100 Days My Prince: Episode 11 Recap


Hong-shim and Won-deuk prepare for their escape from the hectic and chaotic lives that they’ve lived. It’s been ten years since Hong-shim’s lived as Hong-shim and a few months since Won-deuk’s lived as Won-deuk. These two identities are characters that the two have long come to accepting and learning to live in. However, all this time and effort may be at jeopardy as many others are coming after Won-deuk. For how much longer will Won-deuk get to live as Won-deuk and be by Hong-shim’s precious side?

100 Days My Prince: Episode 11 Recap

On his way to Hong-shim’s village, Lord Kim is attacked by the King’s assassins. Since there’s only him and his assassin fighting against many of the enemies, he struggles to fend them off. Meanwhile, Hong-shim grows frustrated at Won-deuk for not pursuing his plans of finding out the truth about his identity. Why did he stop? Wasn’t it his goal to find out who he really was? Won-deuk shares with Hong-shim his plans to live as Won-deuk; doing so would mean being able to stay by her side. Hong-shim then proposes that Won-deuk leave with her, Stepdad, and Moo-yeon once Moo-yeon comes to pick them up. Won-deuk gives Hong-shim a hug and will be more than happy to leave with them.

While heading out to find Stepdad, Goo-dol, and Kkeut-nyeo (Goo-dol’s wife), the married couple come across a shaman sitting on the street. They have a quick conversation with her where she spills to them some details about Won-deuk. She first notes that Won-deuk is a man like no other; he’s really only loved one woman his entire life and the same goes to Hong-shim. However, the shaman scares our two lovebirds by commenting that Won-deuk is also a dangerous man: he holds a sword in his hand and will aim it at Hong-shim. Hong-shim and Won-deuk quickly walk away hand in hand from the shaman afterwards in disbelief.


Moo-yeon is carried out from Lord Kim’s residence by one of Lord Kim’s assassins. Advisor Soo-ji witnesses the scene and wants to know what the assassin plans on doing, but the assassins remains silent. Meanwhile, the King is informed by one of the Queen’s advisors about Lord Kim’s escape in the mountains. In fear that Lord Kim will return and attack the palace, the King makes the decision to officialize Prince Seo-won as the Crown Prince of the country.

Won-deuk worries about the statements that the shaman commented earlier that day. He’s soon joined by Hong-shim who’s curious as to what Won-deuk seems so occupied with. In an excuse to cover up his thoughts, Won-deuk jokes around that he’s thinking about Moo-yeon and whether Moo-yeon would approve of him or not. Hong-shim and Stepdad then utilize the chance to change Won-deuk’s ways of talking and manage to get him to speak to them formally. Afraid that Moo-yeon won’t accept him, Won-deuk begins to talk to Stepdad in a formal and respectful manner. He wouldn’t want to be deemed as impolite. Aww, they’re so cute.

Later on that night, Hong-shim questions why Won-deuk doesn’t stop her from leaving his bedroom anymore. Won-deuk answers that their marriage was all just for show and that they didn’t receive any blessings on their wedding. When Moo-yeon returns and approves of their marriage, Won-deuk will then marry Hong-shim genuinely and sleep with her in the same room, lol.

Je-yoon works late into the night to figure out the similarities between Won-deuk and Crown Prince Lee Yool. There must be a reason why there are rumors claiming that Lee Yool is still alive. While talking to government official Park, Je-yoon is advised to speak to Won-deuk himself if he wants to learn more about him.

So Je-yoon seeks to meet with Won-deuk the next day. While Hong-shim and Won-deuk discuss about their travel plans and expenses, he interrupts the two in a request to meet with Won-deuk. Hong-shim is wary with Je-yoon’s appearance, but Won-deuk clarifies the misunderstandings that she has about him. The archery competition between Je-yoon and Lord Park was something that Won-deuk himself volunteered to take part in. He wasn’t coerced into it like Hong-shim had assumed. The two men then meet like how Je-yoon had wanted.

During their meeting, Je-yoon attempts to gain more insight on Won-deuk and his personality by asking different questions and observing his bedroom. However, Won-deuk remains alert and makes excuses in response to Je-yoon’s questions. It’s clear the two are wary of each other and have hidden agendas. Though nothing is revealed in the meeting, Je-yoon does find Won-deuk’s hand gesture when he’s stressed odd.


The Queen and Prince Seo-won visit the King to thank him for announcing Seo-won’s position as the new Crown Prince. Though Seo-won can’t seem to understand at first why the King would make such an impulsive decision, the King reasons that he’s doing this to protect them and his throne from Lord Kim. He fears that Lord Kim will hurt and overthrow them. By making Seo-won the Crown Prince, Lord Kim won’t gain any chance of becoming King.

Advisor Soo-ji meets with his sister – the Crown Princess – to discuss about their dad Lord Kim. Soo-ji relays the observations he saw earlier of Moo-yeon being carried by Hyuk (the assassin that escaped with Moo-yeon on his back) and how their dad has been missing the past few days. No one knows about his whereabouts. The Crown Princess demands her brother to take all of their dad’s men to find Lord Kim. They have to find him before Prince Seo-won is pronounced as Crown Prince of the country.

The Crown Princess attempts to guilt trip the King into revoking his decision. Outside of his room, she begs for him to take back his decision; the Crown Princess’s baby is of royal blood, how could he not want the baby to be next in line for the throne? The King listens from inside of his room.

Won-deuk sells off his precious drawer to loan shark Ma Chil to make money for when he and Hong-shim leave with Moo-yeon and Stepdad. In an attempt to make a little bit more money, Won-deuk pretends to be a face reader and charges Ma Chil for that too (Won-deuk actually can’t read faces though, lol). On their way back to their house, the married couple are approached by Ae-wol who wants Won-deuk to help her find her lost fan. Hong-shim is reluctant in letting Ae-wol go with her husband, but Ae-wol is only willing to pay them if she gets to work with Won-deuk. So with no other choice, Won-deuk and Ae-wol attempt to find the fan while Hong-shim heads back home.

Hong-shim remains worried and jealous that Ae-wol will seduce and steal Won-deuk away from her, lol. She’s then accompanied by Je-yoon who wants her to help him with something. They head to the library together so that he can find a few erotic novels to read. There, Hong-shim brings to Je-yoon’s attention a request: please do not put lives of the villagers at risk upon achieving his goal. They’re naive and innocent people and the people they’re afraid of the most are noblemen. The librarian then interrupts the two and asks Hong-shim to have Won-deuk make more copies of the erotic novels. His copies usually sell the best. Hong-shim quickly leaves while Je-yoon follows up on the librarian’s request. What copies is the librarian referring to?


Won-deuk finds Ae-wol’s fan for her, but quickly realizes that it’s fake. He accepts Ae-wol’s money after denying it at first and then leaves. Ae-wol meets with Je-yoon afterwards to update him about their interaction. She notes that Won-deuk did seem a bit odd in some ways and hands Je-yoon a drawing of Won-deuk’s face afterwards. Before she can speak any further, Je-yoon is informed by Government Official Park to meet with Lord Park.

In the meeting with Lord Park, Je-yoon is informed about the King’s decision to make Prince Seo-won the Crown Prince. He also learns that Lord Kim has gone missing. Je-yoon then requests to visit the royal palace himself.

Hong-shim can’t hide her emotions of jealousy. She follows up with Won-deuk about his adventure with Ae-wol, but there’s nothing about their interaction that changed Won-deuk. He still finds Hong-shim pretty and he still likes her. Won-deuk suggests that they sign a contract so as to establish their guidelines and boundaries with each other so Hong-shim sets out to grab a piece of paper. However, Won-deuk has other plans and plants a kiss on Hong-shim’s lips. That’s the contract. EEEEEEEEEEK. I’M SCREAMING.

Hong-shim and Won-deuk prepare to leave the village. They slowly bid their farewells with villagers by giving them rice cakes and gifts 😦

The King’s paranoia and fear gets to him and he soon becomes engulfed in thoughts of Lord Kim killing him. He orders for more men to protect him and for the security at the palace to tighten.

Lord Kim is well and alive. He arranges a secret meeting with his team of men to discuss their next moves. He orders that they all go with the King’s plan for now and help prepare for Prince Seo-won’s official inauguration ceremony as Crown Prince. Lord Kim is willing to do anything to have his grandson inherit the throne; they will have to visit Songjoo village where Hong-shim and Won-deuk lives first to do that. AHHHHHH NOOO.


Moo-yeon finally awakens and is immediately informed by assassin Hyuk about Lord Kim’s last whereabouts. Lord Kim was attacked by assassins on his way to Songjoo Village, but it’s uncertain as to whether he’s still alive or not. Moo-yeon then decides to head to Songjoo village himself. Hong-shim might be in danger.

Je-yoon finally arrives at the Royal Palace and requests to meet with advisor Kwon Hyuk. Meanwhile, the Crown Princess receives a red bracelet and a goodbye letter written by Moo-yeon. She tears up upon reading the letter and can’t seem to fathom that he’s leaving her. Why is everyone leaving the Crown Princess behind?

Je-yoon receives further confirmation on his suspicions about Won-deuk. After showing Kwon Hyuk the sketch of Won-deuk, Kwon Hyuk confirms that indeed the man in the drawing is Crown Prince Lee Yool. Je-yoon prepares to head back to Songjoo Village that night. Won-deuk is Crown Prince Lee Yool as he had suspected.


Hong-shim, Stepdad, and Won-deuk prepare for their trip by packing their belongings. Though Won-deuk wants to pack as many things as possible, Hong-shim manages to change his mind by reminding him about Moo-yeon (“Moo-yeon doesn’t like people who are materialistic”). Won-deuk then finds that many of the things he previously thought he needed is no longer necessary. LOL. He also advises that Hong-shim wear the shoes he bought her; he doesn’t want her feet to be injured because of the stiff straw shoes.

The next morning, Hong-shim worries when Moo-yeon doesn’t arrive at her house like he had promised her. She has a bad feeling and worries that something bad might have happened to her brother. Moo-yeon and Hyuk make their way to the village, but Moo-yeon’s wound is hurting him badly. Lord Kim and his men are too racing to get to Songjoo Village as soon as possible.

Ae-wol is still in the village and reads a bulletin post announcing the inauguration ceremony of Prince Seo-won as the new Crown Prince. Goo-dol notices Ae-wol and becomes surprised at the sight of a gisaeng in the village, lol.

Meanwhile, Hong-shim and Won-deuk distract themselves from their worries by celebrating the Dano Holiday Festival happening in the village. They also go to a magic show with village boy Meok-goo where Hong-shim is chosen to participate in one of the acts. The two magicians manage to hide her which causes Won-deuk to panic. However, she eventually appears again and he grows relieved. LOL, he really does love her. The magician ends the act by handing her a rose which causes Won-deuk to be jealous.

That night, Won-deuk hands Hong-shim a new bouquet of flowers in replacement of the rose she received from the magician. Je-yoon discovers Won-deuk wandering about in the village to find the bouquet and finally realizes that Won-deuk is indeed Crown Prince Lee Yool. Won-deuk returns to Hong-shim with the flowers, but she’s reluctant in accepting them. Won-deuk is willing to leave with her; won’t he regret it? However, Won-deuk won’t regret anything; if anything, his biggest regret would be not being with her. Hong-shim gives him a kiss on the cheek and accepts his proposal to marry her. They enjoy the fireworks appear in the night sky and things seem quiet and relaxing for once.


However, the peace is short-lived and Won-deuk quickly realizes that something’s wrong. Hong-shim has disappeared and is no where to be found. Furthermore,  Won-deuk is approached by Lord Kim and his assassins. They surround him in the now isolated part of the village and pay Won-deuk their respects. Though Won-deuk doesn’t recognize Lord Kim, Lord Kim immediately recognizes Won-deuk and acknowledges him as the Crown Prince.

My Thoughts:

There can never be a day of peace, huh? The most amount of peace we ever got was those few seconds where Hong-shim and Won-deuk watched the fireworks light up the night sky. At that moment and during those few seconds, they were happy to be in each other’s presence and were fully content with their lives as well as their marriage with each other. Now there definitely won’t be any peace now that Lord Kim’s discovered Won-deuk and has him trapped. How will Won-deuk escape now?


I’m a little relieved that Lord Kim’s discovery of Won-deuk wasn’t so intense and suspenseful. This entire time, I assumed Lord Kim would discover Won-deuk around and near the palace or something. I assumed that Lord Kim would find Won-deuk alive while wandering around and about and grow angry at Moo-yeon for not killing Won-deuk like he was supposed to. Granted, Lord Kim is probably still mad at Moo-yeon for not finishing his mission, but it was a good thing that Lord Kim knew about this and searched for Won-deuk himself. It wasn’t so much a surprise for Lord Kim when he finally discovered Won-deuk; he knew what he was going into in the search for him. Though fearful and uncertain times remain now that Lord Kim has discovered Won-deuk, a part of me thinks that it’ll be less about killing Won-deuk but rather using him to take down the Queen and Prince Seo-won.

This plan is especially plausible now that Lord Kim’s discovered Won-deuk a few days before Prince Seo-won’s inauguration ceremony. He found Won-deuk just in time to bring him back to the palace and prove to the King that his son is indeed alive. This will no doubt persuade the King to revoke his decision and claim the Crown Princess’s baby as part of the royal line. Everyone assumes that the Crown Princess’s baby is Lee Yool’s baby, but it’s same to assume that the baby’s not. That still leaves the question up in the air of who exactly is the baby’s father.

I’m just curious and worried about Hong-shim who was kidnapped by who I’m assuming is one of Lord Kim’s assassin. If not by them, then the assassin who kidnapped her must be assassin Hyuk who’s working with Moo-yeon. The two were also on their way to the village and it seemed like Moo-yeon was debating to just rescue his sister, not Won-deuk. I know that sounds like a selfish and petty thing to do especially considering how much Hong-shim loves and cares for Won-deuk, but maybe Moo-yeon was just caught up in the moment and afraid that Lord Kim would hurt Hong-shim. Maybe Moo-yeon ordered Hyuk to save her sister and leave Won-deuk behind to deal with Lord Kim.

Since Moo-yeon just barely woke up, I don’t think he’s aware that Hong-shim wants to leave with Won-deuk. If that assassin who did take away Hong-shim at the end of the episode was Moo-yeon or Hyuk, they probably seized the opportunity to take her away now so that they could live in hiding forever like they had originally planned. It was probably the only good timing to do so. But unlike last time, Hong-shim wants to leave with Won-deuk and Moo-yeon probably doesn’t know this. Now Hong-shim and Won-deuk are separated and there’s no telling what will happen to them next.


That’s the most difficult part to watch and accept about all of this. Won-deuk and Hong-shim were finally beginning to be more explicit, honest, and expressive about their thoughts and feelings for each other. They remain so protective of each other and easily get jealous. They worry about each other and want the other to be happy or to not get injured. Won-deuk and Hong-shim are finally comfortable in each other’s presence, but this peace between them can only last for so long. It’s heart-breaking to watch because the two have gone through so much just to reach this point. They started off on confusing terms and married each other for their own reasons; as Won-deuk noted in this episode, their wedding was all for show. Nothing about it was true or genuine. However, along the way, Hong-shim and Won-deuk grew to love each other and came to know the other’s perks, habits, and personalities. How sad is it that they separate at the point in their relationship when they’ve basically become inseparable. How sad is it that Hong-shim is taken away from her husband who she admits she’s become so dependent and reliable upon? It’s heart-breaking that the two get everything taken away from them little by little and all at once. They’ve been taken away from each other.

Though it’s uncertain as to when Hong-shim and Won-deuk will reunite again, I do have to say that I’m interested and intrigued to watch what happens from here on out. Won-deuk will eventually be brought to the palace and reunited with his father. Maybe Won-deuk already knew that he was the Crown Prince, but chose not to return because he despised his life in the royal palace and would rather be with Hong-shim instead. There’s been many memories that triggered for Won-deuk so I assume he must have pieced all the puzzles together and figured something out. He must know something by now that he’s not telling Hong-shim, Stepdad, Je-yoon, or anyone else.

We know this trip with Hong-shim, Won-deuk, Stepdad, and Moo-yeon was most likely never going to happen. It was just their (and our) wishful thinking, and it would have been great if they did have the chance to leave peacefully without any worries. However, with Won-deuk still alive and his position as Crown Prince up for grabs, there was no way that Lord Kim and his men was going to let the Queen win. Maybe that’s why it was a little bittersweet watching Hong-shim and Won-deuk prepare for the trip in this episode. They sold off some of their beloved belongings, bid farewell with Goo-dol and the other villagers, packed their clothes and belongings the night before they were supposed to leave, and much more. It was sad just watching them bid farewell with everyone, but it was also sad watching them knowing that this trip they so anticipated wasn’t actually going to happen. You so desperately want them to be able to leave in peace and secrecy so that they can enjoy their lives like they deserve, but there are so many things preventing them from doing that. Now that chance might never come at all.


There’s no telling what will happen to Won-deuk now that the inevitable has arrived and Lord Kim has discovered him. There will be many risks and gambles involved, but my biggest wish is that no one dies. Far too many people have died in this process of finding Won-deuk I wouldn’t want anyone else to also perish. That’s a bold and daring wish to make, but one can always hope right?

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode. Also, as a promise to viewers and fans for surpassing 10% ratings (YES 10% ON A CABLE CHANNEL), the cast of the drama did a cover to EXO’s ‘Growl.’ Everyone seems so happy (as they deserve and rightfully should be for achieving such high ratings!) and the chemistry between all the cast members are truly so great. I’m loving the interactions between the cast members. Hopefully the ratings continue to skyrocket. It’s what the drama, the cast, and the production staff deserve!

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  1. Thanks for the recap. I wonder wen won deuk memories will return. Before he is brain washed by lord kim

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