100 Days My Prince: Episode 3 Recap


With the introduction of Won-deuk now into play, Lee Yool has to learn to navigate his new identity while adjusting to the new and unfamiliar lifestyle that often makes him feel uncomfortable. Though things are a struggle at first, he eventually gets the hang of everything with the help of Yeo-wool.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 3 Recap

Hong-shim is taken in by a magistrate and punished for not getting married like she was supposed to based on the Crown Prince’s orders. During her punishment, Stepdad comes running into the building and pleads for the officials to let her go. Hong-shim’s boyfriend, Won-deuk, has returned from the military, and she’ll get married to him soon. The official reluctantly releases her, and she returns home with Stepdad and Goo-dol. Hong-shim is concerned about her false engagement with Won-deuk, but she decides that she’ll marry him in order to avoid getting married to Lord Park. Won-deuk looks around Hong-shim’s house and are approached by fascinated villagers. He still embodies the same personality traits and characteristics as Lee Yool, commenting that he feels uncomfortable with everything.

The Queen rejoices over the supposed death of Lee Yool. She is advised by her advisor to stay quiet for the time being. She’s the one who everyone is the most suspicious of. During her visit with the King, she finds the Crown Princess sitting quietly in his room. Unlike what she would expect, the Crown Princess isn’t crying or panicking. The Crown Princess believes that Lee Yool will eventually return to the palace.


After falling into a pile of feces, Won-deuk is brought to a river to wash and clean himself. Stepdad informs Won-deuk of his plans to marry Hong-shim; they had agreed on that prior to his rescue of Hong-shim during her punishment. They return their focus to the river and Stepdad has to test the waters first for a cautious Won-deuk. However, before Stepdad can even say anything about the river, he finds that Won-deuk has disappeared. Lol.

Hong-shim refuses to get her body checked by a physician. At that moment, Stepdad comes running into the house screaming Won-deuk’s name frantically. He informs Hong-shim that he’s disappeared. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Governor is in town and wants to witness Hong-shim and Won-deuk’s wedding since they’re the last ones to get married in the village. While everyone else resumes with the search for Won-deuk, Hong-shim demands answers from Stepdad. He’s hiding something from her.

The Crown Princess too demands answers from Lord Kim regarding Lee Yool’s disappearance. However, her father reassures her not to worry and to wait in the meantime. He reiterates the same words to his assassin Moo-yeon. Let the palace guards find Lee Yool’s dead body, and just wait patiently for now. Before leaving, Crown Princess warns Moo-yeon that if he wants to leave the palace, he needs to plan carefully and do things correctly.

While wandering about in the village, Won-deuk comes across two servants carrying buckets of water into a washroom. He follows after them and changes into a brand of white fresh new clothes after washing himself. After taking a bath, he encounters two maids carrying a table full of fresh food into a house. Lol.

Lord Park is furious that his plans to court Hong-shim as his concubine has failed. As he enters his room, he finds Won-deuk sitting inside and eating his food. Won-deuk leaves after eating some of the food and is followed by Lord Park and the magistrate. What is he doing out and about when he’s supposed to be getting ready for his wedding? However, Won-deuk has no plans of getting married to Hong-shim. Right when he’s about to reveal to Lord Park the reason why, Hong-shim finally discovers Won-deuk and interrupts their conversation. She comments that Won-deuk suffers from amnesia as a result of the military and doesn’t remember anything. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that they’re lovers or the fact that they spent a night together at the watermill. Everyone reacts in shock to the surprising news, and Stepdad himself isn’t too happy with the story. He slaps Won-deuk in the face afterwards, lol.


The King makes plans to visit the mountain where the attack against Lee Yool occurred himself. The warrior who survived the attack is no longer alive, and the king can’t wait any longer for progress on the investigation. So the King sets out with his team, but are quickly stopped by Lord Kim and his assassins team. He is warned to return to the Palace so that he too won’t be in potential danger. Lord Kim will take care of the investigation regarding Lee Yool’s disappearance.

Preparations for Hong-shim and Won-deuk’s wedding resumes as planned. Before the wedding, Stepdad visits Hong-shim in her room to have a conversation with her. He gifts her with a hair pin and hopes that the gift will fulfill her yearning for her brother. Hong-shim leaves the room in tears.

Won-deuk doesn’t understand what the big deal about spending a night at the water mill is. LOL. Why does he have to get married to Hong-shim just because they spent a night there? However, Goo-dol warns him that he has no choice but to get married now and eventually shows him where the water mill is.

Hong-shim finally makes her grand appearance as the bride. She makes eye contact with Won-deuk before heading off.

Back at the palace, Je-yoon stares at the riddle that Lee Yool hung outside. He reveals the answer to the riddle to Advisor Soo-ji, and expresses his wishes for Lee Yool to return safely to the palace.

At the water mill, Goo-dol attempts to help Won-deuk regain any memories he might have had with Hong-shim there, but nothing comes to Won-deuk’s mind (this is way too funny LOL). Goo-dol imagines different scenarios that could have gone down the night Won-deuk was with Hong-shim at the water mill, but Won-deuk is still clueless.

Hong-shim visits Dad’s grave before her wedding and tears up at the thought of getting married without Dad or her brother present to watch her. She then learns from Goo-dol the whereabouts of Won-deuk and hurries to the water mill herself to join him. Won-deuk still doesn’t want to get married to Hong-shim; he doesn’t recall any memories with her nor does he have any feelings of affection towards her. However, she reiterates once again that they were ordered by the Crown Prince to get married. Plus, she wants him to save her from getting married to Lord Park. Meanwhile, the investigation for Lee Yool’s corpse continues, but it’s of no use. Government officials are working together to keep the investigation swept under the rug.

The governor grows impatient with the delaying of the wedding. Hong-shim and Won-deuk are still no where to be seen. Meanwhile, Hong-shim and Won-deuk are still at the water mill in discussion about their wedding. Just when she loses all hope and accepts the reality of either being punished or getting married to Lord Park, Won-deuk grants Hong-shim her wish. They’ll head to the magistrate’s office to get married.

Hong-shim leads Won-deuk to the office where preparations for their wedding are already set up. All that’s left is for them to appear and get married. Just when the governor is about to give up, the groom and bride shows up at the office and thankfully the wedding is saved. As the wedding resumes, the weather grows dark and cloudy, and the rain begins to set in. However, seconds later, the sun reappears and causes everyone to panic.

Things seem to be shaping up well for Je-yoon. He anticipates a promotion at the district office which he’ll be given by the Crown Prince himself as soon as he returns. He makes his way to the bridge where he first interacted with Hong-shim. There, he observes Moo-yeon standing on the bridge as if he’s waiting for someone.

We then learn that Moo-yeon is Hong-shim’s older brother. On the night that they were attacked by Lord Kim and his team, young Hong-shim and her brother managed to escape into the mountains. However, they were still being chased down so Moo-yeon hid Hong-shim under a pile of leaves while he went back out to distract Lord Kim and his team. They were separated ever since.

The newlywed’s prepare to spend the night together. Neither of them seem to be happy with the sudden and unexpected marriage, but they both go along with it. As Hong-shim slowly approaches Won-deuk to take off his clothes, Won-deuk pins her down and warns her not to touch him. Goo-dol and other villagers peek through a hole in the door to witness the fascinating scene, but are soon quickly driven away by Stepdad. That night, Hong-shim lays on the floor to sleep while Won-deuk sits upright. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she strips an unconscious Won-deuk of his clothes. Meanwhile, Stepdad buries Lee Yool’s clothes that the Crown Prince was wearing on the day that he was discovered into a hole near their house. This is the only way he’ll be able to protect Hong-shim’s life.


Won-deuk wakes up the next morning to find himself naked. Hong-shim explains to him that if they ever get tired of each other, they can just snip off the ribbon on his white outfit and separate. She gives him a brand new set of clothes to wear and although he’s dissatisfied with the clothes, he sports it on. While having breakfast with Stepdad and Hong-shim, Stepdad lies to the new couple that Won-deuk is an orphan in an attempt to keep Won-deuk with them. The new couple is in disbelief and Won-deuk especially finds it hard to believe.

Since Won-deuk served in the military three times, he must have some belongings or know someone at least. Hong-shim then decides to take Won-deuk with her to visit the master who he served on behalf of in the military. However, as they make their way to the village, they’re approached by two villagers who demand for money from them. When Hong-shim refuses to return back home nor pay the villagers the toll money, she and Won-deuk are kidnapped and taken to a storage room.


When the two wake up, they find themselves laying next to each other tightly wrapped inside of straw mat. Hong-shim suggests that they roll over each other to unwrap themselves, but Won-deuk refuses to abide. He wishes to lay next to Hong-shim just a little bit longer.

My Thoughts:


This episode was by far the funniest one yet. Whereas the first two episodes were more foundational and introductory, this episode resumed with the actual premise of the show which is essentially Lee Yool’s transformation into Won-deuk and his journey with Hong-shim. There were so many comedic moments and highlights throughout the hour episode I really hope the drama keeps this up along the way.

Based off of what we saw in this episode, it seems like Won-deuk basically embodies the same traits and characteristics as Lee Yool but just under a new name which was satisfying to see. I wasn’t too sure if Won-deuk was going to be an entirely new character with a new personality different from Lee Yool, but we learn that they’re both essentially the same person with two different names. I was hoping that I would still get to see the blunt, honest, and aloof Lee Yool interact with the stubborn, haughty, and confident Hong-shim and we got the answer to that in this episode so I was happy about that! His comments about feeling uncomfortable in certain situations or speaking casually to all the villagers or ordering people to do things for him are habits that he exhibited as Lee Yool. Won-deuk still practices those traits even with the new name so it was nice to see that he was still the same person even with the new name and the amnesia. Won-deuk and Hong-shim are total opposites of each other, but together they make such a great and humorous couple and their comedic antics in this episode was truly so entertaining. I can understand why Won-deuk is a little cautious and reserved towards Yeo-wool as we saw in this episode, but the fun part will be witnessing him warm up to her as time passes.

This episode gave us the first glimpses of Won-deuk with Hong-shim, and I actually enjoyed watching them navigate their relationship with each other. What were their first impressions of each other? What does Won-deuk think about Hong-shim? How does Hong-shim feel about Won-deuk who was supposed to be this fictional character that transformed into a real person? It makes sense as to why Won-deuk wasn’t so willing to participate in the wedding at first despite Hong-shim’s pleads for them to get married. He all of a sudden just woke up without remembering anything or who he was, and was thrown into this marriage with this random stranger he didn’t even know. As the Crown Prince, Lee Yool was always a cautious person who was careful with the people around him because he knew he had enemies everywhere. He still feels the same way now that he’s outside of the palace and under a new name. Whether as Won-deuk or Lee Yool, he is still the same person which adds layers of consistency to his character as a whole.

With all the political issues and gimmicks set up, this episode was purely more comedic and humorous which was a nice and pleasant change in the tone of the drama. Won-deuk was so clueless about his marriage with Hong-shim and the water mill incident it was seriously so funny. Also, his interactions with Goo-dol was awesome as well and I’m really enjoying their interactions with each other the most so far. There wasn’t as much focus on the politics in this episode which was nice, and the entire episode was primarily light and funny. I do find the Crown Princess’s reaction chilling with the way that she kept her composure when she was with the King. She wants the Crown Prince dead, but has to pretend like she’s waiting for his return. She’s totally deceiving everyone – especially the King – and it’s scary to think just how cruel and evil she actually is compared to the perception that others have of her in the palace. I also feel a bit apologetic and pitiful for the King who is clearly just a puppet. Though he’s the King, he possesses little to no power, and is unknowingly often controlled by Lord Kim and his agenda. He’s so helpless and naive at times and even when he wants to do something himself, he finds himself unable to do so. This is an issue that’s going to be constantly brought up throughout the drama, and it’ll be up to the King himself to decide how he wants to overcome this issue.


We receive some more context and insight on Moo-yeon and his position as Hong-shim’s long lost brother. I actually have the theory that he was recruited and taken in by Lord Kim as an assassin so that he could protect him and his sister’s life. Hong-shim and Moo-yeon were supposed to be killed when they were younger, but Moo-yeon probably volunteered to work for Lord Kim so that he and Hong-shim wouldn’t be killed. Since Hong-shim was able to escape from Lord Kim and his team of assassins, she was eventually raised and taken care of by Stepdad and, therefore, never received the opportunity to reunite with Moo-yeon since. It’s interesting that Moo-yeon is now working for Lord Kim who directly killed his dad. However, I have a feeling that Lord Kim persuaded Moo-yeon to think that it was the King who wanted his dad dead which is why Moo-yeon hasn’t killed Lord Kim himself yet.


Won-deuk and Hong-shim are finally now married which means more comedic antics, slightly dangerous adventures, and ridiculous interactions with villagers. We saw plenty of funny (and pretty) things in this episode that makes me more excited for future episodes. Along with the end of the drought and an endless amount of pouring rain, I hope we see Hong-shim and Won-deuk get to know each other better, inside or outside of the water mill 😉

Bonus: Here is a slideshow of extra screenshots I took from this episode that I couldn’t fit into the original recap, but also didn’t want to go to waste (there might or might not be too many screenshots of D.O.’s face.. he’s just so gorgeous LOL). Enjoy 🙂

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