Time (시간): Episode 6 Recap


Things are starting to pick up now that our characters dig deeper into Mom and Ji-eun’s investigations. While Ji-hyun and Soo-ho remain persistent in discovering the truth, Min-seok works just as hard to protect himself. We finally gain a sense of where Chae-Ah stands in the middle of all this and how she feels about the man she once wanted to befriend.

Time (시간): Episode 6 Recap


Episode 6 starts off with Soo-ho reflecting about the last few months he has to live. As scenes of his family members, restaurant staff, and Ji-hyun interject between scenes of a numb Soo-ho falling to the ground, he states,

The average life span in Korea is 82 years. That’s about 2.6 billion seconds. My expected life span? 6 months. That’s about 16 million seconds. When I die, will anyone cry for me? Until now, what have I done with my life?

If I’m given more time, I wouldn’t have wasted my life like I did. I have been given an extra of 16 million seconds. During that time, I’ll burn like a flame.

Ji-hyun and Young-hee move into their new apartment unit together. As they take a break from moving in, they encounter Soo-ho who turns out to be living next door to the two friends. He claims he moved in first and that Ji-hyun followed her after. Soo-ho introduces himself as their neighbor and walks away. It seems like Soo-ho and Ji-hyun will see each other even more frequently now that they’re neighbors. Hehe.

Young-hee threatens to report Soo-ho to the police since he’s purposely following them, but Ji-hyun will talk with him first to determine what he’s up to. Meanwhile, the new place is a little uncomfortable and foreign for Soo-ho. He asks Bok-gyu to live with him, but his assistant himself is uncomfortable with the idea of sharing an apartment with his boss. Hahaha.


Min-seok works late into the night in his office. As he dozes off, he recalls the night of the incident that lead to Mom and Tae-sung’s death. After the car they were in exploded into flames, Min-seok’s next target was the supervisor himself who had teamed up with Min-seok to defeat Tae-sung. Since Tae-sung is dead and the evidence he had about Ji-eun’s death is destroyed, Min-seok chases after the supervisor to kill him. They run into the forests and eventually to a cliff. The supervisor holds tightly onto Min-seok’s tie as he dangles from the edge of the cliff. It’s too late for the supervisor though as Min-seok removes the tie from his neck and the supervisor falls to his death. This could explain for the new tie that Min-seok is sporting at work now.

Ji-hyun has a talk with Soo-ho like she reassured Young-hee she would. After bickering with each other through the non-soundproof walls and a short video call, the two meet each other to bicker in person. Aksdjfd. Once again, Soo-ho claims that he moved in first. Plus, he’s living at the apartment for another reason which he’ll tell Ji-hyun before he dies. Ji-hyun places her trust in Soo-ho and adds that he’s a nice person.

The next morning, Soo-ho has his restaurant staff drop food off at Ji-hyun and Young-hee’s place. Hahaha. They even bring in a red carpet to roll the food cart on and set the food on their coffee table. After preparations are finished, they all leave and the two roommates fill their stomachs with the delicious food. Lol, I love it I love it.

Chae-Ah meets with Soo-ho to discuss about their original plan. Soo-ho had claimed that if Chae-Ah cut off all ties with Min-seok, he would hand over his restaurant to her and let her keep it. She wants to honor that deal and proposes a joint ownership of the restaurant with Soo-ho. To avoid any suspicions, they’ll both own the restaurant for a while first before Soo-ho turns it over to Chae-Ah for full ownership. Soo-ho agrees, but expresses a concern he has about the joint ownership. If Chae-Ah is doing this just so she can spend more time with Soo-ho, she should stop. She’ll just be disappointed with the outcome.

Ji-hyun and Soo-ho continue their investigations behind the deaths of Mom and Ji-eun. As Ji-hyun spreads awareness about the incidents via social media and flyers, Soo-ho receives a tip from a colleague on Kang In-bum – Ji-eun’s supervisor. In-bum was the one responsible in sending Ji-eun to Soo-ho’s hotel room the night that she drowned in the pool, but why did he kill Mom?


Soo-chul, Dae-chul, and Min-seok all have some lunch together. A prosecutor – Prosecutor Jo – who’s investigating the hit-and-run incident leading to Mom’s death soon joins the trio. They discuss about the incident and brainstorm possible suspects behind Mom’s death. Soo-chul assumes Soo-ho must have been involved with the incident somehow since Mom was persistent in solving the truth behind her daughter’s death. Maybe Soo-ho wanted to kill Mom so she would be stopped once and for all. Min-seok remains quiet throughout the conversation, but finally voices his final thoughts. He’s willing to crack the case if given the appropriate case files. They’ll all work together to bring Soo-ho down.

Min-seok panics and returns to the scene where Kang In-bum had fallen from the cliff. He heads to hospitals to check for any signs of life from Kang In-bum, but there hasn’t been any reports or visits from him.


Ji-hyun meets with a reporter to discuss about the hit-and-run incident. After analyzing all the details surrounding Ji-eun and Mom’s death, the reporter concludes there must have been someone rich and powerful behind both deaths. Ji-hyun argues with a detective from the police station on the hit-and-run incident. It must have been connected somehow to Ji-eun’s death. The detective remains indifferent though and reminds Ji-hyun of the conclusions for both cases. Ji-eun’s investigation is closed and Mom’s death is still being investigated. The reporter records Ji-hyun’s confrontation with the detective and captures it all on camera.

While checking a list of phone calls that Kang In-bum had made in the days leading up to the hit-and-run incident, Soo-ho catches something interesting. Kang In-bum had made a phone call to Min-seok. Soo-ho assumes that Min-seok must be involved in the incident somehow.

Ji-hyun returns home after a long and tiring day with the reporter. She wishes to get some rest, but Soo-ho pesters her. Since he won’t stop talking to her anyways, Ji-hyun updates him on her day. She’s working with a reporter who’s going to air a report on Mom and Ji-eun’s deaths. Ji-hyun feels relieved that others will finally learn and hear about the incidents now. Maybe new details and tips will pour in once the show airs.

Soo-ho stops by Ji-hyun’s place after hearing about her day. He wants to pick up the plates the restaurant staff had used to bring her food the other day. Soo-ho also offers to help fix Ji-hyun’s broken watch that her sister had gifted her for her birthday. He leaves soon after and returns to his apartment unit. On the way back, Soo-ho walks past the reporter who stops by Ji-hyun’s place to drop something off to her. The reporter asks Ji-hyun about her relationship with Soo-ho to which Ji-hyun simply shares that they met at the W Department Store she works at. They’re now neighbors by “accident.”

Min-seok is ordered to get Chae-Ah’s signature to the contract acknowledging Soo-ho and her joint ownership of the restaurant. When the two meet, they discuss about everything but the restaurant. Chae-Ah is uncertain if she and Min-seok can really be friends anymore after what she witnessed. Min-seok reiterates that he didn’t kill anyone (even though we all know he did) and expresses his wish for her to meet someone who cares for her.


Soo-ho brings Ji-hyun’s broken watch to a repair shop. Meanwhile, he introduces Chae-Ah as the new co-owner of the restaurant to the staff. They welcome her, but it’s obvious they’re not too happy about the new addition (“wow I finally realize how nice Soo-ho was!” Lol). As everyone enters the restaurant lobby, Soo-ho is greeted by the same reporter working with Ji-hyun.

Ji-hyun revisits photos and journals of Mom and Ji-eun. While listening to a tape of Mom’s favorite songs, Ji-hyun explores Ji-eun’s journal. At first, she flips through the pages without noticing much. However, she stops upon reading notes that Ji-eun had written in regards to her meetings with Kang In-bum.

The reporter interrogates and interviews Soo-ho about Ji-eun, but he refuses to answer her questions. He urges her to leave the restaurant and it isn’t until Chae-Ah steps in that the reporter finally realizes the situation. Chae-Ah claims that she was with Soo-ho the night of the incident and that he had no involvement in the case whatsoever. Once the reporter exits, Soo-ho questions Chae-Ah about the night of the incident. Was Chae-Ah really not at the hotel room that night? Chae-Ah remains silent and walks away.

With the notes in Ji-eun’s journal as well as help from villagers, Ji-hyun makes her way to the old and worn-out warehouse that Ji-eun once visited. The warehouse is empty so Ji-hyun prepares to give up. However, right at that moment, she overhears a man who sounds like Kang In-bum talking outside not too far. She runs out to find the man, but he’s no where to be seen.

Ji-hyun brings this to the detective’s attention. She clearly heard his voice. If they stake out at the place for a little bit, they could possibly capture him. However, the detective isn’t convinced.

Ji-hyun is left with no choice, but to attempt the stakeout herself. Of course, Soo-ho eavesdrops on her conversation with Young-hee and joins Ji-hyun on her plans to capture Kang In-bum. He packs his belongings and drives her to a rooftop near the warehouse. Lol.

Ji-hyun watches as Soo-ho unpacks his belongings. He not only brings some binoculars, but he also has some coffee they can share later on if they get tired. Askdjfd. Ji-hyun becomes curious as to why Soo-ho keeps helping her out, but she stops herself. She joins him in eating breakfast.

Chae-Ah invites Min-seok to have dinner with her and her dad’s colleague. She introduces Min-seok to him and they discuss about work.


As Soo-ho and Ji-hyun camp out on the rooftop of the building, Soo-ho starts to feel nauseous and sick. He also receives an update on Kang In-bum and discovers that the man had used his credit card at an ATM machine some where in Busan. Since he’s away from the warehouse, the two conclude their stakeout and head back home.

After Chae-Ah and Min-seok finish grabbing dinner with her dad’s colleague, they have a small talk about the activity. Why did Chae-Ah invite him to dinner? Chae-Ah claims that she did it because they’re friends which confuses Min-seok. She hands him a small gift and bids him farewell.

Soo-ho isn’t feeling so well, but he still gathers all of his strength and energy to drop by Ji-hyun’s place. She cooks him some food to thank him for all his help and support. It’s always been him who fed her so now she wants to do the same for him in return. She shares that she’s always dreamed of being a famous chef who traveled around the world to taste different foods, but now she just wishes she could share a meal with Mom and Ji-eun (OMG T___T I’M CRYING). Ji-hyun apologizes to Soo-ho for bringing the mood down, but he doesn’t mind. He confesses that he’s helped her all along out of gratitude. She saved his life and taught her what it meant to be a human being. Soo-ho leaves after a few bites to attend some important business. He also hands Ji-hyun her watch that’s fixed like it’s brand new. The fixed watch couldn’t have arrived on a better day as it’s Ji-eun’s birthday.

Soo-ho agrees to an interview with the same reporter working with Ji-hyun under one condition. Until the show airs, Ji-hyun shouldn’t know anything about the interview.

Ji-hyun follows up on the tip that Kang In-bum was seen using his credit card at an ATM machine in Busan. However, the detective claims that it wasn’t him, but rather just another man who looked similar to him. Frustrated, Ji-hyun sets out for the warehouse again. Just when she’s about to leave, she witnesses the most shocking scene yet. Chae-Ah meets with Kang In-bum and hands him a suitcase packed with money. He’s alive and Chae-Ah is bargaining with him for some reason. Meanwhile, Min-seok opens the gift that Chae-Ah had given her at dinner not too long ago. Sure enough, inside is the same tie that he was wearing on the day of the hit-and-run incident. Still visible are the blood stains from Kang In-bum when Kang In-bum had been holding onto Min-seok’s tie for dear life. Ooooooh. Now THIS is getting interesting. Woot woot!

Soo-ho reveals to the reporter his account of what he remembers on the night of Ji-eun’s death. He called Ji-eun over to his hotel room because he was stressed and overwhelmed with news about his cancer. He wanted to find a way to relieve himself of that stress. However, he drank too much and when he woke up the next morning, he found Ji-eun dead in his pool. He’s uncertain as to what happened or if he had any involvement in the incident. More so, Soo-ho doesn’t trust himself.


The reporter commends Soo-ho for being so brave in doing the interview. Was it because of Ji-hyun that he found the strength and courage to do so? But Soo-ho shakes his head in disagreement. He answers that he’s going to die someday. While he’s alive now, he wants to simply live like a human being.

My Thoughts:

Before I comment about the content we were fed in this episode, can we first talk about the ending scene? Kim Jung-hyun’s micro-expressions were so subtle but expressive and it was one of the most beautiful scenes ever. You didn’t see anything else but his face in that scene and if he didn’t emote well, that would have just defeated the whole purpose of filming so close up to his face. However, Kim Jung-hyun knew how to perfectly react and which face expressions to use to emote his uncertainty and thinking. It was risky to film an intimate scene so close-up, but the director trusted Kim Jung-hyun and he trusted himself. I’ve already mentioned this starting from the moment I saw the teasers to this drama, but Kim Jung-hyun is seriously so good in his role as the serious, dark, and melancholy Soo-ho and he’s really bringing this character to life. He does so well in every scene, but man, that ending scene was probably one of the best highlights from Jung-hyun yet in this drama.

That plot twist at the end with Chae-Ah handing Min-seok the tie was amazing. It gave me goosebumps because we finally receive some kind of hint and indication on how she feels about him. Prior to that revelation, I was confused on her motives and why she kept on sticking around Min-seok even though she had already agreed to co-own the restaurant with Soo-ho. Why does she keep affiliating herself with him when she’s not supposed to? Does she really want to be friends with Min-seok? Does Chae-Ah maybe have feelings for Min-seok or still want to be around him even after all that she saw and heard about him? However, her handing him the tie from the hit-and-run incident just eliminates any doubts I had about her and I’m glad she’s finally made her move. She’s now set on bringing Min-seok down and has teamed up with Kang In-Bum to do so.

It was so so satisfying to see Min-seok petrified upon seeing the tie because I feel like someone is finally doing something to go after him. He’s killed people and has played a huge role in bringing people down and hid the truths behind Ji-eun and Mom’s death. It was like he was moving scot-free the entire time despite having committed so many horrible things within such a short amount of time. There was no one going after him (because he’s done a decent job in masking his actions I have to admit), but it seems like now things are finally starting to catch up to him (ABOUT TIME!). He’s going to suffer the consequences and punishments he rightfully deserves and I can’t wait for it to happen any sooner. Chae-Ah is not that bad after all.


This episode slowed down a little bit after the last episode which was nice. It gave us some room to breathe and to just relax without worrying about someone possibly dying again. Keeping Kang In-bum alive was such an interesting choice because the drama could killed him off along with Mom and Tae-sung. At the same time, doing that would mean losing any evidence related to their deaths so it wouldn’t make any sense to do that. Regardless, I’m just glad someone who was there at the scene is alive so that Soo-ho and Ji-hyun can be steps closer to discovering what really went down at the hotel room as well as discover who was behind the hit-and-run incident.

It was also relieving and adorable to see Ji-hyun and Soo-ho communicate as neighbors. They’ve gotten closer to each other both literally but also as friends who can now visit each other’s places and feed the other food. They continue to share their stories with each other indicating that they trust each other enough to do so. Their relationship continues to improve and grow and I’m so happy that they have each other. Ji-hyun and Soo-ho might not have a lot of people around them who they trust and love, but they have each other and that seems like more than enough for them.


I wasn’t expecting this drama to have such comedic scenes which was surprising but also nice. This drama is primarily a melodrama so I just expected lots of crying and dying and dramatic plot twists and whatnot, but the comedic scenes are really such a pleasant surprise. They help brighten up the dreary mood and remind you of the positivity during moments of hardships and conflict. Kim Jung-hyun continues to remain so entertaining and funny around Bok-gyu and Ji-hyun and he couldn’t be any more adorable. He’s so darn cute around her and I love it so much. I was already well aware of Kim Jung-hyun’s good comedic timing in his past projects with ‘School 2017’ and ‘Waikiki’ so I’m glad that he’s able to utilize those skills again in this drama. It’s so nice to watch something funny in a drama that primarily remains dark and mysterious.


Both Soo-ho and Ji-hyun are slowly healing in their own ways. This journey to healing will take a while as the two still have struggles of their own that they’re facing. Despite it all, the two are preparing themselves for the worst and the unexpected. When the time comes, things will get difficult but with them by each other’s side, hopefully everything will be alright.

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