My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Episode 14 Recap


Mi-rae and Kyung-seok take precautionary measures to hide their relationship from others now that they’re together. Not everything can be fine and dandy and our two leads realize this firsthand as they learn to come up with their own antics and methods in keeping their relationship a secret. For how much longer can our new adorable couple keep this up and more so, will it all be worth it?

My ID is Gangnam Beauty Episode 14: Start Secretly

Mi-rae confronts Soo-Ah who asks Kyung-seok if he’s dating Mi-rae and answers that yes, she and Kyung-seok are dating. Soo-Ah tries her best to remain calm and walks away after receiving the answer. Mi-rae assumes that Soo-Ah won’t tell anyone about their relationship since her pride will be hurt knowing that Kyung-seok chose Mi-rae over her. The two agree that they can slowly tell everyone about their relationship together instead of hiding it or making one person do all the work.

During lab, Mi-rae and Kyung-seok secretly text each other and finalize plans after the day is over. They contemplate where to meet or what to do. Thankfully, they settle everything before suspicions arouse as to who Mi-rae is texting on her phone. While everyone else is curious, Soo-Ah is well aware of who it is that Mi-rae’s texting.

Woo-young meets with Yoon-byul to inform her on his response to her confession. He attempts his best to not hurt or disappoint her as he rejects her confession. He even gives her some tips and suggestions on how to handle the rejection, but Yoon-byul will be fine. She bids farewell with him.


Mi-rae heads to the restaurant where Kyung-seok is waiting for her. She attempts to hide her face in fear that people from their school will see them. After a few seconds of spy-like actions, Mi-rae finally seats herself at the table with Kyung-seok. They order their dishes and truthfully reveal to each other about what happened on the night they went on the movie date. Mi-rae always ordered the cheapest thing on the menu while Kyung-seok was worried that night because he didn’t have money. Lol. Mi-rae heads to the restroom afterwards to calm herself down while Kyung-seok waits at the table. He runs out of luck though as Yoon-byul and Tae-hee enter the same restaurant and run into him. Kyung-seok lies that he’s eating alone and attempts to get in contact with Mi-rae to inform her about the two classmates, but it’s futile. Mi-rae’s cell phone is in her purse which she left behind with Kyung-seok. Ahhh!

When Mi-rae exits the restroom, Kyung-seok signals to her about Tae-hee and Yoon-byul prompting her to hurry back into the restroom. LOL. With some quick thinking, Kyung-seok asks the server to hand Mi-rae her purse in the restroom. Thanks to that, Mi-rae receives a phone call from Kyung-seok and manages to merely escape Tae-hee who also visits the restroom. Phew, that was close!

Soo-Ah is contacted by Tae-young who wishes to see her and talk to her. Meanwhile, Mi-rae escapes from the restaurant thanks to Kyung-seok who manages to distract Yoon-byul and Tae-hee. Once Mi-rae exits, Kyung-seok follows soon after and the two reunite outside on the street. Mi-rae feels guilty for making Kyung-seok lie to the two classmates, but Kyung-seok doesn’t mind. He also doesn’t mind other people’s attention, but Mi-rae isn’t the same. She struggles with caring about how others feel which explains for the anxiety she faces in hiding her relationship with Kyung-seok. The two agree to head home since it seems like they won’t be able to do much tonight in the public.

Kyung-seok’s Dad continues with his daily visits and public promotions now that he’s elected mayor of the hometown. His assistant pulls him by the side to inform him of an article written about Kyung-hee who’s been gaining popularity for her streaming videos. Now many are curious about who she is and whose daughter she belongs to.


Soo-Ah and Tae-young meet at Woo-jin’s bar and have a talk (BTS Jin’s ‘Epiphany’ is also playing in the background! Ahhh!). He confesses to her and hands her a necklace as a gift, but Soo-Ah doesn’t accept it. Unlike what he thinks, she doesn’t have a crush on him. He simply misunderstood her when they had a talk about his relationship with Tae-hee. Soo-Ah was just asking him how he would feel if he were to discover that someone had a crush on him; she never claimed that she was the one with the crush on him. Tae-young recalls the meeting they had where this discussion took place and even begins to doubt himself. Was he simply imagining things? Is he wrong or is Soo-Ah the one who’s confused? Ye-na witnesses the two at the bar restaurant and grows suspicious.

Mi-rae and Hyun-jung gush over Mi-rae’s relationship with Kyung-seok. Meanwhile, Kyung-seok is honest with Woo-young and informs him about his relationship with Mi-rae. Though Woo-young pretends to be fine at first, he clearly is still heart-broken over Mi-rae. Aww, lol.

The next morning, Mi-rae and Kyung-seok head to the company building together like usual. They stop by a convenience store on the way to buy a mask so that they can hide their face. Kyung-seok volunteers to wear the mask, but Mi-rae won’t allow him. The two decide to wear the masks together, but it only makes them stand out even more. The couple eventually take off the masks and commute to the company together. They can just tell anyone who notices them that they were simply commuting together as neighbors.

Yoo-eun overhears Tae-hee and Ye-na talking about Soo-Ah and Tae-young. Now it all makes sense to Tae-hee as to why they broke up and who it was he was distracted by when they were still together. Yoo-eun invites Soo-Ah to have lunch with her that day so that they can have a talk.

Hyun-jung visits Woo-young at his school office and asks to have some coffee with him. While drinking some coffee together, she asks him how he’s been feeling lately. She’s aware that he had feelings for Mi-rae. Woo-young responds in shock that she knew about this and assumes that Hyun-jung must have also known that Mi-rae rejected him. But Hyun-jung didn’t know about this and she reacts in surprise. Woo-young explains his reasoning for confessing even if he knew that the success rate was slim.

Kyung-seok and Mi-rae’s attempts to hide their relationship remains difficult. They dodge questions asked by Ji-hyo when she becomes curious as to who Kyung-seok is dating. Whoever it is must be famous or pretty enough for Kyung-seok to have rejected Soo-Ah.


Mi-rae blames herself for making Kyung-seok have to continually lie about their relationship. However, Kyung-seok doesn’t mind and he pleads for Mi-rae to stop feeling guilty. At that moment, Kyung-seok’s Mom enters the lobby and finds the two alone with each other. She connects the dots and realizes that the the two must be in a relationship with each other. Contrary to what they would assume, Mom is actually relaxed and happy about it. She gives them her blessings (YAAAS) and leaves the couple alone. Hehe.

During lunch with Soo-Ah, Yoo-eun confronts Soo-Ah about all the recent incidents and things she’s heard about her. She questions whether Soo-Ah was the reason for Tae-young and Tae-hee’s break-up, but Soo-Ah claims that she’s not. She only met up with him to talk to him about Tae-hee since it was clear that she was struggling with the break-up. Soo-Ah adds that she feels like she’s being misunderstood with all these rumors and gossip about her.

At school, Chan-woo and his friend read a post containing pictures of a girl’s physique who looks similar to Soo-Ah. Chan-woo in particular ponders over how she must be feeling now that she got rejected by Kyung-seok. Maybe he should try to contact her to cheer her up. Lol, pleeeease. Nobody is going to want you.

Dad tries to reconcile with Kyung-hee but it’s pointless. Though she agrees to deleting her streaming videos off her account since it’ll affect her dad’s career as the mayor, she is reluctant in returning home.

Mi-rae and Kyung-seok ride the bus together (while holding hands of course) to a place that Kyung-seok has planned for her. While on the ride there, she receives a phone call from Hyun-jung who informs her that she’ll be staying over night at her parent’s house. This of course prompts Mi-rae and Kyung-seok to reconsider their plans. Maybe they can stay at Mi-rae’s apartment and spend time with each other there instead of going out. OooOooOOh~

Soo-Ah receives a phone call from an upperclassmen who wants to meet with her. Meanwhile, Kyung-seok and Mi-rae return to her apartment. She enters first while he leaves to buy a cake and some champagne at a bakery. When Mi-rae returns home, she finds Mom and Dad inside (AHHHH). They wanted to visit her because they missed her. They continually ask her questions about her friends and relationships and are curious if Mi-rae’s getting along with people (that Gangnam beauty comment must be really getting to them). Mi-rae notifies Kyung-seok about her parent’s visit and attempts to get them to leave, but they stay a little bit longer than wanted.


Soo-Ah meets with the upperclassmen at Woo-jin’s bar. Before he can even talk to her, Chan-woo enters and intervenes. He’s kicked out though by the upperclassmen who Chan-woo assumes is confessing to Soo-Ah. However, the upperclassmen wanted to meet with Soo-Ah to ask her about the pictures on the internet that he saw. He assumes it must be her, but Soo-Ah claims that it isn’t. She marches out of the restaurant and worries over who it could have been that posted those pictures of her online.

After some waiting, Mi-rae’s parents leave so Kyung-seok hurries over to her apartment. He hands her the cake and they have some food with each other. After eating, Mi-rae teaches Kyung-seok how to make candles. It’s then that they ask each other questions such as when they started liking each other. Kyung-seok is so busy and occupied with talking to Mi-rae that he accidentally burns himself. Mi-rae rushes him over to the kitchen sink and treats his small injury with some cold water.


However, Kyung-seok isn’t worried about his injury. In that moment, he only cares about Mi-rae so he positions himself behind her and places his arms around her waist. He notes that the perfume she’s wearing has become his favorite now. Kyung-seok used to hate it before, but now he likes it because of Mi-rae.

My Thoughts:


EEEEEEK, they gotta stop being so cute because I cannot handle it! This episode was highly entertaining for so many reasons and I enjoyed the entire hour even if it wasn’t all just about Kyung-seok and Mi-rae being cute with each other.

Nobody wants to see Mi-rae and Kyung-seok hide their relationship from classmates and the couple themselves don’t want to either, but I can understand why they’re being cautious. I especially like it even more how Kyung-seok is respectful of Mi-rae’s feelings and uncertainty about their relationship. Though he’s comfortable and careless about how others might perceive their relationship, Mi-rae isn’t as confident yet and he totally respects that. Just like Mi-rae asked, he lies about their relationship and hides it from people who continually ask him about it. Granted, the truth will come out and everyone will eventually know about their relationship. However, the two are taking things slowly for now and are taking precautionary measures to ensure that they don’t receive any backlash or worry unnecessarily about the relationship.

It’s a constant struggle watching Mi-rae and Kyung-seok hide their relationship though because you just want them to be happy and to date each other without having to constantly worry. They’re concerned that others might see them, they’re concerned about how others will feel about them as a couple, they’re concerned that they will be judged negatively for being together. Their relationship kind of reminds me of idols and the lengths that idols in relationships have to go through just to be able to date whoever it is that they like. It pained me to see Mi-rae constantly apologize to Kyung-seok for making him lie or do all the work. She feels guilty and as if she’s the reason for all of this chaos which she shouldn’t blame herself for. Kyung-seok agreed to go along with it and he doesn’t have a problem with it. More so, they’re in a relationship with each other so the effort is mutual and they’re meeting each other half way. I hope Mi-rae won’t continue to blame herself and apologize for having to hide their relationship. She’s still learning to accept, address, and manage her insecurities and that’s okay.

As stressful and sad as it is watching them hide their relationship, I have to admit that it was also comedic, enjoyable, and humorous watching them do this. The way Mi-rae hid her face at the restaurant with Kyung-seok or the way she tried to get her parents to leave the apartment was fun to watch. Of course, the truth will eventually be exposed and with the finale approaching this week, Kyung-seok and Mi-rae’s relationship will no longer be a secret. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all since it seems like the two are already having trouble keeping things under the rug. Maybe they can truly just be present and happy with each other if people found out about them.


It seems like the drama is setting us up for a possible relationship between Hyun-jung and Woo-young which I wouldn’t mind. The drama had been making Hyun-jung’s feelings for Woo-young more obvious the last few episodes so I think it’ll be cute to see Hyun-jung deal with her crush for Woo-young. Maybe Hyun-jung will also be the person that helps Woo-young manage his heartbreak and move forward in returning to the same happy and quirky person he was before confessing to Mi-rae. I also love how careful he was when rejecting Yoon-byul because he didn’t want her to go through the same things that he did when he was rejected by Mi-rae. Woo-young is ultimately a nice, caring, and good guy and even if he wasn’t accepted by Mi-rae, Hyun-jung (or I) happily will!


Mi-rae and Kyung-seok are struggling to keep their relationship a secret from their circle of friends, but they won’t be able to keep this up forever. The truth will eventually be revealed and not all reactions will be as positive and bright as Mom’s (I love Mom’s reaction to their relationship by the way. She was so cool and relaxed about it! Lol). When the time comes, their relationship will be put to the test and Mi-rae herself will have to face some of her biggest concerns and fears. However, she’s already shown great development and progress individually so far and with Kyung-seok by her side, there won’t be much that she’ll have to be afraid about.

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