100 Days My Prince: Episode 8 Recap


Enemies remain close and afar for our characters. They’re unsure of who they can trust and who they even are and what is to come. Hong-shim and Won-deuk continue to navigate and explore their marital relationship with each other, but also learn that this is not the only thing that the two have to confront. There are many more things that they should be worried about.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 8 Recap

Hong-shim meets Won-deuk at the barley field. She recalls the conversation she had with Stepdad when he revealed to her the truth about Won-deuk. Won-deuk isn’t really Won-deuk and Stepdad had lied to Hong-shim this entire time about the identity of Won-deuk. However, he only did it to save Hong-shim from getting punished or becoming a concubine. Stepdad suggests that they can just pretend and move on with their lives, but Hong-shim won’t allow for it. She plans on meeting with Won-deuk to confront him with the truth.

In the barley field, Hong-shim walks up to Won-deuk. However, before she can mention a word, she witnesses an arrow shot by Moo-yeon flying towards them. Won-deuk takes notice of Hong-shim’s behavior and manages to save the both of them from the flying arrow. Won-deuk assumes Lord Park has hired more men to chase after them so he plans on going out to discover the truth. Hong-shim holds him back though and pleads for him to stay with her. AHHHHH.

The King requests for more time to decide on his next move. Lord Kim and his team continue to persuade the King to dethrone the Queen and Crown Prince Seowon since they almost hurt a pregnant Crown Princess using a talisman, but the King doesn’t want to make such a rash decision so quickly. He’ll need some time.


The Queen and her advisors discuss what their next moves should be. They realize that no matter what they do, Lord Kim and his team will continually place the blame on them. The Queen decides that she’ll visit the King, but is reminded by her advisors to dress in white before doing so.

Officer Je-yoon is kidnapped by the Queen’s team. He converses with one of the advisors who reveals to him that the Queen isn’t the one behind Lee Yool’s assassination. Je-yoon offers to help them prove their innocence, but he’s going to need an official uniform and palanquin.

Back at the barley field, Won-deuk and Hong-shim wait together to check if another attack will occur. When they finally feel safe enough, they resume to talking with each other. Won-deuk gifts Hong-shim with the plum blossom embroidered shoes and also confronts with her his discoveries about her that he learned. She must be from a noble family. Hong-shim denies all the accusations and grows nervous, but Won-deuk stands with his opinion. He ends the conversation by stating that he’ll never forget this exact moment that they’re in. Moo-yeon observes the married couple from afar.

Je-yoon returns to the Royal Palace to continue his investigations on Lee Yool’s assassination. After looking through some notes and journals, he discovers that Lee Yool attended the rain ritual in replacement of his father not because he wanted to but because he was forced to. Lee Yool originally didn’t want to go because there was something that he wanted to solve.

Je-yoon meets with Lord Kim afterwards. He shows Lord Kim the secret letter that Lee Yool had given him prior to his disappearance, and expresses his wish to work for Lord Kim.

Hong-shim and Won-deuk return home and reunite with Stepdad after visiting a physician. Stepdad takes Hong-shim on the side to discuss with her about Won-deuk. Did Hong-shim reveal the truth to Won-deuk? Hong-shim answers that she didn’t, but that she eventually will. She has to help Won-deuk find a way to recover his memories as it’s not right for him to be living like this. Back in his room, Won-deuk ponders how else he will protect Hong-shim.


The two are reconvened by Goo-dol and his wife outside their house. While Goo-dol’s wife gifts Hong-shim with some rainbow rice cakes, Goo-dol meets privately with Won-deuk to hand him some wine. Goo-dol comments that it’ll be useful for when Won-deuk sleeps with Hong-shim that night, but Won-deuk has no plans of doing that. They don’t have that kind of relationship. Goo-dol assumes this must be the reason why the country hasn’t had any rain despite everyone already having gotten married in the village, lol.

While walking back to their house, Goo-dol and his wife encounter Moo-yeon along the way. He asks them about the relationship between Hong-shim and Won-deuk and learns that the two are a married couple. He also discovers that Won-deuk suffers from memory loss, but might possibly trigger some memories if he were to see a familiar face. They suggest Moo-yeon meet with Won-deuk if he knows him, but Moo-yeon declines the offer. He leaves the two alone and processes the information alone.

Won-deuk and Hong-shim discuss about the rainbow rice cakes and other favorite snacks. Won-deuk recalls eating lots of meat pancakes, but isn’t too sure where he specifically ate them. Before the two separate to eat supper, Won-deuk notes that that night will be the last time Hong-shim will be sleeping with her father. Won-deuk wants to sleep with her from now on after reconsidering Goo-dol’s words.

Moo-yeon watches Won-deuk and Hong-shim conversing from nearby. His two assassins want to go ahead and kill Won-deuk since they’re certain he’s the Crown Prince. However, Moo-yeon doesn’t want to make their move just yet. He wants to be careful especially since his sister is involved.

Outside in his residence, the Queen pleads for the King to not denounce Crown Prince Seowon of his position. Crown Prince Seowon accompanies the Queen and begs for his mother to stop, but the Queen wishes to protect the Crown Prince from being punished. The King witnesses the mother and son duo outside of his residence so he decides to visit Lord Kim inside of his room.

The King has no plans of denouncing the Queen and Crown Prince Seowon of their positions; he can’t afford to lose them like how he lost Lee Yool’s mother many years ago. Furthermore, the King is well aware that Lord Kim is the one pinning the country against him. The King reassures Lord Kim that he’ll recognize the Crown Princess’s son as his legitimate grandson, but that’s not the only thing Lord Kim wants. He needs more time to think about what else it is that he wants so he requests for the King to leave.


Won-deuk and Hong-shim sends Lord Park a warning letter telling them to stop with the bullying. If they hire any more men to attack them, they won’t let it go. Of course, the letter is written as if it’s by Royal Inspector Heo so Lord Park is persuaded to stay low for the time being.

Hong-shim and Won-deuk return to their house to find Goo-dol and his wife, Stepdad, and other people cleaning the house. They’re all a family so they should help each other out. Aww. Meanwhile, Lord Kim meets with the King to bring him updates. There will no longer be any protests asking to denounce the Queen and the Crown Prince. However, there is one thing that Lord Kim still wants: the throne.

Back at the house, Loan Shark Ma Chil approaches the team. He demands that his money be returned all at once by Won-deuk or else he’ll sell Hong-shim as a slave. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Stepdad or Won-deuk and Won-deuk hits Ma Chil just before he is to hurt Hong-shim. This causes Ma Chil to fall over and faint, but everyone panics when he stops breathing. Everyone assumes he’s dead.

Lord Kim requests for the King to sign the official royal seal on a blank piece of paper. With the paper, he will notify the King when exactly it is that he wants the throne. The King doesn’t need to worry though as it’s not anytime soon. If Lord Kim had wanted the throne, he would have taken it ten years ago.

Government official Park arrests Won-deuk for murder. He ties his hands with a straw rope and drags him out to the magistrate’s office, but they encounter the village’s primary restaurant lady along the way. She invites them to some noodles that she’s cooked for Hong-shim and the rest of the group so they turn around and head back to the house to have some noodles. Lol.

Hong-shim and Stepdad worry about Won-deuk. They were unable to protect him so they’re uncertain what’s going to happen next. However, as they will learn, Ma Chil is actually not dead and was just pretending the entire time. When Won-deuk is brought back to the house, the rest of the group throws him a surprise birthday party. Ma Chil’s death was just a prank. They all sing him happy birthday and celebrate the special occasion, but Stepdad nor Hong-shim is in the mood to join them. Won-deuk remains confused while Hong-shim grows upset. She doesn’t appreciate the birthday prank, especially since it was confusing and overwhelming for her.


In the shed, Won-deuk reassures Hong-shim that he’ll never abandon her or leave her. He is her husband after all. The two head back to join the others and to eat some noodles. I’M CRYING. THEY ARE TOO CUTE. Meanwhile, Lord Kim demands the Queen and Crown Prince Seowon stop protesting outside of the King’s residence. It’s an order from the King himself.

Won-deuk’s birthday party resumes late into the night. No one can fathom how Won-deuk is the same age as Ma Chil since he looks a lot younger. Won-deuk himself can’t seem to understand that either. Lol. They then move on to discussing about Won-deuk and Hong-shim. Goo-dol gives him a few pointers on how to communicate with and compliment Hong-shim so Won-deuk tries it out. The night is young and everyone has a great time. Before leaving, Goo-dol’s wife gifts Hong-shim with perfume that will help her when she sleeps with Won-deuk that night. Ooh~

Hong-shim meets with Moo-yeon that night. He wants to leave with her, but Hong-shim is reluctant. She needs a few more days as there are things that she needs to finish and people she wants to bid farewell with first. Moo-yeon is willing to wait a few more days for her, but suggests that she doesn’t take more than ten days. When Hong-shim leaves to go back inside the house, Moo-yeon is greeted by one of his assassins who reminds him about Lord Park’s mission. Oof.

Hong-shim and Won-deuk accompany each other in the same room that night. In exchange for not giving him a gift, he wants her to address him as ‘my dear husband.’ Though Hong-shim is hesitant at first, she begins to refer to him using the nickname. To escape the awkward atmosphere, Hong-shim sets out to sleep in her father’s room, but Won-deuk prevents her. She must sleep with him that night. Just as he’s about to lean in and give her a kiss, Hong-shim stops Won-deuk from touching her. When they first met, he prohibited her from touching him since he has amnesia. The rule still holds true. Hong-shim then makes her escape and Won-deuk is left alone in the room. Lol.

The next morning, Goo-dol meets with Won-deuk to ask for updates. Won-deuk comments that nothing happened between them; until he regains his memory, he will be unable to touch Hong-shim.

The King has a small meeting with Lord Kim and the Queen’s advisors. He learns about the corruption that the former Magistrate of Hong-shim’s village committed and how he got dismissed from the position. In a discussion of who to appoint as the next Magistrate, Lord Kim suggests Je-yoon as a possible contender. The King permits him to move on with the plan.


Je-yoon learns about his new position from Advisor Soo-ji. He confronts Lord Kim himself about being the new magistrate, but Lord Kim has other plans for now. If Je-yoon wants to prove that he is worthy of working for Lord Kim, he must be the magistrate and do what Lord Kim says.

Moo-yeon presents to Lord Kim a hand that he claims is from Lee Yool’s corpse. Since he’s presented evidence that Lee Yool is dead, Moo-yeon assumes he’s finished his mission and wishes to leave.

Won-deuk attempts to prove to Hong-shim that he’s regained his memory. However, it doesn’t work and Hong-shim isn’t persuaded. Before bidding farewell, she notifies him about a new task that a villager has asked them to help with. Hong-shim encourages Won-deuk to leave for the task that day. She’ll make him some delicious dinner once he returns.

After meeting with Lord Kim, Moo-yeon exits from the residence and overhears conversations mentioning the Crown Princess’s pregnancy. He meets with the Crown Princess herself to bid farewell with her. He congratulates her on the pregnancy and walks away only to get shot by an arrow. OMGGGG. WHO SHOT HIM??!!?!?

Won-deuk heads to a nearby village in what he assumes is just to help out with another task for some money. However, as he will learn, he was sent there by Hong-shim for another reason. When Won-deuk returns that night, he confronts Hong-shim with the truth: he is not Won-deuk.

Hong-shim confirms his suspicions and claims that no, he is not Won-deuk. That is the truth that he needed to know and that is why she sent him to the village.

My Thoughts:


Okay, more than anything, WHO SHOT MOO-YEON? WHO SHOT HIM?! It must have been someone that Lord Kim hired since I’m assuming he knows that Lee Yool is alive and that Moo-yeon didn’t kill him like he claims he did. Lord Kim is smart though despicable and evil, and obviously has his ways of figuring things out. He probably already knew that Lee Yool was alive even though Moo-yeon claims to have killed him and therefore, shot Moo-yeon for his act of lies and betrayal. It’s so unfortunate because Moo-yeon and Hong-shim finally reunited after being separated for so many years and there was finally a chance for them to live together again. There was a chance for the two siblings to finally be in each other’s life like they both yearned for so long, but that chance has disappeared as quickly as it came. Moo-yeon is now possibly dead for something that is not his fault.

I don’t blame Moo-yeon for not wanting to kill Won-deuk. It was a mission that he couldn’t bring himself to accomplish especially since he learned that Won-deuk was married to his sister. How can he kill the man that his sister is married to? He’s so protective of Hong-shim it just wouldn’t make sense nor be possible for Moo-yeon to kill someone who his dear sister loves. What I wasn’t expecting though was for Moo-yeon to get shot there and then, and I wonder if the Crown Princess even knew herself that he was going to possibly die in front of her. Watching the two interact in that last scene makes me even more curious if Moo-yeon is the possible father of her baby. A part of me assumes that it’s not possible, but the other part of me also thinks that Moo-yeon could be the father. The possibility roams in the back of my mind and I would be both shocked and not shocked if Moo-yeon did turn out to be the father of the baby. I’m hoping Moo-yeon isn’t dead, but rather that the arrow was just another warning by Lord Kim for Moo-yeon to hurry up and kill Won-deuk like he was slated to do.

The ending to this episode has been similar to other endings before that I’m not even surprised anymore that Won-deuk has learned that he’s not actually Won-deuk. He had been suspicious of his identity for a while now so it wasn’t too surprising that he received some kind of confirmation on his suspicions. I’m just curious what exactly it was that he learned and who he thinks he is actually is. It doesn’t seem like Won-deuk will regain his memory back any time soon, but now that he knows he isn’t this Won-deuk person that everyone assumes he is, he can be one step closer to finding out who he really is. Of course, Hong-shim will be there to aid him in that process since she herself doesn’t want him to live his life as a lie. Hong-shim herself knows that it’s wrong for Stepdad to have lied and for Won-deuk to continue living the life of a person that actually doesn’t exist. She remains righteous in that aspect.


While I don’t think what Stepdad has done is right in any way, I do understand why he chose to keep Won-deuk’s real identity as a secret. It was either Hong-shim marry Won-deuk or possibly get punished or become a concubine. Stepdad didn’t want to see his daughter’s life become ruined so he thought of the only way to help her which happened to be Won-deuk at that moment. What Stepdad has done isn’t right, fair, or great in any way and he’s tricked everyone this entire time, but I can see why he did it. I feel conflicted when I think about Stepdad because I believe that it was wrong of him to lie to everyone, but he really had no other option. He only did this out of a desperate act to protect Hong-shim.

It’s not a surprise that Lord Kim wants to eventually become King. We knew that that was his plan all along, but you’re just not so sure why he waited this entire time. It’ll be interesting how he will overthrow the King now that he’s confronted him about his wants. The King has no one he can trust in the palace which could explain for why he yearns for Lee Yool so much and why he wants the Queen and Crown Prince Seowon to stay. He can’t afford to lose them just like how he lost both Lee Yool’s mom and Lee Yool many years ago. He’s afraid of the future.

I doubt Je-yoon actually wants to work for Lord Kim, but is rather just using him to gather some evidence on Lee Yool’s assassination. He probably has a feeling that Lord Kim was the person behind the assassination, but just needs some concrete evidence to prove so which could explain for why he wants to work so closely to Lord Kim himself. It’s a risky risky move since Lord Kim is not someone who you want to mess with, but maybe this is the only option Je-yoon has if he wants to catch Lord Kim and uncover the truth behind Lee Yool’s disappearance. There is no other option for Je-yoon at this point and this is all that he has left.

I really appreciate that even though things are slowly getting more and more serious with each progressing episode, there are still great comedic highlights. The birthday prank in this episode was so so cruel and harsh and I totally understood why Hong-shim was so upset. Even I was upset watching that scene and I totally understood where she was coming from. It was so scary and felt so melodramatic (I thought I was watching a melodrama for a second when Won-deuk was all of a sudden convicted of murder LOL). I’m glad that it was just a ridiculous prank and that it allowed for our Hong-shim and Won-deuk to realize just how important they are to each other.


In fact, there’s been plenty of instances the past few episodes that has tested Hong-shim and Won-deuk’s relationship and their feelings for each other. The greatest test is to come yet now that Won-deuk realizes his life has been a lie this entire time, and that Hong-shim too is not the person that Won-deuk thinks she is. So many secrets and not enough time to expose them all. Hopefully our Hong-shim and Won-deuk will come out of this just fine. Their love will be strong enough to overcome these challenges right?

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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