Time (시간): Episode 4 Recap


Soo-ho has the rest of his life planned out. He’s going to live for himself and do things that he’s always wanted to do. But what happens when Ji-hyun pleads for his help and asks him for a favor? What will he do then? Will he choose to live for himself or will he go out of his way for Ji-hyun? Soo-ho is caught in a conflict of himself or Ji-hyun and learns what exactly his priority is the hard way.

Time (시간): Episode 4 Recap

Ji-hyun pleads for Soo-ho to help her with her sister’s investigation. She wants to know the real reason behind her death and asks for Soo-ho to support her. Soo-ho is shocked and taken aback by the request, but he ultimately refuses. He walks out of the restaurant and into his room. He stumbles onto the floor and wails. Ji-hyun does the same back inside the restaurant as she caresses the plate of cream spaghetti that her sister loved to eat in her arms. Soo-ho watches in tears as Ji-hyun waver back and forth out of the restaurant and back home.

Ji-hyun has breakfast with Mom the next morning. Mom reassures Ji-hyun that she’ll take care of the investigation regarding Ji-eun’s death. Whether it’s consulting with Tae-sung or through any other means, Mom will discover the truth. Ji-hyun won’t have to worry about it any longer nor do any more work.

Soo-ho has a meeting with his doctor about his cancer. If he gets chemo, he’ll have a little longer to live but suffer from side effects. If he doesn’t get treatment.. well.. Soo-ho will die sooner. The doctor advises Soo-ho that there’s nothing he can do to save himself; all he can do is just accept his life deadline and prepare himself.


Soo-ho then decides how he’s going to live the rest of his remaining time. He’s going to live for himself. He’s going to travel abroad. His first stop is the W Department store where Ji-hyun works to grab some clothes. He even buys an outfit for his assistant Bok-gyu (YAAAAAS BOK-GYU, YOU DESERVE IT!).

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun and Young-hee are doing their usual part-time job as store greeters. Young-hee questions the drunk text messages that Ji-hyun had sent the night before which triggers Ji-hyun to remember that she had visited Soo-ho at his restaurant that night. Just when the two are talking about Soo-ho, their supervisor interrupts the two to ask one of them to help carry shopping bags for one of their VIP guests.

Ji-hyun volunteers herself. The VIP guests she has to tend to is none other than Chae-Ah. It doesn’t help that Chae-Ah’s shopping with Min-seok. Although hurt and surprised, Ji-hyun keeps her ground and maintains a straight face. Not too far away in another store is Soo-ho who Chae-Ah catches. She purposely drags Min-seok with her in the direction where Soo-ho is so they could have a talk.

As Ji-hyun catches up with Min-seok and Chae-Ah, she accidentally drops all her heavy shopping bags onto the floor. Soo-ho and Bok-gyu witness this which causes Soo-ho to confront Chae-Ah. He’s impressed and entertained at Chae-Ah and Min-seok’s relationship which he claims is everything but a friendship. He takes Ji-hyun away from the two and has her carry his shopping bags to his car. When everything’s settled, Soo-ho questions Ji-hyun if she remembered anything from the night before to which she responds that she didn’t. Soo-ho is relieved and reminds Ji-hyun to keep her promise of paying him every month. They then bid farewell with each other.

Chae-Ah and Soo-ho have lunch with each other. He warns her to stay away from Min-seok for two reasons: 1) he’s a bad guy and 2) he helped sweep the hotel incident under the rug. If Chae-Ah distances herself from Min-seok, Soo-ho will give her his restaurant before he leaves to travel which she can change however she wants. Chae-Ah gives it a thought.

Min-seok is in his office working when he suddenly receives a bouquet of flowers and a ring box. When he opens the ring box, he finds a USB chip which includes a video camera footage of Chae-Ah beating Ji-eun in the head with her purse on the night of the incident. OOOOOH. At that exact moment, he receives a phone call from Tae-sung. Why did Min-seok erase the video camera recordings of Chae-Ah at the hotel room when both she and Soo-ho were there? Min-seok hurries out of his office to meet with Tae-sung. Ji-eun’s former supervisor is there with him too.

They meet at the supervisor’s office to discuss their next steps. Tae-sung received the footage from the same colleague who was also with Min-seok when they visited Soo-ho’s hotel room the next morning after Ji-eun was found dead in the pool. The loan shark threatens to send the video camera recording to Soo-ho and Soo-ho’s dad which will inarguably demolish Min-seok’s life. What they can do though is get rid of the footage by threatening Chae-Ah with it to earn some money. 70% of the money will go to Tae-sung and Min-seok gets the rest. None goes to the supervisor. Lol.


Soo-ho announces to his restaurant staff about his trip abroad. The staff immediately claps and cheers upon the news, but stop when Soo-ho gets angry. Aksdjfkd. Soo-ho is uncertain as to how long he’ll be away. The staff return to work while Soo-ho prepares for his flight. He’ll be heading to South Africa. On the way to the car, he encounters Ji-hyun. She recalls asking Soo-ho for help on her sister’s investigation the night before, but wanted to meet with him to inform him that he doesn’t have to help her any longer. Soo-ho grows impatient and corners Ji-hyun onto the wall while holding onto her wrist. Regardless of what she wants or what she asks, Soo-ho won’t help her. He orders for her to stay away from him.

Mom visits Tae-sung to seek more information about Ji-eun’s death. Ji-hyun hurries over to the office to drag her mom back home. Just when they’re about to leave, Ji-eun’s former supervisor and his crew all swarm into the office. The mother and daughter pair hide behind the desk while listening to Tae-sung and the supervisor’s conversation. The supervisor wants the CCTV video recording the night of the incident, but Tae-sung isn’t willing to give it to him.

At that moment, Ji-hyun makes a run for it and dashes out of the office and out into the alleyways. The supervisor and his guys chase after Ji-hyun assuming she has the USB chip, but she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Tae-sung grabs the hidden USB chip and also makes his escape, leaving Mom behind. Both mother and daughter are safe, but Ji-hyun quickly drops by the airport.

Ji-hyun rushes to the airport as Soo-ho is about to check himself in for his flight. She pleads for his help. There’s a security camera recording of Ji-eun at the swimming pool on the night Ji-eun died and Ji-hyun wants Soo-ho to help her find it. Soo-ho drops by Tae-sung’s office to take note of all the belongings he had left behind. Soo-ho must find Tae-sung if he wants the camera recordings himself.

Mom and Ji-hyun reassure each other that they’ll obtain the footage of the incident from that night and will seek justice for Ji-eun. Meanwhile, Soo-ho leaves Tae-sung a voice mail and offers to pay him some money in exchange for the video camera recordings.


Ji-hyun is quick on her feet and roams around in the W Hotel that her sister had died on the night of the incident. She goes around and asks random individuals if they had seen Ji-eun on the day that she passed away. Min-seok quickly takes Ji-hyun away and to the CCTV recording room. If Ji-hyun wants to find camera footages to finally accept her sister’s death, she can do so here. Ji-hyun becomes suspicious of Min-seok and wonders if he had anything to do with the investigation himself. Min-seok clears himself by allowing Ji-hyun to blame him if that’s what she needs to do to accept her sister’s death.

At that moment, Soo-ho walks into the room and drags Ji-hyun out. He yells at her for her slow thinking. She’s not going to find anything in the security camera room since they’ve already played around with the footages. Soo-ho will do all the work, she just needs to wait and worry about paying him back his money. Ji-hyun questions why Soo-ho’s helping her to which he responds that he too wants to know what happened to Ji-eun. She’s driven away by Bok-gyu to return to work. Once Ji-hyun leaves, Min-seok approaches Soo-ho and confronts him once more about the involvement of Ji-hyun in the investigation. Whatever reason Soo-ho’s helping Ji-hyun out for, she needs to be kept out of the investigation at all costs.

As Min-seok heads back to his car, he’s attacked by Tae-sung who chokes him with some wires. Tae-sung demands Chae-Ah to give him $1 million dollars that evening in exchange for the recordings or else everyone will go down together. Min-seok relays the message to Chae-Ah. Although she’s a bit curious as to why he wants the million dollars, she’s willing to give it to him.

Meanwhile, Mom is doing work of her own to search for Tae-sung. She remains in contact with a center that helps track down Tae-sung’s whereabouts using his phone. As Tae-sung turns his phone back on, he listens to Soo-ho’s voice mail asking for the footage in return for money. Tae-sung contacts both Soo-ho and Min-seok one after the other and agree to meet with them individually that night to exchange the camera footages for money. Mom – who finds Tae-sung’s whereabouts thanks to the center – catches up to Tae-sung and follows after him. Noooo, I have a bad feeling about this.

Min-seok made the deal with Tae-sung with the assistance of Ji-eun’s former supervisor. The supervisor is willing to retrieve the footage from Tae-sung and even get rid of him forever if he receives the one million dollars from Chae-Ah himself.


Mom follows Tae-sung to a small apartment unit hidden in the alleyway of a village. She meets with him and together they discuss about his plans to meet Min-seok. Mom wants the footage, but Tae-sung persuades her to wait. When he meets Min-seok that night, he’s going to get Min-seok to confess who exactly paid him to mess with the security camera recordings. Mom will be there to record the entire conversation and then they’ll finally discover what happened to Ji-eun.

Soo-ho and Bok-gyu observe Ji-hyun during her part-time job. When she notices his car parked not too far away, she stops them both from driving away. Soo-ho reveals that he’ll soon have access to the security camera recording that Ji-hyun so desperately wants and they can watch it together. Ji-hyun places her trust in Soo-ho and together they head out to obtain the footage.

It’s time for the meetings. While Ji-hyun and Soo-ho nervously wait for Tae-sung, he and Mom drive out to meet Min-seok. Mom and Min-seok are surprised when they find themselves across from each other. She’s in disbelief that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend was involved with Ji-eun’s death himself. Right at that moment, the supervisor resumes with his plan of killing Tae-sung and slams a big, white truck into Tae-sung’s car over and over again. Even though Min-seok motions for him to stop, the supervisor doesn’t and he keeps slamming Tae-sung’s car that has both Tae-sung and Mom inside. The car eventually explodes into flames.


Meanwhile, Ji-hyun and Soo-ho anxiously wait for Tae-sung to appear, but he doesn’t arrive.

My Thoughts:

Oh my goodness, how many more deaths are we going to have to go through until our characters finally learn their lesson? Here Ji-hyun was, just trying to seek justice for her sister and then now she might have to possibly hold another funeral service for the only loved one she has left. I just feel the most immense amount of pain and pity for her because she’s already gone through so much having lost her sister and possibly now her mother. She nor her mom did anything wrong and just wanted to discover the truth behind Ji-eun’s passing. Now they suffered consequences for seeking the truth because of other people’s harmful and selfish decisions.

We finally receive a little bit more context on why Soo-ho is choosing to help Ji-hyun. A part of him is doing it so he can see for himself if he killed Ji-eun or not since he doesn’t recall what happened the night of the incident. However, the bigger and more significant reason which he himself is slowly accepting is because he wants to do it for Ji-hyun. He cares for her and wants to help her receive closure once she discovers what actually happened to her sister. Plus, she trusts him which no one else has ever said to him. For the first time, he finally feels like he’s needed and it couldn’t have come at a better time when he’s about to die in just a few months. He can make the most and best of his remaining time working with someone who relies and depends on him. If Soo-ho is going to eventually leave, he can do so while feeling good about himself and knowing that he spent the last few months of his life doing something good. As Min-seok addressed with Soo-ho, he’s going to have to determine if he’s helping Ji-hyun out of a guilty conscience and because he feels bad for her or if he’s doing it to save himself. While I’d like to say that he’s doing it for both reasons, I’d also like to think he’s doing it for Ji-hyun’s sake.


Watching Soo-ho prepare for his death was so heart-breaking. I know I use this term a lot, but I’m not so sure how else to describe it. He receives confirmation yet again that he’s going to die soon and there’s nothing much he can do to extend the deadline to his life. He might as well start living the next few months of his life as he wants which is why he eventually concluded that he must live his life for himself. Not for his family or for his family’s company but for himself. Soo-ho bids farewell with his restaurant staff (who are all ecstatic upon hearing the news that he was going to leave which was so funny) and treats Bok-gyu so kindly before leaving for his flight. Traveling abroad will be a much easier way for Soo-ho to bid farewell with everyone and to end his life and will also allow him to fulfill all the things he’s wanted to do before he dies. How ironic is it that as he sets out to do the one thing he should be doing which is living for himself, he devotes his time to caring for and helping Ji-hyun. He knows he shouldn’t and a part of him holds himself back, but Soo-ho also lets go and moves forward with helping her. It’s as if his mind is telling him to worry about himself, but his heart is calling out for Ji-hyun. He’s conflicted, but he ultimately moves forward by listening to his heart.

Min-seok remains the evil guy he is which always amuses me. He knows what he’s doing is wrong and he clearly hates his job, but he just can’t stop. He needs his job to make a living, but he also doesn’t even attempt to find another one knowing how much he dislikes his job. I understand that he’s in a hard and conflicting spot with the job, but being on the defense team has its many down sides of corruption and evil and he just easily goes along with it. This is why it makes me even more angry when he pretends to look out for Ji-hyun because it’s clear he doesn’t care for her. He’s only looking out for himself and for Chae-Ah. He’s always been a liar to Ji-hyun as both a boyfriend and a lawyer.

I roll my eyes whenever Min-seok warns Soo-ho to stay away from Ji-hyun or to keep Ji-hyun out of the investigation. It makes me angry even more when he told Ji-hyun to just get over her sister’s death as if it was so easy. First of all, he’s not in any position to be telling her how to mourn or grieve (he’s not even in any position to be talking to her in the first place askdfj), but second, if she knows that something suspicious lead to her sister’s death, she has every right to investigate. Min-seok’s just worried about the outcome of it all if the truth was to be revealed, but if everything is revealed then he should just own up to it and suffer the rightful consequences. It’s the least that can happen to him for his evil and corrupt wrongdoings.


I’m so afraid of what’s going to happen in the future. What about the CCTV recording that holds the truth to Ji-eun’s death and that can potentially expose everyone? What about Mom who was in Tae-sung’s car that was continually being slammed? How will Ji-hyun react when she discovers that her mom is hurt and possibly dead? There are so many endless possibilities and it makes me sad just thinking about how bad and hurtful everything will end up being. Ji-hyun just wants to find out what happened to her sister and doesn’t need anything else bad happening to her. Ji-hyun will not only have to worry about her sister but also be consumed with thoughts and doubts about her mom. When this happens, I hope she’ll have someone like Soo-ho by her side to hold her together in all of this. Despite his resistance and hesitance and the deadline to his life, he’ll take care of her and do everything he can to make her feel loved and to keep her trust.

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