The Ghost Detective: Episode 5 Recap


The chase for Woo-hye continues. However, now it’s not just Yeo-wool, Da-il, and Sang-seob doing the work as they receive additional support from Chae-won and Jung-dae. With the five working together to take Woo-hye down, will they be able to finally learn the truth about Woo-hye’s identity and her reasons for killing people? Or will Woo-hye remain ever so powerful and maintain that distance from her and the five detectives?

The Ghost Detective: Episode 5 Recap

Da-il pleads Woo-hye to not hurt Sang-seob. However, she has plans of her own. She plans on killing everyone who loves Da-il. As she prepares to leave, Da-il grabs onto her arm and suddenly grows weak. He groans in pain, but they both notice that security guard who was being controlled by Woo-hye is no longer under her trance. Curious, Woo-hye sticks her arm into Da-il’s body and finds the fact that they can touch each other fascinating. After removing her arm from his body, Da-il drops to the ground in excruciating pain.

Back at the cafe, Yeo-wool is approached by the same nurse who takes care of Woo-hye’s body at the hospital. He hands her a handkerchief for her to wipe the coffee that he accidentally spilled on her. While wiping herself, she overhears him notice a little girl at the same cafe and grows suspicious. However, the nurse shrugs off his comment and walks away. Yeo-wool then finally reunites with Gyeol (Shin Jae-ha) who she was waiting for this entire time.

Sang-seob heads off to a location by himself. Meanwhile, Yeo-wool has a talk with Gyeol and questions what he’s been up to the past few years. Though Gyeol and Yi-rang have broken up a while ago, he reappeared because of the recent incident with Yi-rang’s death. He requests to meet more often with Yeo-wool so that he can have someone to talk to about Yi-rang, but she declines his offer for now. She still has stuff that she has to take care of first. Gyeol is adamant in meeting with Yeo-wool in the future.


Sang-seob meets with his colleague to request for medical records of Woo-hye’s stay at his hospital when she was younger. However, the colleague no longer works at the hospital so he no longer has access to the documents. Sang-seob returns to his car in the parking garage and finds a car parked right in front of his. As he attempts to push the car out of the way, his cell phone drops under the car so he reaches under the car for his cell phone. However, he suddenly feels a grip on his hand and is soon pulled under the car. NOOOO.

Yeo-wool finds Da-il unconscious in the office parking lot and brings him inside the office. There, Da-il updates Yeo-wool about Sang-seob’s sudden disappearance and wants her to contact him to check up on him. At first, Sang-seob doesn’t pick up, but he later on calls her back to confirm his safety. Yeo-wool notifies Sang-seob about Da-il fainting in the office parking lot since she feels like it’s only right for them to let Sang-seob in on these details. However, it’s not entirely sure if the Sang-seob they’re talking to is really Sang-seob. While driving back to the office, the scratches on his arms disappear and Sang-seob is suddenly healed.

Yeo-wool and Da-il sneak their way into the forensics office where Chae-won is located. Since Da-il is unable to enter and pass through doors, he must not be a strong and evil ghost. Only those who can pass through doors or walls are able to do so from committing evil acts. Chae-won evaluates Da-il’s soul and notes that he’s still weak so he should avoid any contact with Woo-hye at all costs. It’s way too dangerous to be tailing after her.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital where Woo-hye’s body is resting, Woo-hye’s childhood version yells at the nurse for visiting the cafe. He shouldn’t have visited the cafe where Yeo-wool was. Furthermore, there were two kids he noticed at the cafe that he shouldn’t have paid any attention to. The nurse begs for the young Woo-hye to forgive him.

Chae-won is willing to help Yeo-wool and Da-il find out more about Woo-hye. After they inform her everything they know about Woo-hye, they all notice that Woo-hye always disappeared by 1AM. They assume she must need to get somewhere by that time.

Sang-seob receives a phone call from the police officer who rescued Woo-hye while she was in the apartment with her deceased father and brother. He’s willing to talk to Sang-seob so the two meet up at a cafe. The former police officer’s name is Yoon Je-joon and Da-il and Yeo-wool are determined to find him. When they arrive at the same cafe where Sang-seob met with the police officer, the two are no where to be found. Their next move is to then find where Je-joon lives.

Chae-won asks for Jung-dae to help them research more information about Je-joon. He meets up with Yeo-wool later on that night to discuss about the police officer. Je-joon is no longer alive; he died twenty years ago. However, he wants to accompany Yeo-wool and Da-il in finding his body so the three head off together.

Je-joon leads Sang-seob to the abandoned hospital where he died and begins to haunt Sang-seob via hallucinations. It’s now Sang-seob who is Woo-hye’s next target. Meanwhile, our trio make their way to the same hospital where Sang-seob is. There’s a reason why Woo-hye chose to haunt Sang-seob at the hospital, but Da-il promises to tell Yeo-wool the story later when they have more time. Right now, they’re occupied on saving Sang-seob.

When the three arrive at the hospital, Da-il manages to make his way into the hospital first. When he discovers Sang-seob, Sang-seob is ready to hang himself. Da-il is unable to stop or physically grab Sang-seob from hanging himself. It’s at this moment where Woo-hye appears and attempts to stop Da-il. Da-il holds Woo-hye back from controlling Sang-seob by grabbing onto her wrist. Thankfully, the physical interaction works and Sang-seob removes the rope from his neck.


Yeo-wool and Jung-dae arrive a few minutes later and run straight to Sang-seob to save him. Yeo-wool notices Da-il holding onto Woo-hye and realizes just how dangerous of a situation it is for Da-il. He grows weak and his veins turn black and he can’t hold on for much longer. Thankfully, it hits 1AM and Woo-hye disappears. Both Da-il and Sang-seob are saved and the two are brought back to safety.

Before driving back to the office, Jung-dae questions how Yeo-wool was able to find out about Sang-seob or the dead cop. Though he was skeptical of Yeo-wool before, he’ll now take the time to listen to her and to help her out. Da-il adds that they’re going to need the help of the police if they want to make progress. With that, Yeo-wool hands Jung-dae the black box footage inside of the restaurant manager’s car before he died.

On the drive back home, Yeo-wool worries for Da-il and reaches out for his hand. It’s a silent and quiet drive. Meanwhile, Woo-hye’s nurse re-reads notes that he took of Yeo-wool and Da-il. He’s curious as to what their relationship with each other is and how the two are affiliated.

The same lawyer from Ha-eun’s case – Lawyer Baek – is contacted via email by Da-il to research information on Woo-hye’s visit to the hospital when she was younger. They still want to know the date, who her guardian was, and the medical team that was assigned to her. Lawyer Baek gets started on the research and makes a phone call.

A few hours later and Lawyer Baek has the information that Yeo-wool and Da-il asked for. Yeo-wool travels alone with Da-il and meets with the lawyer. When asked why Lawyer Baek is willing to help them, she simply responds that she’s doing it because of her special relationship with Da-il. They worked together in the past before. Thinking about Lawyer Baek’s motives and incentives in helping out the duo causes Yeo-wool to ponder over all the other people also helping them. Why is Detective Jung-dae also helping them? What about Chae-won? And now Lawyer Baek? Moreover, what about Woo-hye? What are her reasons for going after them?


After looking over the medical files, Chae-won, Sang-seob, Da-il, and Yeo-wool all reach the conclusion that Woo-hye must be physically in a coma but her soul is wandering around. As for disappearing at 1AM, Chae-won assumes that it must be because she needs to return to her body by that time every night. The quartet then makes their move to finding any coma patients in the surrounding area where all the recent incidents occurred.

With the help of Jung-dae, the five of them head to the exact hospital where Woo-hye’s body lies in a coma. They eventually find the location of her room and walk there together.

Meanwhile, Woo-hye’s nurse hears a knock on the door and fears that it might be the group. However, contrary to what he thought, it’s just a regular nurse who’s stopped by to visit them. Our detective team were tricked; the room they entered doesn’t belong to Woo-hye as they originally thought.

My Thoughts:


Ahh, of course! It would be too good to be true if our group of detectives did find Woo-hye’s body. A part of me already knew that the room they assumed was Woo-hye’s room really wasn’t hers, but another part of me also wanted to be optimistic and believe that they had found her. Regardless, now our group has reached a dead end and there’s no telling which room she’s in or where she is really. Maybe the hospital they’re currently in isn’t even where Woo-hye is stationed. She’s probably in another private hospital or clinic or located further away in the town than they assume.

Though the drama remains stagnant for the most part with its slow reveals and little to no progress, I’m glad that we’re receiving little details here and there. The thing I enjoyed watching the most in this episode was Chae-won and Jung-dae help our three original detectives find Woo-hye. Now we have five team members on the lookout for Woo-hye, each with their own reasons and motives. A part of me is also suspicious of why Jung-dae in particular is now willing to help Yeo-wool and Da-il. The optimistic side of me would like to think that he’s helping because he wants to gain the support of Yeo-wool and has feelings for her so he wants to spend more time with her and be relied upon by her. Jung-dae likes Yeo-wool’s attention that she gives him even if he doesn’t explicitly express it, and I would like to think he’s helping them out so he can get closer to her. However, another part of me also feels like there’s some other kind of reason he’s helping them that’s maybe a little bit more malign or evil, but I really hope that’s not the case. As for Chae-won, I just feel like she’s helping them out because she has the critical thinking and psychic abilities to do so so her assistance would be greatly beneficial for the team. She can use her skills and abilities to help our detectives in finding Woo-hye. Now that there’s more of them and they all believe in this existence of Woo-hye to an extent, it’ll be even better and funner to see them chase after her. The more the merrier!


Another person was the target in this episode and it unfortunately had to be Sang-seob. I assume we will receive more details on his backstory later on in the drama since we got a glimpse of it in this episode, but I still question why Woo-hye targeted him or what her reasons are for killing people. We still don’t know the answer to that which can make this drama a frustrating watch. For now, we just see Woo-hye going after certain people without really having any specific reasons for doing so, so you’re just watching people get killed but you don’t really know why. You kind of just have to go along with it and watch everything unfold in hopes that maybe you’ll receive some kind of explanation.

It’s a little frustrating and irritating at times and I wonder how many more people we’re going to go through until we finally receive new details about Woo-hye’s motives. With Sang-seob, it seems like he came back as a different person after he got pulled under the car by Woo-hye. The scratches on his arm disappeared and he wasn’t the bubbly, energetic, and funny guy he used to be before the incident. It makes me wonder whether something happened to him or if seeing Woo-hye just completely made him lose his mind. Maybe Woo-hye started causing him to hallucinate so he completely changed afterwards. Is Sang-seob a completely changed person now after having seen Woo-hye or is he still the same person? Did Woo-hye possess him? There were many questions regarding his interaction with Woo-hye that I felt the episode kind of just left unanswered later on in this episode.

Right now, the drama has no boundaries or distinctions as to what it can or cannot do. We saw Woo-hye stick her arm into Da-il’s body and then back out which she didn’t even know was possible either. ‘The Ghost Detective’ is kind of just wandering around and doing many different types of things at this point and it kind of leaves me puzzled. Sometimes I feel like this drama doesn’t have a clear direction of where it’s going so it just throws in minor details here and there which throws me off. Who is Woo-hye and why is she killing all these people? What are her motives? Who is her next target? Da-il is able to physically touch Woo-hye, but why and how is this possible and what does this mean?

As you can see, I have many questions about this drama that the drama is taking its really sweet time in answering and I’m not really sure how much longer the drama is going to keep this up. It could also explain for the lack of comments or thoughts that I have about this drama because 1) the same thing keeps on happening in each episode so far so I don’t really have any new thoughts and 2) the drama isn’t as entertaining and impressive as I had hoped it would be. I enjoy watching our detectives team chase down Woo-hye using their quick thinking, great communication skills, and good teamwork, but let’s hope there’s finally some answers in the upcoming episode.

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