100 Days My Prince: Episode 9 Recap


Won-deuk continues his quest in finding out who he really was before venturing into his new identity as Won-deuk. With Hong-shim’s assistance and support, Won-deuk gains clues along the way that will help him with his questions. However, more important is Won-deuk’s relationship with Hong-shim. Will he still love her after he learns about himself or will he leave her to protect himself?

100 Days My Prince: Episode 9 Recap

Hong-shim confronts Won-deuk about the truth: he is not Won-deuk like he and everyone else thought he was. Won-deuk grows upset and angry; he can’t seem to fathom or understand why she would lie to him. Hong-shim gives her reasonings and explains about the whole ordeal with the fake marriage. She had to get married or else she would get punished. So why is it that she’s only told Won-deuk the truth about everything now? Is it because she’s fine now and no longer needs him? What is she going to do about his feelings for her?

Hong-shim grows understanding of Won-deuk and gives him a few options to consider. He can divorce her if he wants, and he can also stay at her place for as long as he likes until he regains his memories. Hong-shim utters Won-deuk’s name once more, but he disproves of it. He warns her not to call him Won-deuk anymore 😦

Won-deuk and Hong-shim spend that night recalling their conversations and memories with each other. Hong-shim visits Won-deuk in his bedroom that night before heading to sleep in the other room. She finds Won-deuk asleep on the floor without a pillow so she places his head on a cushion. Hong-shim leaves the bedroom afterwards while Won-deuk opens his eyes. He was never asleep after all.


Moo-yeon is placed in a guest room at Lord Kim’s residence to rest. The Crown Princess questions whether her father was the one behind the attack, but he claims he isn’t. Lord Kim can’t afford to let anyone know about this attack as there won’t be any benefit by doing so so he chooses to remain quiet about it. He orders the Crown Princess to get some rest after hearing why the Crown Princess chose to meet with Moo-yeon secretly before he got shot by the arrow.

Hong-shim informs Stepdad about her decision to tell Won-deuk the truth. Though its uncertain what Won-deuk’s next plans are, Hong-shim plans on leaving with Moo-yeon soon since he’s returned for her. Before she leaves, she’ll repay all of Won-deuk’s debts.

Stepdad attempts to reconcile with Won-deuk, but Won-deuk is still upset. Stepdad ends up taking Won-deuk to the exact spot in the mountains where he was discovered. Won-deuk should have been dead, but Stepdad took him in and cared for him. The same exact thing happened to Hong-shim as well who Stepdad also assumed should have been dead by the time he discovered her and took her in. Stepdad wishes for Won-deuk to remain as his son-in-law, but Won-deuk stays silent. He asks for any evidence of the outfit he was wearing when he was discovered so as to determine his status, but Stepdad avoids the question. Before leaving for work, Stepdad asks Won-deuk to be nice to Hong-shim; she had no say in all of this and none of it was her fault.

Hong-shim and Goo-dol’s wife have a conversation with each other about their marital relationships. While Goo-dol’s wife seems satisfied with her marriage, Hong-shim begins to tear up upon thinking about her marriage. Won-deuk is a strong and nice man, and Hong-shim likes how she can rely on him. However, there’s something wrong with the marriage and Hong-shim begins to cry thinking about it.

Won-deuk slowly begins to regain his memories. While wandering about in the mountains where his assassination took place, he is suddenly reminded of the arrows and palace guards that he saw at the camp in Mount Chunwoo. Meanwhile, Hong-shim confides in Goo-dol’s wife the issues about her relationship with Won-deuk. Goo-dol’s wife is confident that Won-deuk won’t leave Hong-shim even if he regains his memory. With that, the two best friends play in the river for a bit, and Won-deuk witnesses the heart-warming scene as he passes by.

When Hong-shim returns home, she’s greeted by a dissatisfied Won-deuk. He doesn’t like seeing her so happy and fine while he’s suffering inside. He questions her for further information about this so-called Won-deuk. Hong-shim reveals as much as she knows and was told by Stepdad. There was a man named Won-deuk living across the river, but she never met him because he went away to the army. Won-deuk is relieved upon learning this news; he’s a much better ‘Won-deuk’ than the real Won-deuk, lol. Hong-shim comments that looks doesn’t matter much to her, but she falls in love with Won-deuk after staring into his eyes. LOLOL. Before separating, Won-deuk notes to Hong-shim that he’s the only one who can end their marriage. More than anything, they’re husband and wife. She must never forget that.


Je-yoon celebrates his promotion as the new governor of Hong-shim’s village with Ae-wol, Advisor Soo-ji, and Advisor Kwon Hyuk. Kwon Hyuk teases Je-yoon in becoming the governor for the village where Hong-shim lives in which Ae-wol takes note of. Before leaving, Je-yoon gives Ae-wol a small gift and asks her for a favor: notify him who Lord Kim meets with if Lord Kim ever visits the gisaeng house.

Won-deuk wants Hong-shim to compensate for the lies she told him and for tricking him into marrying her. As a result, he not only wants new clothes, but he also wants a new name. With the help of Hong-shim, the two brainstorm different names with the surname ‘Yi’ that Won-deuk was probably called and write them down on a piece of paper. Hong-shim gets sleepy and at one point, dozes off towards Won-deuk. Thankfully, he lends his shoulder for her to lay on just in time. While Hong-shim remains unconscious, Won-deuk grows nervous and tightens up. However, he eventually wakes her up and reminds her to go to the other room if she wishes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Je-yoon sends Eunuch Yang to a physician to have him treated. Though there’s no guarantees, the physician will try his best to save Eunuch Yang. Later on that night, Won-deuk suffers from a nightmare and envisions Moo-yeon killing him with his sword. When he wakes up, Won-deuk realizes that he needs to determine whether Moo-yeon is the same assassin who attempted to kill him at the barley field. This way, he can make his final decision on whether to leave or stay with Hong-shim.

Won-deuk requests from government official Park to review any records and journals documenting the attack that occurred at Mount Chunwoo. However, government official Park isn’t so kind and he doesn’t allow Won-deuk to review the journals. He is curious though as to how Won-deuk knows that such an incident occurred at Mount Chunwoo.

The same man whose horse Won-deuk had stolen to save a kidnapped Hong-shim not too long ago returns to their house to demand it back from them. Hong-shim promises to find the horse by the end of that day or else she and Won-deuk will be punished.

Governor Je-yoon encounters Hong-shim in the village as she rides the man’s horse which she had fortunately discovered. He stops her though to not only protect her from riding the wild horse, but to also give her his greetings as the newly appointed governor of the village. Hong-shim pays him her respects and desperately chases after the horse afterwards.

Government official Park’s time as the boss of the town is short-lived as he greets Je-yoon that day. He shows him around to his room and is ordered to bring Won-deuk to meet Governor Je-yoon. With government official Park gone, Won-deuk sneaks into the library to check for any records and journals documenting the attack at Mount Chunwoo. He finds one journal in particular that notes the time when he and Goo-dol had carried water jars to the palace guard camp in Mount Chunwoo.

A few seconds in and Je-yoon and official Park enter the same library as Won-deuk. Won-deuk quickly hides, but is discovered by Je-yoon who pretends to not see him. Moments later, Je-yoon catches Won-deuk leaving and instead of punishing him, rewards with some silk that the King wanted to gift Won-deuk in return for exposing the former governor’s corruption. Won-deuk takes home the silk and shows them to both Goo-dol and Hong-shim. Won-deuk is confident that they can pay off their debt by selling the silk, but he just won’t be able to be with Hong-shim to do that. He’s going to be traveling with Goo-dol to Hanyang to visit the royal palace.


Won-deuk sets out for his journey to the royal palace. He bids farewell with Hong-shim before traveling. Back at the house, Hong-shim can’t seem to stop thinking and worrying about Won-deuk. Stepdad learns about the new expensive silk that they were given by the King as well as Won-deuk’s journey to the royal palace. He worries for Hong-shim and plans to stop Won-deuk so that she can confess to him. However, Hong-shim prevents her father from chasing after Won-deuk. They can’t change his fate and plus, he’s not Won-deuk anyways.

Je-yoon is ordered by Lord Kim to work with Lord Park if he wants to work for Lord Kim himself. After receiving the assignment, Je-yoon greets the rest of the villagers and introduces himself as the new governor. Everyone seems to approve of him. Je-yoon wants to talk to Hong-shim in particular.

Je-yoon double checks with Hong-shim about her marriage. Is it true that she’s married? Hong-shim confirms with Je-yoon that she is married since the Crown Prince had ordered everyone to do so. Je-yoon grows sad and shocked over the news.

Goo-dol and Won-deuk finally arrive in Hanyang. As they wait to gain permission to enter the palace, the palace guard notices Won-deuk’s face and grows suspicious. EEEEEK. Meanwhile, Je-yoon exchanges greetings with Lord Park who complains about the recent drought and the drying of his well. Governor Je-yoon then takes the opportunity to address this issue with the rest of the villagers. Je-yoon orders all the villagers to bring water from the nearest river and fill Lord Park’s well up with water. Though they’re not happy, the villagers have no choice but to abide by the orders.

While presenting their village’s offerings to the palace officials, Won-deuk glances around the palace and observes a few palace guards walking around. It is then that he’s reminded of the palace guards he saw at the camp in Mount Chunwoo so he follows after them. After observing the palace guards greet Advisor Kwon Hyuk, Won-deuk attempts to do the same. However, he’s chased down by palace guards and Goo-dol arrives in time to rescue Won-deuk from getting punished. While walking away, Advisor Soo-ji spots Won-deuk with Goo-dol, but grows confused at the sight of Won-deuk. Why does Won-deuk look exactly like the late Crown Prince? He’s dead, isn’t he?


Won-deuk heads back to the palace. While approaching the entrance to the palace, he nearly encounters Lord Kim who sets out for a trip to the gisaeng house. There, Lord Kim meets with one of the Queen’s advisors who wishes to conspire with him. As a way to gain Lord Kim’s trust, the advisor hints that the Queen has plans of spreading a rumor throughout the palace: the Crown Princess’s baby isn’t of royal blood. Ae-wol overhears the conversation and prepares to notify Je-yoon of the news.

Moo-yeon finally awakens and has a conversation with Advisor Soo-ji upon waking up. The two discuss about Soo-ji’s observance of Won-deuk earlier that day. While Soo-ji finds it suspicious and weird that Won-deuk can look exactly like the late Crown Prince (in which they are the same person), Moo-yeon grows alert after having learned that Won-deuk was in the palace that day.

While following Advisor Kwon Hyuk out of the palace, Won-deuk encounters the same merchant who sells books. The merchant promotes the books in the same exact way that he did back when he was Lee Yool which causes Won-deuk to grow suspicious. Meanwhile, Moo-yeon follows after Won-deuk discreetly and carefully into the woods. Won-deuk catches on to Moo-yeon and battles with him only to win in the end. With the sword aimed at Moo-yeon, Won-deuk assumes that Moo-yeon is aware of who he is and demands for answers on his identity.

Hong-shim seeks revenge on Je-yoon for making the villagers fill Lord Park’s well with water. She lures Je-yoon to a spot in the village where they can dig a well there only to trick him into falling into a deep, empty hole. At first, she doesn’t answer his screams for help, but she eventually returns with a rope. Hong-shim doesn’t forget to inform Je-yoon about her disappointment in him. She thought he was a good guy when she first met him. She hopes he still is.

Lord Kim gives the Queen a final warning. She should refrain from ruining his and the Crown Princess’s life or else she will die. Meanwhile, Hong-shim encounters Goo-dol while walking around the village. He informs her about Won-deuk and how he stayed behind in Hanyang for some unknown reason.

Upon hearing about Won-deuk, Hong-shim grows sad. She’s confused as to why she’s sad since she and Won-deuk are just in a fake marriage, but she still feels sullen. While walking a little bit further, Hong-shim finally reunites with Won-deuk again (OMG I’M GONNA CRY).


He approaches her silently and the distance between the two lessens. Hong-shim grows relieved at having reunited with Won-deuk. She thought he wasn’t going to return upon regaining his memory. While Won-deuk is silent and doesn’t say any words, he expresses his feelings and thoughts with his actions. He cups Hong-shim’s face with his hands and leans in towards her to give her a kiss on the lips. Hong-shim too embraces the moment and tugs at his shirt. Won-deuk and Hong-shim might be in a fake marriage, but their feelings for each other are definitely real.

My Thoughts:


Excuse me for my screaming and shouting and panicking, but omg, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I feel like that’s just my general reaction to everything in this drama, but again, WHAT IS GOING ON?! Did Won-deuk regain his memory? Did Moo-yeon end up telling him the truth and how he’s the missing Crown Prince? Does Won-deuk know that he was supposed to die and that everyone else believe he’s dead? More importantly, does Won-deuk know that he belongs in the royal palace?

This drama continues to remain so good and intense and the way that I measure this is by just how much anxiety I get from watching this drama. I feel like I’m always on the edge of my seat with this drama, but I’m especially sweating and panting during certain moments. The scene when Lord Kim and Won-deuk almost bumped into each other at the entrance of the royal palace made me especially nervous and I genuinely felt so scared that Won-deuk was going to get caught right there and then. It’s moments like these that proves to me how magical, wonderful, and suspenseful this drama is while still providing to us the comedic highlights and the romantic fluff. Everything about this drama is so well paced and balanced (and also very aesthetically and visually pleasing!).


In the battle between Lord Kim and the Queen, it’s now apparent and obvious that Lord Kim is the winner. He shut the Queen down in this episode when he threatened her with his life and the powerful royal seal that can dictate anything that Lord Kim wants. It’s scary just how powerful, smart, and calculative he is. Lord Kim definitely knows what it is that he wants and what steps he’s going to take to get there. Heck, he even met with one of the Queen’s most trusted advisors and received important information to help him move forward with his agenda. While I might not like Lord Kim myself, there’s no denying that he is intelligent, manipulative, and probably the most powerful man in the palace yet.

This episode was probably the most heart-breaking episode yet. Hong-shim and Won-deuk’s relationship kind of soured and went downhill a bit so it was so difficult watching them come to terms with that. Before they searched for the truth, they were on good terms with each other and were happy together. They made many memories with each other and genuinely had a great time being with each other. Now that they know more about themselves and the other, things are different and things have changed and their relationship is no exception. I think what’s most heart-breaking is knowing that Hong-shim and Won-deuk still clearly love each other and want good things for the other, but they can’t bring themselves to show it because they’re afraid of how the other is feeling or how they will react. What hurt me the most is knowing that Hong-shim and Won-deuk can perfectly separate and go their own ways now since Won-deuk now knows the truth about his identity and Hong-shim can pay off the debt by selling the silk. There’s nothing holding them together anymore; there’s no reason why they should be together anymore if they choose not to be. But the thing is that they do. Hong-shim and Won-deuk do want to be with each other.

So because of their uncertainty on where they are right now in their relationship, they show their love for each other in small ways. Hong-shim placing a cushion under Won-deuk’s head or the way that Won-deuk offered his shoulder as a pillow for Hong-shim’s head. Or the way that Hong-shim cried when she was talking to Goo-dol’s wife about her relationship with Won-deuk. She’s so afraid to lose him. Though their marriage the past few months might have been fake, their feelings and interactions were genuine. Hong-shim came to realizing that she doesn’t want to lose Won-deuk. She can’t imagine a life without him because she’s been so dependent on him since their first interaction. It’s small little things like this that proves just how strong their love is for each other. Sure, they might be going through some problems and Won-deuk’s life the past few months has been an entire life fabricated by Stepdad and perpetuated by Hong-shim, but he can’t deny or reject his feelings for Hong-shim. The kiss at the end of this episode is proof of that.


I think it’s because of these reasons and so much more that it was so heart-breaking watching Won-deuk and Hong-shim remain so hesitant and reluctant in approaching each other or in expressing themselves. They’re fearful as to how the other is going to act. More even, it was heart-wrenching watching Hong-shim express her worries at the end of this episode. She wasn’t sure Won-deuk was going to return to her when he did regain his memory or gain a better idea of who he is. She wasn’t sure if she was worthy of his love or his time since their marriage this entire time has been fake. However, Won-deuk did return and that is a sign to both him and Hong-shim that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If Won-deuk is going to return to the palace, he’s going to bring Hong-shim with him.

It’s scary thinking about how everyone will eventually learn about Won-deuk’s existence and all the issues that will come about as a result of this. I was surprised to see Je-yoon not react upon having seen Won-deuk. That part was confusing for me because I assumed that he would have had some sort of reaction to seeing Won-deuk who is clearly the Crown Prince. Does he not remember how Lee Yool looked like or does he not recognize Won-deuk? It felt so anti-climatic because I was thinking this entire time that Je-yoon would definitely realize Won-deuk upon seeing him. However, contrary to my expectations, Je-yoon didn’t show any hint of shock or surprise or confusion. He just simply went about as if he didn’t know who Won-deuk was. That’s the Crown Prince, the same person who you talked to about the riddle and the investigation involving the former palace maid. How do you not recognize him? Am I the only one who’s confused about their interaction? Or maybe Je-yoon is just pretending to act like he doesn’t recognize Won-deuk when really he does so as to not arouse any suspicion?

Je-yoon might have proven himself to not be the best governor with the whole well issue, but it’s not like he was purposely trying to annoy the villagers. He needs to make his way to Lord Kim and the only way to do so is by gaining the trust of Lord Park. Everything he does is intentional and has some sort of reason behind it; of course, they have to be discreet and Je-yoon has to pretend like he doesn’t have any other reasons for his actions. I’m glad that Je-yoon is now aware of the marriage between Hong-shim and Won-deuk. He seems a bit heart-broken (as expected), but hopefully he’ll still want to remain in contact with Hong-shim and help her in the future.

I like that Won-deuk is slowly regaining his memory through bits here and there and not just magically from one single moment. You’re shown the process as to how he’s slowly remembering who he is and his former status. I think it would have been frustrating if Won-deuk went through all this trouble to find out who he was only to witness him remember it during one single random moment like in the palace or something. He doesn’t remember everything just yet, but he’s slowly getting there and I like that we’re shown these bits.


Whether as Won-deuk or Crown Prince Lee Yool, there’s something for certain: Won-deuk’s love for Hong-shim will never change. In fact, I don’t think his love for his wife has staggered or teeter in any way despite all the recent issues. Sure, Won-deuk might have been frustrated at times, but he’s always loved Hong-shim and cared for her. He might not have expressed those thoughts and feelings in the most direct ways possible, but the affection is well alive and existent. Only time will tell how strong Won-deuk and Hong-shim’s love for each other are when Won-deuk confronts both his inner and outer demons, both in and outside of the palace.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode. Enjoy 🙂 (and I apologize for the heavy amount of D.O.’s face! He’s just absolutely gorgeous!)

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  1. Your recaps are so good. Up to now I only watched finished series, but your recaps on 100 Days were so enticing I started and now have to wait a week for new eps.
    I especially love your thoughts at the end and the screen shots.

    • Aww, thank you for your kind and generous words, changthesails13!

      I’m glad that you enjoy my recaps. I try my best to make them fun and interesting ^_^

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