Time (시간): Episode 8 Recap


The ball gets rolling and Min-seok’s plans to take Soo-ho down are finally being placed on a halt. Soo-ho proves to Min-seok that he too is powerful and that no matter what he does, Min-seok will never win in the end. Soo-ho and Ji-hyun will be the ones in control and the fight for justice for Ji-eun and Mom is proof of that.

Note: Episode 9 didn’t air this week due to the broadcast of the Asian games. It’ll be aired next Wednesday instead.

Time (시간): Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with Soo-ho and Ji-hyun interrogating Kang In-bum who was arrested by the police. They question why he ran away from the police when they were running after him. Moreover, why did he meet with Ji-eun? What happened on the day of the hit-and-run incident? Kang In-bum doesn’t say much. He shares that there was someone at the hotel the night that Ji-eun died, but doesn’t reveal who it was exactly. Soo-ho panics upon hearing Kang In-bum’s threat and stays silent.

Investigations of Ji-eun’s death takes place. Individuals who were at Soo-ho’s party the night of her death are interrogated at the police station. Meanwhile, Soo-ho’s dad threatens Min-seok to take care of all the chaos and controversy surrounding Kang In-bum or else he won’t get his ten million dollars that he requested.

Soo-ho and Ji-hyun head home after a long day. Though Ji-hyun is curious about who was at the hotel room the night her sister died, she and Soo-ho agree to just wait for the investigation results. Ji-hyun thanks Soo-ho once again for helping her out with the investigation, but he grows enraged when she expresses her gratitude. Soo-ho has trouble understanding why she’s so thankful for him. Once she discovers that he was the one in the hotel room the night her sister died, she’ll never forgive him.


Ji-hyun meets with the reporter the next day to continue with the investigation behind her sister’s death. She stares at pictures taken on the night of Soo-ho’s party, but doesn’t recognize anybody. She also assures the reporter that they’ll find some dirt on Chae-Ah now that Kang In-bum’s been arrested. Meanwhile, Soo-ho and Soo-chul are reprimanded by their dad for ruining their company’s reputation. They’re to write him a detailed report explaining solutions to their wrongdoings or else they’ll get kicked out of the house empty-handed. Shortly after the intense meeting with their dad, Soo-chul threatens to make Soo-ho’s life miserable, but Soo-ho isn’t afraid. They can both go down together.

Chae-Ah acts differently around Ji-hyun after discovering that Ji-eun was her sister. She’s willing to hire Ji-hyun to work for her dad’s company’s restaurant and will even send her to France to receive some cooking lessons if she wants. Soo-ho finds it a bit suspicious that Chae-Ah is reacting to Ji-hyun so differently after treating her harshly not too long ago. However, Chae-Ah reasons that she’s doing it to help Ji-hyun out. Isn’t that what Soo-ho wants?


Ji-hyun begins to make her moves on Chae-Ah. While presenting the restaurant staff members, Soo-ho, and Chae-Ah with dishes she’s cooked, she hands Chae-Ah a special dish just for her. It’s an ortolan and one is supposed to eat it with a cloth over their head so that the ‘gods’ won’t see you eating it. The story behind the dish confuses the staff members as it’s apparently illegal to cook ortolan. Chae-Ah is irritated with Ji-hyun’s actions while Soo-ho remains confused. He asks Ji-hyun about her relationship with Chae-Ah and whether she’s working at his restaurant because of Chae-Ah. However, Ji-hyun gives no answers and asks for Soo-ho to remain patient. When the time comes, she’ll reveal to him why she chose to work at his restaurant.

The restaurant staff members converse about Ji-hyun’s cooking and the dish she had made for Chae-Ah. When asked about it, Ji-hyun just simply brushes it off. If given the opportunity to work for Chae-Ah’s dad’s company (aka Taeyang group), she would consider it.

Soo-ho is honest with Chae-Ah on his thoughts regarding her relationship with Min-seok. She must still be affiliating herself with him because of Ji-eun’s death at the hotel. Chae-Ah must be somehow involved with her death and is using Min-seok to protect herself. Although Chae-Ah doesn’t answer whether she was there at the party, she does respond to Soo-ho’s thoughts about her relationship with Min-seok. More so than anything, Min-seok listens to her and that’s what she needs the most.

Soo-chul, Dae-chul, and Min-seok all convene to discuss their next moves. Their plans of taking Soo-ho down continues and Min-seok comes up with the idea to frame Soo-ho as the primary suspect behind the hit-and-run incident. They can say that he hired Kang In-bum to kill Mom and attempted to also kill Ji-hyun which is why they were near the location where the hit-and-run incident happened. Min-seok manages to persuade the detective assigned to the case to join him in the plan which the detective eventually gives in to. Min-seok also lets Kang In-bum in on the details to the plans and wants him to confess to being hired by Soo-ho to kill Mom. Once he does this, he’ll be released, take Chae-Ah’s money afterwards, and disappear forever. However, if he chooses not to move forward with this plan, he’ll most likely be stuck in prison for the rest of his life.

Soo-ho discusses with his colleague about his involvement with the case. Since he was near the site where the hit and run incident happened, he’ll most likely also be taken in for questioning. When that does happen, Soo-ho wants his colleague to not hold back and to instead ask him the questions as necessary for the case. Go all in.


Min-seok and Soo-ho meet briefly to discuss who they believe is behind the hit-and-run incident. As expected, they both blame each other and explain the reasonings behind why they think the other was the person behind the incident. Soo-ho’s suspicions of Min-seok as the primary suspect intensifies once he hears Min-seok’s opinion behind the incident. He needs some more time to think things through, but he remains in disbelief at Min-seok. Unbeknown to Min-seok, Soo-ho has placed a location tracker underneath Min-seok’s car.

Ji-hyun has a talk with Chae-Ah which she records the conversation to. Chae-Ah offers Ji-hyun a package of deals that she could obtain if she were to work in Taeyang group at Chae-Ah’s restaurant. Despite the sweet deals containing money and positions of authority, Ji-hyun wants to know the real reason behind why Chae-Ah is offering her these things. Although Chae-Ah claims she’s doing it out of jealousy since she doesn’t like the sight of Ji-hyun with Soo-ho, Ji-hyun doesn’t buy it.

Ji-hyun steps outside to catch some fresh air when she sees one of Ji-eun’s friends waiting outside for her. Ji-eun’s friend Yuri runs away right when they both notice each other and escapes from Ji-hyun’s sight.

Soo-ho makes a request from his dad: he wants Min-seok to stop covering the case. Soo-ho is aware that Dad is going to these lengths to protect him, not the company. If he truly cared about him, he would listen to his request and fire Min-seok. Dad remains grounded and cautions that doing so wouldn’t change anything. If Soo-ho wants to still stay in the company, he needs to present Dad with a solution to his wrongdoings or else he’ll be leaving the company empty-handed.

Ji-hyun manages to catch Yuri down and get her to talk. Since Yuri was with Ji-eun at the party the night she died, she must know something. Though Yuri doesn’t reveal much, she states that there were two people in the hotel room where Ji-eun was sent to the night she died. There was a man and a woman.

Min-seok plans on waiting for Kang In-bum’s cooperation in executing their plan. Meanwhile, Soo-ho discovers Ji-hyun’s recording pen hidden on his desk and listens to the conversation that took place between Ji-hyun and Chae-Ah earlier that day. He’s stopped short when Chae-Ah intervenes.

While sitting around in the prison cell, Kang In-bum’s attacked by two other cellmates. Later on that day, Min-seok represents Kang In-bum as he’s interrogated by the same detective that Min-seok is working with to execute his plan. As planned, Kang In-bum admits to being hired by Soo-ho to kill Mom and he is set free. Chae-Ah is willing to give him as much money as he wants.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho questions Chae-Ah on Min-seok’s involvement with the investigation. Why is he representing Kang In-bum as his lawyer? More so, does she know anything about Kang In-bum? Who is he? Chae-Ah stays silent and refuses to answer Soo-ho’s questions. He’s then notified by his location tracker app of Min-seok’s whereabouts. He informs the reporter about Min-seok’s move and they agree to chase after the lawyer.

The detective brings Kang In-bum to a field where Min-seok waits for them. He betrays Kang In-bum and notes that no matter what he does, he’ll never be free. He then hands Kang In-bum a knife, but purposely slices his own hand before doing so. The detective then points his gun at Kang In-bum and threatens to shoot him. Kang In-bum runs away, but falls when Min-seok shoots the gun towards his direction. Thankfully, Kang In-bum is not hurt and Soo-ho and the reporter arrives in time to witness the scene. A terrified and frightened Kang In-bum reveals Min-seok’s true intentions to Soo-ho on the spot, but Min-seok covers up his tracks. He turns the situation on Soo-ho and continues to blame him for the hit-and-run incident. The reporter captures all of this on camera and they’ll reveal everything in the report (wow, that was intense!).

Ji-hyun searches for her recorder pen on Soo-ho’s desk, but is unable to find it. She then makes her next move on Chae-Ah and accepts her deal. She’ll take Chae-Ah’s money and leave Soo-ho alone. Ji-hyun knows the real reason why Chae-Ah made offers to her. She was in the hotel room with Ji-eun the night she died. Chae-Ah also made a deal with Kang In-bum to have him stay silent about everything. Chae-Ah panics upon hearing Ji-hyun’s observations. When asked how much money she wants, Ji-hyun notes that she doesn’t want money, she wants the truth. OOOOOOH. THIS IS GETTING GOOOOD.


Ji-hyun listens to conversations she recorded on her device between her and Chae-Ah. Chae-Ah was willing to offer Ji-hyun anything she wanted. She must have been involved with Ji-eun’s death somehow. Ji-hyun presents the recordings to the reporter. They obtain the original files to the recordings from Ji-hyun and plan to utilize them into the final report (the original files???? that’s not good??).

Just when the reporter finally has some evidence against Chae-Ah and is ready to finalize the broadcast, she receives news from her supervisor: she’ll be relocated to Washington for work there. Though she wants to air the report first, the Director of the company won’t allow her to. As usual, Min-seok is the one behind all of this. Meanwhile, Soo-ho presents to Dad his solution as to how to recover from all of the mess: there is none. He’ll pack all his belongings and leave.

While eating dinner with assistant Bok-gyu, Soo-ho gives a meaningful speech about time and how important and precious time is. However, Bok-gyu doesn’t listen too much as he rather eat first. LOL.

Just when Min-seok thinks he has everything under his control, it all starts to backfire. A preview to the report airs and chaos starts to ensue. Dad demands for Min-seok to stop his work; there’s no point in trying to cover everything up now. They’re done for. Soo-ho also watches the preview to the report and recalls the moment when he saw Min-seok at the news station where the reporter works. After Min-seok left the Director’s office, Soo-ho himself went in to talk to the Director and persuaded him to go through with the report. This was how the preview to the report aired. Ji-hyun and Young-hee also watches the preview from home and hopes that everything will all be over once it airs.

Min-seok angrily approaches the Director in search for answers. Meanwhile, Soo-ho has a conversation with Chae-Ah about their relationship. If he was no longer rich or wealthy, would she still get married to him? Chae-Ah makes it clear that she’s with him for the money which saddens Soo-ho. Of course it’s for the money. Why else would she be with him? Soo-ho then requests if they could be friends. He’ll listen to her like how she wanted.

Ji-hyun reveals to Young-hee why she worked at Chae-Ah and Soo-ho’s joint restaurant. It turns out she was going after Chae-Ah and wanted to check to see what her involvement with Ji-eun’s death was. Though Ji-hyun hasn’t told Soo-ho this yet, she plans on doing so soon. At that moment, she receives a phone call from Soo-ho and the two agree to meet later on that night.

Soo-ho prepares for the meeting that night at the restaurant. He cooks the food and sets everything up himself. When Ji-hyun arrives, he attempts to distract her by talking about himself, but Ji-hyun gets straight to the point. They met because they had something they both wanted to tell each other. Although she volunteers to go first, Soo-ho stops her from speaking. He’ll go first and tell her the secret that he had been keeping from her this entire time.

My Thoughts:


It’s such a roller coaster watching this drama. One episode, it’s calm and peaceful and our characters patiently wait for the investigation to pick up. In the next, you have Min-seok attempting to kill and murder once again and coming up with plans to take Soo-ho down while Soo-ho himself attempts to get to the truth of everything. This episode was the latter in that so many things happened in this episode and it all came down tumbling at once.

The most intense scene by far would be the showdown between Min-seok and Kang In-bum and how Soo-ho and the reporter arrived just in time to catch everything. The more surprising thing was watching Min-seok turn it back on Soo-ho as if he just didn’t try to kill Kang In-bum on the spot seconds before they arrived. Min-seok is truly, truly an evil character and there is no point of redemption for him. I hope he never reaches that point in this drama and never receives a chance to be redeemed. He’s way too dangerous, brutal, and cunning and deserves to be punished for his wrongdoings. What else does he have up his sleeve? More so, why is he doing all of this? Is he doing it to protect the company like he was originally supposed to do or is he doing all of this for himself now? That’s the true question here.

Ji-hyun has the answers to Soo-ho’s question that he’s been curious about this entire time. Was Chae-Ah at the hotel room the night that Ji-eun died? I assume he’ll discover this in the next episode when they talk which would be good because then they can both team up and also fight against Chae-Ah. You can tell that Soo-ho’s absolutely nervous and petrified to tell Ji-hyun that he was the reason why Ji-eun was sent to the hotel in the first place. His party was what essentially caused her death and he played a huge role in the events leading up to her death. He’s earned Ji-hyun’s trust this entire time and will most likely lose all of that once he confesses to her. Soo-ho’s prepared himself for this very moment, but I also feel like regardless of what he does or how much time he takes, he’ll never truly be prepared to be honest with her about his involvement in Ji-eun’s death. Thankfully, the investigation has gotten rolling and the report is going to air soon. The truth will be revealed so there’s no better timing to confessing to Ji-hyun his truth than now. I’m nervous for Soo-ho also and I know how scared he is to be honest with her about everything. Granted, he should be honest with her and there’s no other way he can avoid it. My heart aches for Soo-ho, but he reaps what he sows and this is it.


The drama has been focusing more on Ji-eun and Mom’s investigation that there hasn’t been much progress or content lately on Soo-ho’s fight with cancer. We haven’t received much about it in the past few episodes which makes me curious as to whether this arc was necessary in the first place. The drama is already intense and suspenseful enough with the investigations alone and is what is primarily carrying the drama right now. However, now that there is more progress that’s been made on the investigations, the truth will essentially be revealed which means more time will be dedicated to focusing on Soo-ho’s fight with cancer. I assume that’s going to be the last major challenge that our characters will be presented with. Soo-ho and Ji-hyun will be successful in taking down the villains in the investigations and uncovering the truth behind the unjust deaths of Ji-eun and Mom. What happens when Soo-ho is going to die and only has so much time left to live? This is going to be another major concern for our characters and I’m not ready to watch it unfold at all. I just want our two characters to receive the happy ending that they deserve. Is that too much to ask for?

Watching Soo-ho be so completely careless about his living situation is so heart-breaking. He was willing to let everything go and give everything up because he knows he will eventually have to do it anyways. Although he’s busy with the investigation, he hasn’t forgotten for a moment about the deadline to his life that is slowly but surely approaching. As a way to prepare himself for when the time comes, he’s slowly letting go of everything and everyone. His question to Chae-Ah regarding whether they could be friends or not was so interesting to me. He asked that question not because he has feelings for Chae-Ah, but more so to test the foundation of their relationship and if it’s as strong as one might think it is. He’s curious about her feelings for him, but also wants to know if he has someone in his life who genuinely cares for him and not for his money.


When you think about this side of Soo-ho, you feel pitiful for him. He’s grown up with money all his life and lost the one person in his life who loved him for him, not for his money. This could be the reason as to why Soo-ho remains attracted and appreciative of Ji-hyun. She does things for him and gives him a sense of satisfaction that no one else has done for him since his mother’s passing. He’s uncertain as to how to react to Ji-hyun’s kindness because he’s never really received any of that after his mother’s passing. Soo-ho’s gone through a lot since meeting Ji-hyun and has definitely matured a lot as well since they’ve met. He’s grown so much since he’s met her and no longer embodies the evil, cruel, and harsh behaviors that he did prior to meeting her. She’s changed him and he’s changed her; they’ve changed each other for the better. But for how much longer will things stay like this once they confess to each other their secrets? Can things continue to stay this way after they confess to each other? As Soo-ho mentioned in this episode, only time will truly tell.

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