The cast of ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ are adorable in behind the scene clips

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If you haven’t already (in which I’m pretty sure you have because why not), I compiled a few behind-the-scene clips of the filming for Korean drama ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty.’ Sometimes, the two episodes per week are just merely not enough and you want more. Thank goodness for behind the scene filming videos and clips because they truly satisfy you when the episodes are not enough!

I love how carefree and energetic the cast for the drama is. I’m always curious about the filming set and environment for any drama, but this drama was one that I definitely wanted to check out. The plot takes place in a youthful college setting and most of our cast members are still pretty young. I wanted to see how our leads interact in general or how all the minor characters portray their roles, hence, why I checked out the clips. For the most part, it seems like filming is fun and positive for everyone and everyone gets along pretty well.

I have to admit that prior to this drama, Cha Eun-woo who plays Kyung-seok in the drama did not stand out to me. I already knew who he was and had heard of him before and I knew many people talked about his looks. Although I did find him pretty, he’s not my type of pretty so I didn’t care to look into him too much. However, through this drama, I think I’m slowly starting to fall for him and now I understand why he’s so popular. He’s a charming young man and he’s incredibly cute. I know his looks and his face is always talked about when people talk about Cha Eun-woo, but his portrayal as Kyung-seok is actually pretty decent too. I think he plays the cold, mysterious, and aloof Kyung-seok pretty well and I’m impressed with his acting. Though I do think he can be a bit stiff and green sometimes, he’s doing well for the most part and his chemistry with Mi-rae (played by Lim Soo-hyang) really shines and distracts you from noticing his acting sometimes.

Regardless, I’m really liking Cha Eun-woo both in and outside of this drama and I find him adorable. This kind of reminds me of how I felt towards Seo In-guk back when I watched him in ‘High School King of Saavy.’ While watching the drama, I grew incredibly fond of him and started researching about him because I absolutely fell in love with him. Although I haven’t gotten to that point yet with Cha Eun-woo (and probably never will), I find him just as endearing in this drama and hopes he keep up the good work.

The rest of the cast is doing just as great. There are many new faces in this drama so I’m expecting and hoping a few will become more well-known and popular after this drama ends. Two characters that stand out to me in particular is Park Yoo-na who plays Yoo-Eun in the drama as well as Bae Da-bin who plays the sophomore representative Yoon-byul. I find them both incredibly charming and pretty and their characters in this drama are also both so powerful respectively. I love it!

You can watch the rest of the BTS clips of ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ on JTBC’s youtube channel here.

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  1. i tried reading the web comic and then stopped after the first or second one because it became a typical kdrama and bored me. the gimmick did work to at least get me to read it.

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