My I.D. is Gangnam Beauty: Episode 11 Recap


Mi-rae’s struggle with her new life and face has been never-ending. There are days and times where she seems fine, but there are other days when they’re harder and more challenging to overcome. Mi-rae faces her most daunting and difficult days yet as she’s confronted about her face and looks. However, she learns in this episode that she’s not alone in this fight. There are many amazing individuals who care for her and serve as her support system, including Kyung-seok.

My I.D. is Gangnam Beauty Episode 11: Your ID is Gangnam Beauty

Soo-Ah has a talk with Mi-rae on their school campus. After asking Mi-rae to help her confess to Kyung-seok, Soo-Ah’s harsh words about Mi-rae’s plastic surgery operation disappoints Mi-rae. Mi-rae assumes Soo-Ah must not like her. Though Soo-Ah denies the accusations, Mi-rae is well aware of how Soo-Ah feels about her. Soo-Ah doesn’t like girls who underwent plastic surgery.

Mi-rae informs Hyun-jung about her conversation with Soo-Ah. Meanwhile, Tae-hee worries about her relationship with Tae-young. Chan-woo knows about them and can possibly spread the news around the school. At that moment, Chan-woo enters the department club room that Tae-hee, Ye-na, Yoon-byul, and Mi-rae are located in. He teases Tae-young for having a girlfriend like Tae-hee in front of the girls and continues to make fun about their relationship. Yoon-byul grows impatient and angry at Chan-woo and walks out the door. While Mi-rae follows after her, Jung-ho enters the room and demands that Chan-woo apologize to Tae-hee. He’s their senior, he should know better than to continue to cause trouble with the juniors.

Witnessing Tae-hee get teased for her relationship with Tae-young causes Mi-rae to worry. If people found out that she had a crush on Kyung-seok, she could possibly get made fun of too.


Won-ho and Soo-Ah are on good terms again after their last interaction where they were in a small argument. Meanwhile, Kyung-seok’s Dad’s attempts to find Kyung-hee are still underway. She’s still missing and hasn’t gone back home yet.

At school, Kyung-seok notices Won-ho’s fancy t-shirt that looks quite similar to a t-shirt that he owns himself. It turns out that Won-ho bought it from Kyung-hee who’s selling Kyung-seok’s brand name clothes to make ends meet. Since she no longer lives at home, she has to find a way to make money. Lol.

Ye-na has lunch with Jung-ho that day. She praises him for the way he stood up to Chan-woo earlier that morning at school. It was cool of him to tell Chan-woo to apologize to Tae-hee. Jung-ho then makes a bold confession to Ye-na and admits to liking her. He’s always liked her and had feelings for her. However, he’s only telling her now because he’s leaving for the military soon so he wanted to tell her before he left. Ye-na breaks down into tears upon finding out. Jung-ho should have told her earlier, lol.

Mi-rae worries how others might perceive her and Kyung-seok if they were to be a couple. Meanwhile, Kyung-seok skips class to visit his younger sister. He arrives at the small room she’s staying in and orders her to pack her things up. She’s going with him.

Woo-young has a meeting with Kyung-seok’s Mom’s perfume company to discuss about a joint internship program between the university and the company. Though they’re uncertain if they can start the internship program, the company is opened to giving interested students a tour of the company’s building and laboratory.

Kyung-seok wants Kyung-hee to return home. However, Kyung-hee refuses to and vents her anger and misery to Kyung-seok. Why didn’t anyone tell her the truth about Dad and Mom? Because she was clueless this entire time, she said so many harsh and cruel words to Mom. Kyung-seok gives in and adds that Kyung-hee won’t have to go back home if she doesn’t want to. Instead, he’s going to take her to visit Mom.


Mom runs out of her office and to her apartment upon hearing about Kyung-seok and Kyung-hee. When she arrives at her apartment complex, she finds the two siblings waiting for her inside the lobby. Kyung-hee is reluctant to wait for Mom and assumes that Mom must hate her so she wants to leave. However, just right when Kyung-hee is about to leave, Mom approaches her calmly. She doesn’t hate Kyung-hee and she never will. Why would she dislike or hate her own child? Mom gives Kyung-hee a hug and thanks her for coming to visit her. Kyung-hee breaks down into tears upon receiving Mom’s warm welcome.

Kyung-seok’s Dad’s assistant continues the search for Kyung-hee and receives new details on her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mom presents to Kyung-hee her new bedroom in Mom’s luxurious apartment unit. She can stay there in the mean time.

Woo-young suggests to the group chat with Kyung-seok, Mi-rae, and Hyun-jung plans they can do together. They can all meet up and have some fun together. While Hyun-jung is opened to the idea, Kyung-seok doesn’t respond and Mi-rae is hesitant in going. Kyung-seok is occupied with talking to Woo-jin who’s stressed and overwhelmed about his financial situation. After venting about his struggles, he asks Kyung-seok about Mom and Mi-rae. Kyung-seok should just live with his mom and give her a chance to be his mother. Plus, he should be thankful for Mi-rae who helped him reconnect with Mom. If it wasn’t for Mi-rae, he wouldn’t have been able to get in contact with Mom.

Woo-young, Hyun-jung, and Mi-rae decide to have some fun playing indoor baseball. Kyung-seok attempts to get in contact with Mi-rae, but she’s busy with the indoor baseball. He leaves Woo-jin with Jung-boon who’s stopped by the bar to meet with her guy friend. Kyung-seok leaves to find where the trio has went. Lol.

Kyung-seok arrives at an indoor baseball building and searches for his friends. On the way, he’s approached by a hair salon owner who tries to recruit Kyung-seok to model for his salon. Kyung-seok isn’t interested though and only focuses on finding the trio.


Mi-rae is much better at indoor baseball than she had assumed. She manages to hit every ball that comes at her and has a lot of fun playing the game. After searching through a few buildings, Kyung-seok finally discovers the trio and reunites with them. Now that he’s with them, they can split into two teams and compete against each other. Mi-rae is shocked with Kyung-seok’s surprise appearance and grows nervous around him.

While watching Woo-young play baseball, Kyung-seok questions why Mi-rae didn’t answer his phone calls. She responds that she wasn’t aware he was calling her since she was busy playing the game. Kyung-seok grows jealous watching Mi-rae cheer for a talented Woo-young and attempts to impress her as well. He succeeds in impressing her as he’s able to hit two home runs right off the bat (pun intended hahaha). When the quartet finishes playing, Woo-young volunteers to pay for all their fees despite Mi-rae’s desire to pay as well. Kyung-seok watches the two bicker back and forth and realizes just how little money he has himself.

The four stop for some drinks at a convenience store afterwards. However, Mi-rae’s quiet behavior and demeanor causes Woo-young to grow suspicious. Mi-rae and Hyun-jung plays it off and claims that Mi-rae’s upset that she lost to Kyung-seok. That’s the reason why she’s so quiet. To avoid the spotlight, Mi-rae walks off and is followed by Hyun-jung.


When they arrive home, Hyun-jung checks in on Mi-rae. Why is she treating Kyung-seok so coldly? Mi-rae finally opens up to Hyun-jung. She does have feelings for Kyung-seok, but she doesn’t want anyone to know in fear that people will judge her for it. People will label her as a plastic monster harboring a crush on a handsome guy like Kyung-seok. Mi-rae wants to stay out of people’s mouths and live a quiet life.

Kyung-seok himself questions Mi-rae’s motives and actions while they make their way to their part-time job. Why is she acting so differently around him? She was never like this. At that moment, the two are approached by Soo-Ah who’s now also working at the same part-time job as Kyung-seok and Mi-rae (oh Lordy). She exchanges greetings with them and then texts Mi-rae for permission to have lunch with Kyung-seok in private later on. Kyung-seok assumes that something must have happened between Mi-rae and Soo-Ah, but Mi-rae denies the accusations.

Kyung-seok’s Dad receives news about Kyung-hee’s living situation with Mom. Instead of being upset, he feels relieved that Kyung-hee’s now somewhere safe. Speaking of Kyung-hee, she has food with Mom that day. Though Mom’s cooking might not be the tastiest since she’s lost her smelling ability, Kyung-hee eats the food deliciously.

Soo-Ah gets her wish of eating lunch with Kyung-seok alone. While Mi-rae works a little longer during lunch time, Soo-Ah has a talk with Kyung-seok at a restaurant nearby. Kyung-seok disproves how Soo-Ah is now working at the same part-time job as him and Mi-rae. She must have something up her sleeve. Though Soo-Ah tries to defend herself and claims she just wants to get closer to Kyung-seok as a friend, he doesn’t buy her excuses. He continues to perceive her negatively and questions her intentions.

Mi-rae has lunch with her co-worker. He asks her about her relationship with Kyung-seok to which she states they’re just friends. Kyung-seok is also just friends with Soo-Ah.

Mi-rae’s Dad drives a customer to his destination. On the way, Dad sparks up a conversation about the local elections and expresses his curiosity in the winner of the elections in Gangnam. Since he’s heard people calling Mi-rae a ‘Gangnam beauty’, he’s been more curious about Gangnam. Dad shows the customer the picture of Mi-rae that he has hung in his car, but the customer just remains silent.

Mi-rae’s Mom does the same and shares with the hair stylist the Gangnam beauty comment that people’s made about Mi-rae. She also wants to look similar to Mi-rae to emit the same beauty and appearance. Meanwhile, at work, Kyung-seok gets into a fight with the same co-worker who had lunch with Mi-rae earlier that day. The co-worker makes some demeaning and harsh comments about Mi-rae’s plastic surgery which upsets and angers Kyung-seok. Mi-rae overhears their conversation in the restroom and watches as Kyung-seok confronts the guy outside near the restroom. When the co-worker continues to make humiliating comments about Mi-rae, Kyung-seok drags him back into the restroom to fight him again. Their supervisor intervenes to break up the fight (OOOOH, KYUNG-SEOK CAN FIGHT!).

Kyung-seok and the co-worker are taken to the police. The co-worker refuses to settle unless Kyung-seok apologizes to him first. Mi-rae watches the two bicker with each other and grows angry by the second. She confronts the co-worker and adds that he should be the one apologizing to her if anything. If he has any bit of conscience, he would apologize to her and let Kyung-seok go.


Back at the part-time job, Soo-Ah witnesses Kyung-seok’s Mom walking around the store. She greets Mom and introduces herself as Kyung-seok’s college friend. Soo-Ah reveals to Mom about Kyung-seok’s situation which causes Mom to panic. Kyung-seok’s gotten into a fight with a co-worker over Mi-rae and he’s now at the police station. Mom asks for more information and wants to know where exactly he is.

At the police station, Mi-rae informs the co-worker that he’s been fired from the part-time job and that he can possibly get sued if Mi-rae wishes to pursue a lawsuit against him. The co-worker panics and decides on his next move, but the trio are interrupted by Mom. She approaches the three of them in the police station and questions why Kyung-seok didn’t contact her about his situation.

Kyung-seok’s Dad wins the local elections and is elected mayor of his hometown. Meanwhile, Mom and Kyung-seok express concern over Mi-rae. She must have been hurt from the harsh comments that was made about her that day. Mi-rae breaks down into tears and honestly expresses how she feels. She thought she would have been okay, but she’s not. She’s not okay. Though Mi-rae wants to go home, Kyung-seok and Mom suggest they go out to eat to cheer her up.

Kyung-hee is left home alone that night for dinner, but she’s okay. Eating some left over fried rice that her mom cooked for her, she hosts another mukbang live stream. HAHAHA, I love it! She enjoys the fried rice and rates her mom’s cooking 100 out of 100.

The emptiness of the house is getting to Kyung-seok’s Dad. He visits Kyung-hee and Kyung-seok’s empty and vacant bedrooms. Meanwhile, Mom is happy to have supported Kyung-seok and be there for him today. She receives approval to take care of his college tuition for him in the meantime. He’ll pay her back later when he has the money. Aww.

Kyung-seok walks Mi-rae home that night. Kyung-seok pledges that he won’t punch someone the next time someone gossips about Mi-rae and makes demeaning comments about her. However, he’ll still defend and protect her if the same thing happens again to Mi-rae next time. Mi-rae questions his intentions and even pleads for him to stop. However, she stops herself from speaking any further and walks towards her apartment.


Kyung-seok stops her and grabs onto her wrist. He questions if she has any feelings for him. Does she possibly like him?

My Thoughts:


YES KYUNG-SEOK YESSS, SHE DOES. SHE DOES LIKE YOU. Now please tell her that you like her too! Lol, just kidding. But this episode was so so sweet, and I loved watching Kyung-seok stand up for Mi-rae. Mi-rae’s at a point where she feels uncomfortable in her skin and in contrast to what she thought she was supposed to feel, she doesn’t actually feel all that happy or good post-plastic surgery. The thought of being judged or teased is eating at her and we saw that in this episode. I’m glad that Kyung-seok is there to help her and advocate for her as she sorts out her thoughts and feelings about having gotten plastic surgery. She’s not at that point yet where she feels strong enough to advocate for herself entirely by herself and if she is, it’s with the support of Kyung-seok.

This episode was so nice because it mainly showed us the beauty in Kyung-seok and Mi-rae’s relationship with each other. He doesn’t want to do things without her and he feels comfortable around her presence. Just like how he helped stand up for her against their co-worker, she too stood up for him against their co-worker at the police station. They compliment each other in so many ways and it was so nice watching this side of their relationship. There are so many reasons why they’re such a good fit for each other and despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis, they overcome them together and help each other. It’s impossible to not love them together.

By standing up for Mi-rae, Kyung-seok is especially showing that he doesn’t care that Mi-rae got plastic surgery or that it’s something she shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty of undergoing. He doesn’t have a problem with it and his small support means a lot for Mi-rae. She’s insecure and unconfident and doubtful about her new face; she worries that others will judge her, but Kyung-seok continues to prove to her that he doesn’t think anything bad about it which essentially means a lot to Mi-rae. Other than her parents and Hyun-jung, Woo-young’s the only other person who praised her for her looks and didn’t judge her for undergoing plastic surgery. Mi-rae was shocked and surprised (which is sad because she shouldn’t have to feel insecure for getting plastic surgery), but she also felt much better hearing those encouraging words from Woo-young. In this episode, Kyung-seok proves to Mi-rae where he lies as well in all of this and we’re shown that he cares for Mi-rae for who she is, not what she looks like.


Looks doesn’t matter to Kyung-seok which is why he doesn’t like Soo-Ah and can see right through her. Though I sometimes question whether he is too harsh towards her at times, I also feel like his treatment towards her is karma for the way she’s treated Mi-rae and others. It’s not like Kyung-seok is reaching conclusions or being unreasonable when he talks to Soo-Ah. In fact, his pessimism towards her is true to an extent because Soo-Ah is cunning, manipulative, and mysterious. He’s not wrong when he feels like she’s being pretentious and artificial. I’m glad that out of everyone at school, there’s at least one person who is aware of Soo-Ah’s real colors and her hidden intentions. I love it even more that this person is the very same guy that Soo-Ah herself has feelings for. Soo-Ah might be a pretty lady, but she doesn’t have the best personality which is why Kyung-seok doesn’t approve of her.

Soo-Ah has so many hidden motives I’m never really sure what she has up her sleeves or what her next move is. I even question whether she actually has feelings for Kyung-seok which is why she’s attempting to get closer to him or if she’s doing all these things just to ruin both his and Mi-rae’s lives. Is she trying to get closer to Kyung-seok so that he can reciprocate the same feelings back to her? Is she trying to ruin Mi-rae’s life by painting her in a bad light to Kyung-seok and hope that Kyung-seok will believe in her? Or is Soo-Ah trying to ruin both Mi-rae and Kyung-seok’s lives and their relationship with each other? She’s so cunning and ruthless but also mysterious and I’m afraid that she’s going to commit to doing worse things. Regardless, Soo-Ah is not the most likable character (just like Chan-woo) and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t frustrated seeing her work at the same part-time job as Mi-rae and Kyung-seok.  Just please leave them alone :/

Though Kyung-seok and Mom have reunited and made up to an extent, they’re still kind of awkward with each other and are slowly learning how to rebuild their relationship. It was nice seeing Mom be there for Kyung-seok and count herself as his guardian at the police station. Kyung-seok wants to be independent and learn to live by himself and work and make his own money, but I hope he knows he doesn’t have to do all of it by himself or struggle by himself. I hope he knows he doesn’t have to rush everything either. He can take things slowly and reach out to Mom for support and help when he needs it. I know it might be uncomfortable for him at first to be vulnerable and ask for help, but it’ll be a good and humbling experience for him if he starts to practice this.

I think the same thing can also be applied to Mom who might want to rush her relationship with Kyung-seok. She should also learn to take things slowly and respect his feelings. If he doesn’t want to reach out to her so quickly, that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean that Kyung-seok dislikes Mom or that he doesn’t care for her or want her help. It just means that he’s still processing his feelings and thoughts in the midst of everything and needs some time to think everything through before making the next bold moves. It’s been years since he’s seen Mom. He still needs some time to accept the present and his new future and that’s okay. Mom’s always respected Kyung-seok’s feelings since he was young and she still does in the present. Patience can go a long way into helping the mother-son pair rebuild their relationship.


We witness Mi-rae’s insecurities and doubts get to her in this episode. She worries how others will think of her, especially when she thinks about her and Kyung-seok. People will continue to judge her and say harsh words about her. For how long can she tolerate everything until she breaks down? More importantly, who will be there to support her during those tough and rough moments? As seen in this episode, there’s no doubt that Kyung-seok will be the one to support her as he’s always done in the past. When the time comes, maybe things will turn out alright for Mi-rae as she realizes Kyung-seok’s support means more to her than she originally thought.

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