100 Days My Prince: Episode 6 Recap


Love is in the air for our lead characters Hong-shim and Won-deuk. The two continue to occupy their days and time with each other without realizing that there are other people spending their days in search of them. Won-deuk and Hong-shim reach this realization when they experience themselves firsthand the agendas that other people have in ruining their lives.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 6 Recap

Moo-yeon is on the lookout for Lee Yool’s body with two other assassins. They first visit the mountain where the ambush occurred but find nothing so they head into the village. They decide to resort to physicians and morgue workers to ask for Lee Yool’s body. Meanwhile, Hong-shim and Won-deuk escape from loan shark Ma Chil. She warns him about the loan shark, but all Won-deuk can focus on is Hong-shim. He believes he’s regained his memory back so he’s going to test himself. After protecting Hong-shim from some falling rice that flows down over their heads, Won-deuk tails behind Ma Chil to talk to him.

The two confront each other about the loan debt and options that Won-deuk can take to pay off all the money. They could sell off Hong-shim as a slave or concubine and then split any excess money among themselves. However, Won-deuk is angry at Ma Chil’s words and glares at him with his eyes.


Hong-shim wanders around the village in search of Won-deuk. It’s been a while since he’s left and she’s worried about him. As she walks around, she encounters Moo-yeon and is automatically reminded of her brother. Moo-yeon speeds off to hide in a corner, aware that Hong-shim who he just walked past is his sister. She eventually finds him again and the two siblings are reunited. They hug each other and Hong-shim questions why Moo-yeon never went to the bridge on the 15th of every month like he had promised her.

Before he can say any further, he hides Hong-shim behind a small shed among seeing the two other assassins. Moo-yeon won’t be able to see her for the time being because of an issue he has to resolve. However, once everything is over, they can escape and leave to live together again. Hong-shim just has to be patient in the mean time. When Won-deuk finally returns to the village, he finds Hong-shim with swollen eyes. She hands him some money for food and then leaves to go back home.

News about Lee Yool’s death spreads throughout the village. Goo-dol’s wife informs Hong-shim and Won-deuk of the tragic news. While Hong-shim is heart-broken, Won-deuk doesn’t know what the big deal about the Crown Prince’s death is. LOL.

Lee Yool’s eunuch – Eunuch Yang – too hears the news about Lee Yool’s death. Everyone assumes that he had gone with Lee Yool to the rain ritual, but Eunuch Yang stayed behind on the day of the trip, hence, why he’s still alive. In preparation for the burial, Eunuch Yang is brought in to examine the corpse to prove if the man is Lee Yool. Lord Kim waits in anxiety and fear that someone will discover that the corpse isn’t Lee Yool. However, similar to other people, Eunuch Yang is grief-stricken and he cries over the corpse in full belief that it’s Lee Yool.

When Eunuch Yang returns to Lee Yool’s room, he’s reminded of a specific detail that could indicate whether the corpse was Lee Yool or not. He recalls cutting Lee Yool’s fingernails hours before Lee Yool was to leave for the ritual and accidentally hurting his fingernail. Just when Eunuch Yang recognizes this important detail, he’s suddenly arrested by palace officials for some unknown reason. Nooo!

Hong-shim informs Stepdad about her encounter with Moo-yeon. She plans on leaving to live with her brother once he finishes his assignment. Won-deuk recalls the moment at the market when he witnessed Hong-shim and Moo-yeon give each other a hug. He ponders over who Moo-yeon is.

Won-deuk visits Goo-dol that night to ask about Hong-shim. Did she possibly have any other man that she was with while he was serving in the military? Goo-dol denies any accusations and claims that she never even bat an eye at any man. LOL. Though Goo-dol nor his wife even knew about Hong-shim and Won-deuk’s relationship, Goo-dol reassures Won-deuk that everything should be okay now. He and Hong-shim are a married couple so there’s not much to worry about.

Advisor Kwon Hyuk follows up with Officer Je-yoon on the riddle that Lee Yool gave him prior to the rain ritual and asks if Je-yoon’s solved it yet. However, Je-yoon has no intentions of solving the riddle; there’s no point anymore now that Lee Yool’s dead. Je-yoon can’t bring himself to give up on the investigations though and questions Kwon Hyuk on the whereabouts of Eunuch Yang. He was inarguably the closest to Lee Yool, he should be somewhat okay right? But Eunuch Yang’s safety isn’t guaranteed and this worries Je-yoon.

That night, Hong-shim waits outside of the house for Won-deuk. While looking up at the moon, she’s reminded of Je-yoon’s lantern and how he had wished for her to be able to meet her brother. That wish came true and she feels grateful. Seconds later, Won-deuk makes his way back home and finds Hong-shim staring lovingly at the moon. His suspicions heightens as he walks closer to her, but he’s going to find a way to charm her. As the distance between the two lessens, he’s reminded of Goo-dol’s advice: give her a strong seductive gaze and also hand her a bouquet of flowers. Won-deuk does as he is recommended and hands Hong-shim the bouquet while gazing right into her eyes. However, the flowers smell like urine and Won-deuk should never have picked the flowers. LOL.


Hong-shim shifts the subject and plans on grabbing some fresh air. She walks away, but is held back by Won-deuk who grabs her wrist and pushes her to the wall. He stares into her eyes and she does the same back to him. After meeting her gaze, Won-deuk pulls away and walks back to the house. There, he’s confronted by Stepdad who expresses his disappointment in Won-deuk for not just simply kissing Hong-shim. However, Won-deuk had no plans in kissing Hong-shim; he just wanted to test a theory he had. It’s then that the two men are approached by three strangers. They’ve come with some books that they would like Won-deuk to read for them. Though Won-deuk is hesitant at first in reading to them for free, he changes his mind thanks to Hong-shim.

Eunuch Yang is trapped in prison and repeatedly demands to clarify some misunderstandings with the King. Lord Kim visits Eunuch Yang first to see what it is that he so desperately wants to tell the King. Eunuch Yang reveals to Lord Kim his realizations about the corpse: it doesn’t belong to Lee Yool. His fingernails are too neat when they should be slightly injured because of Eunuch Yang’s mishap in injuring Lee Yool’s fingernails before the trip. Unfortunately, Eunuch Yang doesn’t receive the chance in telling these crucial details to the King; Lord Kim kills him right in his prison cell and frames it as a suicide by placing the knife in the eunuch’s hand. NOOOOO.

Lord Kim visits the Crown Princess right after the visit. He demands that she bring him evidence of the baby’s father’s death. He’ll give her four days to do the work; failure to do so means Lord Kim will have to kill the baby’s dad himself.

A court lady attempts to break into the Crown Princess’s room to grab a talisman placed in the Crown Princess by the queen. However, she encounters Lord Kim just as she’s about to enter the residence so she quickly escapes. She notifies the Queen about her failure which irritates the Queen. They must somehow get the Crown Princess to leave her room so that they can retrieve the talisman. Crown Prince Seowon is disappointed with the news that his mom has attempted to curse the Crown Princess.

Je-yoon is astounded and shocked after learning about Eunuch Yang’s death. Meanwhile, Won-deuk’s literacy skills are coming to use in the village. He reads documents and books free of charge for any villagers who need his help. The service is quickly interrupted by government official Park who announces that they must travel to Mount Chunwoo (the same mountain where Lee Yool was ambushed and attacked). It’s the annual town offering and they have to find a specific herb up in the mountains to offer to the palace. Everyone grows exasperated and agitated at the King, but Won-deuk immediately defends him. Before leaving for the trip, Hong-shim asks for Won-deuk to stay at home. She has a possible visitor coming and she wants Won-deuk to accommodate to him while she’s away.

The search for Lee Yool’s body continues. Moo-yeon threatens a physician to reveal to him if he’s treated anyone shot by an arrow within the past month. Back at home, Won-deuk can’t seem to stop thinking about Hong-shim’s request. Why is it that she’s occupied with another man other than him? While waiting, he’s approached by young boy Meok-goo. He hands him a small snack wrapped by Hong-shim and then leaves afterwards. Won-deuk receives another visitor shortly afterwards.

In the mountains, the villagers all sit around at a campfire and discuss about their assignment. While talking, they suddenly overhear wolves howling which scares them. Government official Park manages to escape, but the others stay behind. Hong-shim urges everyone to get to work or else they’ll have to stay out in the mountains much longer than they want. While exploring the mountains, Hong-shim accidentally slips and falls down a small mountain side. However, it’s there that she finds some wild ginseng and comes up with an idea.

The next morning, Hong-shim returns to the village to show Lord Park and the magistrate what she’s collected from the mountains. For the town offering, they can give the King some wild ginseng instead of the herb that they were originally assigned to find. The mountains no longer have the herb so it’ll be difficult to find it and the wild ginseng is just as valuable. Hong-shim pleads for Lord Park’s understanding before rushing back home.


Hong-shim returns home to find only Won-deuk there. A man did stop by to visit, but he disappeared just as quickly as he came. Hong-shim sets out to find her brother by asking around. In the process, she encounters loan shark Ma Chil who Hong-shim notices is behaving differently around her. She learns that it’s due to Won-deuk who had threatened Ma Chil with severe consequences if he continued to speak badly about Hong-shim. That’s the primary reason for his changed behavior.

After a whole day of search efforts, Hong-shim drinks away her pain with some alcohol. Won-deuk eventually discovers her and checks up on her. Hong-shim’s disappointed that Won-deuk didn’t stop the visitor from staying at the house; why did he let him go? However, the visitor actually wasn’t Moo-yeon but just another villager. So why did Won-deuk lie to Hong-shim then? Won-deuk explains that he wanted to test his theory of whether Hong-shim was in love with another man or not. Hong-shim clarifies that the person she’s waiting for her is her brother who she’s been separated from for a decade now. There is no other man who she loves. Won-deuk is relieved at the news and he extends his hand out for Hong-shim to hold. It’s not until she walks away that he clings onto her hands and leads her back home.

The Crown Princess secretly sets out to visit her father’s residence and hides a letter outside his place. However, the letter is picked up by one of the Queen’s advisors. Meanwhile, Je-yoon and advisor Kwon Hyuk continue their investigation behind Lee Yool’s death. Kwon Hyuk shares with Je-yoon the story of the cherry blossom tree that Lee Yool had planted at the palace, but that was ultimately cut down by the Crown Princess.

Je-yoon then sets out to the Crown Princess’s residence to search for answers. However, he – along with the Queen’s palace maid – gets caught by the Crown Princess’s court ladies and are arrested.

The King mourns over the death of his son. He then is informed by an official about the investigation behind the rain ritual attack. The suspects are said to be affiliated with the Queen.

Won-deuk complains about making straw ropes which he’s not as talented in. With some help from Hong-shim, he’s finally able to learn how to successfully complete the task. Hong-shim is reminded of the money they made from the book transcriptions so she checks to see how much money is left and grows disappointed when she learns that Won-deuk’s already spent pretty much most of it. Lol. The couple is then visited by a villager who has a request for them in exchange for money. She wants Won-deuk to act as her lover for an occasion.

Hong-shim accepts the offer and Won-deuk transforms into a young noblemen with the lady. While they’re out in the forest to meet with the lady’s ex-boyfriend, Hong-shim is attacked by Lord Park’s men and kidnapped to Mount Chun-woo. Won-deuk is notified by the incident by Goo-dol and hurries over to where she’s held hostage. When he arrives, Won-deuk finds Hong-shim tied up to a tree and surrounded by Lord Park’s men. Won-deuk stares at the group of men and prepares to fight them in order to save his wife.

My Thoughts:


GAAAAH, Won-deuk is so attractive! Lol. Sorry, that was just the first thing I had to get off my chest. Moving on now, Won-deuk is clearly falling in love with Hong-shim more and more everyday and the more that he spends time with her. He will eventually find a way to save his beloved wife from Lord Park’s evil men and I can’t wait to see him beat up some bad guys. It should be fun!

I realized from this episode that watching this drama can be such a wild and anxious ride. You never know when or how Won-deuk and Moo-yeon will eventually meet and encounter each other. The thing that scares me the most is that Won-deuk won’t even know that he’s being chased down by Moo-yeon and will, therefore, be in danger. I dread for the moment when Moo-yeon will find out about Won-deuk and discover him at his house or somewhere random in the village. I really hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon. We still need more interactions and moments between Hong-shim and Won-deuk. Maybe Moo-yeon won’t kill Won-deuk for his sister’s sake? Gaaah, I don’t know! Everything is so risky at this point and you never know what’s going to happen next. Moo-yeon is much closer to finding Won-deuk now that he’s in the same village as the couple so it’ll only be for a while longer until he eventually finds Won-deuk.


Speaking of Moo-yeon and Hong-shim, I really was not expecting the reunion between the two in this episode. I actually assumed that they would meet each other again many episodes later in this drama, but now that it’s happened, I’m actually quite not that disappointed. Granted, the interaction between the siblings was short and brief, but they did meet again so it was a nice and pleasant surprise. I’m just imagining all the angst that’s going to ensue when Hong-shim discovers that her brother has been assigned to kill her husband who is the Crown Prince who everyone believes is dead. It’s going to be such a plot twist for her and I don’t even want to think about how it will unfold. Maybe Hong-shim will be able to change her brother’s mind somehow to not kill Won-deuk? But then again, Lord Kim is NOT someone who you want to mess with or disobey so this assignment is literally life or death for Moo-yeon.

More speculations about the father of the Crown Princess’s baby resume and a part of me thinks it has to be Crown Prince Seowon. My only reason for that is because I don’t know anyone else who would be a plausible contender as the baby’s father other than him. It also makes sense to an extent because it seems like Crown Prince Seowon has also been really worried for the Crown Princess and disproves of his mother’s tactics in hurting the princess. If he indeed is the father, I can also see why Lord Kim would want to kill him. He wants to become king and he wants his daughter’s kid to become the next heir in line for the throne (if the baby’s a son). Lord Kim would need to eliminate any competitors for the throne first in order to do so.


Hong-shim and Won-deuk continue to be ever so lovable and adorable with each other. It’s clear that Won-deuk is falling for Hong-shim a lot faster and deeper than she is for him. To Hong-shim, this marriage was arranged and sudden and she went into it without any feelings of affection or expectations. To an extent, she still doesn’t feel much for Won-deuk. Unlike Hong-shim, Won-deuk is clearly in love with Hong-shim and he exhibits these feelings in many different ways. Hong-shim can sort of start to feel his affection for her which might prompt her to develop feelings for him back.

I’m really enjoying the relationship development between Won-deuk and Hong-shim, but I also know that this is the most we’ll get of the two before all the angst, chaos, and mess occurs later on in the drama. Things might be fluffy, fun, peaceful, and humorous between them right now, but things surely won’t stay that way forever when they finally understand the situation that they’re in. Might as well enjoy their relationship as best as we can right now while it’s funny and calm.

Note: As usual, extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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