Let’s Eat 3: Episode 10 Recap


Ahh, the good old promises. Things seem to be decent for our characters and they’re all moving along fine with their individual lives respectively. However, what happens when things start tumbling down all at once and they’re left with nothing? Who will they turn to for help? Who will be there to support and comfort them through these hard times? Relationships and individuals are put to the test in this episode. Who will come out victorious and who will lose it all?

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 10 Recap

Ji-woo and Dae-young stop by a convenience store to drink some beer and catch up. The beer reminds them of the good old college days and how expensive they used to be back then for the now financially stable adults.

The drama takes us back to their college days. F4 and the two sisters are at a restaurant drinking some beer when Byung-sam makes a confession to Ji-woo. Ji-woo kindly rejects Byung-sam and hopes to just stay as good friends. This isn’t the first time he’s confessed to Ji-woo as Byung-sam’s made seven confessions to Ji-woo so far. One for each holiday in Korea as well as on Sung-joo’s birthday. LOL. Ji-woo’s uncertain as to how to get Byung-sam to stop confessing to her every time he’s drunk. She’s frustrated and tired of having to reject him every time, but she’s also afraid of things getting awkward between them. Seo-yeon assumes Ji-woo’s constant rejection must be because of Dae-young in which Ji-woo denies the accusations.

F4 are all hanging out in Dae-young’s apartment once again when they listen in on the news of a terrifying gun-firing incident that occurred in the military. This spikes their anxiety and they brainstorm different possible ways they can postpone their enlistment. However, the boys are left hopeless. There’s nothing they can do. Not even Byung-sam’s powerful and wealthy dad can help.


Ji-woo and Seo-yeon go grocery shopping together. After trying all of the food samples, both sisters finally continue with the shopping. They encounter Dae-young along the way whose cart is full of soju bottles. Since the news of the gunfire incident, F4 are way too nervous and anxious for their military physical examination. They plan on washing all of that away by drinking some soju together. It’ll help ease the pain as they enlist for the military together.

Ji-woo is unable to sleep, eat, or focus on anything upon hearing that F4 will enlist in the military together. She’s a bit gloomy although she knows that the boys will have to enlist eventually. Seo-yeon finds Ji-woo’s sulky behavior suspicious, but she doesn’t say much.

The news is really getting to Ji-woo. As she walks across campus, she observes a group of students hanging out with one another. This reminds her of the times when she and Seo-yeon would also hang out with F4. Anything and everything on campus reminds Ji-woo of Dae-young. Even the coffee machine she refills brings back memories of him. As she’s refilling the coffee machine, she’s suddenly approached by Dae-young and spills some coffee powder on him. Ji-woo then treats Dae-young to lunch to make up for her mistake.

It’s during lunch when Dae-young updates Ji-woo on his military enlistment. He’s going to postpone it for a bit longer so that he can attend the World Cup in Germany the next year. Ji-woo’s mood is suddenly uplifted and cheerful upon hearing the good news. She even volunteers to work for a few hours for Dae-young while he takes his physical examination.


Ji-woo comes across Seo-yeon at the restaurant while she fills in for Dae-young. Meanwhile, F4 attend their physical examination for the military. They attempt to escape a full-term service by pretending to be mentally-ill or finding other ways to not have to serve the full two years. However, they receive no luck and all four are to serve full-time. The group decide to cheer themselves up by grabbing some food afterwards.

At the restaurant, the F4 squad orders the dishes that Ji-woo recommend they should try if they ever went there. As usual, the boys devour the food and stuff their empty stomachs with the food. Ji-woo’s suggestions were indeed the best. After eating, they decide to head to a cafe to grab some desserts. Byung-sam will treat of course.

F4 decide on a cafe that is popular with girls. They’re the only men in the cafe, but they’re surrounded by lots of girls so maybe things aren’t that bad. Plus, the dessert they buy is actually delicious. It seems like Byung-sam and Dae-young are more into the dessert than they are in the customers. Lol. After eating some shaved snow, toasts, and more, they finally decide to leave. Of course, Jin-seok approaches some girls who he thinks is interested in him and the boys. However, contrary to what he thought, they were only interested in the swings that the boys were sitting on and not them. LOL. Oof, that must have hurt.

Dae-young returns to work and excuses Ji-woo from the restaurant. Just as she’s about to leave, Dae-young’s supervisor stops Ji-woo and tries to get her to keep working at the restaurant. He’ll pay her extra if she stays since she performed exceptionally at the restaurant today. However, Ji-woo politely declines the offer and exits.

Seo-yeon returns to the apartment complex to find Jin-seok waiting for her at the entrance. Drunk and a little brave, he confesses to her his feelings and wishes for her to be his girlfriend until he enlists. Jin-seok even attempts to kiss Seo-yeon on the lips. She pushes him away and reveals that she doesn’t think of him that way. Seo-yeon even threatens to take him to the police. Jin-seok finally eliminates any feelings he had for Seo-yeon and runs away. Ji-woo scolds Seo-yeon for treating Jin-seok so harshly as she witnesses the scene. However, Seo-yeon bites back at Ji-woo for basically doing the same thing with Byung-sam every time he confesses to her.


Just when Ji-woo thinks everything’s okay, she suddenly becomes gloomy again. Dae-young plans on taking another part-time job to make more money for his trip to the World Cup. He’s even considering taking the next college semester off to focus on work.

Ji-woo’s mood and behavior drops again. Seo-yeon suggests Ji-woo to stop her feelings for Dae-young, but Ji-woo refuses to listen. Later on that day, Seo-yeon encounters Dae-young on the rooftop of their apartment building as they grab their laundry. She asks him about plans of dating before his enlistment in which Dae-young remains confused. He doesn’t plan on dating anyone. Seo-yeon’s surprised at how indifferent he feels about everything and assumes that he must not like Ji-woo since he’s clearly not making any moves.

After soccer practice, the squad (minus Jin-seok who’s going on a blind date) decide to grab some drinks and food at a restaurant (and as usual, Byung-sam will treat). There, Byung-sam makes another bold but casual confession to Ji-woo asking to be her boyfriend. And just like all the other times, Ji-woo rejects even though she’s drunk. Just as she’s about to confess to Dae-young, the live performance on TV distracts both him and Seo-yeon. They both run up to the TV to grab a closer look at the live performance while Ji-woo and Byung-sam remain in their seats. Ji-woo admits that she finds Dae-young attractive, but he’s unfortunately not there to hear her confession.


We return to the present where Dae-young and Ji-woo are having some drinks together in front of the convenience store. After reminiscing about all the beer they had back in college, Ji-woo invites Dae-young over for some breakfast the next morning. He happily agrees.

Seo-yeon visits a house to meet four housemates in search of a new addition to the place. After revealing to them some details about herself, the four girls eventually decide that Seo-yeon is a mismatch for them. She’s not selected to be their new housemate.

When Woo-sun returns home that night, he discovers Seo-yeon’s plans of moving out. He gives her another errand to run before rushing to his room to process the new information. Maybe it’s too late for Woo-sun to confess to Seo-yeon now. She already wants to move out.

Dae-young visits Ji-woo’s place the next morning for breakfast as planned. He assumes Ji-woo’s made some pollack porridge for him to eat so he begins to stuff himself with the porridge. However, the meal is actually for Beanie as she’s cooked some chicken soup (samgyetang) for Dae-young to eat. AHHHH, DAE-YOUNG PLEASE. While they feast over the chicken soup, Ji-woo discusses her concerns about Beanie. She’s getting old and her eyes aren’t as good as they once used to be. Dae-young reassures Ji-woo and knows of a veterinarian he can take Beanie to.

Dae-young and Ji-woo take Beanie to the veterinarian’s office. Although Dae-young has to leave early to meet with a client, Ji-woo and Beanie are ultimately grateful for him. At work, Dae-young is informed that they will no longer be contacting the restaurant who rejected their offers of a food delivery collaboration. However, Dae-young won’t take no for an answer. He’s going to keep charming his way into the owner’s Mom’s heart by buying her slices of cake she likes. This is how he will win her over and eventually the owner. He makes his way to the restaurant to meet with Grandma again.

Ji-woo receives results about Beanie from the veterinarian. Since Beanie is getting older, Ji-woo must ensure that Beanie is especially taken great care of from now until the rest of her life 😦

Woo-sun makes plans to confess to Seo-yeon after considering what Ji-woo told him a few days ago. He might regret it later if he doesn’t take the opportunity to confess to her now. He visits a floral shop to buy her some flowers and has her wait for him at his house. After hours of waiting, Seo-yeon finally hears the doors to the apartment open. She expects to see Woo-sun enter the apartment, but is instead greeted by Woo-sun’s cousin – the same lady that Seo-yeon had stolen money from in the United States and paid back all the debt to. Seo-yeon explains to his cousin the situation, but his cousin is confused. Seo-yeon’s already paid her back all the debt; she doesn’t need to pay her anything anymore. The two ladies stand in Woo-sun’s apartment puzzled and shocked. Uh-oh, this isn’t good.

Ji-woo tries to suggest to Beanie possible places they can visit together. However, Beanie isn’t interested in any of the suggestions and only cares about being with Dae-young. Coincidentally, she receives a phone call from Dae-young at that moment inviting her for some dinner together.


The two head to a fancy restaurant together and eat some dishes with each other. As usual, Dae-young shares tips and tricks with Ji-woo on how to best eat the dishes and to get the most out of eating them. After dinner, the two walk back to their place. Ji-woo updates Dae-young on Beanie’s visit to the veterinarian and expresses her agony in preparing to send Beanie off. She deals with this on the daily as a nurse, but she’s never really prepared for it. Dae-young comments that although death is difficult and imminent, it’s better knowing that someone’s going to die than not knowing and then being left with regrets. Upon hearing this, Ji-woo makes a confession to Dae-young. She hopes they’ll never be apart. As good friends, they should always stay by each other’s side. Although a bit taken aback, Dae-young agrees and promises to always be by Ji-woo’s side. Aww.

At that moment, Dae-young receives a phone call from his insurance office. He’s advised to be more careful about the fact that he has two jobs. The veterinarian he recommended to Ji-woo – who was also one of his clients – overheard him talking about having two jobs earlier at the hospital and switched him for another consultant.

When Woo-sun returns home, he’s confronted by his cousin on the discoveries she made regarding his and Seo-yeon’s situation. However, the only thing he can focus on is Seo-yeon. He attempts to get in contact with her after discovering she’s moved out of his apartment, but ultimately fails. Seo-yeon refuses to answer any of his calls or talk to him.

Woo-sun and Dae-young both receive bad news at work. Woo-sun’s project will no longer exist while Dae-young will no longer have to work as an insurance consultant. They’re both fired from their respective jobs.


Ji-woo stops by Dae-young’s place that morning to hand him some porridge. However, instead of finding Dae-young at the door, it’s Seo-yeon instead who greets Ji-woo. She accepts the porridge from Ji-woo and resumes to staying at his apartment. However, Ji-woo isn’t too happy with the sight of Seo-yeon and follows after her into Dae-young’s apartment. The two get into a heated fight and confrontation with each other at his place.

My Thoughts:


(my reaction after watching this episode)

Okay, first things first… WHAT. IS. GOING ON.

Things escalated so quickly in the last 2 minutes of this episode I didn’t know what was going on, couldn’t process what was going on, or understand what was going on. Both of our guys lose their jobs and then the two girls are fighting with each other once again. Literally, everything just spun out of control. Nothing went right for any of our characters that morning and it was the result after many months of decisions and actions that ultimately lead to this explosion.

While I don’t necessarily feel pity or sympathy for either Ji-woo or Seo-yeon who continue to resent each other despite having mutual friends (Dae-young and Woo-sun) which means more opportunities to make up with each other, I do pity the two guys. In the case of Dae-young, taking on the second job of being a food expert and venturing out to different restaurants was finally a decision that he was doing for himself. While it wasn’t necessary and he didn’t need this second job desperately, he eventually accepted it because it was a passion of his. Food is what he knows best so he wanted to do something that would 1) make him more money and 2) also allow him to chase after his dreams and interests. It’s unfortunate that he suffered for something that he finally enjoyed and was doing for himself. Now he’s technically unemployed as he’s no longer an insurance consultant and Woo-sun’s project ceases to exist. How ironic is it that Dae-young accepted the project in the first place because of the instability in being an insurance consultant, but now he’s lost both jobs as a result of taking on that second job.


For Woo-sun, he didn’t do anything wrong or unacceptable that lead to his project being exterminated. I would say that he and his team did the best that they could with their food project and actually managed to work well together. Maybe the team’s results didn’t meet expectations and standards or were taking a little too long to produce satisfactory results. Whatever the case is, Woo-sun’s food company didn’t find the value or worth in keeping the project any longer and decided to invest the money elsewhere. It’s unfortunate because Woo-sun is already in a tough situation with the whole Seo-yeon and his cousin confrontation, but he now has to worry about his job and possibly being unemployed. It’s not looking good for either of our male leads.


I really was not expecting the encounter between Seo-yeon and Woo-sun’s cousin because of how focused the drama was on other aspects. Over time, the drama focused less on Seo-yeon’s debt to Woo-sun’s cousin and more on her working for Woo-sun to pay back that debt. It rarely reminded us that Seo-yeon had already paid back the debt to the cousin (though it was really Woo-sun) and that she was only working for Woo-sun because he wanted to find another reason to keep her close to him. I think this is why the encounter between the two ladies was so unexpected but rewarding when it finally happened. It was a nice way to build some sort of intensity and momentum in this drama after a few episodes of being mostly calm, touching, and untroubled. Now, the stakes in this drama has tripled for everyone and the drama went from going smoothly for our characters to now going wrong for everyone. The drama went from 0 to 100 within just one episode and now I’m curious but afraid as to how things are going to turn out for everyone. I really liked how the drama brought back Woo-sun’s cousin into the plot though because then now it gives us something else for Woo-sun to resolve as a result of his actions and behaviors. He wasn’t totally being honest the entire time and maybe he shouldn’t have kept Seo-yeon for no reason other than for himself. Now he suffers the consequences for it and he’ll have to deal with Seo-yeon’s constant rejections. It’ll be fun watching him try to win her heart and her trust back.

I’m a little over Seo-yeon and Ji-woo’s constant fighting and resentment towards each other. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to make up and be on good terms with each other again, but they remain to be immature and just ignore each other. They assume that by avoiding each other, problems will disappear and they won’t have to interact with each other anymore. However, as one can see, they will always be affiliated with each other in some way or another and there’s really no way that they can avoid the other. They both have mutual friends who they still keep in contact with on the daily. Ji-woo and Seo-yeon are both well aware of that too. They’re aware that they will probably run into each other since both girls know Dae-young and Woo-sun.

However, time after time, they ignore this detail as if it’s no big deal and as if they won’t ever see each other again. It’s a little frustrating because I was invested and curious about their relationship, but now I just feel like things have dragged on for a little too long. Sure, their relationship was broken and shattered in the past and they no longer like each other in the present. However, things don’t have to be that way forever and the girls can talk things out. They just can’t keep avoiding the other thinking that’ll do the work when they both know that it won’t. It doesn’t work that way. I’m hoping the two will eventually make up starting in the next episode because I’m a little tired of seeing them endlessly bicker and fight with each other. More than anything, I want the pay-off to be rewarding and I hope the drama will give us a new relationship that we witness happen. If the drama focuses so much on the two hating each other but don’t make that up by showing us how Seo-yeon and Ji-woo eventually reconnect again, then it’ll all just be a waste of time. Don’t show me so much of them hating each other and then barely give us scene of them making up. Balance things out and make it all worthy in the end.

Other than the comedic highlights in this episode, the one other scene that stood out to me was Dae-young and Ji-woo’s conversation about death and the ways that people process deaths. I never really thought about deaths in the way that Dae-young commented about it. Deaths are painful and sad, but you at least know that their time is coming which will hopefully give you enough time to prepare and to make up for any mistakes or regrets you have. If deaths were so sudden, you wouldn’t have had enough time to prepare and you’d only be left with regrets. That was a nice way to wrap up the conversation about deaths and to comfort a gloomy Ji-woo since Beanie will eventually reach her time. This advice came from the bottom of Dae-young’s heart and from his own learning experiences of losing a loved one. The passing of Soo-ji is something that he’s still processing and grieving as we witnessed a few times in this drama. When Beanie’s time does arrive, we at least know who will be by Ji-woo’s side to comfort her. Dae-young will always be with Ji-woo as they promised each other.

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