Let’s Eat 3: Episode 7 Recap


Ji-woo’s cut off ties with people before and although she struggled at first, she managed to move forward with her life just fine. As she prepares to move out of her apartment and to a new location, she has to decide whether to cut more ties or to save them instead. Ji-woo’s put to the test as she’s faced with many challenges and doubts that will ultimately influence her final decision.

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 7 Recap

Seo-yeon and Woo-sun establish boundaries and guidelines with each other. Seo-yeon will be Woo-sun’s personal assistant and help him with any errands he has. He claims he’s hiring Seo-yeon to help his cousin, but Seo-yeon is just grateful she’s able to make some sort of money while living in Korea.

After visiting her dad’s memorial site, Seo-yeon encounters Dae-young visiting Soo-ji’s memorial site in the same building. Seo-yeon receives more information about Soo-ji from Dae-young and he opens up to her about their relationship. He also reveals that he hasn’t told Ji-woo yet the truth about Soo-ji because he isn’t ready to talk about Soo-ji nor does he want anyone’s pity.

Seo-yeon is sent to pick up some food for Woo-sun. The hardships and challenges of running errands for someone reminds her of Jin-seok who would run errands for back in college.


So we return to the college days. Despite it being exam time, Seo-yeon makes Jin-seok run to the store to buy her some sanitary pads. OMGGG. ASDFJKD.

F4 are studying in the library (well only Dae-young and Sung-joo. The other two are asleep adslkjf), but they decide to take a break from studying. They complain about all the studying and homework and express their wishes to be playing games instead. Sung-joo suggests that they all pitch in and buy a game console. They’ll decide on the amount each person pays according to their exam results. The person who scores the worst will have to pay a bigger amount for the console. The rest agree and so the competition starts.

Byung-sam and Jin-seok team up with each other to win against Dae-young and Sung-joo. If either of them wins, they’ll just evenly split the price for the game console between the two of them. The library easily becomes full and there are no empty seats or places to study. Dae-young has no choice but to study at the same restaurant that Ji-woo is also studying at. They order themselves some food and snacks to eat before returning to study. As usual, Ji-woo shares with Dae-young tips and tricks to making their dishes tastier and livelier. She also buys little Woo-sun some food.

Seo-yeon and Ji-woo bicker with each other over studying and school. They’re interrupted when Seo-yeon receives a phone call from her biological mom. She doesn’t answer the phone call though and leaves it ringing instead. Seo-yeon claims her mom doesn’t care about her. Additionally, she considers Ji-woo’s mom as her only mom.

It’s 4:30am and there’s already a line of students waiting for the library to open. Once the library does open, all the students run as fast as they can into the building to grab themselves a seat (they remind me of zombies asdkjfd). Ji-woo manages to reserve both her and Dae-young a seat so they can study together. He soon joins her and off they study. However, the two take a break from studying to visit Seo-yeon who’s dropped by their school. She wants to prepare her presentation there since she can’t focus at her own school, but Seo-yeon changes her mind. She won’t be too productive so she’ll just go back home instead.

While studying, Ji-woo’s hand brushes up against Dae-young’s. She blushes and peeks at him only to find him asleep. She stares lovingly at Dae-young as he sleeps in peace. However, this is all just a dream and Ji-woo is actually the one dozing off. LOL. They go out for some coffee to wake themselves up.

During the short break, Dae-young and Ji-woo sit next to each other and enjoy their cup of coffee. With Ji-woo’s MP3 player, they also share earphones to listen to Han Ye-seul’s ‘You Are Different.’ The two sit in silence – side by side – and enjoy the song.

Byung-sam and Jin-seok get some last minute studying done at Dae-young’s place. To boost their energy and minds, they drink some soju thinking it would help them study better. The next morning, Dae-young attempts to wake the both of them up since it’s exam day. Byung-sam manages to wake up first, but he decides not to wake Jin-seok up. When Jin-seok does awaken, he finds himself late for the exams and is unable to take it. Karma also gets back at Byung-sam for not waking up Jin-seok: instead of grabbing a calculator for his exam, he accidentally grabs the TV remote control. Hahaha.

A few days after the exams and F4 checks their grades online. Although Dae-young, Byung-sam, and Jin-seok all faced challenges and hardships on the days leading up to the exams, it’s Sung-joo who ultimately suffers the most. He earned the worst grades and the lowest test scores. Askdjfd.


Seo-yeon finally makes her presentation to her class. She presents about relationships and uses Dae-young and Ji-woo’s relationship with each other as an example. It’s obvious to her that the two have some feelings for each other, but Ji-woo is clueless about it all. When a classmate asks when Person “A” (aka Ji-woo in this case) will acknowledge and notice Person “B”‘s (Dae-young) feelings, Seo-yeon predicts it might take more than 10 years.

And so we return to the present where literally 10 years has passed. Just as Seo-yeon predicted, Ji-woo still is unaware what Dae-young’s kind actions towards her represent. While throwing out her trash, Ji-woo encounters Dae-young who prepares to head to work. He offers her his support and help since she’ll be moving out soon, but Ji-woo denies the offer. She doesn’t want to be too dependent on Dae-young since she might not see him as often anymore once she moves. Nooo, she’s preparing herself 😦

Seo-yeon runs another set of errands for Woo-sun which is just once again picking up food ingredients at the restaurant and delivering them to him. When she finishes handing him the ingredients, she heads out to meet with a friend.

Ji-woo is at a convenience store when she receives a text from Sung-joo. He thanks her for attending his wedding and sends her pictures that they took together on that day. Instead of saving the photos, she ends up deleting them.

Dae-young also receives the same photos and text from Sung-joo. He’s reminded of Ji-woo when he glances at the photos and calls her to check in on her. She lies that she’s busy working at the hospital, but in reality is walking back home. Dae-young finds her walking home as he sits in his car at his house and grows confused at Ji-woo’s lie. Ji-woo eventually turns back and rests at a convenience store.

Ji-woo contacts Woo-sun to thank him for the food they had the last time they were together and wishes to repay him for his kindness. Instead of food at a restaurant, Woo-sun wants Ji-woo to pay him back in a different way. He’s making some food and wants her to sample them at his house. Ji-woo agrees to the request and heads to Woo-sun’s house. Seo-yeon is also inside Woo-sun’s house when Ji-woo and Woo-sun enters. AHHH.

Seo-yeon hides in the restroom while Ji-woo and Woo-sun cook and eat together. After tasting the food, Ji-woo gives Woo-sun some feedback before the two transition to discussing about Dae-young for a bit. When asked if Dae-young and Ji-woo were close, Ji-woo responds that she was just a good friend who had extraordinary knowledge about food. That was it. She then heads to the restroom that Seo-yeon is hiding in which causes Seo-yeon to panic. Thankfully, Ji-woo doesn’t discover Seo-yeon and leaves Woo-sun’s place not too long after for the hospital. After she leaves, Seo-yeon confronts Woo-sun about Ji-woo’s visit to his house and digs for more information on their relationship.

That same night, Seo-yeon hurries to Dae-young’s place so she can talk to him. Her real intent is to make Ji-woo jealous though which she succeeds at. Seo-yeon leaves just as quickly as she arrived after updating Dae-young on what’s happened since her last drunk shenanigan. Meanwhile, Ji-woo and Beanie go for a walk. Ji-woo is a bit down and gloomy after witnessing Seo-yeon enter Dae-young’s place, but she reassures herself that all of this will pass once she moves out.


On the way to work the next morning, Dae-young comes across Seo-yeon who’s stopped by their work building to drop off some documents to Woo-sun. She reveals to him that she’s been hired as Woo-sun’s personal assistant which he feels relieved about. It’s a good thing Seo-yeon’s found herself a new job after her failed business. They then visit Woo-sun’s office together and decide to all go out for some lunch. Maybe they’ll get some inspiration for work from doing so.

After some bickering and chit-chat, the three dig in to some Spanish food. Of course, you can’t eat without a food rant and lesson from Dae-young who has to distinguish the difference between paella and Korean fried rice to Seo-yeon. Woo-sun even joins him in the food rant. Lolol. Seo-yeon interrupts the two guys so they can finally taste the delicious meals.

While Dae-young and Woo-sun enjoy and eat most of the food, Seo-yeon barely stuffs herself with the dishes. Upset and disappointed, Woo-sun demands that Seo-yeon write him a report on how each dish tasted. Although she didn’t eat much, Seo-yeon finishes the report and hands it to Woo-sun to read over. He nags at her awful report and disproves of it (although it’s quite obvious that he was impressed with it askjfd). He then gives her another errand to run the next morning which is yet again another food pick-up. When she arrives at the restaurant to pick up the food, she finds that the restaurant is closed. Woo-sun suggests that Seo-yeon visit the restaurant to pick it up the next morning since it’s closed. Torturing Seo-yeon by making her run different errands seems fun for Woo-sun. ASKJDFK.

Seo-yeon rants to Dae-young about all the other errands Woo-sun’s made her do as they grab some drinks at a bar. Once they finish, they head back to his car. However, Dae-young finds a dent on his car which causes the two to be alert and cautious. After looking through his black box, he finds a clip of an old lady standing across from his car. Dae-young recalls seeing the same old lady in front of Ji-woo’s apartment earlier that night before leaving to meet with Seo-yeon. He panics and leaves Seo-yeon behind to rush back to his place.

Indeed, the old lady – who is actually a young man with a wig on – is seen running down Ji-woo’s house stairs to escape. Thankfully, Dae-young catches him just in time and the man is arrested. When interrogated by the police, Ji-woo lies that the man wasn’t trying to sneak into her house, but rather ran down the stairs because he was afraid of her dog. The man plans on taking legal action against Dae-young which upsets and frustrates Dae-young.

The two leave the police station together. Ji-woo scolds Dae-young for digging into her business and making her problems his. None of this would have had happened had Dae-young just minded his own business. Dae-young is astounded by Ji-woo’s comment. Things haven’t been easy for him either, especially having to deal with the fight between Ji-woo and Seo-yeon. Ji-woo voices to Dae-young what she had been thinking all along. Dae-young will no longer have to worry about her once she moves away.

When Seo-yeon returns home, she’s reminded of all the errands she has to run the next morning for Woo-sun. She marches to her room and screams in stress. Why does everyone worry for Ji-woo, but not for her?


The next day, Ji-woo and Seo-yeon meet so Seo-yeon can give her the fee Ji-woo used to pay to relocate her dad’s memorial site. Ji-woo prepares to head back inside her apartment when Seo-yeon stops her to reveal something. Seo-yeon saw Dae-young’s girlfriend and is aware of what she looks like. Ji-woo isn’t interested though and updates Seo-yeon on her move-out soon. But it’s not what Ji-woo thinks it is.

Seo-yeon finally reveals to Ji-woo what she had seen that day. Dae-young’s girlfriend rests in the same building that her dad’s memorial site is located. It takes a while for it to click, but Ji-woo suddenly realizes the point that Seo-yeon is trying to make. Dae-young’s girlfriend is no longer alive.

My Thoughts:

Can they just leave Soo-ji alone? T_____T How many more times are we gonna bring her up? I know I know. Technically the whole misunderstanding about Dae-young’s former relationship with Soo-ji hasn’t been solved yet so we were going to have to confront that sooner or later, but it just hurts to be reminded every time of Soo-ji’s death. Asdkfjd. While I don’t necessarily appreciate or accept that it was Seo-yeon who spilled the secret to Ji-woo and not Dae-young himself, I’m glad the cat is out of the bag so that things aren’t misunderstood anymore. Ji-woo was a little frustrating in this episode and hopefully her awareness of Dae-young’s relationship status will ease things a little more.

I understand why Ji-woo is acting cold and aloof towards Dae-young. She’s moving away soon and she doesn’t want to keep relying on him as she used to, knowing that he won’t be as accessible and available anymore once she does move out. When they separate, she wants to be a lot more independent and capable of doing things by herself and not have to go to Dae-young for support (not that he minds helping her in the first place but still). To an extent, I can understand why Ji-woo is preparing herself for their farewell and I’m glad that she realized just how much Dae-young’s done for her.


However, her turn of actions and behaviors was a bit sudden and frustrating. I don’t think she wants to act this way towards Dae-young necessarily. I think it’s more of a defense mechanism or way for her to cope with the fact that she’s going to move soon and might not be in contact with him as much. Plus, the fact that Dae-young keeps meeting with Seo-yeon doesn’t sit so well with Ji-woo either. There’s a variety of reasons why Ji-woo acted so harshly towards Dae-young, but it doesn’t have to be this way. She doesn’t have to act so unpleasantly towards Dae-young. Who says they can’t maintain contact with each other after she moves? Dae-young even suggested the idea himself to Ji-woo, but she refused. Why? For what? Dae-young never really gave Ji-woo a reason for her to act the way she did towards him in this episode. Plus, his meetings with Seo-yeon had been a frequent thing since Seo-yeon returned to Korea and Ji-woo is well aware of that. If that’s the main reason why she’s upset with Dae-young then I hope she clears all misunderstandings with the both of them. However, I don’t know why she would be upset over that because it’s not like Ji-woo hasn’t seen the both of them together before. Clearly, I’m a little confused with Ji-woo’s thoughts and behaviors in this episode and I’m really hoping things will improve next episode.

Woo-sun is really getting a kick out of torturing Seo-yeon which is both amusing and funny but also pitiful. I just find it funny and ironic that Seo-yeon used to be the one giving errands, but has now become the errand girl herself. She finally knows and understands how Jin-seok must have felt back in college, lol. It’s not an easy job and Seo-yeon is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. I wonder for how much longer Woo-sun is going to keep this up and when Seo-yeon is going to complain or rebel to her boss. She does need that money, but she also wants respect and less humiliation. The two trying to reach another compromise will definitely be something to watch out for.

As usual, the college days remain entertaining and fun. This episode in particular was so relatable and reminded me of my college career (which ended not too long ago asdkfjd). The busy libraries and centers that had no empty seats so I had to resort to studying off-campus just so I could make ends meet. I don’t miss any of it at all, but all the scenes in here depicting that struggle definitely brought back some memories.

Ji-woo will have to make one of the biggest decisions of her life yet within such little time. Now that she’s aware of Dae-young’s relationship status, maybe she’ll lighten up and things will change for the better. Here’s to hoping she’ll have a change of heart and maintain her friendship with him like how she was able to in college.

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