100 Days My Prince: Episode 7 Recap


Hong-shim and Won-deuk have been married for a few months and have learned a lot about each other during that time. However, there are also many details about each other that they don’t know much about and these questions start to get to them. The couple finally learn that they maybe don’t know each other as well as they thought they did. There are still quite a few hidden secrets between them.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 7 Recap

Stepdad returns to his house to find it ruined and everything scattered everywhere. Moo-yeon watches as Stepdad cries in confusion and pain at the sudden situation. He’s reminded of the moment when he learned from a physician that a man with a puncture wound was treated just recently. Stepdad is interrupted by Goo-dol who notifies him about Hong-shim’s kidnapping. They rush over to the mountains where Hong-shim is held hostage and Moo-yeon follows after them.

Thankfully, Won-deuk arrives just in time to rescue Hong-shim. With some help from Hong-shim, he manages to fight off the group of men without getting severely injured. Won-deuk wants them to meet at a pub in the marketplace later on that night since it might be too dangerous to return back home, but they’ll have to separate for now. He’s going to return to the village to chase after the group of men and find out who it was that hired them. Hong-shim is afraid and wants to at least treat Won-deuk’s wound on his arm, but he isn’t too worried. After brushing off the hair on her face, he runs off to return to the village (OMG SWOOOOON).


Officer Je-yoon is interrogated and punished alongside one of the Queen’s court ladies for having been found sneaking into the Court Princess’s residence. The Queen’s advisors and Chief Court Lady arrive at the location to rescue the court lady. There is no evidence of a talisman like Lord Kim assumes there is; since he has no evidence, he can’t punish the court lady. However, he can continue to punish Je-yoon who they claim sneaked into the residence because of his affair with the court lady. Je-yoon steps up to protect himself: he’ll find the talisman in the Crown Princess’s residence so as to prove that that was the reason as to why the court lady was at the residence. Oooh.

Hong-shim reunites with Stepdad and Goo-dol. She reassures them that she’s fine, but in reality, she’s more worried about Won-deuk than anything. Moo-yeon observes the two men care for Hong-shim not too far away.

Je-yoon proves his innocence to Lord Kim as he attempts to find the talisman. The Queen reassures her advisor that they won’t find anything at the Crown Princess’s residence. There is no talisman like Je-yoon thinks there is. Using some white sugar, Je-yoon spreads it throughout the residence and eventually finds the talisman. However, discovering the talisman doesn’t do anything to him and rather puts him back to where he started. He is to be interrogated again because Lord Kim assumes he helped conceal the talisman which is why he was able to find it. As a last resort, Je-yoon admits to having received an order from Lee Yool a few days ago and wants to discuss about it with Lord Kim in private.

Won-deuk follows after the men and discover that it was Lord Park and the Magistrate who was behind Hong-shim’s kidnapping. He eventually returns to Goo-dol’s house that night and reunites with Hong-shim outside. She helps him take off his expensive robe and outfit so as to not confuse Stepdad, Goo-dol, or anyone else.

Je-yoon comments further to Lord Kim on the secret letter he had received from Lee Yool. Though he’s reluctant in sharing with Lord Kim this letter, Je-yoon explains it’s the reason he had sneaked in to the Crown Princess’s residence. Lord Kim doesn’t buy it though and wants Je-yoon to show him the letter to prove its existence.

Hong-shim treats Won-deuk’s wound on his arm that night. He expresses his concerns for her and wishes that she no longer fights against stronger man as he doesn’t want to see her hurt. Hong-shim jokingly agrees and prepares to leave the room. However, Won-deuk holds her back. He wants her to stay with him that night. It’s an order. EEEEEEK. I’M SCREAMING.


Je-yoon hands Ae-wol the secret letter in hopes that she’ll keep it hidden. He warns her of the danger in having the letter and wishes that she stay safe. As he exits from the gisaeng house, one of Lord Kim’s assassins follows Ae-wol and enters her room. He threatens to kill her for the letter that she was given.

Hong-shim and Won-deuk sleep side by side in the same room that night. After some tossing and turning, Hong-shim finds Won-deuk laying right across from her face with his eyes wide opened. She’s taken aback by the few inches gap in between their faces and his hand that’s elevated on her body, but she pretends to be fine. Hong-shim closes her eyes only to open them. Won-deuk does the same and the married couple share some laughter. (OMG I had to pause the drama because this scene was too cute. I’m screaming internally right now).

Lord Kim is given the secret letter that Je-yoon claims he had received from Lee Yool. However, as he had expected, it’s just a trick and Lord Kim was fooled. The secret letter is still hidden somewhere.

Hong-shim wakes up later on that night in search of her father. However, Stepdad has returned to the house to retrieve the outfit that Won-deuk/Lee Yool was wearing the day that Stepdad discovered him in the mountains.

Meanwhile, Moo-yeon is reminded of the moments leading up to the time when he and Hong-shim (who was originally named Yi-seo) got caught by Lord Kim’s men as younger children. Young Moo-yeon managed to distract the men from Hong-shim/Yi-seo and threatened to kill the Crown Princess. However, Lord Kim was able to rescue his daughter and spare both Moo-yeon and Yi-seo’s life. Many years later, this is the only thing motivating Moo-yeon to keep fighting. He doesn’t want to kill the Crown Prince, but he did bargain with Lord Kim so he must go through with it. Moo-yeon is then informed on the whereabouts of Won-deuk.

Lord Park and the Magistrate want to arrest Won-deuk to punish him. At that moment, a letter of Won-deuk’s poem that he had recited at Lord Park’s birthday party is shot to their residence. This only gives more reasons to punish Won-deuk. Won-deuk pays the house a visit, but quickly runs away upon being chased by the government patrol officers. He quickly requests for village boy Meok-goo to notify a poor scholar with a sharp nose and friendly eyes to come to the magistrate’s office. Meok-goo relays the message to Hong-shim.

Lord Kim and his team make an appeal to the King to denounce the Queen and Crown Prince Seo-won of their positions in the palace. They claim that the mother and son duo attempted to curse the Crown Princess so they should be punished accordingly. Upon hearing the uproar, the King calls for a meeting immediately.

Won-deuk is eventually captured and brought to the Magistrate’s office. He is to be punished for despising the Magistrate with a copy of the poem that he had recited at Lord Park’s birthday party. Hong-shim and the rest of the villagers enter the building to try to save Won-deuk. As a last resort, Hong-shim pretends to express fake concerns as to what would happen if Won-deuk was to be punished and possibly injured. Lord Park finally gives in and lets Won-deuk go.

Crown Prince Seo-won speaks to the King to prove him and his mother’s innocence. Someone must have planned everything so that he and the Queen would be attacked. The King failed to protect Lee Yool’s mother many years ago; is he willing to go through the same thing once again?


Lord Park wants to test Won-deuk’s archery skills. If he manages to hit the target perfectly, then that will prove that the person who shot the arrow was him. If he doesn’t, it’ll mean that Won-deuk is faking his archery skills and should be punished. Though Won-deuk is reluctant at first, he eventually gives in once Lord Park threatens to kill Hong-shim. When Won-deuk picks up the arrow, he aims it at Lord Park and shoots it in his direction. He grows alarmed at the memories that he recalls upon having picked up the bow and arrow and is close to being attacked by the Magistrate.

It’s at that very moment when the Royal Inspector and his men enter the building to arrest the Magistrate for any corruption he’s committed the past three years. Won-deuk is thankfully saved and he brings Hong-shim with him to an area far enough from all the chaos to check up on her. They’re both worried about each other, but Hong-shim is also curious as to what happened to Won-deuk that caused him to miss his aim. Won-deuk explains that he recalled a memory and has someone he needs to meet with first.

Lord Kim is notified about Crown Prince Seo-won’s meeting with the King. He then meets with his daughter, the Crown Princess, to discuss their next moves. The Crown Princess will meet with the Queen while Lord Kim will go on with meeting with the King.

The Magistrate is arrested and taken in for interrogation. The rest of the villagers are happy with the news and decide that they will celebrate with a party. Lol.

Won-deuk and Royal Inspector Heo have a quick conversation about the ledger documents recording all the corruption that the Magistrate had committed. How was he able to obtain the files? The Royal Inspector notes that it was Hong-shim who gave him the records which then allowed him to rescue Won-deuk and Hong-shim in time. Furthermore, it was Royal Inspector Heo who shot the arrow with Won-deuk’s poem attached to it.

The King has a meeting with all the court officials. He decides that he will have the Chief Censor and Prince Seo-won travel to Mount Chunwoo themselves to gather any evidence that it was the Queen who planned the assassination of Crown Prince Lee Yool. Lord Kim’s men are dissatisfied with the news, but the King remains grounded with his plan.


The Crown Princess has her meeting with the Queen. After handing the Queen with a gift, the Crown Princess confronts her about the hidden talisman that the Queen had attempted to hide in the Crown Princess’s room. She notifies the Queen that she’s pregnant, and unfortunately the talisman didn’t work on her. Oof.

During the meeting, the King orders that the investigation on Lee Yool’s disappearance be re-investigated again. He’s not confident with the investigation and disproves of how it was run. If he’s going to strip Crown Prince Seowon of his position, who will be his heir next? It’s at that moment that Lord Kim breaks the news to the King: the Crown Princess is pregnant. All the court officials formally congratulate the King, but the King himself is still too shocked to process anything.

Won-deuk finds it suspicious that Hong-shim somehow knew who the Royal Inspector was. He comes to the realization that Hong-shim does speak in both a dialect and the standard language and also knows how to read without wanting to earn money with the skill. But why is that? Meanwhile, Moo-yeon and his two assassins prepare to find Won-deuk in the village.

Won-deuk visits Goo-dol to follow up on his suspicions about Hong-shim. He wants to know how Hong-shim separated from her brother when she was younger. Goo-dol is clueless about Hong-shim’s siblings, but his wife explains that Hong-shim was adopted by Stepdad. She has another family that they just don’t know much about. With that, Won-deuk asks for them to inform Hong-shim to meet him at the barley field later on that day.

Hong-shim too has questions about Won-deuk that she’s curious about. She reunites with Stepdad to demand answers from him. Who is he and where exactly did he live? Stepdad tries to beat around the bush and avoids her questions, but Hong-shim won’t let it go this time. Stepdad then gives in and apologizes to Hong-shim for having lied to her all this time.

In the marketplace, Won-deuk searches for shoes with cherry blossom prints on them. He finally finds a merchant who sells some shoes and gives in to buying shoes with plum blossoms on them even if it wasn’t what he specifically wanted. Moo-yeon wanders around the marketplace and discovers Won-deuk buying the shoes from the merchant. Instead of chasing after Won-deuk right away, he watches him carefully nearby and processes the information. AHHHHH.

At the barley field, Won-deuk waits for Hong-shim to meet with him. He stares at the new shoes he had bought for her and anticipates her arrival. Also at the barley field is Moo-yeon who aims his bow and arrow right at Won-deuk. Hong-shim finally arrives and reunites with Won-deuk, but she doesn’t seem too happy. However, before she can say a word, she notices the arrow flying right behind Won-deuk. Her eyes widen and her mouth tightly shut; Hong-shim anticipates what she should do next.

My Thoughts:


OMGGGGG. Okay, this drama seriously gives me such anxiety. We knew that this was going to happen sooner or later and we just didn’t know when. I guess that was the part that was the most scary and nerve-wracking. Now that we’ve arrived at that point where Moo-yeon has found Won-deuk, things still continue to be nerve-wracking and scary! Will this ever end?!

I’m thinking Moo-yeon probably didn’t see Hong-shim which is why he still ended up shooting the arrow towards Won-deuk from afar. I feel like once he discovers that it was his own sister who met up with Won-deuk (and of course is married to him), he’ll hopefully change his agenda and somehow not kill Won-deuk. He’ll essentially be choosing between his sister or Lord Kim and there’s a lot of risks that come with that. He could die if he doesn’t kill Won-deuk like he was ordered to do, but that means he’s killing the man that his own sister loves. Moo-yeon is definitely not in the best position and it’ll be challenging for him to understand that the man he is slated to murder is also the same man that his sister is in love with.

There are many more things happening in this drama which could make things harder to follow, but this drama still remains simple and comedic for the most part. I assume that now that the palace politics is increasing and Moo-yeon has discovered Won-deuk, things will only get more serious and angsty and that’s what I’m worried about. Hong-shim herself has probably received some kind of confirmation about Won-deuk’s identity and who he really is so that should be make for an interesting watch. I’m just curious as to what Stepdad told her, and if he really did reveal the truth about everything to her. Hong-shim deserves to know these details and information and maybe she’ll confront Won-deuk about that in the barley field. More importantly, will she still love him once she realizes that he’s the Crown Prince? Will she still love him and want to be with him even though everything she’s known about him up until this point were complete lies?


So the King now knows that the Crown Princess is pregnant so he has an heir to his throne. As I had been assuming this entire time, the Crown Princess is pregnant with Crown Prince Seowon’s baby so that makes things complicated because they’re enemies with a common goal which is to overthrow the King. I wonder how Won-deuk will eventually regain his memory and realize that he’s the Crown Prince. Once he’s able to do so, he can return to the palace and put everyone back into their respective places and take control once again. His dad is clearly lost without him (though he had been lost before as well) and needs him to clear things up. Won-deuk is slowly regaining his memory through small bits such as holding an bow and arrow or being in certain places so he’s slowly understanding things bit by bit. Hopefully it won’t take too long for Won-deuk to realize and recognize his identity.

Each episode gets longer and longer so recapping this drama is so time-consuming. Although this is my minor issue with the drama, I’m still enjoying ‘100 Days My Prince’ fully and loving it. I especially love the scenes with Hong-shim and Won-deuk because they are so so adorable. I had to keep pausing after every scene between them because they were so cute together. I love the scenes with Goo-dol as well because he is the comedic highlight of every episode and he is just purely amazing in every scene. Things are getting more serious now and the risks only continue to get higher and higher. I’m not sure for how much longer everyone will be able to hold onto their antics without getting caught. Hopefully when everything is revealed, the bond between Won-deuk and Hong-shim will still remain as strong and composed.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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