The Ghost Detective: Episode 7 Recap


There is no end in the search for Woo-hye. Things only get harder and harder and only more lives are unfortunately lost in the process. Yeo-wool, Da-il, and the team have always been serious and intentional in finding Woo-hye, but they know that finding her is more crucial now than ever before.

The Ghost Detective: Episode 7 Recap

Da-il stabs Woo-hye in the stomach with the knife that Yi-rang had used to kill herself. After injuring Woo-hye, Da-il and Yeo-wool exit the hospital and head back to the office with Sang-seob and Chae-won. Da-il checks in on Yeo-wool and questions whether Yi-rang would have wanted Yeo-wool to resort to doing all of this just to get revenge. Yeo-wool breaks down upon thinking about her sister.

Yeo-wool and Da-il give each other words of encouragement that night. When Da-il begins to feel doubtful about his existence as a ghost, Yeo-wool reassures him that humans too feel the same way. Alive or not, everyone feels this way at least once. It’s been a long and tiring day so Yeo-wool closes her eyes to get some rest. Da-il watches her sleep for a bit.

Unlike what everyone thinks, Woo-hye isn’t actually dead. She wakes up and kills four other doctors and nurses before escaping from the hospital. When Jung-dae arrives to the room, he finds the four corpses laying around the room. He’s reprimanded by his colleague for taking on the case without his or their chief’s permission. If this case is somewhat connected to Yeo-wool and it turns out that Jung-dae was helping Yeo-wool solve her sister’s case, Jung-dae will get into deep trouble.


Chae-won wants to know how Da-il was all of a sudden able to start touching things. Though Da-il doesn’t reveal to her his secret, he’s reminded of his visit with Chae-won’s spirit mother who taught him how to physically hold or grab onto things. It was thanks to her that Da-il was able to save Yeo-wool at the hospital and stab Woo-hye. While Chae-won attempts to squeeze answers out of Da-il, Yeo-wool joins the three in the office living room. They’re then visited by Jung-dae’s colleague who wants to take Yeo-wool in for questioning. Woo-hye’s missing and in her hospital room were four dead hospital workers. They assume Yeo-wool must have been involved with the incident since she was found driving a missing car at the hospital.

Woo-hye continues her killing rampage even after breaking free from the hospital. She kills a young lady out in the neighborhood in exchange for some new clothes. Meanwhile, Da-il heads to Woo-hye’s former hospital room to investigate the scene. After taking a look at her room, he prepares to leave the hospital. However, along the way, he overhears a young man panicking to his mother. The young man had witnessed Woo-hye in the hospital right before she escaped and he’s afraid that he’s now become her next target. Da-il records the scene and sends it to Lawyer Baek who then sends it to Reporter Eun-chong. Da-il stops the young man from attacking his mother while Eun-chong is to meet with the young man to gather more information.

Woo-hye reunites with Nurse Jeon outside near a park. He’s fascinated and shocked to be able to now communicate with her in her physical body. He used to only be able to talk to her younger self before.

Meanwhile, Yeo-wool is brought in for questioning by Jung-dae’s colleague. Da-il intervenes with the interrogation to inform Yeo-wool of Woo-hye’s transformation. She’s now in her physical body so she no longer needs to return to her body at a certain time and can travel anywhere she wants. This only means more danger and possible deaths; they must hurry now to find her.

Reporter Kang meets with the young man in the video who had seen Woo-hye leaving the hospital. He’s shown the video of himself at the hospital with his mother and can’t seem to recall the situation. Reporter Kang urges for answers and details from the young man. He does eventually speak up, but it’s not the real him who’s talking. He’s taken over by Woo-hye’s possession and describes having witnessed Nurse Jeon instead of Woo-hye on that night of the incident.


Yeo-wool hires Lawyer Baek to represent them during the interrogation. While meeting with the police chief, Lawyer Baek threatens him and his department to let Yeo-wool go or she’ll taint the police department’s name.

Woo-hye houses herself by living in an apartment and eating whatever food is available in the apartment. Meanwhile, Yi-rang’s ex-boyfriend – Kim Gyeol – watches the TV news report of Woo-hye’s missing body and responds in shock and disbelief.

Lawyer Baek demands for answers from Yeo-wool and the team. Jung-dae enters the office building to also receive some answers. They found a young lady’s dead body with Woo-hye’s bloody hospital gown on her. Who exactly stabbed Woo-hye? Da-il urges Yeo-wool not to respond or to say anything. Yeo-wool stops Jung-dae’s comments by confirming that he will never believe her even if he claims he does. Jung-dae has never believed her or any words that she’s said to him. How can she trust him and tell him everything? With that, he stops and Yeo-wool and Da-il have a conversation with each other in private.

Yeo-wool is okay with being framed as the suspect behind Woo-hye’s disappearance and stabbing. Sure, she might be charged with murder, but putting the blame on her will prevent everyone else from knowing about Da-il and Woo-hye. However, Da-il worries for Yeo-wool. She has a whole life ahead of herself that’s more important than catching Woo-hye. Together, they can work together to find her.

Chae-won questions why Jung-dae seems so invested in helping Yeo-wool out. Is it because he pities her or because he likes her? Though he lies at first that it’s because he pities her, he eventually admits that it’s because he has feelings for Yeo-wool. He’s going to do whatever he can to protect her.

After some time away from one another, the group reconvenes to discuss their next moves. They assume Woo-hye must have been the one who killed the young lady because she can now use her physical body. She can be seen by people now so she’s no longer a ghost, but rather a serial killer. Yeo-wool and Da-il ask for Chae-won to determine what Woo-hye’s status, conditions, and weaknesses are. Does she still have the same abilities as a ghost or has things changed?

Chae-won visits a Grandpa who also happens to be a ghost. They engage in a little fun board game where Chae-won has a request for Grandpa: if she wins, she can use his connections and ask him for a favor. Da-il and Yeo-wool too has an assignment for Lawyer Baek who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on but is willing to help out. As for Sang-seob, everyone is to report to him any findings and discoveries.

Though Sang-seob is happy with the news, he wants to have some alone time with Da-il. So in a private room, the two communicate with each other via Sang-seob’s phone. Since Da-il can touch objects now, he can use Sang-seob’s phone to respond to him. Sang-seob asks Da-il a few ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions and uses his cell phone to enable Da-il to respond. Da-il reassures Sang-seob that nothing dangerous will happen to Da-il himself and that there isn’t anything he’s hiding from Sang-seob. The detective cries upon finally being able to communicate with his colleague. He misses him dearly 😦


Meanwhile, Yeo-wool and Jung-dae sit outside at the living room table. Yeo-wool would like for Jung-dae to discover who the young lady that Woo-hye killed was. Jung-dae listens to Yeo-wool’s request and also asks that Yeo-wool report to him at all times. He’s only helping Yeo-wool out because he wants to ensure her safety.

The game plan to find the now physical and visible Woo-hye begins. Da-il reminds Yeo-wool that they need to find out now where she is and what she will do next. More importantly, why is she killing people?

My Thoughts:


YES DA-IL, YES. For the past 8 episodes, I’ve been asking myself the same exact question of: why is Woo-hye killing people? I’m pretty sure the characters too were curious about Woo-hye, but they were more occupied with finding her than with wondering what her motives and intentions are in killing so many innocent lives. My question all along has always been to discover the reasons for Woo-hye’s killing rampage and it’s unfortunate the drama has never really given us any answers to that question at all.

This could explain for my biggest disappointment, frustration, and distraction with the show. If we just maybe knew a small reason as to why Woo-hye was so adamant on killing people and ruining people’s lives, I could better understand her as a character and also the reason for this desperate search for her. However, from the very beginning, we were thrown into the premise of Woo-hye just randomly killing people as a ghost and then once again killing more people as a physical person. The only difference now is that she’s no longer a ghost and is running around as a serial killer with a physical body. She’s still essentially doing the same thing, but you never really know why and you kind of just have to go along with it.

This is my biggest frustration with the show and takes away anything pleasant or nice about the show that I would have enjoyed. I like watching our team work together or care for each other or act with their quick thinking and good communication skills, but damn is it frustrating watching them go after a person who just kills and kills and you don’t really ever know why. This is primarily the writer’s fault for centering an entire drama around a central character whose background story and life we know little about. How can you write a drama about Woo-hye, but not give us enough details about her for us to understand how she’s connected to our other characters? It just makes little sense and this is why I primarily cannot enjoy this drama as much as I would like to.


With this episode, we learn that the stabbing actually didn’t do anything to Woo-hye. She’s just now physically visible and in her actual physical body which can be a bit disadvantageous since she can now be seen by people. However, she still has the same powers and abilities as before in causing hallucinations and targeting people to kill themselves. The reason as to why Da-il stabbed Woo-hye wasn’t because he truly believed that he was the person responsible in killing her, but rather because he wanted to protect Yeo-wool from being framed as a murderer. We knew Woo-hye couldn’t have died so early into the drama, but it does make me wonder what would have happened had Yeo-wool did stab Woo-hye. Maybe she would have died or something would have happened to her. We’ll never know because Da-il decided to stab Woo-hye instead. Maybe it is Yeo-wool who will be the only one who can kill Woo-hye, but we’ll have to wait much longer to confirm that theory now that Woo-hye has disappeared once again.

Sang-seob’s grief over Da-il continues to be the main highlight in this drama for me for so many different reasons. It’s just bittersweet to see him use his humorous and comedic personality to cover up his true feelings which is really feelings of grief and mourning. He still misses Da-il and has to pretend like everything’s okay when really he’s not. Out of Yeo-wool and Chae-won, he’s still the only one who can’t see Da-il so it must be frustrating and hurtful for him. It’s a good thing Sang-seob was able to find a way to communicate with Da-il in this episode even if he can’t physically see or talk to Da-il anymore. The friendship between the two lives on.


As much as I love our cast members, I really and honestly don’t have too many thoughts about ‘The Ghost Detective.’ Nothing really happens and Woo-hye is always outdoing everyone in every single way possible. It’s going to be a while until our characters find her again and possibly kill her. Things stay the same so I don’t have too many new thoughts to say about each episode other than that the process to defeating Woo-hye will be long and challenging, but well worth it in the end.

Note: Extra screenshots from this episode. Enjoy 🙂

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4 responses to “The Ghost Detective: Episode 7 Recap”

    • Hi Hadi,

      So based off of my understanding, Chae-won’s spirit mother was a ghost who had tried to kill Woo-hye. However, she failed so she got eaten by one of Woo-hye’s evil spirits (the evil guy) and transforms into him. Essentially, the spirit mother has 2 personalities: the woman & then the evil guy. We learned that Chae-won’s spirit mother had used up all her energy to teach Da-il how to physically grab and hold onto things so I think she’s no longer present so only the evil spirit guy remains.

      I’m not too sure how Chae-won and her spirit mother are related. I’m assuming it had something to do with Chae-won’s possession when she was younger, but I’m still a little confused about that. Sorry!

      Hope this clears some things up!

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