The Ghost Detective: Episode 8 Recap


The chase after Woo-hye never ends or ceases; in fact, it only gets more difficult and confusing the more it goes on. However, our team never has any thoughts of giving up and they keep going. They finally achieve some good results in this episode and manages to prevent Woo-hye’s malicious plans from happening. But she too isn’t going to back down and still has plans of her own that she’s going to achieve. Who will ultimately be the winner in the end?

Note: I apologize for the late recap and lack of activity the past few days. It’s been a WILD WILD week for me the past few days, but I’m glad to say that I’ll be back for now. Look out for additional recaps and posts on the blog coming up 🙂

The Ghost Detective: Episode 8 Recap

While discussing about Woo-hye, Da-il and Yeo-wool reach the conclusion that they must find the first person that Woo-hye killed in order to understand why she kills people. She can’t be killing people just because she’s angry. There must be a reason for her killings.

Detective Jung-dae visits the apartment of the victim who Woo-hye had killed. While looking around the place, Nurse Jeon enters the room and finds Detective Jung-dae inside. He panics and runs off, but is eventually caught by Jung-dae. Jung-dae arrests Nurse Jeon, but Nurse Jeon isn’t too worried. He’s confident Woo-hye will find him and rescue him.

Jung-dae informs Da-il, Yeo-wool, and Sang-seob of his arrest and discoveries at the apartment. He sends them a picture of how the deceased victim looks like. Da-il makes his way to the police station to follow up on Nurse Jeon. Meanwhile, Kim Gyeol prepares to jump to his death into the river, but is suddenly stopped by Woo-hye. She questions who will protect Yeo-wool if he’s no longer alive. The guilt gets to him.


During the interrogation with Nurse Jeon, Da-il intervenes and manages to distract Jung-dae’s colleagues and drive them out of the room. He then has Jung-dae question Nurse Jeon about Woo-hye and ask the same exact question: who was the first person that Woo-hye killed? Though Nurse Jeon doesn’t explicitly say a name, he comments that she killed someone who she dearly loved. Plus, she’s going to kill many more people. Da-il realizes that Nurse Jeon is possessed so he stops the interrogation since he won’t be given the answers that he want. The interrogation with the colleague resumes and Jung-dae is confused and taken aback by the sudden accompaniment of Da-il.

Jung-dae updates his supervisor about the case with Nurse Jeon and Woo-hye. He assumes that there must be a female accomplice since Woo-hye had stolen some clothes at the woman’s apartment in order to blend in to society and escape. There are also news of a terror attack so Jung-dae is worried that something terrible might happen. The supervisor finds Jung-dae’s reasoning for the investigation plausible and allows him to resume.

Da-il’s body is slowly starting to be consumed by an evil force and he struggles to control it. Meanwhile, Kim Gyeol heads to the office to check up on Yeo-wool, but he ends up running away after seeing her. He can’t bring himself to complete the task that Woo-hye had given him.

Yeo-wool heads with Chae-won to the deceased victim’s apartment. Thanks to Jung-dae, they’re allowed to enter the scene and Yeo-wool listens in on any noise or sound using the hearing aid. At first, nothing rings, but then sounds of fun, laughter, music, and much more are heard. Yeo-wool writes down words related to a trip, family, and precious memories on her hand before being interrupted by Chae-won. The two manage to escape just in time before Jung-dae and his colleague arrive at the crime scene.

Back at the office, the squad (without Jung-dae) all share their updates and information with one another. They then come to the conclusion that the terror attack that Nurse Jeon had prepared for Woo-hye will occur at the 2018 Travel Fair. They must hurry and stop Woo-hye before it happens.

Kang Gyeol sets out on his task to execute the terror attack. However, he suddenly has a vision of imagining many dead corpses on the streets and he grows terrified. Meanwhile, Ha-eun’s Dad (the CEO from episode one) is notified about the possible terror attack from Yeo-wool and Da-il. He then decides to ask for some help from some people to protect everyone at the fair.


Da-il assumes that the terror attack is a revenge scheme against Ha-eun’s Dad who managed to save his daughter from getting killed by Woo-hye. Angry, Woo-hye is planning to kill everyone at the travel fair since she wasn’t able to kill Ha-eun. Sang-seob is volunteering at the travel fair just to scout and look out for any warnings. He panics when he finds a comment on a piece of paper threatening him not to evacuate or to contact the police or else everyone dies. Yeo-wool sends Ha-eun’s Dad a picture of the comment in which he gives the two a business card with information on it. With this business card, they can receive any kind of assistance that they will need.

Yeo-wool and Sang-seob assume that the person behind the terror attack is the 12-year old version of Woo-hye, not the adult version. They remain in disbelief and horror that someone so young could be planning something so horrendous.

At the travel fair, Kang Gyeol opens all the gallons of juice and quickly puts in each of them drops of poison. Meanwhile, our team continues to crack down on Woo-hye and Nurse Jeon. They grow confused since there are no signs of any bombs anywhere or signs of the two themselves at the fair. Chae-won and Da-il does have another hint that could possibly lead them to who exactly is executing the terror attack: a ghost always repeats what they were doing right before they died.

With his anxiety, Sang-seob gets thirsty and begins to crave for a drink (NOOOO. NOT THE JUICE!). Da-il continues to piece the puzzle together and concludes that it’s not important who Woo-hye first killed after she became a ghost, but rather who it was before she became one. Woo-hye considers her father the first person that she killed because he attempted to commit suicide. With that, she’s going to cause everyone at the fair to commit suicide just like her father did many years before.

Furthermore, since her father committed suicide by drinking a poisonous drink, she’s going to make everyone drink the poisonous juice at the travel fair. Just right when customers were going to get a taste of the juice, Da-il notifies Yeo-wool of the crucial news which then prompts her to stop everyone. Thankfully, no one is dead from drinking the juice, and the team stops everyone there from consuming the drink. However, Da-il can’t seem to find who exactly it was that put the poison in the juice. Meanwhile, Reporter Kang Eun-cheong takes photos of the squad from far away and disappears after gathering a few. The travel fair is safe and resumes without a terror attack.


Our team is impressed with having been able to stop the terror attack from occurring. Meanwhile, Reporter Kang Eun-cheong shares the photos that he took of the team with Lawyer Baek. She wants him to write a news article describing their heroic save. She also has other reasons she’s in contact with them.

Jung-dae meets with Chae-won to discuss about the Woo-hye case as well as Da-il. They were unable to arrest neither Nurse Jeon or Woo-hye since they weren’t seen at the travel fair. Moving on from that, Jung-dae is more curious about Da-il and the note that Da-il had written for him during the interrogation with Nurse Jeon. Is Da-il a ghost? Is he no longer alive? At first, Chae-won refuses to comment, but she eventually gives in. Da-il is a ghost and Yeo-wool can see him. Things start to finally make sense to Jung-dae upon learning about Da-il, but he still remains the same: he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Lawyer Baek meets with Yeo-wool, Sang-seob, and Da-il at the office. She shares with them photos that Reporter Kang had taken at the travel fair in case they might notice anything that might be of help to them. Yeo-wool eventually discovers Kim Gyeol in one of the photos and grows suspicious. Without Lawyer Baek noticing, Da-il wants Yeo-wool to ask Sang-seob to research on Kim Gyeol’s whereabouts. He’s Woo-hye’s next target.

Woo-hye admires some red shoes and dresses inside of a store while walking around on the streets. Meanwhile, Yeo-wool visits Kim Gyeol to discuss with him about his appearance at the travel fair. Kim Gyeol desperately explains himself and his situation: it was either Yeo-wool would get killed by Woo-hye or he kill everyone at the travel fair. He had no other option. Da-il gets angry and comes close to attacking Kim Gyeol, but is stopped by Yeo-wool. At that moment, Kim Gyeol receives a video call from Woo-hye who threatens them once again. A woman is held hostage and can possibly die unless Kim Gyeol dies first. If he dies, the woman will be saved.

Kim Gyeol takes the initiative to kill himself, but Da-il stops him. However, it’s at that moment after saving Kim Gyeol that Da-il suddenly disappears. He’s no where to be seen. Not even Yeo-wool nor Woo-hye can see him nor do they understand what’s going on. Da-il then finds himself awake while laying down on a hospital bed. He’s alive.

My Thoughts:

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT. Da-il couldn’t possibly be dead; just like Woo-hye, he too was just a ghost roaming around while his physical body was in a coma. Phew! Now that he’s back and alive (just like Woo-hye is), everyone will see him again and his efforts to helping the team defeat Woo-hye might be a little easier now. I’m just so glad to know that he’s actually alive (or at least that’s what I was hoping we saw at the end of this episode) because I was afraid that he was actually somewhat dead (although I had a feeling he wasn’t, but the idea was always there in the back of my mind). I’m curious as to where his body is and what triggered the return to his physical body. Why is it that he’s now awake in his body? Where is his body? Who saved him when he was stuck and trapped in the mud? Basically, what is going on?


Maybe it was that I took a small break from the drama so I found this episode a little bit better, but wow, this episode was probably my favorite one yet so far. I found the sub-plot with the travel fair so enticing, intriguing, and interesting. The issue took place in one location, Woo-hye’s target which was Kim Gyeol was already a character who we were introduced to and his reasoning for participating in the act was logical, and the act of poisoning the drinks had a purpose behind it. While I didn’t necessarily believe in the process of how Da-il and the team were able to figure out that it was the drinks that was the source of death (it was rather too fast-paced and rushed), I can understand why Woo-hye chose the drinks as a method to kill everyone there. It’s a slick process and not many people would ever be suspicious or worried that their juice will be poisoned. Plus, it was the way that her father died so she too wanted other people to die in a similar way. We received these details and reasons throughout the episode which then made everything a lot easier to follow.

A part of me maybe even wanted the travel fair scene to be extended a little bit longer; it was such an engrossing and intense scene and you weren’t too sure what was going to happen. I guess what I appreciated the most about that scene was that Nurse Jeon nor Woo-hye were there themselves to execute the plan; rather, Woo-hye used her usual methods of threatening and targeting different people to kill others and in this case, that person just happened to be Kim Gyeol. You don’t need every murder or death to be executed by Woo-hye or Nurse Jeon themselves and it was refreshing to see someone else be used as a pawn to complete Woo-hye’s agenda (not that her agenda is anything to commend or approve of itself of course).

Up until now, I’m not quite sure what Kim Gyeol’s role was in this drama and I still don’t really know. All we know is that he used to date or be affiliated with Yi-rang so he has a sense of urgency to protect Yeo-wool since he wasn’t able to protect Yi-rang. His role in this drama has been pretty minor so it’s nice to see that he’s receiving a little bit more screen time. Of course, I wonder what his next move will be since he didn’t accomplish what Woo-hye had wanted him to do. Maybe Woo-hye will continue to go after him and possibly even kill him (in which I hope it doesn’t happen). I was surprised to see Ha-eun’s Dad return to the drama since the last time we saw him was in the very beginning of the drama. I had actually forgotten about him so it was surprising and a little random to see him again. His assistance towards Yeo-wool and Da-il made things a little too convenient for them in helping stop the terror attack, but I know that the drama needed a way for our team to stop the attack from happening. Regardless, just like Sang-seob expressed in this episode, the terror attack was prevented and many lives were saved in the process.


Now that Da-il is back in his own body, I’m absolutely excited to see how things unfold and what happens from here. Maybe he won’t have to communicate with Sang-seob via cell phone anymore or he can go out and prove to Jung-dae that ghosts indeed do exist. It’s an exciting time that our Da-il is alive. Things are now just barely starting.

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