What’s New on MaryMeKpop! (formerly known as K-Popcorn)


Wow oh wow, it has been such a long time hasn’t it?

Welcome to MaryMeKpop for those of you who are new and welcome back to visitors who frequent my blog from time to time. I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this blog, but with college done and over with, I finally have enough time to update the blog!


One of the biggest changes you’ll probably notice is the name change of the blog! After many years of being named K-Popcorn, I decided to eventually change it to MaryMeKpop (Mary for my first name and MeKpop because I’m playing a pun with my name so in a sense, I’m asking for K-Pop to marry me figuratively.. not literally of course asdkfjd). The change took quite a while, but it was an easy and impulsive one. With MaryMeKpop, I felt like I could distinguish myself a little bit easier from other blogs and really be able to own my identity with this blog and promote what this blog is all about.

I had a post a few months ago with updates and features that I claimed y’all could look forward to seeing. Unfortunately, I never went through with my promises and failed to act upon them. I sincerely apologize for the lack of activity, updates, and effort that I’ve failed to put into this blog and I really shouldn’t have even said anything in the first place. Asdkfjd. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be making any empty promises that I won’t be able to keep. However, I have been updating this blog more consistently posting at least once a day since June so I think I can say that my updates have improved a tiny bit.


Here are some new features that you might see on this blog in the future and for your convenience:

  • As usual, the awesome Korean drama recaps!
    • One of the main highlights of my blog! If you click on the link provided above, you’ll notice the current Korean dramas that I’m recapping as well as former ones that I’ve already finished. If you would like for me to recap a certain drama, feel free to make a request and I’ll take your suggestion into consideration.
  • Korean movie recaps!
    • I usually don’t do as many recaps of Korean movies as I do with Korean dramas. However, I have slowly started to do a few which you can view here. Just like with Korean dramas, if there’s a certain movie you would like for me to recap, please feel free to comment on any of the articles and I’d be more than happy to accommodate you in some way.
  • Korean variety show recaps or discussion threads!
    • I’ve really only done two variety show recaps and they were both for Running Man. Although I’m uncertain as to whether I’ll continue to do recaps, I can at least say that I’ll make discussion threads for the variety shows that I’m watching since I watch a few every week. The variety shows that I’m currently watching are: Running Man, 1N2D, and Happy Together.
  • Korean Music Reviews
    • As much as this blog is about Korean dramas and movies, this blog is also a space to celebrate, discuss, and rave about your favorite K-Pop songs (not just limited to K-Pop though. I’m also a huge Korean hip-hop fan!). My personal thoughts and opinions on songs, comebacks, and albums of artists and groups will be posted on this blog. Feel free to join me and comment on what you think about the comebacks and music as well!
  • Social Media Accounts
    • For the longest time, I’ve kept this blog a little secret hidden treasure of mines, but I’ve eventually decided to branch out and create social media accounts.
    • Twitter: (coming soon)
    • Instagram: MaryMeKpop
    • Tumblr: MaryMeKpop
    • Feel free to follow them on your respective social media accounts for the latest updates on this blog 🙂
  • Song of the Week: Every week, I’ll usually link a music video that you can find at the bottom of the home page. These songs are usually songs that I’ve been listening repeatedly to the past few weeks and are also songs that I recommend so feel free to check them out!
  • #Let’sTalk Discussion Threads
    • Usually on topics and concepts that are controversial or huge within the Korean Entertainment industry, the #Let’sTalk discussion threads usually includes my thoughts and opinions on certain topics or concerns that I’m passionate about. From award shows like Mnet Music Asian Awards to idol groups like BTS and B.A.P., #Let’sTalk is a place for people like you and me to engage and discuss about the hottest news on the scene today!
  •  Miscellaneous
    • These includes things like Podcasts (which I need to resume doing again) to other posts not related to K-Pop or Korean dramas. I’m sure there’s been many posts I’ve made in the past that just didn’t really fit into a certain category. Sometimes I’ll throw in some random posts just because I feel like it. Hope that’ll be okay with you!


There are a lot of changes moving forward with this blog and I’m so excited to share them all with you. Hopefully you’ll join me in this journey and are also just as excited as I am about MaryMeKpop.

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be a very fun and great learning experience. So with that being said, are you ready to join me on this journey?! 😀

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