My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Episode 9 Recap


“We all change, and so do our relationships.” – Mi-rae

Relationships indeed change between our characters and we witness this especially between Kyung-seok and his mom. Their impressions of each other not only change, but so do their interactions and behaviors. Although the two went from not interacting or talking to each other at all before, they learn to become more comfortable in each other’s presence in the present after learning the truth about the past.

You can listen to the newly released OST track for the drama here while reading the recap 🙂

My ID is Gangnam Beauty Episode 9: The Survival Story of a 20-Year Old

Kyung-seok arrives at Woo-young’s place. However, Woo-young isn’t home yet as he’s still greeting Mi-rae’s parents after running into them on his way home. Kyung-seok witnesses the encounter between Woo-young and Mi-rae’s parents as he waits for Woo-young. The teacher assistant finally arrives and they enter his apartment together. There, Woo-young establishes ground rules with Kyung-seok and even nags at him on how to fold his laundry. Lol.

Mom raves over Woo-young and expresses her approval of him. She would love to have a son-in-law like him. Dad grows angry at Mom’s comment, adding that Mi-rae is too young to even get married. Plus, men are animals and Mi-rae shouldn’t be bothered with them. LOL. Later on that day, Mi-rae stops by Woo-young’s place to drop off some side dishes that Mom had wanted her to give him. There, she discovers Kyung-seok and grows surprised upon learning that Kyung-seok is living with Woo-young.

Mi-rae shares with Hyun-jung the news, but Hyun-jung is more distracted with Mi-rae. Is she worried about herself or Kyung-seok? Meanwhile, the two male roommates eat dinner together. Kyung-seok is curious about Woo-young’s relationship with Mi-rae’s parents, but Woo-young describes it as just having ran into them a few times. That’s all.

Kyung-seok’s mom contemplates on whether to call Kyung-seok or not. Meanwhile, Mi-rae encounters Kyung-seok while recycling some cans. She first minds her own business, but grows nervous and anxious standing near Kyung-seok who’s also recycling some cans. She pleads for him to stop and even shows him how to recycle properly. However, she almost hurts herself while doing so and is taken care of by Kyung-seok. He checks up on Mi-rae’s ankle to see if it’s sprained, but Mi-rae walks away. She’s too nervous around him.

Kyung-seok and Mi-rae both have trouble sleeping that night. Kyung-seok calculates how much money he has, but realizes that he doesn’t have too much. Mi-rae can’t stop thinking about her interaction with Kyung-seok earlier that night when they were recycling.


Kyung-seok’s first official day of living with Woo-young already comes with its fair share of struggles. He ends up taking a shower in the cold because of the lack of hot water. More so, he starves because he doesn’t have enough money to even buy some snacks from the convenience store. Just when he’s rendered hopeless, he finds a coin laying on the street that will help him buy something to eat! However, he’s greeted by Hyun-jung and Mi-rae so he’s unable to pick up the piece of coin on the floor. Together, they walk to the bus stop. So close Kyung-seok, so close.

At the bus stop, Hyun-jung asks Kyung-seok about his living situation. Why is he living with Woo-young for the time being? Kyung-seok responds that he’s moved out of his house and can only afford living with Woo-young. He doesn’t have much money at the moment. Kyung-seok’s mom isn’t aware about his living situation either. When their bus arrives, only Hyun-jung and Mi-rae get on. Kyung-seok walks to school because he doesn’t have enough money for the bus fare.

Ji-hyo and Soo-Ah walk together throughout campus. Ji-hyo notes the change in behavior from Won-ho after receiving a text from him. It seems like he’s acting much nicer to her now after having gotten rejected by Soo-Ah. However, that isn’t the case as Won-ho is still in love with Soo-Ah as he’s always been.

While in the restroom, Yoo-eun encounters Soo-Ah and asks her some questions regarding her living situation. She first asks to visit Soo-Ah’s house, but Soo-Ah uses the excuse of returning home late to deny Yoo-eun’s request. Plus, she visits her parents during the weekend so that’s out of the question too. Soo-Ah also adds that her grandparents have passed away. This contrasts from what Yoo-eun witnessed the other day when Soo-Ah’s grandma came to visit her. Yoo-eun shows Soo-Ah her support and lets her know that she can go to Yoo-eun if she ever needs anything. Soo-Ah thanks her and leaves the restroom.

Kyung-seok grows hangry when he overhears students talking about food. Thankfully, Woo-young offers him a free meal at the faculty cafeteria on campus so Kyung-seok rushes over. Woo-young to the rescue!


Tae-hee spills some more details about her relationship with Tae-young to Ye-na. Though there’s many kind deeds he’s done for her, the one thing they haven’t done yet is kiss. While Tae-hee gushes about Tae-young, he actually enters the cafeteria and is invited to eat with them. However, he kindly denies the opportunity and decides to eat with his other friends instead. Although Tae-hee is hurt, she doesn’t think too much about it. Not many know about their relationship because she doesn’t want people to gossip about them.

Tae-young seems to care more about Soo-Ah than his own relationship with Tae-hee. While passing by Soo-Ah and Ji-hyo on campus, he recalls the moment that Soo-Ah invited him to have some drinks with her when he’s free. He might take up that opportunity soon.

Meanwhile, Woo-young gives tips and advice to Kyung-seok on how to find a part-time job. When the teacher assistant leaves to prepare for his class, Chan-woo swoops in to accompany Kyung-seok. He apologizes to Kyung-seok for mistreating him, but Kyung-seok notes that Chan-woo should be apologizing to Mi-rae instead. He then leaves shortly afterwards.


Chan-woo attempts to get in contact with Mi-rae to apologize to her. Coincidentally, he runs into Mi-rae after she rejects his phone call. In front of both Hyun-jung and Mi-rae, Chan-woo gets on his knees and begs for Mi-rae’s forgiveness. He was wrong to have taken his anger out on Mi-rae and say such harsh words to her. Mi-rae forgives Chan-woo for his wrongdoings and walks away with Hyun-jung. She doesn’t have anything to say or do to Chan-woo.

Kyung-seok’s dad meets with Pastor to discuss about Kyung-seok. He’s uncertain as to what to do now that Kyung-seok’s away from home. Pastor reassures Dad that Kyung-seok will return home sooner or later. Woo-jin’s selling away his bar business which means Kyung-seok won’t have a place to live. However, they’re unaware that Kyung-seok has moved in with Woo-young. Since Kyung-seok doesn’t have much money, he’ll return home and reunite with Dad again. Dad just has to be patient but also strict on Kyung-seok.

Yoon-byul makes a confession to Ye-na and Tae-hee: she has a crush on Woo-young. She wants to know how she can best stand out to him and get him to like her back. While the three girls brainstorm ideas on how to transform Yoon-byul into Woo-young’s ideal type, Chan-woo enters the room and interrupts their conversation. He’s helping Kyung-seok look for part-time jobs so he’s asking around to see if anyone knows of anything. When the girls come out empty-handed, he asks Won-ho and Sung-woon, but they too are clueless.

Jung-boon updates Mi-rae on Woo-jin’s financial situation. He’s sold his bar business to another person and will be moving back in with his parents. While the two talk, they become distracted at the sight of Woo-young helping out a custodian while on campus. They’re both struck by both his kindness and maturity and Mi-rae can’t help but stare at him in awe.

Kyung-seok calculates his living costs while waiting for class to start. Soo-Ah joins him and sits next to him in class. While he helps her solve some questions from their homework assignment, Mi-rae walks into the room and witnesses the two sitting next to each other. She walks towards Jung-boon and Yoo-eun to sit with them, but is greeted by Kyung-seok. He removes his bag from the chair next to him so she can sit next to him (oOooOoh, he was saving a seat for her!). Sung-woon and Won-ho enter the room and ask Kyung-seok about a part-time job. Is it true that he needs a part-time job? Kyung-seok responds without hesitation or embarrassment that he is in search of one since he’s moved out of his dad’s house. Soo-Ah also talks about her living situation and how she’s living alone. Sung-woon assumes the two must be living with each other since they both moved out of their respective houses. He even encourages Kyung-seok and Soo-Ah to date, but stops when Won-ho grows angry at him. Lol.

Kyung-seok’s Dad orders his assistant to buy a designer handbag to give to Kyung-hee. When the assistant heads to the shop in search of a bag, he observes Kyung-seok’s mom talking with a representative from the shop he’s currently shopping at. He then concludes that the bag must be for her instead so he changes his mind and asks to see bags meant for middle-aged women.


Kyung-seok’s mom contacts Mi-rae and makes plans to visit her later on near her neighborhood. Meanwhile, Soo-Ah helps Kyung-seok find a part-time job by introducing him to her boss at her part-time job. Though Kyung-seok doesn’t have much experience, he’s hired thanks to his handsome looks. However, he overhears a conversation between two employees who fear that they’ll get fired if Kyung-seok was to be hired. Upon hearing the news, Kyung-seok gives up the position before he could even start. He explains to Soo-Ah that he hopes to not harm or be a burden to others in the search for a part-time job. Kyung-seok is thankful for her, but doesn’t want her to worry about him from now on.

While walking back home, Kyung-seok encounters Mi-rae waiting outside in the neighborhood. He asks her if she has feelings for Woo-young which takes her by surprise. She answers that she doesn’t to satisfy Kyung-seok’s curiosity. While the two bicker with each other, Kyung-seok’s mom arrives to meet with Mi-rae. Kyung-seok wants to join the duo as well so he’s invited to grab dinner with them.

When asked why she’s meeting with Mi-rae, Kyung-seok’s mom answers that she and Mi-rae often meet to discuss about perfume since Mi-rae likes perfume (but they obviously meet to talk about him instead). However, the two girls get no talking done at dinner as the main focus is on Kyung-seok. After finishing his food, he asks for some soju which Mom buys for him. The three share some drinks with one another. It’s obvious who Kyung-seok got his drinking skills from. Hehe.

Kyung-seok’s dad gifts Kyung-hee the designer handbag and will allow her to return to doing mukbang livestreams again. However, in return, she must not contact or be in contact with her mom whatsoever.

Mom shares with Kyung-seok why she didn’t contact Kyung-seok even though she was aware of his living situation. She was afraid he wouldn’t like it if he called her which is why she never reached out to him. Kyung-seok doesn’t say anything in response to the comment and takes another shot of the soju. The trio exit the restaurant, but encounter Woo-young on the way out. He invites Mom over to his place for a second round of drinks. Kyung-seok and Mi-rae follow after them.


The four have some drinks at Woo-young’s place. Mom asks Kyung-seok about his love life and if he has any feelings for anyone at the moment. The situation quickly turns silent and awkward and Kyung-seok tries to avoid the question. While Mom continues to tease Kyung-seok, Mi-rae watches the both of them get along with each other. She remembers the days when they used to not be able to talk to each other or when Kyung-seok resented his mom. However, fast forward a few weeks later and now they’re chatting and getting along just fine. They both must be so happy. Mi-rae would have never thought that she would get to call a handsome boy like Kyung-seok her friend or that she would reunite with the same person who saved her life years ago once again. She’s happy seeing others happy.

Mi-rae knocks out from all the drinking and is carried by Kyung-seok back to her apartment. Once Mom and Kyung-seok drop her off home safely, they take a stroll in the neighborhood together. Mom opens up her place to Kyung-seok and invites him to move in with her anytime he wants. However, Kyung-seok wants to try to live independently for once and do things by himself. Even though he kindly rejects Mom’s money, she gives him some to not only buy Mi-rae some hangover medicine but also to spend on himself. She gives him a hug before bidding farewell.

Kyung-seok heads to the convenience store afterwards to buy both a transit pass as well as some medicine for Mi-rae. When Mi-rae wakes up the next morning, she’s informed by Hyun-jung of last night’s events. Mi-rae grows embarrassed and regrets having gotten drunk. Lol. MOOD.

While walking to the bus stop to get to school, Mi-rae encounters Kyung-seok who waits patiently for her near the stairs. He hands her the hangover medicine and then walks to the bus stop with her. At the bus stop, Kyung-seok checks in on Mi-rae to see how she’s feeling. He also adds that he doesn’t want her to ever drink over her limit again when he’s not around her. Kyung-seok doesn’t want any other man to carry Mi-rae home the way he did the night before.

My Thoughts:


OHHHHH, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS MI-RAE. He basically just confessed to you gurl!

Anywaysss, ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ has for the most part been a smooth, simple, and beautiful drama to watch. There’s not too much going on where it gets confusing and difficult to catch up on. There’s just the right amount of angst, emotions, love, heart-warming moments, etc. that makes this drama so satisfying to watch. This episode probably has to be the most satisfying yet. Just watching Kyung-seok and Mom catch up again and take the next few steps to repairing their mother-son relationship was so so pleasant, heart-warming, and moving. Just like Mi-rae thought when she was watching the two interact, I’m also so happy for Kyung-seok and Mom. They’ve both been through a lot the past few years and both deserve this sense of closure that they never received in the past. Now that the truth has been told and uncovered, they can seek their own truths which is essentially for them reconnecting with each other again and rebuilding the relationship that was lost.

(omg look at how cute Cha Eun-woo looks eating that bowl of noodles! Ahhh!)

Mi-rae in a way also felt a sense of responsibility and pressure in helping the mother and son repair their relationship. She was the messenger and middleman in between all of this and probably felt like she had to succeed in helping the two reconnect or else she would have broken Mom’s hopes and fail Kyung-seok. Her getting drunk was proof of that. Mi-rae was so happy to see Mom and Kyung-seok bond again and seeing them happy made her happy. Now that the two are on good terms again, Mi-rae finally has one less thing to worry about.


I’m glad that we’re witnessing Kyung-seok’s journey to adulthood and getting to learn more about him in the process. He grew up sheltered and spoiled so there were many things he didn’t know how to do (such as washing dishes). Now that he’s left to fend for himself, he’s struggling to deal with all of it by himself. He basically starves because he doesn’t have enough money to feed himself or to even pay the bus fare. He has to be smart and wise in the way he does spend his remaining money or in the way he calculates his living expenses. The best thing about this process is watching him make sacrifices for others even when he’s in a difficult situation himself. The way he turned down the job at Soo-Ah’s workplace because he was concerned about others when he himself is in a rough spot just goes to prove that he’s a considerate and thoughtful person. He cares about others which not many people know about. Kyung-seok still remains a beautiful person inside and out despite going through his own hardships. He’s going through numerous struggles at the moment, but they’re beautiful struggles.

I’m just so happy to see Mom and Kyung-seok reconnect again because it’s essentially what the both of them deserves. They were both controlled and limited by Dad and suffered along the way because of his actions. Mom has always been kind towards Kyung-seok since he was a young child and have always loved him in her own ways that contrasts differently from Dad. Seeing her still love him so effortlessly even a decade later when he’s older and reacted coldly to her at first is so heart-warming. Just like Mi-rae’s Dad’s love for Mi-rae, Kyung-seok’s mom’s love for Kyung-seok has never wavered or changed. It’s always been the same back then and now and she will always be there for her son even after all that they’ve gone through. This direction from Mom towards Kyung-seok was somewhat expected, but I love seeing Kyung-seok also reciprocate the same feelings of love and warmth towards Mom. He resented her for the longest time and greatly misunderstood his mother’s actions. He thought she was someone she actually wasn’t. Now that he’s aware of the truth, it’s as if he’s apologizing and making it up to her by opening up to her and letting her back in to his life. Granted, it’s not an easy process and it’s not going to happen overnight. However, Kyung-seok doing small things like letting her hug him or grabbing dinner with her that proves he’s slowly learning to trust his mom again. Right now, things are in the beginning stages so they’re still learning to take things slow and not rush anything, but that’s okay because that’s what fits the both of them. The timing is just perfect.

I have to admit that the plots with the side characters are getting a little bit more interesting. Chan-woo’s return to the drama definitely raised my eyebrows a bit because it was so peaceful and nice without him during the time that he was gone. He took up so much time in the first few episodes that I didn’t even notice he was gone until he reappeared because I enjoyed it when he wasn’t present in the drama, lol. I was ready for him to leave and then when he left I didn’t even notice. Haha. I wonder if he is truly apologetic for what he’s done to Mi-rae or if he has another plan up his sleeve. Only time will tell and we’ll have to tread the waters carefully around Chan-woo. Meanwhile, Tae-young is such an interesting character. When we were first introduced to him, he seemed like a decent, kind, and responsible person who appreciated Tae-hee for who she was. Now things are starting to get interesting and complicated because he’s starting to be just like all the other guys and become attracted to Soo-Ah. That was the one thing that set him apart from all the others, but now he’s beginning to follow in their footsteps and also become attracted to her. It’s a little fishy and disappointing considering just how much potential he had to be different and distinct. Though I do want him to still be with Tae-hee and to treat her respectfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped her to chase after Soo-Ah like every other guy on campus.


We got more progress on Mom and Kyung-seok’s relationship which was definitely the highlight of this episode. Here’s to hoping we’ll receive many more heart-warming and emotional interactions between the two in the upcoming episodes and less hangovers for a lightweight Mi-rae 😉

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