Let’s Eat 3: Episode 11 Recap


This episode was a bittersweet one to watch. Some things are going fine and dandy for our characters while others are wandering around lost and confused as to what to do next. Each of our characters attempt to make peace with themselves and their relationships with others, but finds that this is often easier said than done.

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 11 Recap

Seo-yeon grabs some drinks after running away from Woo-sun’s house. She contacts Dae-young to accompany her since it’s lonely drinking by herself. Once he arrives, the two talk about Seo-yeon’s situation. Dae-young volunteers to give up his place for her to stay temporarily, but Seo-yeon remains hesitant in accepting the offer. She tears up thinking about her life and how she’s always perceived as a bad person.

The drama then takes us back to college. F4 and Ji-woo are at a sauna bath house. While Ji-woo watches ‘My Love Kim Sam-soon’ (AHHHHHH OMG I REMEMBER WATCHING THIS DRAMA GROWING UP. IT WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!), F4 are occupied with watching a soccer game. Byung-sam takes a peek at Ji-woo and finds her crying while watching the drama. He compliments her beautiful looks and Dae-young adds to the praise. Dae-young also finds Ji-woo beautiful and cute. As Dae-young approaches her to ask a question, he’s struck by her beauty and freezes. It’s not until she wakes him from his trance that he moves. They all grab some food.


Ji-woo, Dae-young, and Sung-joo all convene to have some food at the sauna. Like usual, Ji-woo teaches them a few tips and tricks on how to best eat the dish in order to get the most out of it. While eating, Dae-young steals a few timid glances at Ji-woo and grows shy. He becomes even more embarrassed when she hands him an egg to eat. Aww, someone’s in loveeee~

Byung-sam and Jin-seok are busy making moves on girls at the sauna, hence, why they’re not eating food with the other three. When their attempts fail, a random girl approaches them and volunteers to help them become successful in garnering attention. Although the two are excited at first, they soon become disappointed afterwards. The stranger tricked them into getting tattooed eyebrows which was clearly not the best decision. LOL.


Seo-yeon has some fun partying at the club. She takes a break to grab some drinks and are approached by two guys. The latter converses with Seo-yeon and starts to gossip about Seo-yeon’s mom in front of Seo-yeon. Seo-yeon becomes enraged and slaps the guy in the face, but he does the same to her back. Seo-yeon leaves the club and is reminded of her mom while waiting at a bus station. She recalls the time when her mom expressed all her anger and regrets onto Seo-yeon when she was younger. If Seo-yeon hadn’t been born, Mom would have been successful and famous. Having Seo-yeon was a mistake that Mom regrets. After reminiscing the childhood memory, Seo-yeon calls Stepmom in tears.

Dae-young has trouble sleeping because he can’t stop thinking about Ji-woo. He does some push-ups in hopes that it’ll tire him out. LOL.

In the early morning, Mom arrives at Ji-woo and Seo-yeon’s place to cook Seo-yeon her favorite kimchi dough soup. Ji-woo complains about the lack of attention and love that she’s received from Mom, but Mom doesn’t pay attention to Ji-woo. She instead caters to Seo-yeon’s needs and cooks Seo-yeon her favorite dish. Mom sends Ji-woo to invite Dae-young over for some soup which cheers Ji-woo up. Hehe.

Ji-woo invites Dae-young over for some breakfast, but he kindly denies the offer. He has class. The mother and daughter trio are left to have some breakfast by themselves, but it’s obvious only Mom and Seo-yeon are having fun. Ji-woo watches in disappointment as the two get along.

When Ji-woo arrives to school, she joins Dae-young in the computer lab. She expresses interest in taking the same class as him, but he disproves. He also avoids her question as to whether he’ll be taking time off of school or not to focus on work instead.

Seo-yeon and Mom head on their date together. They first take some photos at a picture booth and then get a manicure afterwards. All of this is too luxurious and new to Mom and she’s not used to it. However, Seo-yeon treats her to these activities as it’s what she deserves (yaaaas!).


F4 excluding Dae-young all apply for a formal leave of absence from school. They’re going to the military soon. To cheer them up, Dae-young volunteers to treat the boys to some beer. However, he backs out from the plans when Ji-woo is invited to join them. He lies about having a shift for his part-time job and leaves.

Seo-yeon and Ji-woo bid farewell to Mom that evening. When Seo-yeon leaves to grab Mom some water, Ji-woo brings up once again Mom’s bias treatment towards Seo-yeon. However, Mom explains that she’s only doing so because Seo-yeon suffered a lot as a young age and never really had a mother figure in her life. Mom wants to be that for her. Mom’s train arrives so she leaves for home.

Ji-woo finds Dae-young’s behavior around her suspicious. Why does he keep avoiding her? To search for some answers, she heads with F3 to the sauna to join Dae-young. Just like all the other times, Dae-young’s flustered at the sight of Ji-woo and avoids her every single chance he gets. Later on, Ji-woo and Byung-sam get some rest by laying down in a room next to each other at the sauna center. Dae-young joins the two, but separates Byung-sam from Ji-woo and places himself next to Byung-sam. As Dae-young prepares to nap, he finds himself right across from Ji-woo and stares at her beautiful face. An hour later and he wakes up to find her laying right next to him. Nervous and surprised, he jumps up and walks away.

While walking back home, Dae-young recalls memories of him and Ji-woo and all the times he’s done things for her. He becomes confused with his feelings and is uncertain as to what it is he’s feeling for her. Ji-woo catches up to him and confronts him about his recent behavior towards her. Why has he been avoiding her? What did she do wrong? Dae-young explains that she did nothing wrong, he just hasn’t been feeling well lately. Before Dae-young can elaborate, he receives bad news from his mom via a phone call.

It turns out Dae-young’s dad’s business has gone bankrupt so Dae-young’s going to move out of the apartment and back home with his parents. Ji-woo listens to F3’s conversation as they pack his belongings in his apartment. Oh no 😦

The drama then takes us back to the present. Ji-woo drops by Dae-young’s apartment to give him some porridge but is instead greeted by Seo-yeon. Ji-woo grows furious at the sight of Seo-yeon and the two get into a fight inside his apartment. Why does Seo-yeon keep interacting with Dae-young? Does she like him? Although Seo-yeon claims that she does have feelings for Dae-young, Ji-woo is aware of what her real intentions are. Seo-yeon is just simply using Dae-young to hurt Ji-woo; she doesn’t actually have any feelings for him at all. Ji-woo walks out from his apartment after noting the revelation. Ooooh.

Woo-sun receives news from his supervisor that the food project his department has been working on will no longer be financed by the company. Meanwhile, Dae-young also receives news about his job as an insurance consultant. All his years of working has paid off as Dae-young is promoted as branch manager. Yaaaay, but also, nooo!

Dae-young returns home from work to an empty apartment. Seo-yeon’s found another place to live for the time being. Dae-young drops by Ji-woo’s place to hand her back the pot she used to make the porridge. Dae-young explains to Ji-woo why he allowed Seo-yeon to stay with him for the night and then moves on to discussing about his promotion as branch manager. Seo-yeon volunteers to treat Dae-young out for a congratulatory dinner, but Dae-young will do the treating.

The couple grabs some lamb chops at the fancy restaurant they go to. They eat many other dishes to fill their stomachs and to lift their moods. The meals and dishes are delicious and the two celebrate the dinner with some sips of beer in between.

When Dae-young and Ji-woo arrive at their apartments, a deliveryman hands Dae-young a package. When Dae-young opens the package, he finds ingredients from the same restaurant that had originally rejected Woo-sun and Dae-young’s offer to do food deliveries packed inside. Dae-young is proud of his accomplishment, but he also grows regretful. As the newly promoted branch manager, he won’t be allowed to work two jobs at once. Dae-young plans on relaying the news to Woo-sun the next day.


Seo-yeon’s found a new place to live. She’s moving in with none other than her biological mother who has to pay Seo-yeon in order to persuade her to stay. There, Seo-yeon also discovers that her mom has been taking pills to treat her depression. Though Seo-yeon may be selfish, there’s a reason why Mom needed Seo-yeon to live with her.

Woo-sun longs for Seo-yeon’s presence. He imagines her presence around his apartment and grows gloomy when he remembers that she’s gone. After many days of being ignored, he finally receives a phone call from Seo-yeon. She wants to meet with him.

The first night for Seo-yeon isn’t easy. She’s reminded once again of why she and her mom has such a challenging relationship. Mom drinks away her depression and reiterates the same words that she had told Seo-yeon many years ago. Having Seo-yeon was a mistake and she shouldn’t have given birth to her. Mom regrets it and wishes she hadn’t gotten pregnant with Seo-yeon. Oof.


Woo-sun breaks the news to Dae-young about the disbandment of the team. They will no longer be working on the project as the company’s decided to end it. Though Dae-young is worried and shocked at the sudden news, Woo-sun is more concerned with something else. When the time arrives, Woo-sun hurries to meet with Seo-yeon. He makes excuses as to why he paid Seo-yeon’s debt to his cousin for her, but she doesn’t buy any of it. Woo-sun then finally confesses that he did it because he liked Seo-yeon and wanted to find a way for her to stay with him. She hands him the money that he had used to pay his cousin and then walks out of the cafe. Seo-yeon rejects Woo-sun’s feelings; she doesn’t think of him the same way.

Seo-yeon moves out of her mom’s place after some consideration. She realizes how toxic and damaging of a place it is to live with her. As a last resort, Seo-yeon makes her way to Ji-woo’s apartment and pleads to live with her just like how they did back in college. Ji-woo allows Seo-yeon to stay with her in the time being. Ji-woo feels pitiful for Seo-yeon after hearing about her failed business in the United States from Dae-young.

Dae-young visits the food project’s office one last time to collect the files he worked on for the team. He attempts to get in contact with Woo-sun to deliver the news, but Woo-sun is busy with something else. The former team leader has stepped outside to get some fresh air. He recalls the moment at the cafe when Seo-yeon had rejected him. She had reasoned that she’s a divorcee which is why someone like him shouldn’t fall in love with someone like her.

While Ji-woo steps out of her apartment, Seo-yeon stays inside to clean. While cleaning, she finds some money hidden under the couch. She grabs the cash, but also finds a picture alongside the money. Meanwhile, Dae-young delivers the bad news to the restaurant owner about the disbandment of the food project team. They’ll no longer be able to collaborate like they had all wanted. He also attends a meeting with officials from his workplace to discuss about his salary package as the newly promoted branch manager.

Ji-woo returns home to find the apartment empty and half-cleaned. Seo-yeon’s gone to visit Mom at the nursery home after discovering a photo of her with Ji-woo in front of the nursery home. When Seo-yeon enters the building, she finds Mom walking in the hallway back to her room. She reaches out to Mom, but Mom doesn’t recognize her.


Ji-woo encounters Dae-young who’s just made his way back home. He relays to her new details about his job as branch manager. He’s rejected the position before he could even start as he’s decided to go through with the food project collaboration with the restaurant instead. Dae-young’s going to do what makes him happy and as it’s always been, food is what makes him the happiest.

My Thoughts:


I know I’ve probably said this many times for this drama and other ones, but there’s so much going on! Things are finally starting to wrap up for our characters and it feels bittersweet watching it all unfold. I didn’t think this drama could tug at my heartstrings the way it did in this episode, but it definitely did. While one of our characters is living a good life and chasing after his dreams, another is wandering around lost and confused with nothing.

I’ve never really been the type to pity Seo-yeon as I have found her manipulative, cunning, and irritating at times. She takes advantage of people and can be selfish to achieve what is best for her without considering how others might feel. Her actions, decisions, and behaviors have hurt others before; we saw in this episode how she hurt Ji-woo once again by staying over at Dae-young’s place just to make Ji-woo jealous. It’s surprising and frustrating to me that Seo-yeon continues to pull these tricks although she’s aware of it (or has to be told about it by others to realize and understand what she’s doing).

However, I do have to say that the drama is starting to redeem her character and though I don’t think there’ll be enough time to redeem her character all the way through, there is potential which the drama grabbed on to in this episode. Seo-yeon remains without a home or family and has to resort to friends and even enemies (Ji-woo) to find some peace. Seo-yeon’s always been the type to never apologize or make-up because she has too much pride she can’t let go of. I think she’s starting to realize that she doesn’t have as much as she thought she did and this came as a result of leaving Woo-sun’s house and moving around from place to place. Maybe this will be a learning lesson for her to be more intentional and kind with her actions and to not be so self-centered as she’s always been. Though I doubt she’ll make a complete turnaround and change, I do expect and hope she’ll treat people she interacts with better after this humbling experience.


We received more context and details on Seo-yeon’s fragile and shattered relationship with her biological mom in this episode which adds to the pity that I originally didn’t have for her. Now we are given an explanation as to why Seo-yeon loved Stepmom so much and missed her all the time back in college. She craved for a mother figure in her life who actually loved her and treated her well and Ji-woo’s mom was that for her back then. I’m pretty sure she missed Stepmom along the way during the decade long separation they had, but didn’t want to reach out because of her pride and because of Ji-woo. Now that Seo-yeon’s finally learned about Stepmom, maybe she’ll learn to be more kind to Ji-woo and use this as an opportunity to repair their broken relationship. I have to admit that the scene where Seo-yeon reunited with Stepmom again at the nursery home after more than a decade was so bittersweet. Seo-yeon hasn’t seen her for fourteen years and when she does see her again, she finds the woman she loved so dearly in such a vulnerable and fragile state. Seo-yeon isn’t sure as to what happened to Stepmom that caused her to go from being so healthy to being placed in a nursery home. There’s many questions that Seo-yeon has and I think it’ll be interesting to watch her search the answers to these questions through Ji-woo. Maybe Mom is what will bring the two together again like she was back then when they were in college.


Dae-young gave up a good opportunity to earn more money and to have a more stable career by pursuing his dreams as a food blogger. Although I know it wasn’t easy, he did what he thought was the best for himself and I’m proud of him. He could have clearly continued to stay comfortable and safe and continue with the branch manager position. However, it’s obvious that working in the insurance company doesn’t fit him nor does it make him happy. From the college days up until now, Dae-young has always been passionate and dedicated to food and what’s a better way to work in the food industry than to both eat it and make money from it. It’s not going to be easy and there’s definitely going to be difficulties along the way, but Dae-young will be just fine. I hope he’ll invite Woo-sun onto his project so that they can continue what they couldn’t with the team.

Woo-sun so desperately likes Seo-yeon that he acts fervently on his feelings and craves for fast results. This could explain why he was so confused when Seo-yeon never showed how she felt about him or rejected him later on when he made the confession. He’s still a kid at heart and has some maturing to do before he can truly accept Seo-yeon for who she is. She’s not like what he imagines her to be and she warned him about this in this episode. Woo-sun has this projected image of her (like we do with our favorite K-Pop idols) and his feelings are what is blinding him from seeing her for who she really is. Time away from Seo-yeon to reconsider his feelings and how serious he is about for her will be healthy for the both of them. In time I think Seo-yeon will come around and also accept Woo-sun. However, it won’t happen as quickly as Woo-sun wants it and I think that’s perfectly okay.


This episode was a touching one and I’m excited to see where things go from here. Seo-yeon’s finally seen Stepmom again after many years and Dae-young is on his way to achieve his dreams and goals in life. Will things end safely for our characters or will there be many more bumps that they face along the way? Here’s to hoping that mysteries and complicated relationships are solved and that there are only good days for our characters from here on out.

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