The Ghost Detective: Episode 10 Recap


Our team is so focused on defeating Woo-hye that they forget about themselves. They forget to take care of themselves and, as a result, begin to lose track of themselves in the process. Our characters learn that Woo-hye is not the only issue that they should be concerned about. There are far greater problems that they should also start paying attention to.

The Ghost Detective: Episode 10 Recap

Woo-hye’s mother kidnaps Da-il and makes her escape from the house with Da-il. When Yeo-wool, Chae-won, and Sang-seob arrive, they fail to find Da-il. While Sang-seob and Chae-won separate from Yeo-wool to search for Da-il, Yeo-wool stays behind at the house to search for any additional evidence. It is there where she reunites with Woo-hye who threatens Yeo-wool to kill her. However, Yeo-wool knows better and she doesn’t dare to stab Woo-hye with the knife.

Unfortunately, Sang-seob falls into Woo-hye’s temptation and becomes controlled by the former ghost. When he returns to the apartment, he grabs the knife that Yeo-wool was holding and aims it at himself after seeing a hallucination of his deceased wife who he had killed. Thankfully, Jung-dae and Chae-won arrive back at the apartment just in time to prevent Sang-seob from killing himself. Woo-hye is no where to be found by the time they recollect themselves.

When the quartet return to the office, they discuss about Da-il’s situation. Since he’s in critical condition, it’s crucial that they find him as soon as possible. If he dies with his spirit trapped inside his body, he won’t be able to return anymore as a spirit. The terrifying news stresses Yeo-wool out and she takes some time for herself. She’s soon joined by a curious Sang-seob who asks her questions about the situation earlier at the apartment with Woo-hye. Did Yeo-wool happen to hear a woman’s voice at all? Yeo-wool claims that she didn’t and wants to know herself who this woman Sang-seob referring to is. Sang-seob reveals that it’s his wife.


The drama then takes us back to four years ago when Sang-seob’s wife was still alive. We learn that the reason Sang-seob became a detective was because of his wife. In the present, Sang-seob hands Yeo-wool a self-defense spray and advises her to use it on him just in case he attempts to hurt her again.

Yeo-wool visits the machine room where Da-il would frequent to disappear every night by 1AM. She discovers his cell phone hidden inside of a box and starts to worry about him again. Seconds later, Yeo-wool is interrupted by Jung-dae who wants to have a talk with her. He asks that she no longer take part in the investigation; he’s a detective and he now believes her so he’ll do all the work. However, Yeo-wool has no plans of stopping. She needs to find Da-il – the only person who believed in her and helped her with her sister’s investigation. Jung-dae expresses his regrets on not helping Yeo-wool at first and hopes to be able to be a source of support for her now. As long as Yeo-wool is happy and safe, he’ll do anything that she wants him to.

Da-il overhears their conversation upon returning to the machine room in the office. He reunites with Yeo-wool after her talk with Jung-dae ends. Both Yeo-wool and Sang-seob are happy to know that Da-il is back. However, the moment doesn’t last too long for reporter Kang Eun-chong barges into their office to confirm his suspicions.

He finds it odd that he didn’t see Da-il at the travel fair with the rest of the team. More so, all the recent investigations and cases were incidents that only the team knows about. These cases must somewhat be related to ghosts, but why is it that Da-il is now involved in something that he didn’t believe in 5 years ago when he was in the military?

We then learn that Reporter Kang used to be in the military along with Da-il. At that time, Reporter Kang had witnessed a suicide by one of the soldiers and claims that Woo-hye was the one who influenced the soldier to kill himself. However, Da-il refuses to believe in Reporter Kang and believes that Reporter Kang was the one who persuaded the soldier to kill himself. Five years later and Da-il is now chasing after Woo-hye when he never believed in her before. Reporter Kang has a project he’s following up on and he wants the team to help him with it. He gives them all the information on the case before leaving.

Da-il looks over the news articles and information that Reporter Kang presented to them. It seems like he knows a lot more than they originally thought. Meanwhile, Lawyer Baek has a meeting with Reporter Kang to follow up on his meeting with Yeo-wool and Da-il. Why did he meet with them? Reporter Kang has hopes to fix Lawyer Baek’s mistakes on the court case she took on with Da-il five years ago. He also drops a bombshell to her: there’s no way Lawyer Baek will be able to use Da-il like she wants to. He’s no longer alive.

Da-il reassures Yeo-wool that it’s better that Woo-hye’s mother relocated him to another place. If she hadn’t, Woo-hye would have found him at her mother’s place and killed all of them. However, relocating Da-il’s physical body will only make finding him even more difficult than it already is.

As their first step, Yeo-wool and Da-il decide to visit the pharmacy whose medicine was discovered in Woo-hye’s mother’s apartment. They learn from the pharmacist that another man recently came by to also ask about the same medicine that was found in Woo-hye’s mother apartment. This man was none other than Kim Gyeol. Yeo-wool and Da-il leave the pharmacy with the crucial information.

The two discuss about Kim Gyeol’s involvement in all of this. They conclude that he’s also gathering information about Woo-hye’s mother in order to find Da-il’s body and is probably being ordered by Woo-hye to do so. It doesn’t matter that Da-il and Yeo-wool have hints of their own. They will always be one step behind Woo-hye so they must hurry and find Kim Gyeol to find both Woo-hye and Da-il’s body.


Kim Gyeol has a brief meeting with Woo-hye. She becomes disappointed in him upon learning that he doesn’t kill the individuals who he gathers information from. They don’t want Yeo-wool and Da-il to find Da-il’s body before they do. Kim Gyeol promises to kill the next person he gathers information from even if they don’t necessarily find anything helpful. Their next move is to visit the same church that Woo-hye’s mother frequented.

Chae-won visits Jung-dae at his office and shows him a picture that was taken of Kim Gyeol at the travel fair. She urges him to find Kim Gyeol, but before she can elaborate, Jung-dae’s strict colleague enters the room. Unlike all the other times, he’s a little bit more lenient this time with Jung-dae. Kim Gyeol might be controlled by Woo-hye, but if that’s not the case, they can always arrest Kim Gyeol with the assumption that he’s Woo-hye’s accomplice. Jung-dae receives his colleague’s approval to begin the search for Kim Gyeol.

In a meeting with the church’s pastor, Kim Gyeol learns that Woo-hye’s mother suffers from dementia and often visits a place near the hill where she believes her deceased son’s ashes are scattered. Furthermore, Woo-hye’s mother visits the spot randomly at times as if she’s bewitched by something. The pastor gives Kim Gyeol directions to the spot and is soon killed afterwards by Kim Gyeol.

Yeo-wool and Da-il arrive at the church only to find a pool of blood in the church’s basement. The pastor is no where to be found and Woo-hye and Kim Gyeol have disappeared. The two consult with church members to gather more information on the whereabouts of the pastor, but they aren’t too certain themselves. While Yeo-wool updates Sang-seob with the details, Da-il runs outside in fear and panic.

The evil inside of him is starting to take over and that’s all because of his ability to touch physical things which he needed to save Yeo-wool. Yeo-wool finds Da-il outside attempting to alleviate the pain and the evil and grows confused. Why are his eyes red? When she dawns upon the realization that Da-il is slowly turning evil, Yeo-wool breaks down into tears and scolds Da-il. If only he had let her kill Woo-hye, he wouldn’t be suffering like this. What’s going to happen now that Da-il is slowly getting possessed? Will he turn out like Woo-hye? Will he disappear forever?

Da-il consoles a terrified Yeo-wool by hugging her. He advises her to run away next time if he ever tries to hurt or harm her (pssst or you could also use the self-defense spray that Sang-seob gave you! Lol).


Woo-hye’s mother leaves the house with Da-il’s face uncovered to visit the river where she believes her son’s ashes were scattered. There, she hallucinates an image of 12-year old Woo-hye and follows her into a warehouse. Mom grows guilty as she listens to young Woo-hye comment on having been abandoned by Mom. A red pair of shoes that Mom had bought for Woo-hye as a gift appears right in front of Mom and slowly moves towards her.

Yeo-wool and Da-il wander outside of the church when they’re suddenly approached by Kim Gyeol. He continues with Woo-hye’s plans and tricks Yeo-wool into believing that she’ll never find Da-il’s body. Being the protective person he is, Da-il stops Kim Gyeol from touching and taking Yeo-wool with him. Of course, the ability to physically grab and hold onto things makes Da-il’s condition worsen and the evil inside of him begins to grow stronger and stronger.

Every touch and attack against Kim Gyeol causes Da-il to worsen and his eyes turn red. Yeo-wool attempts to stop Da-il from hurting Kim Gyeol, but Da-il doesn’t recognize her. He grabs her by the throat and stares into her fearful and petrified eyes, voicing the words, “I’m angry.”

My Thoughts:



Okay, you’re not really Da-il at that moment, but still! Who are you?! The oh-so-great noble idiocy came out and Yeo-wool and Da-il tried to sacrifice themselves for the other but this only lead to more dangerous and risky outcomes. Da-il wanted to protect Yeo-wool from killing Woo-hye and being tainted as a murderer so he picked up tips on how to physically grab things even if that meant getting possessed by an evil spirit. Meanwhile, Yeo-wool is willing to kill Woo-hye even if that means she might lose a bright future and be convicted as a murderer since Woo-hye is a physical person now. Please, can we just talk, be on the same page, and agree who’s going to do the sacrificing?

This drama is for the most part pretty repetitive so now when Woo-hye appears or someone hallucinates an image of their deceased loved one or when a victim feels guilty for their past actions, none of it is scary or refreshing anymore. It’s so overdone now with so many different people that you just kind of expect to watch new people continually get controlled by Woo-hye. There’s really nothing new that is being offered or implemented into this drama which is sad because the potential is definitely there.

However, with that being said, I do have to admit that I like the new sub-plot of Da-il getting controlled by an evil spirit because we finally have another issue to worry about other than Woo-hye. This entire time, we had just been focusing on our team chase after Woo-hye and nothing else so it’s nice to finally see a new sub-plot added into the drama. There’s other minor characters like Lawyer Baek and Reporter Kang, but their parts aren’t too big or crucial so they don’t really count. Chasing after Woo-hye has always been dangerous for our team and they were well aware of that themselves, but now it’s literally a life or death (technically he’s not dead but is just in a coma) situation for Da-il. If he gets possessed by this evil spirit, that’s it for him and he will never return nor find his physical body.

I find it interesting that nothing’s really changed for Woo-hye even though she’s now in her physical body. She can perfectly find her mother and Da-il’s body herself, but she rather use Kim Gyeol to do that. She probably finds Kim Gyeol useful since he knows Yeo-wool and can probably trick her into believing in him so it’d make things easier that way. Regardless, there was this intense build-up to having Woo-hye return to her physical body only to not do anything when she did return to her body. It’s a little anti-climatic for me, but it also leaves many questions to be answered. If Yeo-wool or someone was to stab her, will she actually die? Or will things go back to like how they were before where her spirit wandered around?


There’s no telling how our characters are going to survive when they keep losing against Woo-hye. She’s always one step ahead of them and even though our team are intelligent and competent individuals, the battle against Woo-hye might prove to be too challenging for them. How exactly will our team win? How exactly will all of this end for everyone?

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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