BTS releases concept photos for upcoming album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’


YAAAAAAAS. I’m loving these photos! You know it’s a good day when Big Hit finally (and randomly I might add) drops photos onto the face of this earth of amazing and talented BTS. Teaser photos to BTS’s upcoming album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ was finally released and I have to admit, THEY ARE LOOKING GOOD.

These teaser photos are for the ‘S’ and ‘E’ versions of the album so Big Hit will probably drop the ‘L’ and ‘F’ versions to complete their ‘Love Yourself’ album titles soon (soon as if in a few hours away from the time this post is published lol). In all honesty, I wasn’t really feeling the photoshoots for the ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ album. Although I found all the boys beautiful and great models, I didn’t really connect to any of the concepts. However, I have to say that I’m really enjoying and liking these new concept photos of the ‘S’ and ‘E’ version. While I’m leaning more towards the ‘E’ version just because I love anything soft and dreamy the boys do, the ‘S’ photos are always just as nice and noteworthy (The eyes and hands are a little creepy I gotta admit lolol. On another note, I’m liking V’s pink hair. Plus, my Jimin has an undercut! AHHHHHH!).

(the concept photos of the ‘S’ version)

With these concept photos, it seems as if BTS is conveying some sort of message related to surveillance and the inability to escape from all the eyes and expectations holding onto them. This makes me so much more excited for this next album which some fans are claiming will be their most controversial one yet. Whatever happens, I’m already liking the feel of this upcoming album that will also wrap up their ‘Love Yourself’ era. Though this era wasn’t exactly my favorite, I’d have to say that it was one of BTS’s most memorable and successful eras in a variety of ways. BTS has truly come a long way and as a fan from debut, I am so incredibly proud of them like I usually am.

(the ‘E’ version photos)

You can check out the rest of the photos and more BTS content at Big Hit’s official Twitter account here.

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