Let’s Eat 3: Episode 8 Recap


Things are finally turning out better for all our characters. No more unnecessary and random angst, no more misunderstandings and anger. Just lots of love and lots of wishes to clarify comments and express one’s thoughts. While we see relationship development for Ji-woo and Dae-young, it is Woo-sun and Seo-yeon who will steal the spotlight in this episode for once.

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 8 Recap

The soccer club is slowly dying and there aren’t that many members left. F4 and Ji-woo brainstorm ways they can recruit members and ultimately decide that becoming food vendors at their school’s upcoming festival would be the best option. Ji-woo can cook and they’ll proceed to buying soccer gear for new members with the profits they make. With that, Ji-woo prepares for the festival and asks her mom for a larger quantity of kimchi for the dish she’ll be cooking for the festival.

It’s the day of the festival. Once the soccer club finishes preparing the food they’ll be selling, Ji-woo and Dae-young walk around to explore the rest of the festival. They become a bit nervous when they notice all the competition from the other food vendors selling similar snacks as them, but they try not to worry. As the two continue to walk around, they purchase and share some cotton candy with each other. However, it gets awkward when they make eye contact while biting from the same stick so Dae-young eventually gives it to Ji-woo to finish. Askdfjd.

Dae-young must really care for Ji-woo. One of her favorite celebrities Se7en has appeared at the festival to prepare for his performance, but she’s unable to get a peak at him because of the huge crowd in front of her. Dae-young lifts her up so she can finally glance at the popular celebrity. Omg, get you a person like Dae-young!

Our soccer club aren’t making any profits or attracting any customers. Nothing seems to work. Ji-woo contacts Seo-yeon in hopes that her appearance and presence alone will do the magic. At first, some male customers drop by their booth because of Seo-yeon, but Seo-yeon realizes that this tactic won’t work. Using information and knowledge she learned as a marketing major, she shares tips and tricks with the soccer club on how they can best attract customers. Sure enough, with her help and support, they slowly start to gain more traction. Yay! Thanks to Seo-yeon, the soccer club gets busy.


On the way back from buying some dough, Sung-joo catches a glance of Rain/Bi who’s also performing at the festival. He exclaims the exciting news to the rest of the squad, but is interrupted by pouring rain. It’s literally raining. HAHAHAH. The soccer club panics as they clean and start to pack everything. Byung-sam, Jin-seok, and Sung-joo all freeze though as they watch Ji-woo clean in her soaked white t-shirt. Dae-young moves her to the side and covers her white t-shirt with his green sweater.

The rain doesn’t stop the soccer club from persisting though. They continue their little business under their tent even with the rain. As Byung-sam slices some onions, he asks for Jin-seok to wipe his eyes. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds that he was talking to Ji-woo all along. It turns out he can actually talk to girls! Dae-young assumes it must be because Byung-sam doesn’t perceive Ji-woo as a woman which causes her to become a little confused and bothered.


Dae-young’s two high school friends drop by the festival to visit him. They order some snacks and one of his friends in particular seems interested in Ji-woo. He asks Dae-young to relay to Ji-woo if they could go on a blind date, but Ji-woo isn’t interested. However, it turns out Dae-young had never asked Ji-woo if she was interested in a blind date with his friend. Dae-young’s high school friend is a huge player and he doesn’t want someone like Ji-woo to be meeting him. Aww, he’s looking out for her :((

The festival finally ends and Dae-young and Ji-woo head back home together. They didn’t make too much money, but it was still a good learning experience. Dae-young can’t help but seem to notice how cute and adorable Ji-woo’s dialect sounds after his high school friend pointed it out to him earlier that day. EEEEEK.

When Ji-woo gets home, she complains to a sick Seo-yeon that she won’t speak with a dialect anymore. She’s going to become a woman! However, this proves to be difficult for Ji-woo as she continues to speak in her dialect.


While talking to Stepmom on the phone and walking back to Ji-woo’s apartment, Seo-yeon encounters her biological mom waiting outside the apartment complex. The two head to a cafe to catch up and talk, but it’s clear Seo-yeon doesn’t care about her mom. Ever since Dad remarried Ji-woo’s mom, Seo-yeon’s been a lot happier and life has gotten better. Mom doubts their marriage will last though and warns Seo-yeon to be careful with her attitude when Seo-yeon refuses to listen to her mom’s rants. It’s obvious her real mom doesn’t care about her.

Seo-yeon washes away her stress and resentment by drinking some soju at a nearby park. She notices a young student getting bullied by three other students so she intervenes to help the victim. Thankfully, the three bullies escape in fear of Seo-yeon and no one is hurt. However, Seo-yeon wants 80 cents from the victim to buy herself some more soju in return for saving his life. It turns out the student she saved was none other than middle school Woo-sun. OMG. HAHAH.

The drama then transitions to the present and returns to the scene of Seo-yeon complaining about her life. Why is it that both Woo-sun and Dae-young care about Ji-woo, but not about her?

As seen in the prior episode, Seo-yeon meets with Ji-woo to give her the fee that Ji-woo had paid to relocate Seo-yeon’s dad’s ashes. She also reveals to Ji-woo that Dae-young’s girlfriend is no longer alive; she’s now resting in the same building that Seo-yeon’s dad is. Ji-woo is shocked and feels apologetic for treating Dae-young so harshly the past few days. As Seo-yeon leaves, Ji-woo encounters Dae-young heading to the police station. She voices his name, but Dae-young doesn’t respond and drives away.

Seo-yeon heads to Woo-sun’s workplace to drop off some documents. When she finishes handing him the files, she overhears him and his team discuss about Dae-young. She too wants to join in on the conversation, but is urged to leave the room by Woo-sun. Lol.

Woo-sun has another food pick-up for Seo-yeon to order. This time, she’ll be traveling even further than she did all the other times. Omg, Woo-sun’s having too much fun isn’t he?


Dae-young visits the man he had attacked for trying to sneak into Ji-woo’s house. The man is hospitalized and has filed a complaint against Dae-young. Putting his pride and thoughts aside, Dae-young is willing to settle with the man and give him $10,000 just so they can get the incident over with. As Dae-young leaves the room, Ji-woo – who had overheard their conversation – enters the same room right after. The man takes advantage of Ji-woo and forces her to give him a massage or else he won’t settle. Dae-young enters the room to find Ji-woo massaging the man and stops her immediately. He also scolds the man for his evil actions. Settlement or not, Dae-young doesn’t care.

Dae-young drags Ji-woo out of the room and also speaks some harsh words to her. She didn’t want anything to do with him, why is it that she’s now getting involved in his problems? Dae-young warns her to stay out of his business. T___T this is so sad. Lol.

Ji-woo meets with a realtor to discuss her living situation. She asks the realtor to find her another place that costs $10,000 less. She needs that $10,000 for an urgent emergency.

Seo-yeon visits the restaurant that Woo-sun wants her to pick some ingredients up from. On her way back to the bus station, she comes across a restaurant that makes her most favorite food: kimchi dough soup! She stops by the restaurant to have a taste of the dish, but accidentally misses her bus and returns to Woo-sun’s house late. Despite her reasoning, he disproves of her tardiness and won’t let it slide. There was a good reason as to why Woo-sun wanted her back home by a certain time. Since Seo-yeon arrived an hour later than she was supposed to, the food became spoiled and Woo-sun suffers in the restroom as a result.

On his way to the office, Dae-young encounters the hospitalized pervert who tried to sneak into Ji-woo’s house protesting outside his work building. The man holds a sign that claims that Dae-young places innocent people into hospitals. This obviously affects Dae-young and he has trouble concentrating at work. Now the man wants $20,000 instead of the $10,000 he had originally proposed. Dae-young is ordered by his supervisor to conclude the settlement as soon as possible before the issue blows up. Noo, my poor Dae-young 😦


The teasing against Seo-yeon continues. Woo-sun calls in a sick day and rests in his bed. Seo-yeon at first checks in on him to see how he’s doing, but she’s called into his room afterwards for different reasons. Whether it’s to bring Woo-sun books to read that he actually doesn’t end up reading or to bring him a set of new blankets, Seo-yeon is repeatedly called into his room for different errands. She finally receives a short break after washing his blanket.

Dae-young consults with a car salesmen to determine how much he would make if he was to sell his car. At that moment, he receives a phone call and is informed that the hospitalized man has dropped his complaint against Dae-young.

It’s all thanks to Ji-woo who posted about the incident online which brought forth many other girls to also share their accounts of the same thing happening to them. It turns out the same guy also attempted to sneak in other girls’ houses while also wearing a wig. Dae-young learns from the police that it was due to Ji-woo’s quick and smart thinking that he was saved and the guy was captured. Dae-young treats Ji-woo out for some food as a sign of gratitude.

They head out to eat the same meal that they had together back in college. Aww. Whether it’s because of how delicious the food is or because they no longer have to worry about the incident, Dae-young and Ji-woo become a lot happier. She also apologizes for getting Dae-young tangled up in the fight between her and Seo-yeon. Ji-woo ends the conversation by encouraging Dae-young to seek her support if he ever needs it.

Seo-yeon meets with her biological mother a second time. Mom wants Seo-yeon to live with her, but Seo-yeon refuses. Mom abandoned her to live with another man, but now she suddenly wants her back? Seo-yeon won’t listen to her mom anymore. Seo-yeon discovers how much of a resemblance she has to her mom when she’s reminded of her conversation with Ji-woo about Dae-young’s former relationship with Soo-ji. Just like her mom, Seo-yeon can’t stand the sight of someone being happy so she’s often done things to ruin that person’s happiness.


Woo-sun waits anxiously for Seo-yeon’s return to his house. When she does arrive, he finds her puking in his restroom. Seo-yeon finally expresses her thoughts and pleads for him to stop making her life miserable.

The person who was originally going to move into Ji-woo’s place is no longer interested due to the incident. Ji-woo’s landlady pleads for Ji-woo to stay at her apartment for a little longer until she finds another person to move in. Ji-woo still has some time on her contract anyways.

Seo-yeon stays in her room all day and doesn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. Woo-sun finally manages to get her to leave the room because he has another job for her to do. He takes her to the kitchen and has her taste some of the kimchi dough soup that he had bought for her. It’s the same soup she liked so much that caused her to be late on the day she picked up his food ingredients.

Seo-yeon is touched by Woo-sun’s kindness and tears up. She really needed the kimchi dough soup since she hasn’t been feeling good lately. The food is like her cure and medicine to cheering her up. Upon listening to and watching Seo-yeon, Woo-sun stares lovingly at Seo-yeon. He leans in for a kiss and their lips touch. AHHHHHH. WTH IS GOING ON.

Seo-yeon is taken aback by the kiss and accidentally spills some of the hot soup onto his hands. But no, Woo-sun’s hands aren’t burning. His heart is burning even more. ASDKJFD. He leans in for another kiss and this time, he kisses her for as long as his burning heart is able to take.

My Thoughts:



Okay, no but seriously, what is going on?! Things happened so quickly and the situation escalated from 0-100 within just a few seconds. I seriously did not expect the kiss to happen and I was left with wide eyes and an opened mouth upon watching their lips touch. I kind of knew that Woo-sun had feelings for Seo-yeon and him teasing her by sending her on errands was just a way for him to express those feelings. It was fun and enjoyable for him and he acted like a little kid around her who continually wanted her attention and time. But omg, I was not expecting that kiss so soon already! I guess he really couldn’t take it anymore and his heart was burning way too much he needed to somehow cool it down. Askdjfd (I’m honestly still so shook from the kiss, I don’t think I’ll be over it anytime soon. I really was not expecting it at all and I took so many screenshots of the kiss from all kind of angles. LOL. Plus, it was so cheeeeesy. “My heart is burning more!” Woo-sun, which book did you learn that from?!).

For once, it finally seems like food plays an important role for our characters in this drama. The appearance of Seo-yeon’s biological mother was an interesting one because it allowed us to witness Seo-yeon’s broken and intense dynamics with her mother, but also caused Seo-yeon to finally realize what type of person she is. I think this will serve as a critical reminder and milestone to hopefully motivating Seo-yeon to become more mature and change her old ways so that she doesn’t become the type of hateful person that her mom has transformed into.  Seo-yeon resents her mom and her mom’s indecisiveness; she wouldn’t want to do the same things and emulate the same habits as her. Hopefully this will serve as motivation for Seo-yeon to change and slowly make amends with Ji-woo.

Seo-yeon also now feels hope and rejuvenation thanks to the kimchi dough soup which means a lot more to her than just food. As she stated herself, it’s her medicine and cure to her problems in life and I like that we finally see what type of meanings food has for our characters in this drama. So far, I feel like our characters had just been eating food for the sake of the title and not necessarily for any other purposes so it was nice to see Seo-yeon feel so moved by a simple dish. The kimchi dough soup reminds her of her old college memories with Ji-woo’s mom and gives her the peace and happiness that she seeks. Having it as a meal couldn’t have arrived at a better time since her biological mother had been trying to maintain contact with her again after so long which Seo-yeon clearly doesn’t want nor like.

A part of me feels like she misses Ji-woo’s mom which is why she yearns for the kimchi dough soup where ever she goes and complains when the soup isn’t as tasty as Ji-woo’s mom would make it. Ji-woo’s mom treated her like her own daughter and cherished her (more so than Ji-woo which is another topic in itself) and Seo-yeon never received that type of love from her biological mom. Now that her real mom is trying to slowly creep her way back into Seo-yeon’s life, Seo-yeon eating the kimchi dough soup is a reminder that her biological mom has never been her mom for only Ji-woo’s mom really cared for her at all.


I’m so so glad that Ji-woo and Dae-young made up in this episode because I was already getting tired (and sad) of seeing the two avoid the other for no good reason. Ji-woo got mad at Dae-young for something that he didn’t do to her and then got sad when he finally gave her a taste of her own medicine. None of this would have happened had she just understood and thought things through thoroughly the first time around. The incident with the hospitalized predator was a plot device that the drama used so the two could make up. While I didn’t care for this plot at all, I’m just glad that the two compromised somehow and are now on good terms again. It seems like Ji-woo began to treat Dae-young kindly again upon discovering that Dae-young didn’t actually have a girlfriend which confused me. Is that the actual reason why she was so upset with him in the first place and didn’t want to have to do anything with him in the last episode? I don’t understand where irritated Ji-woo came from and why she was upset with him. I don’t think I’ll ever understand, but let’s hope this never happens again.


This episode was truly Woo-sun and Seo-yeon’s episode and their relationship is what I had been anticipating all along. Out of all things, I looked forward to their relationship development the most and I have to say that I am not disappointed! Shocked and surprised by the kiss? YES. DEFINITELY. ALWAYS AND FOREVER WILL BE (it seriously came out of nowhere! Am I the only one who’s shocked but happy and giddy??!). But it was so good and so worth it and I can’t wait to see how Seo-yeon responds to the kiss. It’ll probably be awkward between the two for a while, but I assume Seo-yeon will reciprocate the feelings back to Woo-sun. When that happens, maybe she’ll be the one leaning in to give him a kiss next time and I’ll once again squeal and scream as I did with this kiss. I’ll definitely try to prepare myself for that next kiss though. Anything is possible at this point as we clearly saw. Gotta be prepared at all times!

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