Let’s Eat 3: Episode 13 Recap


It’s finale week and we’re in the second to last episode. Our characters are in the process of making amends with one another and while some relationships are taking longer than others, others are already on their way there and the first few steps have been accomplished. Seo-yeon in particular is finally learning to let go of her pride and to improve as a person. She no longer wants to be the person she was back then and she showcases great maturity in this episode to prove that.

Note: I apologize for the late recap! The past few days has been hectic and some unexpected events occurred. I’m back though and I’ll be catching up on recapping the latest episodes. I’ll also reveal to y’all which future dramas I plan to recap on this site! Stay tuned for the exciting news 😀

Let’s Eat Season 3: Episode 13 Recap

Seo-yeon breaks her silence and drops the shocking bombshell to Ji-woo that leaves her speechless: Ji-woo’s mom cheated with Seo-yeon’s dad which explains for Mom’s bias treatment towards Seo-yeon. She felt guilty so she treated Seo-yeon a lot better than she treated Ji-woo. Since Seo-yeon and Ji-woo have each gone through their own struggles and challenges, they should be on equal lengths now and this should resolve any tensions between the two. Seo-yeon ends the conversation to pick up a phone call. She discovers that she’s getting sued.

When Ji-woo visits Mom in the nursery home, she asks Mom about the affair. Although clueless, she nonchalantly claims that the affair never happened. Ji-woo places herself into Seo-yeon’s shoes and now understands how she must have felt when she learned about the affair.

The drama then takes us back to the college days. Ji-woo and Seo-yeon are in town with Mom for the holidays. While Ji-woo drops off a letter at the mail box that she had written for Dae-young, Seo-yeon and Mom rest at home. Mom calls out for Ji-woo’s name, but she’s out dropping off the letter so Seo-yeon volunteers to help Mom instead. However, Mom declines Seo-yeon’s help and it’s only when Ji-woo returns that Mom has a request for her. Seo-yeon feels excluded and disappointed with Mom’s decision to choose Ji-woo over her. She leaves the house and recalls the conversation between Mom and Ji-woo the day she had visited them in town. Mom cares for Seo-yeon because she loves her but also because she pities her.


Seo-yeon returns home with some cake and pretends as if she’s fine. That night, she and Ji-woo return to their apartment. Along the way, Ji-woo stops by the animal shelter that Beanie is housed and decides to adopt her. Things are going fine with the two sisters until Seo-yeon receives a phone call. Her dad’s gotten into an accident. Unfortunately, Dad does not survive and he passes away. After a long and tiring night at the funeral, Seo-yeon and Ji-woo are advised to go home and rest so they head out of the funeral house. However, along the way, Seo-yeon encounters her biological mother.

It’s during the conversation with her biological mother that Seo-yeon learns about the affair between Dad and Ji-woo’s mom. That’s why her parents got divorced. Seo-yeon disappears without informing Mom or Ji-woo or anyone about her whereabouts. Dae-young attempts to contact Ji-woo on his military leave, but Ji-woo is too occupied with finding Seo-yeon that she’s unable to respond back to his phone calls (MY DOOJOON T___T). Ji-woo searches for Seo-yeon at her apartment, but she’s no where to be found.

Dae-young receives visitors at his military base. Unlike what he was expecting, the visitors are none other than Sung-joo and Byung-sam (who was discharged from the military). They bring him some pizza, chicken wings, and black bean noodles to eat so the three all join one another in eating some yummy food. Though Dae-young had been expecting Ji-woo to visit, he’s satisfied nonetheless with his two college friends and the food. After eating, Dae-young asks the two about Ji-woo, but the both of them share that they haven’t heard from either Ji-woo or Seo-yeon. In case Byung-sam does meet Ji-woo again, Dae-young asks that he notify her to write to him. Aww, he misses her letters 😦

Byung-sam, with the help of Jin-seok, is unsuccessful in finding Ji-woo at school or at her apartment. Landlord Grandpa isn’t sure himself what’s happened to her nor do the students at the university’s nursing department. Ji-woo’s classmates assume she must be busy spending time with her boyfriend which is why she hasn’t been around. Byung-sam informs Dae-young about the news in a letter he writes to him. Seo-yeon’s gone to study abroad while Ji-woo is no where to be found. Dae-young is so hurt and distracted by the news not even the World Cup can keep him busy. My heart is breaking, omg.


At the department gathering for the incoming engineering students, one of the students share that he has a girlfriend from the nursing department of their university. This reminds Dae-young of Ji-woo and he recalls this moment even in the present. Dae-young meets with the restaurant owner who he is collaborating with. However, the restaurant won’t agree to the collaboration without Dae-young finalizing a down payment first. He’s not from a big and notable company so they can’t trust him too easily. Just like Woo-sun said, titles are indeed important.

Seo-yeon confronts her biological mother who plans on suing her for violation of their contract. Mom also reveals another bombshell to Seo-yeon that she wasn’t expecting: Ji-woo’s mom and Seo-yeon’s dad never had the affair first. Seo-yeon’s biological mom only claimed they had an affair so that she could take Dad’s money and run away with it. She had planned to divorce Dad all along.

Seo-yeon meets with Ji-woo to apologize to her. She should have reached out to Ji-woo’s mom to clarify any misunderstandings when she first heard about the affair. Instead she abandoned them and ran away when she shouldn’t have. Seo-yeon expresses how jealous she was of Ji-woo and how much she herself yearned to be loved by her parents. She ends the conversation by claiming that she’ll never bother Ji-woo again and bids farewell with her.

Seo-yeon encounters Dae-young after bidding farewell with Ji-woo in front of her apartment. Just like all the other times, he is there for her when she needs him the most. He’s brought her some of her favorite kimchi dough soup.

Woo-sun continues to get distracted by the thought of Seo-yeon. He contacts Dae-young to meet up so that he can return Dae-young’s clothes back to him, but also so he has something to keep himself busy from thinking about Seo-yeon. Woo-sun arrives at the restaurant where Dae-young is located, but he’s unaware that Seo-yeon is there as well. The two are shocked upon seeing each other, but they pretend as if everything’s fine between them. However, things aren’t fine between the two and they later on confront each other while drunk. Dae-young returns from the restroom to find Woo-sun and Seo-yeon spouting nonsense and acting ridiculously. Poor Dae-young, he has it so hard.

The next morning, Woo-sun finds himself in Dae-young’s apartment.. again. LOL. He heads to Ji-woo’s place next door to grab an egg from her for their ramen noodles. Upon entering the apartment, he finds Seo-yeon there which surprises him. Why is she sleeping there? Ji-woo returns to her apartment with some groceries. The four all convene for some breakfast at Ji-woo’s place.


During breakfast, a bunch of revelations are exposed to one another. Ji-woo reveals to Woo-sun her relationship with Seo-yeon: they used to be sisters. Ji-woo herself learns that Seo-yeon used to work for Woo-sun as his personal assistant. Though she no longer works for him, Woo-sun still wants to meet with her. He confesses to still having feelings for Seo-yeon. Even if she doesn’t like him back, it’s okay. He’ll still like her. EEEEK.

When breakfast is over, Seo-yeon volunteers to wash the dishes. She wants to stay with Ji-woo because she wants to take care of Mom and be in close proximity to her. More importantly, Seo-yeon doesn’t have a place to stay. Ji-woo gives in to Seo-yeon and allows her to stay. As long as she does the house chores and doesn’t disappear randomly, Seo-yeon can live with her.

Dae-young refers to Seo-yeon for assistance on his food start-up business. Meanwhile, Woo-sun asks Ji-woo for advice on how to impress and win Seo-yeon’s heart. He’s unsure as to how to approach her respectfully and within their boundaries.


Woo-sun begins with the advice that he receives from Ji-woo. He approaches Dae-young and Seo-yeon in the new office that Dae-young’s rented for his start-up and asks to join them for lunch. However, Seo-yeon doesn’t give him permission to join them so he respects her decision and leaves. Ji-woo informs Dae-young of her plans in helping the two make amends. They’re both adults, they’ll get along just fine. The two decide to get lunch together at a BBQ restaurant.

Ji-woo and Dae-young enjoy the grilled meat and even give each other tips while doing so (omg they are truly meant to be). They even drink sips of wine in between all the eating. As usual, Dae-young takes pictures of the empty dishes and plates after they finish eating. He gives Ji-woo credit for being the reason as to why he loves food so much and why he’s pursuing his food start-up. Aww.

Dae-young informs Seo-yeon of the challenges he’s facing in his collaboration with the restaurant. They’re demanding a much higher amount of money from him than he can afford. It must be because he’s barely starting his company. However, Dae-young remains optimistic and hopes his business will hit it big.


At that moment, Woo-sun enters the office to once again grab Seo-yeon’s attention. After getting rejected for a movie date, he attempts to win her over by volunteering to get her anything that she wants. However, Seo-yeon clearly isn’t interested and jumps to the chase. They can sleep together and get it over and done with. Isn’t that what Woo-sun wants? Though speechless at first, Woo-sun reacts by grabbing Seo-yeon by the wrist and dragging her out of the office with him. Dae-young just stares at them in disbelief from his desk.

My Thoughts:


Phew, what a crazy, wild, and bittersweet experience it was recapping this second to last episode. It’s hard to believe that Doojoon is actually in the army and that the drama had to change its game plan to film and wrap up the drama earlier than expected. For the most part, everything flowed pretty smoothly in this episode even if it was rushed and I’m glad that everything came back around as it should have. I have to admit, recapping this episode was pretty confusing to me just because I kept on thinking that this wasn’t the second to last episode or that Doojoon isn’t in the army. However, both of those things are true and it broke my heart just thinking about it. At least Doojoon seems to be doing well and adjusting fine so far based on the most recent pictures I’ve seen of him in the military. I miss him so much and it’s only been a week since his departure 😦

Moving on to this episode itself, everything seemed to have been rushed a lot more than expected, but I still have to give it credit for doings its job properly of wrapping things up and giving our characters the endings that they seeked. The drama spent so much time fixating on Ji-woo and Seo-yeon’s tension and hateful relationship with each other that I was worried the drama wasn’t going to show us enough of the two making up to each other towards the end of the drama. While this still rings true to some extent, I’m also glad to have witnessed the two make up somehow in this episode. It was still genuine even if it was rushed and you can tell that Seo-yeon herself was really making the effort to change and become a better person. She has many debts (not always financially like she noted) that she has to pay back and she’s going to do that by respecting the decisions of the people she owes debt to. What’s even more ironic is how her college days remains similar to the present: Seo-yeon once again is sharing a place with Ji-woo for free and relying on her for a place to live.

Seo-yeon’s gone through a lot and she’s done a few questionable and cunning things, but she’s also a lost, confused, and lonely person who just wants some genuine company. She’s finally found that with Ji-woo and Dae-young who have been there for her from her college days to the present. She might not have always liked Ji-woo and even resented her in the past, but she’s ultimately grateful for her. We see that in this episode and I’m hoping we’ll see more of them in the present in the next episode to finally give us the closure to their relationship now that they’ve clarified misunderstandings.

I feel like the whole plot with Seo-yeon’s parents and Ji-woo’s Mom was too makjang for me and a little out of place in this drama. I can see why the drama decided to take this route though and use it as an excuse to explain the way that Ji-woo’s Mom treated Seo-yeon. This was also the reason as to why Seo-yeon eventually forgave Ji-woo and returned to both her and Mom. Though I don’t think it was all entirely necessary, it made things work out between Seo-yeon and Ji-woo in the present again so that’s fine with me. I would have been completely fine if Ji-woo and Seo-yeon just addressed with each other Mom’s bias treatment towards Seo-yeon and the two talk out how they felt about that. This entire drama has been for the most part relaxing, chill, and laid-back with little to no intensity or turmoil which is why I felt like the whole affair plot felt out of place. It didn’t entirely ruin the drama for me, but it did make me question whether this was necessary. It’s a good thing that Seo-yeon and Ji-woo have made up now though and are beginning to be on good terms again. We’ve been shown over and over again just how much they need each other after so many years. They might not be sisters by blood, but they are sisters by heart.


Witnessing Dae-young pursue his dreams of starting a food business makes me so proud of him. What made me even happier was watching him acknowledge Ji-woo as the person who got him into food and to where he is now. When you think about it from this perspective, she’s the reason as to why he’s so happy. Food makes him happy and that wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for Ji-woo. In this sense, the two are such great compliments to each other and they truly know each other the best. I know some people aren’t as accepting of Ji-woo as Dae-young’s love interest than his former girlfriends, but I find their relationship so meaningful because they have so much history together. Without Ji-woo, there wouldn’t be a food guru Dae-young (and food means a lot to him and all our characters). She’s the reason for it all and he has a lot he’s thankful for. I’m glad he gave credit where credit is due.

Woo-sun remains the adorable and cute character that he is. All that’s left is now for him to somehow steal Seo-yeon’s cold and reserved heart which I hope and assume he’ll be able to win over in the final episode. I had always been rooting for Woo-sun and Seo-yeon since the very beginning of this drama (more so than I was with Ji-woo and Dae-young) because their relationship is so unpredictable, quirky, and comedic. I’m glad to say I haven’t been disappointed with how their relationship has progressed or digressed (since Seo-yeon keeps rejecting him). He did lie to her so he has to face the consequences of learning to gain her trust back again. It’s not going to be easy and I’m glad we’re getting to witness this.

However, as much as I love Woo-sun and Seo-yeon’s relationship, I also wished the drama had done more with Woo-sun as a character other than paint him as that love fool who only has eyes for Seo-yeon. The drama first established him as the team leader of the food project, but then turned him into the love fool once the project ceased. I would have loved to see him collaborate with Dae-young and maybe this is something we’ll see happen in the final episode (and something that we would have witnessed much more if the drama didn’t end a week early), but it’s a little regretful that he didn’t have a lot going on in this drama. There was a lot of potential to do things with him, but he was just kind of there which is a little saddening. Another drama with him and Seo-yeon would be so fun and entertaining and we’d get to learn more about him.


It’s going to be difficult to bid farewell with this third and latest franchise of ‘Let’s Eat.’ It’s a show that I haven’t been the most caught up with as I haven’t watched the second season, but it’s a show that I will miss for its down-to-earth characters and the delicious food scenes. I’m uncertain as to how I’m going to watch and recap the last episode without wanting to cry or scream or shout, but hopefully I’ll manage to make it out just fine. Thankfully I’ll have this drama to keep myself busy from thinking about Doojoon while I wait for his return from his military service. No illusions like Woo-sun has of Seo-yeon, just beautiful and sentimental scenes of Doojoon portraying a hard-working and kind Dae-young who learns to balance his work, relationships, and dreams in life 🙂

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