My I.D. is Gangnam Beauty: Episode 12 Recap


Our characters act upon their feelings because they’re afraid of regrets and not having the opportunity to do or say what it is they want to express. However, there are many doubts in the process and our characters aren’t so sure if what they’re doing is right or reasonable. Mi-rae and Kyung-seok find themselves lost and engrossed in this uncertainty and unlike before where they had each other for support, they find themselves battling these demons alone this time.

My I.D. is Gangnam Beauty Episode 12: Don’t You Have Feelings For Me?

Kyung-seok follows up on Mi-rae’s statement and questions whether she has any feelings for him. Does she possibly like him? Mi-rae remains silent at first, but she finally answers after a few seconds of thinking. She doesn’t like him and only views him as a friend. She heads back to her place and reminds herself that she can’t have any feelings for Kyung-seok. She doesn’t want her life to be ruined again. Meanwhile, Kyung-seok also heads for home. He’s a little heart-broken and disappointed over her response.

The next morning, Mi-rae worries about Kyung-seok and how she should act around him after what happened last night. However, she doesn’t have to worry as Kyung-seok is no where to be seen at school. Even his mom’s special lecture at their university doesn’t propel him to go to school and to attend class.

Instead, Kyung-seok is at the same hair salon that the owner talked to him about the night before. As promised, he’ll get paid for being the hair salon’s model.


Mom’s guest lecture reminds Mi-rae about Kyung-seok and the times he talked to her about perfumes. Just then, Kyung-seok enters the room and watches his mom speak to the class. She ends the lecture by promoting their new program and encourages anyone interested to apply. After her lecture, she meets with Kyung-seok outside and does the same. She hopes he’ll apply to the program, but Kyung-seok doesn’t respond to her wishes.

Mi-rae is curious as to why Kyung-seok is sporting a new hair color. While walking through campus, she accidentally bumps into him. The situation quickly turns awkward so they discuss about his hair. Kyung-seok doesn’t exactly reveal to her the reason as to why he has a new hair color. Mi-rae doesn’t mind though because it only means she’ll be able to escape from him faster. Lol.

Ye-na, Tae-hee, and Yoon-byul all discuss about Kyung-seok. Though Ye-na might no longer harbor a crush on him, she still have a special spot in her heart reserved for him. Every girl must have had a crush on him at one point right?

Mom and Kyung-hee have some lunch together. There, Mom shows Kyung-hee a picture of Kyung-seok’s new hair color. What could be the possible reason for the new look? Maybe he’s dating someone? Or maybe he broke up with someone? But who would this person be if he was in a relationship with someone?

However, the only reason why Kyung-seok posed as a model for the hair salon with the new look was so he could pay Woo-young for rent. Kyung-seok will just pay the full portion of rent like he was supposed to instead of doing the chores. He hands Woo-young the money and asks for a written receipt as proof. Loool. Our Kyung-seok is growing up!

While studying in the library the next day, Mi-rae finds Kyung-seok sitting a few tables away across from her. She notices the change in his hair color once again and becomes distracted by his presence. Kyung-seok also notices her in the library and ends up exiting the library.


Final exams are over and all the students rejoice (LOL that was totally me when I was in college). Mi-rae meets with Kyung-seok’s mom for some food. Meanwhile, Tae-hee and Tae-young exit campus together. On the way, they encounter Chan-woo who has a conversation with Tae-young about Kyung-seok’s Mom’s new program. Watching Tae-young speak so nicely to Chan-woo irks Tae-hee and frustrates her. Chan-woo spoke illy of her and yet Tae-young is still speaking to him as if nothing happened.

Soo-Ah feeds the stray cat on their school campus which she’s named Dong-won. She’s then approached by a male student who’s also named Dong-won. He freaks out over the cat’s name and assumes she must have named the animal after him. He raves about it with some online friends.


During lunch with Mom, Mi-rae shares with Mom that Kyung-seok’s returned to his original hair color. Although no one knows the reason as to why he changed his hair in the first place, it must not be a big deal considering that he has his black hair again. Speaking of Kyung-seok worries Mi-rae so she confides in Mom her secret.

Meanwhile, Soo-Ah signs up for the field trip to visit Kyung-seok’s Mom’s perfume company. Kyung-seok too visits Woo-young’s office to do the same shortly afterwards. Kyung-seok’s haughty attitude towards Woo-young throws him off and shocks him. What did he do to you Kyung-seok? Lol.

Mi-rae admits to Mom that she has a crush on Kyung-seok and that he too might have a crush on her. However, the only thing is that she’s not too sure how others might perceive her if they were to find out that she has a crush on Kyung-seok. Plus, Soo-Ah also likes him so that just makes things worse. Mom sympathizes for Mi-rae and reassures her not to worry. The only thing that matters is that she and Kyung-seok have feelings for each other. No one else matters.

Mi-rae reflects on Mom’s comments made earlier that day at lunch. She then encounters Woo-young on her way home so the two have a brief talk. He encourages her to apply for the program with Kyung-seok’s Mom’s company. It’ll be a good opportunity for her and plus, she’s interested in the perfume industry anyways. She should check it out to see if it’s what she wants to pursue. Mi-rae is persuaded by Woo-young’s comments and wishes to sign up for the program. Woo-young ends their conversation by inviting Mi-rae for a movie date that Wednesday. Mi-rae agrees to the movie date and will also make sure to invite Hyun-jung along, but Woo-young has plans of his own. He wants the movie date to be just the two of them. Ohhhhh.

Before heading to Kyung-seok’s Mom’s company, Soo-Ah notes her progress regarding her body and weight gain. She takes some medicine before leaving for the program. When she does arrive, she’s greeted by Dong-won who’s also signed up for the program. Sung-woon, Ji-hyo, and Won-ho accompany Soo-Ah and are soon joined by Kyung-seok and Mi-rae. While waiting for the program to begin, Soo-Ah learns from Mi-rae that both Mi-rae and Kyung-seok have quit their part-time jobs.

Woo-young receives a bold confession from Yoon-byul via a love letter. He’s shocked and taken aback by the sudden confession. He’s not too sure how to respond or how to go about it, lol.

The first day of the program is off to a great start for Mi-rae. The program coordinator is easily impressed with how knowledgeable Mi-rae is about perfumes. During one of their lab practices, Mi-rae steals a look at Kyung-seok. Soo-Ah notices Mi-rae’s actions and pays close attention to her every move.

Hyun-jung encounters Woo-young on her way home. She has to call out his name a few times before he finally wakes up and notices her. They agree to grab some dinner together.


The perfume cohort all head to Woo-jin’s former business for food and drinks. He now works there as a part-timer, not the owner (poor Woo-jin). Kyung-seok enters the restaurant a few seconds later and sits at the bar table instead of with the cohort. Although Kyung-seok is reluctant in sitting with them, they invite him to sit with them.

During dinner, Woo-young has trouble focusing and eating. It’s not until Hyun-jung asks that he finally shares with her what’s on his mind. He’s trying to determine how he can best and respectfully reject Yoon-byul’s confession. Hyun-jung advises that he reject her politely if she’s a decent person. She might be scarred and hurt from his rejection for a long time if he’s careless and rude. Woo-young takes her advice into consideration.

Back at the bar restaurant, the cohort have a discussion about ideal types. While the girls talk about who their celebrity crushes are, Mi-rae remains silent and answers that she doesn’t really have an ideal type. Kyung-seok grows uninterested in the conversation and leaves first. The sudden rain leads him to the convenience store where he buys two umbrellas – one for him and one for Mi-rae. On his way back to the bar restaurant, he encounters Soo-Ah outside. She expresses her determination in becoming his friend and getting closer to him, but he’s still not interested in her. He knows how she’s really like and wants her to stop.

At that moment, Soo-Ah hears the restaurant doors opening so she runs to Kyung-seok and throws her arms around him. Mi-rae witnesses the hug as she exits out of the restaurant and walks away in silence. Kyung-seok follows after Mi-rae after pushing himself away from Soo-Ah. He attempts to get in contact with Mi-rae, but she doesn’t pick up his phone calls. Mi-rae’s heart physically aches as she repeatedly thinks about the hug.

Mi-rae is then approached by Kyung-seok at that moment who manages to find her. He places the umbrella over her head to take care of her. Is she okay? Is she hurt by what she saw? Kyung-seok reiterates that he doesn’t have any feelings for Soo-Ah and never will. So what about Mi-rae? Is she interested in him and does she have feelings for him?

Though Mi-rae claims that she doesn’t have any because she’s afraid of what people will think about them as a couple, Kyung-seok grows impatient. He doesn’t care about the opinions of others, he wants to know what Mi-rae personally thinks about him. However, it’s not so easy for Mi-rae as she’s grown up caring about what other people thinks about her. The same habit applies to this situation with Kyung-seok. She ends the conversation by stating that Kyung-seok will never have a chance with her. Things will be too difficult and she’s too afraid of the backlash she might face. The two walk away from each other in disappointment, silence, and tears. At last, things have ended this way between the two.


The next day at the program, Soo-Ah greets Dong-won and Won-ho in the laboratory room. She notices a drink sitting on the counter with her name on it. She thanks Won-ho for the drink, but is unaware that it was actually Dong-won who bought it for her. He once again shares the details of this interaction with some of his friends online.

During lunch, everyone is impressed with how much food Soo-Ah manages to finish eating. Meanwhile, Mi-rae comes across Kyung-seok in the company building. Kyung-seok isn’t so sure he and Mi-rae can go back to being friends after last night’s rejection. Instead, he’ll wait for her to reciprocate his feelings.

Mi-rae’s parents drive to Mi-rae’s neighborhood to visit her. On the way, they decide to stop by Woo-young’s place to pay him a quick visit first. When they arrive, they find Kyung-seok’s Mom and Kyung-hee also waiting outside his apartment unit for Kyung-seok. They exchange warm greetings and go out for some coffee. It’s there that Mom and Dad finally learn the meaning behind the phrase ‘Gangnam beauty.’ Unlike what they thought, the derogatory phrase is used to describe and criticize people who got plastic surgery.

The drive back home is drastically different from the drive to Mi-rae’s neighborhood. Mom and Dad aren’t so happy. Meanwhile, Soo-Ah receives a text from Tae-young asking for the two of them to meet later on that day.

While waiting for the bus, Mi-rae sees Kyung-seok walking towards her direction. However, they don’t acknowledge each other and he walks past her without saying anything. Mi-rae is then reminded by Woo-young about their movie date so she hurries to meet with him. After the movies, they grab some dinner at a luxurious restaurant. It’s there that Woo-young then makes his bold and daring confession to Mi-rae. There’s many things Mi-rae doesn’t know about him such as his dislike for pork belly or how he’s also a lightweight like her or the fact that he likes her (OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO SMOOTH. I HAD TO PAUSE THE DRAMA BECAUSE I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. IT CAME OUT OF NO WHERE LOLOL).

Woo-young explains that he likes Mi-rae because she’s pretty. Mi-rae first grows disappointed with this reasoning and can’t seem to understand why he would like her just for her looks. However, Woo-young reasons that it’s not just her looks that he’s attracted to. She’s attractive because she stays true to herself and just for who she is.


Meanwhile, Woo-jin notices Kyung-seok’s strange behavior. Something must be bothering him. Kyung-seok then shares with Woo-jin details about the rejection that he faced. The girl (aka Mi-rae) he likes can’t date him and he doesn’t understand why. The disappointment and pain gets to him.

Woo-young drops off Mi-rae home that night after dinner. At first, they bid farewell with each other, but she chases after him to make her final decision. After thinking about it, she can’t respond to Woo-young’s feelings. She doesn’t like him like that. Woo-young is accepting and respectful of Mi-rae’s decisions. He already knew she had feelings for Kyung-seok, he just wanted to still take the chance to confess to her. He tries to cheer her up and doesn’t blame her for rejecting him. It’s natural. Woo-young wishes Mi-rae good luck on her relationship with Kyung-seok.

Speaking of Kyung-seok, he witnesses Mi-rae and Woo-young talking to each other which causes him to grow jealous and enraged. He doesn’t like the sight of seeing Woo-young’s hand on Mi-rae’s arm while he consoles her.

My Thoughts:

Wow, just wow. What is going on with this drama?! Ahhh, there’s so many things happening and I’m not so sure what to think, how to feel, or where things are heading now that we’ve reached this point into the drama. The thing that frustrates me the most are all the misunderstandings that our characters have of each other. I just want everyone to clarify their issues and concerns with each other and to be on good terms again once and for all. Please! Let’s all just be good friends T__T


There were two rejections in this episode by the same character towards two different guys and I think more so than focusing on who specifically Mi-rae rejected, I’m more interested and intrigued by how Mi-rae rejected both Woo-young and Kyung-seok. We can talk about Kyung-seok’s rejection in depth later, but I was so satisfied and relieved at how Woo-young’s rejection went down. I actually felt for him when Mi-rae revealed to him how she felt about him because you can tell that he was sad and disappointed, but that it was also results that he had already accepted. He prepared himself for this very moment and knew that the day where he would be rejected by Mi-rae would arrive. He just didn’t know exactly when so he prepared himself for it as best and much as he could.

Although we as viewers knew that Woo-young would never receive a chance with Mi-rae and we rather support Mi-rae and Kyung-seok together as a couple, you couldn’t help but feel pity for Woo-young as he was rejected by Mi-rae. Whereas Kyung-seok’s rejection was more angsty, painful, and melodramatic, Woo-young’s was a lot more calm and peaceful. The fact that Woo-young even consoled Mi-rae afterwards and told her not to blame herself for denying his feelings made the rejection even much more hurtful and sad.

I also loved seeing this side of Woo-young too though because he’s always treated Mi-rae like this since the beginning. When I think about it, Woo-young was always respectful and thoughtful of Mi-rae and cared for her in the smallest and most delicate ways. He took things slowly and tried to get closer to her without making things obvious, hurting her, or taking any big leaps and he also stayed true to himself in this process. He was careful around her and I just really appreciate how respectful he was of her feelings whether it was back then or in the present. I liked how the drama handled and executed his rejection because it was fitting of their characters and really showed us the beauty in Woo-young and Mi-rae’s relationship. Before the confession, they had a relationship where they were comfortable around each other and enjoyed each other’s presence. Even up until and during the rejection, they still managed to do that as Woo-young comforted Mi-rae who was feeling guilty about her decision and as Mi-rae respectfully denied Woo-young’s confession. Even if the two might not end up together in this drama, their relationship with each other is so beautiful and untouchable that it’d be better if they just stayed as friends and neighbors. That way their relationship with each other will never be ruined.

Now onto Kyung-seok’s rejection.. I feel so conflicted about everything. I understand where both Kyung-seok and Mi-rae are coming from which is why I feel so torn about their relationship. Once again, Mi-rae points out her struggles with her looks and habits which Kyung-seok will never understand because he’s been praised for his looks his entire life. Mi-rae cares about how others think because it’s been something pushed onto her since she was young. Even after undergoing plastic surgery, she still feels insecure and unconfident about her new face. It’s not something that she’ll be able to easily get over and overcome anytime soon. From this perspective, I can see why Mi-rae rejected him even if she does have feelings for him. For Mi-rae alone, she would have happily accepted Kyung-seok’s feelings and start a romantic relationship with him. However, she’s worried about how others might think of them as a couple and these doubts is what gets to her and prevents her from taking that leap forward.

For Kyung-seok, he’s honest and direct with what he wants. He knows what he wants, he’s aware of the type of girl he wants, and he understands why he likes Mi-rae. It’s so simple to him for her to just accept his feelings and to reciprocate those feelings. Kyung-seok just can’t seem to understand or accept the situation and struggles with reality. As badly as I want the two to be together (maybe even more so than Kyung-seok does himself lolol), I also understand things from Mi-rae’s point of view. Kyung-seok should learn to take things slowly and be patient with Mi-rae. He claims he’ll wait for her so I hope he practices that patience and does what he says he’ll do.


I really don’t have anything else more to say about Soo-Ah. She’s just.. I despise her so much sometimes and I really don’t think there’s any way to redeem her in this drama. The drama will probably take that route and redeem her character somehow (even if it’s not much), but I’m not so sure how this is possible. She’s so cunning and calculative and really does have such wicked intentions. I really don’t care for her and I’m sad that the drama chose to paint her as the typical second female lead when they could have done so much more with her. She had the potential to be so much more interesting, but she’s just kind of there.

This episode was probably the most angsty which probably explains why I loved it (sorry I’m just a dramatic person in general lol). It was a lot more serious and dramatic than usual, but it was also just nice watching Kyung-seok and Mi-rae struggle with their relationship. In the prior episodes, we saw them spending lots of time together and doings things together and being on good terms with each other. Now that they’re navigating their feelings for each other and are riding on the roller coaster that is their relationship, they realize that maybe things aren’t always as easy and bright as they seem.

It’s this roller coaster ride that highlights the beauty of it all though. Relationships aren’t always easy and not everything will be bright, happy, cheerful, and jolly. There’s also going to be times where you want to give up or you’re confused or you’re uncertain as to what to do. Kyung-seok and Mi-rae are currently facing that right now and whereas before they could overcome any struggles they were facing because they had each other to rely on, now they have to learn to navigate their relationship alone by themselves. They’re uncertain as to what to do or how to respond or how to act, but it’s beautiful watching them struggle. Just as we saw all their good times, we also get to witness their bad moments and that’s okay. That’s reality. Kyung-seok and Mi-rae will eventually come around and Woo-young’s confession to Mi-rae was what probably prompted her to realize her true feelings for Kyung-seok. Until the two decide to meet halfway again and compromise, Mi-rae and Kyung-seok are going to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of up’s and down’s. It’s going to be hard, but surely things won’t be like this forever.

3 responses to “My I.D. is Gangnam Beauty: Episode 12 Recap”

  1. SA that manipulative bitch!!!
    WY that’s not the right way to win a girl, because “you’re pretty”, awful!!

    I cant understand why this show gets bad reviews and low ratings. If you really think about it, the actress who played Mirae’s character is perfect. The way she portrayed someone who grew up extremely bullied for her looks, got a plastic surgery to look pretty and still get’s bullied, hay!

  2. Thanks so much for this excellent recap. This show is playing with my emotions so I can’t bring myself to watch it all the way through. I come in and out based on the scenes you describe here. I’m able to keep up thanks to you. Appreciate that! Yes, SA is off my list. She’s so messed up. I agree with KS, she needs HELP!

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