The Ghost Detective: Episode 3 Recap


Da-il and Yeo-wool work together to uncover the truth behind the deaths of their loved ones and find that it’s harder than they thought. Though the two face struggles and challenges along the way, they remain partners in crime and remind each other of why they’re doing all of this in the first place.

The Ghost Detective: Episode 3 Recap


After saving the restaurant manager from jumping to his death, Yeo-wool shares with Da-il the one secret he had been hiding from her: he’s dead. She found out once she was approached by him at her apartment and saw a ball roll through his body. It’s unclear as to how she’s able to see only him (and no other spirit like her sister’s or mom’s) or how Yeo-wool is the only person Da-il can touch.

Before the two can discuss any further, the restaurant manager wakes up. He sees the lady in the red dress standing behind Da-il and Yeo-wool and mistakens Yeo-wool as Yi-rang. He shouts that it wasn’t his fault for her suicide and that he was just trying to help her out with her job. This angers Yeo-wool, but Da-il holds her back from confronting the man as he could hurt her. The manager eventually jumps to his death and warns Yeo-wool that she’s next.

Da-il returns inside the restaurant to chase after the lady, but she’s no where to be found. When he reunites with Yeo-wool, he finds her contemplating whether to call the police. However, Da-il takes Yeo-wool away from the scene and they rush back to safety. The guilt gets to Yeo-wool and she questions whether they killed the manager, but Da-il reassures her that they didn’t. She also asks him the reason for his return; why did he come back to Yeo-wool? She learns then that Da-il too was killed by the lady in the red dress so he wants to find out more. Though Yeo-wool is determined and persistent in investigating, Da-il sends her home to get some rest. She’s going to need it since she’s still a human being. Oof.

As Da-il and Yeo-wool separate, Da-il is reminded of the reason he’s doing all of this as well. He recalls the moment he pleaded for the police to help him solve his mother’s death which was ruled a suicide. He knows she didn’t attempt suicide, but no one believed him.

The lady in the red dress, Sun Woo-hye (Lee Ji-Ah), gets a good night’s rest as she sleeps on her bed peacefully. Meanwhile, Da-il tests his abilities as a ghost and attempts to regain his ability to touch. However, nothing he does work, and even Sang-seob is left alone to work on Ha-eun’s case now that Da-il is no longer alive physically. Sang-seob reaches the conclusion that the principal must be somehow involved with the case since she seemed a bit suspicious the time they went to go visit her.


The principal searches frantically for the kindergarten teacher’s journal which she claims has notes written about her. The principal grows agitated and frustrated by all the calls asking her about the three missing kids and the suicide of the kindergarten teacher.

While looking through the security camera footages at the hospital and street, Detective Jung-dae’s colleague assumes that the manager must have died as a result of extreme guilt from witnessing Yi-rang’s death. However, Yeo-wool’s appearance in the clips at the hospital suggests another theory so Jung-dae goes to talk to her himself.

When he arrives at her apartment, Jung-dae interrogates Yeo-wool about her decision to investigate her sister’s death. While Jung-dae believes that Yi-rang did intend to commit suicide, Yeo-wool believes otherwise and has recruited Da-il to help her with the investigation. She rushes Jung-dae to leave and faints afterwards.

Thankfully, Da-il arrives just in time to check in with Yeo-wool. She begins to suffer the same symptoms that Yi-rang did after their parent’s deathly incident and has to use Yi-rang’s hearing aide to finally be able to hear again. Yeo-wool shivers in fear upon hallucinating a scene of her thinking evil thoughts towards Yi-rang and begins to blame herself for the death of her sister. Da-il attempts to calm her down and reminds her that she didn’t kill her sister.

Jung-dae returns to the forensics office to take another look at Bori’s bite mark. Though he’s confident that Jung-dae was bit by a human being and wants to know who it was, Doctor Chae-won brushes his thoughts off. She manages to get him to leave and follows up on his theories by herself. Using her psychic abilities, she touches the bite mark and begins to see brief and blurry visions of Da-il and Woo-hye. Chae-won reaches the conclusion that someone else was with the kindergarten teacher at the daycare on the day she died.

In the next scene, we witness a doctor nervously enter a patient’s room and strikes up a brief conversation with the patient. The person in the hospital is none other than Woo-hye.

After analyzing all three cases involving the kindergarten teacher, the restaurant manager, and Yi-rang, Da-il reaches the conclusion that Woo-hye uses auditory and visual hallucinations to kill her targets. Using the hearing aide, he checks to see if there are any hints or sounds that will help him find her. Yeo-wool tags along with Da-il so that they can test the hearing aide in different locations so they head to his old house together.

Upon entering, the house is old, dusty, and covered in white cloths. Da-il is reminded of his mom and the memories they had when they used to live together in the house. Yeo-wool enters the bathroom and puts on the hearing aide to check to see if she can hear anything. Sure enough, she communicates and describes to Da-il his mother’s conversation with Woo-hye minutes before she died.

Mom too suffered from auditory and visual hallucination and was blamed by an evil Da-il for being a burden to his life. Until the last minute, Mom was a fighter though and knew that Da-il would never talk to her that way. That’s when she’s approached by Woo-hye herself and is taunted to kill herself. Just like Woo-hye’s dad who died when she was twelve, Mom too should kill herself so as to not be a bother to Da-il anymore. Woo-hye gives Mom two options: kill herself or be killed. Da-il tears up as he listens to Yeo-wool recount the details of the horrible moments leading up to his mother’s death.

Mom eventually kills herself in the bathroom of the house and is discovered dead in the bathtub by Yeo-wool. After finding his deceased mother, Da-il reads the message she had left him on the mirror warning him not to trust anything Woo-hye tells him and that Mom will always love him. At that moment, Da-il finds Woo-hye exiting from his house.

In the present, Da-il is still shaken after learning the truth about his mom’s death and pleads for Yeo-wool to leave. However, she remains stubborn and wants to stay with him. At that moment, the house begins to shake uncontrollably due to Da-il’s anger, but it stops when Da-il nearly saves Yeo-wool from death. He breaks down and is unable to process everything, but Yeo-wool reminds him of why they’re doing this in the first place. They have to find Woo-hye and seek justice for their mom and sister. After the small pep talk, the two get back on their feet and continue their investigation. Woo-hye’s next target is the principal.

The principal heads to sleep after a long day. However, she wakes up in fear upon hallucinating the corpse of the kindergarten teacher and escapes by driving away. Meanwhile, Da-il and Yeo-wool return to the daycare in search of the principal. While Da-il enters the building and finds himself somehow at the restroom where he had tried to save Eun-yool, Yeo-wool approaches a little girl playing outside in the yard.

When the principal wakes up in her car, she finds herself back at the daycare she had tried to escape from and hallucinates the kindergarten teacher’s dead body once again. Da-il is able to escape from the restroom and runs back outside only to find Yeo-wool holding onto the wrist of the little girl. Loud ringing runs throughout Yeo-wool’s mind and as Yeo-wool will eventually realize herself, it’s not the little girl’s wrist that she’s holding but rather Woo-hye’s.

My Thoughts:

Wow, there is so much going on and I don’t even know where to start! Our leads are finally in contact with the ghost herself and have finally caught her like how they had wanted. They were in danger anyways because of Woo-hye so it wouldn’t have made a difference if they had tried to run away. I’m glad that Da-il and Yeo-wool are tackling Woo-hye head on and trying to put an end to this curse once and for all. Granted, it’s not going to be easy and Woo-hye is technically alive but her spirit is the one doing all the work so she’s going to be difficult to catch and prove. There’s already people like Detective Jung-dae who doesn’t believe in Woo-hye or tries to look at things logically and scientifically. Woo-hye is the one behind all the deaths and evil doings, but she’s aware of how much power she possesses as a spirit and uses that to her advantage in achieving her agenda.


I’m ultimately glad that Da-il and Yeo-wool have each other to rely on in the struggle to catch and defeat Woo-hye. They both have a common enemy and goal and even though their motives might be different, they understand the pain that the other is going through. It’s this connection and bond between the two that I think is what allows them to work so well together and to keep fighting even when they want to give up. We saw the two pick each other up in the last two episodes and remind each other of why they’re doing this in the first place. Da-il and Yeo-wool are each other’s pillars and it was beautiful witnessing this so far.

I was so shocked with the supernatural direction that this drama took because I had assumed all along that it would just be about ghosts and whatnot. However, watching Doctor Chae-won use her psychic powers to gain a sense of what happened to Bori or witnessing Da-il’s immense powers and strengths even as a ghost was so surprising to watch. There’s really no limit of what the drama can or cannot explore and we saw a wide variety of things in this episode. I wonder what else the drama has up its sleeves and who else has secret super powers or abilities that transcends the human world.

I want this drama to be and do incredibly well because I’m so biased towards Daniel Choi and Park Eun-bin so I just want this drama to be as great as it can be. I’m unconsciously picky about details in this drama which is bad because I should just watch this drama for what it is. While I do think the drama improved immensely from the first episode and the drama is decent overall, a part of me is still iffy on the whole arc with Woo-hye. Maybe I’m just desperate for answers right now so I want more, but I also am getting a little impatient with Woo-hye. I hope that with the next episode, we get a little bit more details about who she is and why she’s haunting different folks. Why is she physically in a coma, but roaming around as a spirit? What happened to her? In addition to Woo-hye, Da-il’s case is also interesting because you’re not so sure why he’s able to touch Yeo-wool and no one else. Why is it that she’s the only one who can see him? Just like Woo-hye is in a coma, maybe Da-il actually hasn’t died (I know I know, he’s probably no longer alive but I still want to stay in denial) and is also roaming around as a spirit for now. There’s many many questions and not enough answers. Ahhh.


We finally understand the motives for Da-il and Yeo-wool’s investigation with Woo-hye. We also learn that their cases are connected by one common denominator which is Woo-hye. While I didn’t necessarily care for the case with the three missing kids, I can understand why the drama used it to foreshadow and pave the way for the investigation that our two leads would conduct about their loved ones. They were able to meet each other and now work together in solving the truth behind their loved one’s deaths. Yeo-wool and Da-il make for a great team and they’re already doing a great job so far in catching small details, making quick and critical decisions, and picking each other up after hardships. With the support of others like Sang-seob, Chae-won, and maybe even Detective Jung-dae, maybe they can truly catch Woo-hye once and for all.

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