Time (시간): Episode 10 Recap


Ji-hyun pushes Soo-ho to his limits and tests his loyalty. In the past, he’s always been there for her and showed her his support in their fight for justice. But for how much longer will he continue to do that and to what lengths will he go to protect Ji-hyun? More importantly, why is he protecting her and shielding her from the many enemies she’s surrounded by?

Time (시간): Episode 10 Recap

Ji-hyun stops when she encounters Soo-ho waiting outside on the sidewalk in the rain. He was in horrendous pain earlier near her apartment, how did he manage to walk out just fine? Disappointed that she was lied to, she walks away. Soo-ho attempts to get her attention by revealing to her the real reason why he came to visit her: he wanted to see her. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Ji-hyun remains silent and returns to her apartment.

When she returns to her apartment, Ji-hyun finds the chip containing the footages of Soo-ho’s interview with the reporter. When she watches it, she finally learns how Soo-ho was involved in Ji-eun’s death. He was there in the hotel room the night that she died and could have possibly killed her himself. Ji-hyun runs out of her room and to Soo-ho’s place next door in shock. When she doesn’t receive a response, she returns to the place where they had last talked but he’s not there either.

The restaurant staff gossip about Soo-ho’s proposal to Chae-Ah. It was obviously just a show; he didn’t really want to propose to her. Soo-ho overhears their conversation upon entering the restaurant and adds that what they were assuming was indeed correct. Lol.


Soo-ho seeks some answers from Chae-Ah regarding her testimony. Is everything that she said about the night of the party true? Was she really there at the hotel room? Chae-Ah grows exhausted from having to repeat herself and explains that yes, she was there and her testimony is accurate. Soo-ho feels regretful and apologetic to Chae-Ah; none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for him. However, Chae-Ah disagrees and claims that Ji-eun’s death was just an accident. None of it was Soo-ho’s fault.

Ji-hyun meets with Min-seok in search for answers of her own as well. After arriving at his workplace, she drives his brand new car and parks close to a river. She threatens him to reveal the truth about the night of her sister’s death. Even if it’s going to hurt, she wants to know what really happened that night. Min-seok explains everything to Ji-hyun and how both Soo-ho and Chae-Ah were involved in Ji-eun’s death. He then was hired to cover up the case. Even if he hadn’t been hired, nothing would have changed. The investigation would have still been swept under the rug because Soo-ho and Chae-Ah and their respective companies have the money and power to do so. Money was the reason why Ji-eun was working for Kang In-bum in the first place. He suggests Ji-hyun just stop with the investigation. There’s nothing she can do to change anything or to seek justice. It’s hopeless for her.

Soo-ho and Chae-Ah prepare for their wedding. While Chae-Ah tries on different wedding dresses, Soo-ho disappears to meet with Young-hee and Bok-gyu. Ji-hyun’s disappeared once again and they’re unable to find her. Soo-ho frantically searches for Ji-hyun, but is unable to find her as well.

Ji-hyun wanders around and recalls the harsh but honest words that Min-seok said to her back in the car. Ji-hyun’s fight for justice will not prevail because she’s not powerful and strong enough. Only the strongest survive. Ji-hyun doesn’t have the money or resources to be as strong as Chae-Ah or Soo-ho’s family or to defeat them. She should just give up.

Soo-ho visits Mom and Ji-eun’s memorial site. He’s interrupted by Bok-gyu who finally has updates on Ji-hyun’s whereabouts. Soo-ho finds Ji-hyun at the bar where she’s used up all the money she’s ever made and saved. A little drunk and in lots of stress, Ji-hyun voices her thoughts on money. It must be nice to have loads of money like Soo-ho does. Her and her family were never able to experience that and that’s why Mom and Ji-eun died. They died because they were busy trying to make money. For once, Ji-hyun envies Soo-ho and wants to know what it’s like to have such unlimited amount of money and wealth.


Soo-ho gives Ji-hyun whatever it is that she wants. He drops her shopping bags inside her apartment unit for her before returning to his own. When Ji-hyun returns to her bedroom to rest, she has a conversation with Soo-ho who’s resting in his bedroom next door. She wants him to soundproof her room. Even more, she wants a large house. He can afford to do that much can’t he? Ji-hyun finally understands what it’s like to have an unlimited amount of money. If it was this easy, she wouldn’t have tried so hard.

Chae-Ah, Soo-ho, and Min-seok all meet to go over Soo-ho and Chae-Ah’s prenuptial agreement. Soo-ho signs the contract and agrees to everything listed in the agreement. He notes that even if he wanted to get divorced from Chae-Ah, he wouldn’t be able to so he’ll just agree to everything listed (OMG WHY DOES HE HAVE TO REMIND US T___T).

The three leave the office and enter the restaurant only to find Ji-hyun sitting inside as a customer. Chae-Ah approaches her in confusion and wants to know what she’s up to. Ji-hyun doesn’t find any faults in what she’s doing and even notes that Soo-ho will pay for her food anyways. She also brings up the deal that Chae-Ah had offered her a while back. Ji-hyun wants all the money that Chae-Ah possesses in cash. Chae-Ah is so shocked and bewildered she’s speechless. Soo-ho breaks the tension between the two by accompanying Ji-hyun while Min-seok leaves the restaurant with Chae-Ah.

Min-seok updates Chae-Ah on Ji-hyun. She saw the footage of Soo-ho’s interview and must be acting strangely because of that. Additionally, she’s in a difficult place and just needs some time to process everything. He asks that Chae-Ah remain patient and just give her some time. Ji-hyun will eventually return to the way she used to be.


Ji-hyun continues to exert Soo-ho of his energy and money. She manages to get Soo-ho to agree to raising the wages for his restaurant staff. Since he has a lot of money, he should be able to do that as well right? After eating and drinking at the restaurant, Ji-hyun and Soo-ho go shopping next. She buys a new watch in exchange for the old watch that Ji-eun gave to her as a gift. Ji-hyun remains careless that she’s selling away the watch her younger sister gave her. On their way back, Ji-hyun gives away the new and expensive watch that Soo-ho had just bought her to a grandma. Soo-ho is frustrated with Ji-hyun’s actions and behaviors, but she is indifferent to everything.

Soo-ho and Chae-Ah are both overwhelmed with Ji-hyun. Chae-Ah questions if he’s doing all of this for her out of guilt or affection. However, Soo-ho fervently denies her accusations and claims that he’s doing all of this out of guilt. Ji-hyun’s family died because of him.

Ji-hyun meets with Soo-chul and his mother to discuss about Soo-ho. Since she didn’t get to say what it was she wanted to say at the last charity auction, she can receive another opportunity to do so. However, Ji-hyun isn’t so sure this tactic would work. She’s not as strong and powerful as others are, people probably won’t even listen to her. Mom then blames Soo-ho’s dad for raising Soo-ho the way that he did. He loved Soo-ho so much he always protected him and gave him everything he wanted. Soo-chul’s mom throws Soo-ho under the bus by pitting him against his own dad.


Soo-ho isn’t feeling too well and is need of his medicine. Meanwhile, Young-hee’s found a new part-time job so she isn’t as available as she once used to be. She also turns down any clothes or money that Ji-hyun offers her. It’s not like her to accept them.

Soo-ho wakes up from his sleep to find his Mom sitting on his bed caressing him. He follows after her and steps into another realm. Mom leads him into a forest and eventually towards a swamp. While Soo-ho stays on one side, he finds his mom and Ji-eun standing next to each other on the other side staring at him. Soo-ho wakes up from his nightmare in fear and sheer panic due to Ji-hyun’s loud alarm that goes off (it wasn’t such a good idea to be recapping this at midnight LOL). When she doesn’t respond to his calls or turns off her alarm, he rushes to her apartment and finds her unresponsive in her bedroom. Chae-Ah – who had stopped by to visit Soo-ho – witnesses Soo-ho carry Ji-hyun out her apartment with her own eyes.

Ji-hyun gets some rest in the hospital. She’s been malnourished and dehydrated, but should recover just fine if she receives some rest. Soo-ho stays by her side though he himself isn’t feeling all too well either. He continues to blame himself for everything and at one point even reaches out to her hand to hold it. However, he pulls his hand back and refrains from holding her hand. Stepping out of the room and witnessing a mother and her child panic over her husband’s suicide attempt causes Soo-ho to worry. When he returns to Ji-hyun’s room, he’s asked by Ji-hyun to leave. She doesn’t feel comfortable being in the same room as him.

Ji-hyun receives another visitor but this time it’s Chae-Ah. She pleads Ji-hyun to stop interfering with her relationship with Soo-ho. That’s when Ji-hyun reveals to Chae-Ah the real reason as to why Soo-ho ultimately decided to get married to her. Yes, their marriage might be arranged, but that’s not the primary and only reason why he chose to marry her. Soo-ho’s marrying Chae-Ah so that he can ultimately help Ji-hyun. Chae-Ah freezes in disbelief upon discovering Soo-ho’s intentions.

Soo-chul and his mother make plans to visit Soo-ho and Chae-Ah at their joint restaurant. Mom warns Soo-chul to be on Dad’s good side for now. They don’t want to do anything that could upset him so that Soo-chul can ultimately inherit the company.


Ji-hyun grieves over Mom and Ji-eun in her bedroom. She then receives a text from Soo-chul’s Mom inviting her over for dinner at the restaurant. Meanwhile, the restaurant staff are busy setting up for the dinner. While they’re busy with that, Chae-Ah questions Soo-ho’s intentions. Did he give Ji-hyun the footages of his interview with the reporter? Though Chae-Ah wants to hear him say that he didn’t and he does claim that he didn’t, they both know that it was him who handed over to her the interview clips.

It’s dinner time with Soo-ho’s family and Chae-Ah. Dad expresses interest in eating with Chae-Ah’s family as well since Soo-ho and Chae-Ah will be getting married soon, but she responds that there won’t be a need for that. She doesn’t plan on getting married to him any longer. Chae-Ah rushes out of the restaurant and is followed by a confused Soo-ho. Outside, they encounter Ji-hyun who’s just arrived at the restaurant. Chae-Ah throws her ring down onto the ground and walks away.


News of the break-up spreads around the company. Min-seok reaches out to Chae-Ah to show her his support while Ji-hyun meets with Soo-ho. What does he plan on doing now that Chae-Ah’s called off the marriage? Soo-ho responds that he will do whatever he can to get Chae-Ah to agree to the marriage again somehow. Ji-hyun then suggests to Soo-ho another idea. How about he marry her? Soo-ho claims he would do anything for Ji-hyun. Would he be willing to marry Ji-hyun if she asked him to? Would he do that much for her?

My Thoughts:


OOH HOO HOOOO, Ji-hyun is really testing Soo-ho’s limits and pushing his boundaries. Though Ji-hyun was so different in this episode compared to the former ones and this change in personality really doesn’t reflect how she’s actually like, I really enjoyed watching her throw everyone else off. For far too long she’s tolerated the actions and behaviors of Min-seok, Chae-Ah, and Soo-ho. Now she’s the mastermind behind the game they’re all playing and she gets to control them around. She was so bad-ass in this episode and it was truly so fun watching her surprise them and throw them off with her blunt, careless, and fierce attitude. I’m not so sure I miss the old Ji-hyun, but it does feel refreshing to see her so indifferent and careless the way she was in this episode.

Granted, Ji-hyun’s only acting this way because she no longer has an attachment to life as she once used to. She’s struggled heavily before in life and was distant from everyone, but she managed to find her way back to life and to rediscover her purpose in living. Now she’s returned to those difficult days and is acting quite differently than before. She spends as much of Soo-ho’s money as she wants and has wasted all the money she spent so much time into earning. She’s changed because she doesn’t find the beauty in living anymore so she doesn’t even care about anything anymore. It’s heart-wrenching to see her like this and you want her to return to the determined, passionate, and justice-driven person she was before.

However, I also understand why she suddenly changed though and why she acted so differently in this episode. There’s only so much Ji-hyun can take before she breaks down. The one person she trusted in betrayed her and she no longer has anyone in her life. She’s lonely and lost and confused and she’s not so sure what to do. This is why she tested Soo-ho’s limits and took advantage of him as much as she wanted. If he truly claims that he’ll do anything for her, what will he NOT do for her? It goes back to the whole conflict where Soo-ho wants to do things for himself and fulfills his own needs but also cherishes Ji-hyun and wants to help her fight for justice. Will he marry Ji-hyun because he loves her and cares for her and will do anything for her? Or will he step back and run away again as he’s done several times before?


I just find it so interesting that Min-seok, Chae-Ah, and Soo-ho was so shocked and disapproving of Ji-hyun’s personality change in this episode. She’s finally giving them a taste of their own medicine and the power that they have with all the money they possess, but they didn’t like it one bit. The ironic thing is that they will always have that money with them for as long as they live. Ji-hyun is merely just engaging in that wealthy rich lifestyle for now because she wants a taste of it. She actually won’t go through with it and live this way forever. She’s never experienced such power before so she wants to see what it’s like. Plus, it was this power of wealth that caused her and her family’s life to go downhill. Mom and Ji-eun lost their lives while in the pursuit for money that people like Soo-ho and Chae-Ah will always have in their lives. Now they’re aware of the struggles and challenges that Ji-hyun’s faced and continues to face.

I like that Ji-hyun’s getting her revenge on both Soo-ho and Chae-Ah. Sure, Soo-ho was only getting married to Chae-Ah so that he could help Ji-hyun. However, he was the reason for Ji-eun’s appearance at his hotel room the night that she died so he did play a role in her death. Ji-hyun can’t forgive him so easily for what he’s done and I don’t think anything that he does for her will ever prove how apologetic and guilty he feels. Soo-ho can give Ji-hyun all the money, wealth, and status she seeks, but she actually doesn’t want any of that nor does she care. She trusted Soo-ho for so long and relied on him for so many things because he had the money and resources to seek the truth. Now she learns of his true colors and involvement in her sister’s death it’s unbearable for her to just forgive him so easily. Ji-hyun sure is testing his limits and boundaries and I’m enjoying every single second of it. To what extent will Soo-ho go for Ji-hyun and will he really give up everything to satisfy her? If he really feels as guilty as he does for contributing to Ji-eun and Mom’s death, he would do anything for Ji-hyun right?


The most interesting relationship to me has to be Chae-Ah and Min-seok. They tread around each other carefully because Chae-Ah’s aware of how dangerous, scary, and ruthless Min-seok can be. However, she also seeks his presence and company during times of stress or sadness. It seems as if they both try to maintain this professional and business related relationship, but often find themselves enjoying each other’s presence when they need that emotional support. Sometimes I feel like they have some kind of feelings for each other to an extent and are borderline emotionally invested in each other. This also confuses me though because Chae-Ah seems to have actual feelings for Soo-ho and grows jealous or disappointed when she learns that he doesn’t care for her the way she does for him. She even goes as far to claiming that Soo-ho has feelings for Ji-hyun which is the reason as to why he’s doing everything for her. She pretends as if she doesn’t like Soo-ho, but in reality, has probably had feelings for him since the very beginning. She’s just done a good job in hiding and masking it. I’m curious as to whether she’s going to take Soo-ho back not because of work purposes but because she loves him and wants him to be hers. It’ll be interesting to see what her next move is because it’ll really prove to us where she lies and how she truly feels about Soo-ho.

This episode was less about the investigation and more about Ji-hyun’s reactions to everyone’s involvement in her sister’s death. I loved watching her be in control of the game and fool everyone into thinking she’s someone she’s not. I could watch her act like this forever, but I’m not sure for how much longer she’s going to hold on. Ji-hyun doesn’t seem to be as engaged with life as she once used to be now that she knows the truth about everything. Will she still continue to fight for justice or will she give up because she’s powerless and poor? More importantly, will Soo-ho continue to stand by her side and show her his support in all the many ways he’s done before or will he too give up?

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