the news with Dae-young and hopes to start anew at her new apartment – wherever that is.

Woo-sun returns home to find it empty. Seo-yeon is no where to be found and he can’t contact her. So just like he did when he was sent on a mission by his cousin to find her at first, he checks her social media account for her most recent whereabouts. Seo-yeon’s latest post is of a river so he hurries over to where the picture was taken, afraid that she’s committed suicide. However, he finds her sitting at at a restaurant with a bowl of kimchi dough soup. Just like all the other restaurants she’s tried, this one isn’t as impressive as the one her mom would make.

Seo-yeon and Woo-sun get to know each other better when they both share with each other their childhood stories and experiences growing up. Not only were both of their parents absent in their lives for a certain amount of time but they also enjoyed ordering food from a specific Chinese restaurant when they were younger. Seo-yeon becomes worried that she won’t be able to enjoy these little things any longer once she returns to the United States.

Guilty and a little sad, Woo-sun allows Seo-yeon to stay with him a little bit longer. Using his cousin as an excuse, she can work as his personal assistant in the meantime to pay off any remaining money she owes his cousin.

Once the deal is established, Woo-sun heads to his room to hold a video call with his cousin. It turns out Woo-sun’s cousin has already received the rest of the money from Seo-yeon so Seo-yeon’s free to go. Woo-sun himself shouldn’t care what Seo-yeon plans on doing now that she’s free of her debt, but Woo-sun does care. Although he remains silent with his cousin on Seo-yeon’s future plans, he intends to keep her by his side.

Dae-young visits former girlfriend Soo-ji’s memorial site again. He places the two tickets to a musical on the window of the site and stares at the pictures of Soo-ji.

However, he’s soon joined by Seo-yeon who’s also at the same building as him. Upon encountering Dae-young, Seo-yeon questions if he’s visiting his former girlfriend. Dae-young remains silent and just stares indifferently at Seo-yeon.

My Thoughts:


Why does the drama keep reminding us of Soo-ji’s death? T____T It makes me so so sad every time. I know it’s essential information to make room for the romance between Dae-young and Ji-woo, but does the drama really need to remind us that Soo-ji’s no longer alive? Askdjfd. I’m just kidding, but I really am heart-broken every time Dae-young visits her because it not only reminds you of the precious memories they had when they were together but also makes you question all the possibilities they would have had had she not pass away. It’s so bittersweet and although Dae-young and Ji-woo make such a cute couple and are clearly meant for each other in many ways, you also are a little sad for Dae-young who still cares for Soo-ji and has room for her in that little fragile, kind, and warm heart of his.

I know Dae-young is a good person and everything he does is with good intentions. There’s a reason for everything that he does and I’d like to say that he’s a smart, wise, and mature man who’s clearly aware of his surroundings and environment. His interaction with Seo-yeon at the restaurant was not without a reason and he was only looking after a drunk and unconscious Seo-yeon like he would for Ji-woo or for any other friend of his. He’s just a caring and kind man like that to anyone whether they’re a stranger or friend. I’m glad that Ji-woo and Dae-young made up pretty quickly despite her intense feelings towards Seo-yeon and her intense feelings for Dae-young. Maybe it’s a combination of not feeling entitled to Dae-young that she wasn’t so upset (which I honestly appreciated because Ji-woo and Dae-young aren’t that intimate yet), but also because it was a response out of respect for Dae-young. Ji-woo remains level-headed and fair and it’s so nice seeing her remind herself to stay in her lane. Yes, she still has feelings for Dae-young after all this time and all these years, but she has to remember that he has a girlfriend (even though he really doesn’t anymore). Her time will come eventually and she just has to wait to see how Dae-young responds to her.

Some might feel a bit exhausted with Dae-young for possibly leading her on and doing things with and for Ji-woo that’s causing her to get the wrong idea. However, I can’t really blame him for his actions. He’s just a nice, kind, and caring person in the first place to whoever it is he comes across but second, he still has some reserved feelings for Soo-ji in his heart. His mind has probably accepted the fact that she’s gone and no longer alive, but his heart isn’t so ready to open up yet and let her go. He’s still heart-broken and depressed over her sudden passing and he hasn’t been yet able to cope with her death. Hence, why he still wears their couple ring and frequently visits her memorial site. These are signs that as strong and confident as Dae-young seems on the outside, he’s still struggling on the inside to accept and move forward with his new beginnings and milestones and it’s not something easy for him to live with. His heart is still somewhat reserved for Soo-ji and in his heart remains a small but soft spot for her. Although he’s opening up to Ji-woo little by little, it’ll take a little longer and few more attempts until he’s finally received some closure and feels at peace with his living situation.


Woo-sun is slowly starting to show that he cares for Seo-yeon in this episode and it’s honestly so satisfying and cute. This was what I was anticipating when I first started this drama and it honestly hasn’t disappointed me just yet. He uses the excuse of his cousin to keep Seo-yeon around him even though she’s already done her fair share of the job. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves now that he’s keeping her around as his personal assistant and how much longer he’ll be able to get away with it.

Maybe it’s because we’re so used to seeing how tricky, manipulative, and cunning Seo-yeon can be that I’m actually surprised she went through with her responsibilities and proved to be much more mature in this episode than we had ever seen her before. That’s not to say that she didn’t have any potential to be mature and adult at all, but I’m actually glad she pulled through with what she claimed she was going to do. She took full responsibility for both her and her former business partner’s actions and is finally at some peace with herself. She’s just a little lost right now in life and needs some guidance and support from someone. Seo-yeon can clearly seek that support from Dae-young and has been doing so to an extent, but it’s going to be Woo-sun who she will be finding the most support, love, and care from in the future.


How adorable was it that Sung-joo reappeared in the drama for the first time in the present? I love that he invited Dae-young and Ji-woo to his wedding with the same woman that the drama had been hinting at back in their college days. This only opens the possibility of a potential reunification between F4 in the present! We might not just have to watch scenes of the F4 squad back when they were in college! I’m so excited to see Jin-seok and Byung-sam make their special appearance (if they do in which I hope they do). There’s so much potential in getting F4 to reunite again in the present and if the drama utilizes that potential, it’ll be the greatest thing in the world. I love watching their interactions back during the college days, but I’d love to see the same goofy, silly, and dorky dynamics in the present as well.

We’re slowly gaining more and more details on what happened over the years with Seo-yeon and Ji-woo. Although they’ve cut off all contact with each other and harbor some sort of resentment towards each other, it seems like Ji-woo still cares enough about Seo-yeon’s dad to move his ashes safely someplace else. I hope that as the two continue to dig deeper into each other’s lives and everything that’s happened in the past decade, they’ll begin to learn to appreciate each other more. I’m pretty sure they’ve made plenty of sacrifices for each other, but their resentment is just covering all of that up. Thanks to Dae-young, the two ladies have finally made the first step in making amends.

I’m really really enjoying all the silly and shady comments that the drama throws in regarding Yoon Doojoon’s real life. His comment about musicals and watching Yoseob and Dongwoon’s musicals made me laugh because they’re actually members in the same group as him (Highlight <333) and have been involved in a few musicals themselves. It’s small comments and interjections like these that really makes me appreciate the drama so much more. The drama stays light-hearted, cool, calm, and peaceful. Everything is so bittersweet, but I’m really liking it.

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