Let’s Eat 3: Episode 9 Recap


Our characters receive a second chance in life whether it’s regarding their career, love life, or relationships. Although they didn’t make things right the first time around or missed that first perfect opportunity, they are determined to turn things around and strive for what it is they want with this second chance. Will things turn out right for our characters or will they remain regretful about their past decisions?

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 9

Dae-young and Ji-woo decide to get lunch with each other. Similar to last time, they visit a restaurant that they used to frequent as college students. Once entering the restaurant, they stare at the restaurant wall documenting all of the winners who once won the food eating challenge. As usual, Dae-young’s polaroid picture is hung onto the wall among many others.

The drama then takes us back to the day that Dae-young finished the challenge. The restaurant worker takes a picture of him while Dae-young photographs his empty bowl he’ll post onto his blog later.


Summer passes and it’s winter time. Ji-woo and Seo-yeon finish watching a movie together and head over to a restaurant to join F3. Jin-seok isn’t there since he’s heart-broken over Seo-yeon and doesn’t want to see her in the meantime. Dae-young asks the crew when they should have their year-end party for the soccer club, but Seo-yeon boasts that she won’t be able to make it. She’ll be busy going on dates. Haha.

The food finally arrives and as usual, the food looks delicious and our crew are excited. Seo-yeon takes a few quick pictures of the food before taking some bites and then leaving. Of course, the crew can’t forget about the fried rice so they order some too before leaving. Dae-young takes a few photos of their empty bowls to post onto his Cyworld mini-homepage. Although he might not be that popular, he receives at least 30 visitors a day.

Of course, all those 30 visits are from none other than Ji-woo who sneaks onto his profile for his latest updates. Seo-yeon catches Ji-woo in her clumsy act and encourages her to just confess to Dae-young at this point. Seo-yeon will also be away for 2 days and 1 night as she’ll be going on a trip with her group of friends. After she leaves, Ji-woo once again returns to refreshing Dae-young’s profile page. As the 999th visitor, she is to win a prize from Dae-young (9 for his surname ‘Goo’ LOL). She refreshes it again and is to win yet another prize from Dae-young for being the 1,000th visitor. Hahah. Twice in a row! Impressive Ji-woo!


Dae-young confronts Ji-woo about visiting his profile page twice in a row and therefore earning a prize. He suspects it was F3 who informed her of the trick, but it was just really Ji-woo’s doing all along. Hehe.

F3 are hanging out, eating and playing some pool. Dae-young joins them not too long after and arrives just in time to hear Byung-sam’s confession: he has a crush on Ji-woo. This could explain why Byung-sam has been able to talk to Ji-woo so comfortably and easily recently. Jin-seok expresses that Byung-sam will never have a chance with Ji-woo, but Byung-sam points out that Jin-seok too will never end up with Seo-yeon. Loool.


As Seo-yeon waits at her friend’s apartment building before heading off to her trip, she encounters Byung-sam who’s also at the apartment. She’s a bit surprised to see Byung-sam at such a huge and luxurious apartment, but she doesn’t think about it too much. However, her suspicion increases when she learns that Byung-sam is the son of the Chairman of a corporation (WHAAAAAT?!). She watches as he enters with his dad a ballroom in the hotel building for the corporation’s year-end party.

Seo-yeon confronts the rest of the squad as they all hang out at Dae-young’s place. After a quick interrogation, the crew basically confirms Seo-yeon’s suspicions. Byung-sam’s dad is the owner of a wealthy and huge corporation! They all have different reactions to the discovery, but they’re all essentially shocked.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, everyone can’t help but talk about Byung-sam. Everything from tissue boxes to bags are made by Byung-sam’s dad’s company. Both Seo-yeon and Sung-joo suggest to Byung-sam and Ji-woo to pursue each other. Sung-joo will help Byung-sam win her heart. They can go to Jeongdongjin to watch the sunrise for the soccer club’s year-end party where Byung-sam can accompany Ji-woo while doing so. Dae-young doesn’t seem too happy with the suggestion, but he remains silent.

The next morning, Byung-sam’s dad’s company sends tons of toilet paper to Dae-young’s place. Lolol. Sung-joo helps Byung-sam prepare for the year-end trip while Dae-young heads off to work in a bad mood.

Ji-woo shows off to Dae-young Byung-sam’s luxurious car that they’ll be taking on their year-end trip. Dae-young uses the excuse of work to not go on the trip, but the rest of the squad encourages him to go. They agree that he can join them after he finishes work.

It’s the last day of the year. Dae-young finishes work and heads back to his apartment. Although he receives a text from Byung-sam asking on his whereabouts, Dae-young doesn’t respond. He’s uncertain if he should go or not. As he walks to his place, he encounters Ji-woo on the way. Shouldn’t she be with Byung-sam? That’s when Dae-young reads the rest of Byung-sam’s text and discovers that Ji-woo has other priorities she has to tend to back home. She’s unable to attend the year-end trip. Dae-young is relieved at the sight of Ji-woo. As they stand outside in the hallway before their apartment units, the light begins to flicker and eventually shuts off.

The two visit Landlord Grandma to address the issue, but she encourages them to wait until the snow dies down. The blackout will last a while because of the heavy snow. To celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, Dae-young and Ji-woo sit at the rooftop of the building and listen to a radio broadcast of the new year’s celebration. Just like everyone else, they count down to the new year and commemorate the new year together. Aww.


In the present, Dae-young and Ji-woo finish eating the bowl of spicy noodles that they were able to eat so easily back in college. As usual, Dae-young takes a picture of his empty bowl which he’ll post onto his blog later. It makes him feel good knowing that people enjoy the food that he recommends on his blog.

Woo-sun struggles to get some sleep after kissing Seo-yeon earlier that night. He recalls the moment she walked away from him after being kissed as if nothing ever happened. The next morning, Seo-yeon continues to act indifferent to the kiss. When they do bring it up, Seo-yeon labels the kiss as a mere accident and hopes that they can clearly differentiate between their personal and professional lives. Woo-sun reluctantly agrees with Seo-yeon.

Speaking of accidents, Woo-sun gets into a small car accident with Dae-young. Dae-young doesn’t mind the small bump Woo-sun’s caused on his car and forgives him for the accident. Later on in a work meeting, Woo-sun volunteers to visit a restaurant far from their workplace. He doesn’t want to return home early.

After work, Ji-woo calls Dae-young and invites him to get some dinner together. However, since Dae-young’s on a road trip with Woo-sun for work, he directs her to a restaurant using other restaurants nearby to get her there. Sure enough, Ji-woo finds the restaurant and orders some food. After finishing the meal, she takes a picture of the empty plate and sends it to Dae-young. She also orders one to go.

Woo-sun and Dae-young arrive at the restaurant which they’ve chosen to sample for work-related purposes. After engaging in a small food lesson about the dish, they devour the noodles and meals quickly. Fast forward an hour later and the guys finish their order. They then go on to discuss how solo eaters can have easy access to these meals and get it delivered to them by the restaurant. To find a solution, Woo-sun approaches the owner for a talk.


Ji-woo visits Mom at the new nursery home. They have a discussion about TV dramas where Ji-woo shares that her favorite is ‘Winter Sonata’ (omg I remember that drama! Haha). After explaining the plot to Mom, Mom feels like she can relate to the characters in the drama. Just like the female lead in the drama, Mom still hasn’t forgotten about Ji-woo’s dad and admits to missing him sometimes. She also feels apologetic for raising Ji-woo alone. Ji-woo smiles positively at Mom upon hearing this and encourages her to return to eating.

The restaurant owner isn’t interested in Woo-sun’s idea of food delivery from his restaurant. He’s more interested in maintaining food quality and less interested in money. Dae-young then makes a few quick moves so as to win the owner’s heart. He serves food to customers and even helps takes out the trash. Although Woo-sun attempts to stop Dae-young from helping out, Dae-young doesn’t mind. While standing outside of the entrance to the restaurant, the two guys witness the owner of the restaurant greet his Mom. Dae-young then borrows Woo-sun’s car to head somewhere really quick.

Seo-yeon grows nervous over not receiving a text or phone call from Woo-sun. She’s afraid she might have gotten fired.

We finally discover why Dae-young used Woo-sun’s car. He enters the same restaurant and offers Grandma three different slices of cake. It’s an entirely new world for Grandma as she grabs a bite of the cake. She’s thoroughly amused and impressed by Dae-young.

Dae-young and Woo-sun bid farewell with the restaurant owner and Grandma. Although the owner still isn’t opened to the idea of food delivery after all that Dae-young’s done, Dae-young believes his work will ultimately pay off. They then visit the same kimchi dough soup restaurant that Seo-yeon had visited a while back while she was on a food delivery pick-up for Woo-sun. Woo-sun is reminded of Seo-yeon upon recognizing the restaurant and can’t seem to concentrate. Kimchi dough soup just reminds him of the night he kissed Seo-yeon which stresses him out so he stuffs himself with some soju. Dae-young will have to do the driving that night.

As both guys drive back to town, Woo-sun rushes to the nearest building to use the restroom. He pays the hourly rate for a room at a nearby hotel because of his bad stomachache. Dae-young follows him to the hotel room and waits for him to finish. Lolol. Yay for bromance!

Dae-young ends up falling asleep the entire night and wakes up the next morning to the hotel receptionist demanding for their hotel fees. Dae-young heads to the restroom to check up on Woo-sun who’s found unconscious in the bathroom. He wakes up thanks to Dae-young and is suggested to visit a hospital to get checked up on. This seems like a severe case of food poisoning or maybe something even worse. Although Woo-sun is so sick he can barely speak or stand, Dae-young is still an insurance agent after all and expresses his regrets of not signing Woo-sun up for insurance. That’s the first thing he should have done when he first met Woo-sun. LOLOL.

That morning, Dae-young drops Woo-sun off at the hospital for a check-up. Ji-woo accompanies Woo-sun at the hospital and waits for his colonoscopy appointment to finish. Thankfully, it’s nothing serious and Woo-sun has stress-related enteritis. With some medicine, he’ll get better.

At the hospital cafeteria, Ji-woo hands Woo-sun some cabbage porridge to eat since it’ll help his intestines. Afterwards, she brings up the comments he made to her when he was still under anesthesia. Woo-sun unconsciously complained to Ji-woo about the kiss with Seo-yeon and how upset he feels that she perceived it as a mere accident. Although he doesn’t reveal Seo-yeon’s identity to Ji-woo, he continues to speak about it in frustration and irritation. Unlike Seo-yeon, the kiss actually meant something to Woo-sun.

Now awake and alert, Woo-sun quickly becomes embarrassed from having learned what he said to Ji-woo earlier. In response to Woo-sun’s confession, Ji-woo suggests that Woo-sun confess his feelings to the person he was talking about. If he doesn’t take this opportunity, he might regret it later on when he loses her to someone else. Ji-woo admits to Woo-sun that she experienced this with her first love and failed to confess to him when she should have.


While a curious and embarrassed Woo-sun listens to Ji-woo, she ponders over all the endless possibilities of what could have happened had she confessed to her first love.

My Thoughts:

Phew, good thing Woo-sun is okay (or at least for now he is)! I didn’t expect the food poisoning/health-related issue to drag on for another few episodes so I’m glad he’s alive and safe for now. Although I doubt the drama will take this route, I hope the drama doesn’t keep bringing up his health-related issues and that this is the last that we’ll see of him at the hospital. Hopefully Woo-sun will remain healthy and doesn’t pass out again or suffer anymore.


Seo-yeon’s reaction to the kiss was expected. I don’t think she was all of a sudden going to start having feelings for Woo-sun or acknowledge right out that their kiss meant something. We are halfway into the drama so we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see more between Seo-yeon and Woo-sun before things start to sizzle between the two. However, I find Woo-sun’s response to her reaction so relatable. As someone who likes the couple, I wanted Seo-yeon to feel the same way about the kiss as Woo-sun did. Maybe she does and she’s just pretending to act like it was no big deal, but I was a bit sad to see her act so indifferently around him the next morning.

I do think Seo-yeon’s developing feelings for Woo-sun though without realizing it. She waited for a text or phone call from him in this episode and became worried when he didn’t contact her. Whether it was because she’s become used to receiving errands or because she’s genuinely worried about Woo-sun, she’s thinking about him unconsciously and I think this action will turn into a habit that will then allow for her and Woo-sun to become a couple. Seo-yeon calls Ji-woo a fool for not realizing how Dae-young feels about her, but Seo-yeon might be the fool when she comes to realizing that she liked Woo-sun all along! Puahaha.

That plot twist with Byung-sam was so surprising but nicely well done! Just like our characters, I was not expecting him to be the son of a chairman at all which was such a nice and pleasant surprise. The drama so far had established our F4 crew to be a bunch of dorky, clumsy, ridiculous, and embarrassing guys that seeing them outside of that box is so surprising. I do feel a little iffy and sad at how different everyone treated Byung-sam though upon discovering that he was from a wealthy family. They were only doing so because they knew he was wealthy so they felt compelled to treat him better which is wrong in my opinion. They should have always been nice to him and although the crew has always been to an extent, their new treatment of him just screams pretentious to me in so many ways. Hopefully, they’ll continue to love and treat Byung-sam like the funny and silly guy he was before his secret identity was revealed. While I liked his new identity that came as a total shock, I also liked the way our squad treated him prior to discovering about his new secret identity.


We finally understand that Byung-sam has a crush on Ji-woo which is why he was able to talk to her so effortlessly. Although I’m not sure whether it’s because she’s the first girl he’s capable of holding a conversation with or because he’s able to easily get along with her that he likes her, I’m curious to see if the drama does anything with their little love line. Dae-young doesn’t seem too happy knowing that his friend likes Ji-woo although I doubt he’s going to do anything about it. He too likes Ji-woo, but is afraid to say anything and might not for the sake of Byung-sam. It’s not Byung-sam’s fault entirely either as neither he or any of the other guys are aware of Dae-young’s feelings for Ji-woo.


As we witness in the present, it seems like neither Ji-woo or Dae-young confessed their feelings to each other and missed the opportunity to spend a possible decade together. However, it’s a good thing they’ve reunited as they can finally receive that second chance they’ve been waiting for since ten years ago. This time, they’ll be brave and express to the other all the feelings they were so shy in expressing a decade ago.

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