100 Days My Prince: Episode 10 Recap


Some things are still the same like Lord Kim’s demands to find and kill Lee Yool or Won-deuk’s quest to find out more about himself. However, there are also big changes in both our characters and their actions which makes things unpredictable for everyone. Who will reign victorious? Who will lose in this fierce and suspenseful battle?

100 Days My Prince: Episode 10 Recap

Hong-shim and Won-deuk celebrate their relationship with a kiss. After locking lips with each other, it suddenly begins to rain and the drought is finally over. Villagers rejoice at the sight of rain while our married couple run away to the water mill shed to hide from the rain. There, they discuss about Won-deuk’s trip to Hanyang and Hong-shim’s relationship with her brother. Won-deuk didn’t recover his memories while on his trip and Hong-shim needs some time to prepare things before leaving with her brother. Hong-shim wishes to return back home, but the heavy downpour of rain prevents them from doing so. Won-deuk utilizes the time to express his love for Hong-shim; he wraps his arms around her from behind and hugs her. EEEEEEEEK. I’M SQUEALING.

The King visits a frightened and ill Queen. She cries in fear that Lord Kim will kill her and Crown Prince Seowon after her last meeting with him. The King reassures to protect her and Seowon from any danger. He won’t allow Lord Kim to do anything to them. The Queen feigns ignorance and continues her act.

While Hong-shim takes a bath, Won-deuk recalls his interaction with Moo-yeon back in the woods. Moo-yeon refuses to reveal to Won-deuk the fact that he’s the Crown Prince; instead, he comments that Won-deuk should be dead, is considered dead by everyone else, and shouldn’t be discovered by anyone else. Won-deuk spares Moo-yeon’s life after Moo-yeon attempts to kill him once more. In the present, Won-deuk enters the bathroom to take a bath and finds a new set of clothes stitched by Hong-shim waiting for him inside. Aww.


Moo-yeon’s two assassins report to Lord Kim about Moo-yeon’s injury. One of them ends up confessing to Lord Kim that they were the one behind Moo-yeon’s injury. He shot Moo-yeon with the arrow in hopes that Moo-yeon would go through with Lord Kim’s orders of killing Won-deuk. Lord Kim decides to lock the assassin up. A little later, Lord Kim advises that the Crown Princess return to the palace. Attacks against her have been solved.

Hong-shim checks up on Won-deuk in his bedroom to make sure that he’s okay and that everything in his bedroom is to his satisfaction. Won-deuk realizes that she’s stalling time and recommends that she move to her room if she has no intentions of sleeping with him that night. Dumbfounded, Hong-shim quickly transitions to her room and has trouble sleeping. Won-deuk used to beg her to sleep with him. Why is it that he now doesn’t want to sleep with her? Why did he even kiss her too? Hehehe. They’re too cute! I can’t stop smiling!

The Crown Princess checks up on Moo-yeon who’s resting in a guest room in her residence. She secretly meets with the assassin who had shot Moo-yeon and urges that he make his escape now or else he will get tortured by Lord Kim. Though the assassin is reluctant, Moo-yeon too will leave once he recovers so he should do the same. The assassin must make sure to keep things a secret though.

One of the Queen’s advisors finds a secret letter written by the Crown Princess and hands it to Crown Prince Seo-won to read. Crown Prince Seo-won isn’t so impressed with the advisors’s dirty tricks and warns him not to hurt or do anything to the Crown Princess that could cause her to suffer a miscarriage.

Stepdad is grateful and happy to be reunited with Won-deuk. He’s so grateful he makes breakfast for his son-in-law and even teaches him how to twist straw ropes. Stepdad brings to Hong-shim’s attention Won-deuk’s changed behavior after having returned from the trip to Hanyang. Won-deuk didn’t like his name before, but now he responds to it. It seems like he plans on living as Won-deuk.

Je-yoon spends some time reading journals from the library over night. The section documenting notes about Hong-shim’s solution agency stands out to him in particular. He then learns from government official Park about Hong-shim’s concerning marriage with Won-deuk so Je-yoon sets out to learn more. On his walk around the village, Je-yoon encounters a tearful Meok Goo and a confused Won-deuk. Meok Goo claims that Won-deuk scammed him and never gave him the money that he promised he would give Meok Goo. Je-yoon feels apologetic for the little boy and hands him some money. Won-deuk does the same after failing to trick the little boy into answering his riddle incorrectly. Meok Goo is a little trickster himself! Lol.


Je-yoon meets with Hong-shim as a client for her solution agency. Won-deuk witnesses the two whispering into each other’s ears and grows uncomfortable (and jealous). He confronts Hong-shim about the rumors he’s been hearing about Je-yoon flirting with her, but she denies all accusations. Hong-shim then takes the time to treat Won-deuk’s sunburnt face by applying some medicine on it. Won-deuk rests on Hong-shim’s lap and permits his wife to touch his face without his permission. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY TOO CUTE.

Lord Kim overhears two court maids gossiping about the rumors that Lee Yool actually isn’t dead. He orders the maids to confess where they heard the rumors from. Meanwhile, Goo-dol and his wife pays Hong-shim and Won-deuk a visit. They have some fish that they’d like Hong-shim to clean and cut since she’s the only one who’s capable of doing it. Won-deuk underestimates the job and assumes he can accomplish the task himself. However, he freaks out upon seeing the live fish and decides to wait for Hong-shim to clean the fish instead. LOL.

However, Hong-shim doesn’t return home that night so Won-deuk sets out to search for her. It turns out that she’s with Je-yoon to help him with a special mission involving Lord Park. She takes a peek at Lord Park from outside of his residence and concludes that they’ll have to carry out the mission the next day. Hong-shim attempts to bid farewell with Je-yoon, but he volunteers to walk her home since it’s late at night. Won-deuk observes the two walking together and grows jealous.

The King finally decides to make his move against Lord Kim. In a private conversation with one of the Queen’s advisors, he orders that Lord Kim be killed. OOOOOH, NOW THINGS ARE GETTING GOOD!

Hong-shim sets out to complete her mission. She manages to sneak into Lord Park’s residence while he’s asleep and steals his puppy away from him. While running away, Hong-shim unexpectedly bumps into Won-deuk and accidentally drops the puppy. The puppy runs off while she talks to Won-deuk. It’s only until they’re done talking that she realizes the puppy is gone.


Lord Park informs Governor Je-yoon of the lost puppy. Je-yoon feigns ignorance and vows to search for the puppy. Je-yoon assumes he’ll be working with Hong-shim to find the pet, but he ends up working with a jealous and protective Won-deuk instead. Won-deuk disproves of Je-yoon’s interactions with his wife, lol.

So the two set out and set up a trap to capture the lost puppy. While they wait eagerly, Won-deuk assumes Je-yoon is doing all of this to get on Lord Park’s good side. As governor, he should be listening to the villagers instead and not the powerful. Je-yoon defends himself and claims he’s doing all of this because he has his own agenda: he wants to find out who it is that’s at the top of this powerful social hierarchy. Won-deuk advises that gaining the trust of someone like Lord Park is not the smartest or wisest option to go about doing that. He lends Je-yoon some support and advice.

Lord Kim finally discovers who the person behind the rumors about Lee Yool being alive is: it’s none other than his own son, Advisor Soo-ji. Lol.

Je-yoon continues his plans of sucking up to Lord Park. He joins Lord Park in a game of archery and uses Won-deuk as a human target. Je-yoon goes first and shoots his arrow towards the target only to miss. Lord Park makes his attempt right after and merely misses Won-deuk’s face as the arrow flies past Won-deuk’s face. This triggers a memory for Won-deuk and he’s suddenly reminded of the arrow that was aimed at the former palace maid’s throat who he had talked to earlier in the drama. Won-deuk falls to the ground in shock and confusion.

Lord Kim announces that he’ll be visiting the village to search for Won-deuk/Lee Yool himself. Unlike what he expected, Moo-yeon did not kill Lee Yool like he was told. AHHHHHH. Meanwhile, Won-deuk’s memories are slowly returning. Glancing at all the bows and arrows next to Je-yoon and Lord Park reminds him of the arrows from the palace and even of his father.

Stepdad remains ever so fond and grateful for Won-deuk. He advises that Hong-shim notify Won-deuk about her plans of leaving with Moo-yeon as soon as possible so that Won-deuk can prepare. Hong-shim isn’t so certain if she’s going to leave without Won-deuk or not. Before she can make a decision, Goo-dol’s wife comes running to the father-daughter pair to tell them about the archery competition where Won-deuk was used as a target.


Hong-shim confronts Je-yoon for doing such a scary and harmful thing to Won-deuk. She also criticizes him for not cherishing and protecting the lives of the villagers and instead threatening their lives over things like an archery game. Before Je-yoon can defend himself, he’s approached by Ae-wol who has come to town to deliver him some news. Hong-shim storms away to continue the search for Won-deuk while Ae-wol meets with Je-yoon.

Ae-wol presents to Je-yoon two pieces of news: the rumor that the Crown Princess’s baby isn’t of royal blood and the notion that the Crown Prince is actually alive. The two are interrupted by government official Park who hands Je-yoon a list of investigations that he wants Je-yoon to approve of before he documents them into the office records. After looking at the list and recalling his interactions with Lee Yool, Je-yoon slowly begins to believe that the Crown Prince is actually alive after all.

On his trip to the village, Lord Kim is attacked by the King’s assassins. Meanwhile, Hong-shim returns back home to find Won-deuk making some straw shoes. She’s confused on why he’s just working. More so, why did he just allow himself to be used as a human target during the archery game between Lord Park and Je-yoon?

Won-deuk admits that he wants to live as Won-deuk. Abandoning this identity means he would have to abandon Hong-shim as well and he doesn’t want to do that. He wants to stay by her side. Hong-shim grows emotional and makes her confession. She was supposed to leave with Moo-yeon and Stepdad that day and leave Won-deuk behind forever. However, she’s not so sure she can do that anymore. If Won-deuk is willing to, would he be okay with leaving with her?

Won-deuk pulls Hong-shim in for a hug and caresses her in his arms. Hong-shim can only tear up and cry as Won-deuk holds her in his arms.

My Thoughts:


YES WON-DEUK, YES. PLEASE. Run away with Hong-shim, Stepdad, and Moo-yeon and y’all can live happily ever after and never have to worry about a single thing again!

However, that’s all just wishful thinking and as much as we would all love for that to happen now, it probably won’t happen until much later or it might never even happen at all. Lord Kim has set out to find Won-deuk himself and to kill him since Moo-yeon wasn’t able to follow through with the plans, but that doesn’t mean that Moo-yeon is off the hook. Lord Kim will probably kill or punish Moo-yeon once he returns from the village himself and it’s going to be the most heart-breaking and petrifying thing ever. Moo-yeon should take the time now to run away, escape, and hide once he wakes up because his life will definitely not be spared again by Lord Kim 😦

As scary as it is thinking about what Lord Kim might do to Won-deuk/Lee Yool and Moo-yeon, a part of me feels relieved that there’s finally someone who’s out there to get him. It’s even better that this person is none other than the King himself who finally has 1) stood up for himself after being the puppet to so many of the court officials and especially to Lord Kim and 2) has plans to protect himself and his family after losing Lee Yool and his former wife. He won’t make the same mistakes again and instead of just wasting time and beating around the bush, the King has finally acted on his thoughts and feelings. He’s become a changed person and king and maybe this change won’t be so bad after all. Maybe this change was even necessary so that everyone’s enemy – Lord Kim – will perish once and for all.


It was heart-breaking watching Won-deuk come to terms with his reality and making the decision to stay as Won-deuk. A part of me feels like he doesn’t want to live as Won-deuk; maybe he wants to become someone else and separate from this commoner status and lifestyle that he feels uncomfortable with. However, another part of me feels like he’s choosing to live as Won-deuk because he realizes that he used to be the Crown Prince before and he despised that lifestyle so he would much rather be Won-deuk because it’ll be better and more convenient for him. Won-deuk might not like being Won-deuk, but it’s better than being the Crown Prince so he’ll go with the former option.

Won-deuk is stuck in this limbo of either forcing himself to adapt and accept this new identity that he’s lived the past few months or return to his old self which he disliked and hated. Neither options are attractive to him, but he has no other options than those two. You can tell that Won-deuk doesn’t really like being Won-deuk, but he’s given up in finding answers. He lived as Won-deuk the past few months, he might as well continue to do so in the future. Making straw shoes or tying straw ropes or cutting firewood were all examples of Won-deuk’s efforts to accept his new life. It was so sad to watch him come to terms with that because you know that he doesn’t want to live this way if he had a choice.

I like how Hong-shim is supportive of Won-deuk though and pushes him to do what it is that he really wants. He’s wanted to learn more about his old self and his true identity so he should keep doing that. The end of this episode where Hong-shim questioned why he’s choosing to live as Won-deuk or what happened with his quest to find his real identity was alarming and sad for me. She at first didn’t want him to know about his identity and hid it from him, but then now she’s the one who’s actively encouraging him to seek answers and go forth. It’s so ironic, but it’s also such an amazing sight to see.


Aside from all the more serious and heavy stuff in this episode, it was so cute and funny to witness a protective Hong-shim or a jealous Won-deuk. This once again proves just how much they love each other or how strong their feelings for each other are. It’s even better that they’re aware of this themselves. Won-deuk knows that he’s jealous when he sees Hong-shim with Je-yoon so he steps up to ensure that Hong-shim remains his. The jealousy trope is one that I’m iffy about in K-dramaland just because of all the red flags and warning signs that comes along with it, but I can understand why Won-deuk is jealous of Je-yoon. Won-deuk is married to Hong-shim and they are a married couple and they have been together for the past few months. Combine that with his strong feelings, affection, and love for Hong-shim and Won-deuk has reasonable reasons to be jealous of Je-yoon.

I understand that Je-yoon is making his way to Lord Kim by using Lord Park, but I sometimes question if there’s any other way he can do that without using or hurting the villagers. The villagers and Lord Park obviously don’t get along and if Je-yoon wants to get on Lord Park’s good side, the villagers are going to suffer in the midst of all that. However, Je-yoon isn’t doing such a great job because he’s losing the trust of his villagers and that’s not a good sign. I’m still confused and dumbfounded that he doesn’t exactly recall Won-deuk and recognize his face. You’ve talked to Lee Yool before; even everyone else in the palace recognizes him but you don’t? I don’t know, this part just screams odd to me, lol.


I just have a bad feeling about Moo-yeon and it scares me to think about his future. He didn’t follow through with Lord Kim’s mission to kill Lee Yool so now Lord Kim has to go out and kill him himself. The drama has emphasized Hong-shim’s plans of running away with her brother and living in isolation forever, but I’m not too entirely sure it’ll be possible at this point. I so desperately want Stepdad, Moo-yeon, Hong-shim, Won-deuk, and Goo-dol and his wife to be safe and to live in hiding forever, but the chances of them doing that right now aren’t so good. Everyone is in a tight spot and the risks are higher than ever. Will everything turn out fine for our characters?

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode 🙂

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  1. It was said in an earlier episode that JeYoon can’t recognise faces. But at some point he says he recognises WD’s voice but can’t place where from.

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