The Ghost Detective: Episode 11 Recap


The chase after Woo-hye as well as Da-il’s body is still intact. However, as the evil force continues to take over Da-il’s spirit, he realizes that it’s probably best to isolate himself from the rest of the team. Though our characters feel conflicted about this, their goals and plans are still essentially the same: to find Woo-hye and defeat her before she does any more harm and danger to anyone else.

The Ghost Detective: Episode 11 Recap

Da-il attacks Kim Gyeol and strangles Yeo-wool as the evil inside of him begins to consume his body. Fortunately, Da-il lets go of Yeo-wool as he struggles to control himself. Jung-dae arrives at the scene and comes to Yeo-wool’s aid, but Da-il still isn’t finished. He pushes Jung-dae away from Yeo-wool to grab his handcuffs and then locks himself onto a barrier. Before Da-il can speak any further with Yeo-wool, it hits 1AM and he disappears – the evil still evident in his red eyes. Yeo-wool and Jung-dae are in disbelief at what just happened; Kim Gyeol watches all of this unfold not too far away.

Jung-dae stays with Yeo-wool to take care of her and to gain more details on the recent incident. He reports to his colleague about the details regarding Kim Gyeol and then sends Yeo-wool to Sang-seob and Chae-won who picks Yeo-wool up. Inside of the car, she still remains worried about Da-il. Will they be able to save him in time from becoming an evil spirit?

Da-il returns to his physical body inside of Mom’s small place in what seems like inside of a warehouse. Two residents visit Mom’s room to check up on her, but they’re unable to find her. Da-il witnesses the two individuals and shouts for their attention, but they can’t hear him. The two are so close to finding Da-il, but they don’t discover him and they walk out.


Mom is still inside the abandoned house where she had followed 12-year old Woo-hye. Woo-hye continues to make Mom feel guilty for abandoning her and her brother many years ago. Adult Woo-hye then shows up in front of Mom and expresses all her frustration at Mom. No matter what Mom says, Woo-hye refuses to believe in her. Mom continues to reiterate over and over again that she has Joon (Woo-hye’s deceased brother) and is willing to show her his body. AHHHH.

Back at the office, Yeo-wool, Sang-seob, and Chae-won discuss their next moves. Chae-won decides that she’ll use her psychic abilities to help find Da-il even if it might not be of much help. Once she leaves, Sang-seob and Yeo-wool reassure each other about Da-il’s situation. Yeo-wool feels like he might not return to them in fear that he’ll hurt Yeo-wool again, but she’s devoted to saving Da-il. He’s only in this situation because of her; she has to help him live again.

Da-il suffers a nightmare and imagines Yeo-wool getting strangled by the evil side of him again. When he awakens from his nightmare, he still finds himself trapped inside of his body at Mom’s small place. However, Da-il realizes that he has a chance at defeating Woo-hye. Since he’s slowly turning into an evil spirit himself, he can battle against Woo-hye’s evil spirit herself.

Just like with all her other targets, Woo-hye seeks revenge by persuading Mom to kill herself. She hands Mom a knife, but Mom isn’t going to be tricked. She aims the knife at Woo-hye, but ends up getting killed herself. As Mom lays on the floor lifelessly, Woo-hye voices under her breath, “You were just like Dad.”

Yeo-wool and Sang-seob await Da-il’s return at the church where he had last disappeared the night before. When he does return, Yeo-wool realizes that she’s not prepared to see him as she thought she would be. She takes a step backwards as Da-il takes a step forward towards her; she glosses her hand over the marks on her neck inflicted by Da-il the night before. Yeo-wool assumes that Da-il is fine, but Da-il isn’t. He warns Yeo-wool to stay away from him as much as possible; he’ll return when he’s confident Yeo-wool feels safe around him. He leaves her and Sang-seob and goes on with his plans; however, the guilt is still remnant and Da-il can’t stop thinking about Yeo-wool.

Inside the car, Yeo-wool grows sullen and regretful for not being able to express her true thoughts to Da-il when she saw him earlier. She wanted to tell him that she still trusts him and that he hasn’t changed completely. However, Yeo-wool couldn’t bring herself to do it and rather just stayed silent. Sang-seob attempts to reassure Yeo-wool’s doubts and concerns.


12-year old Woo-hye scolds adult Woo-hye for killing not only her mom, but everyone else that she comes across. However, Woo-hye is persuaded that she’s really only killed 2 people: Da-il’s mother and Yeo-wool’s sister. Woo-hye then realizes that she might be needing a new body soon as her current one is bruising. If she inhabits Yeo-wool’s body, that’ll only make Da-il angrier and weaker.

Reporter Kang is fired by Lawyer Baek. Regardless, he still moves forward with his plans of releasing an article about Da-il which angers Lawyer Baek. She doesn’t buy that Da-il is dead nor that he’s a ghost attempting to solve a case about another ghost. Reporter Kang also brings up another issue: Lawyer Baek is working for powerful people that affected his and Da-il’s life back when they were in the military. Lawyer Baek avoids the topic and walks away.

Now alone and without Yeo-wool or the rest of the team, Da-il has to find Woo-hye by himself. In his quest to find where she’s hiding, Da-il realizes that she’s killing people so as to repeat the acts of murdering her father. Therefore, she must be hiding in her old house where her father’s murder occurred.

Jung-dae and his colleague are scolded by their chief for the article about Da-il that Reporter Kang wrote. Once again, the two are to report everything to the chief. While Jung-dae returns to his desk with the newspaper article, Da-il appears and circles his name that’s written on the newspaper. He wants to talk to Jung-dae.

The two communicate with each other via a pen and newspaper where Da-il writes out everything to Jung-dae. He wants Jung-dae to find his body first before Yeo-wool does and adds that Jung-dae must kill Da-il if Da-il attempts to hurt her or anyone else again. Da-il advises Jung-dae to ask Chae-won for more details on how to kill Da-il and then gives Jung-dae details on his body’s whereabouts based on what he’s seen. Jung-dae processes all the information.

Chae-won uses her psychic abilities on the deceased pastor’s body to catch any hints or details. When she places her hand on his body, she envisions the sight of Yi-rang. Chae-won reports this to Yeo-wool and Sang-seob and assumes that Yi-rang must still be around because she has a strong sense of will to protect Yeo-wool from Woo-hye.


It’s through items like the hearing aid as well as the bracelet that Kim Gyeol is wearing that Yi-rang’s spiritual energy is able to hang around. These two items also have the ability to connect the dead and the living. Yi-rang must have been there during the pastor’s last moments when he was killed by Kim Gyeol in an attempt to stop Kim Gyeol, but she couldn’t stop him because of Woo-hye’s powerful evil spirit. Can the hearing aid and bracelet also be used to stop Da-il’s evil spirit from hurting others?

Da-il heads to an internet cafe to research the location of Woo-hye’s old house. The rest of our team also reach the conclusion to head to Woo-hye’s old house in hopes of finding Da-il’s body there. Meanwhile, Woo-hye is being treated by Kim Gyeol for her injuries on her body. She notes that Da-il’s body is getting weaker since there’s no one taking care of him. If Kim Gyeol fails to find Da-il’s body, he is to bring Yeo-wool to Woo-hye himself.

On their way to Woo-hye’s old house, Yeo-wool, Chae-won, and Sang-seob come across Reporter Kang. He wants to work with them in finding Woo-hye since he has some information on her himself. The trio are reluctant in letting him join the team, but Yeo-wool permits him to work with them anyways. Woot woot, another team member!

Da-il arrives at the house first only to find Mom’s deceased body laying on the floor. He grabs the knife out of Mom’s body and remains in disbelief that Woo-hye could kill even her own mother. He’s then greeted by Woo-hye who appears right behind him. She notes that he’s become just like her and is curious as to how his anger differs from her. Meanwhile, our team also arrives at the house just in time before Da-il and Woo-hye’s showdown with each other begins.

My Thoughts:


OOOH, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! LOL, just kidding. Okay, maybe y’all do need to fight, but wait until our team gets there so they can also watch. We are finally at the moment in our drama where Da-il and Woo-hye confront each other and battle against each other. We knew we were going to arrive at this point sooner or later in the drama and I’m just thankful that we’ve finally arrived at that point.

Woo-hye really has no mercy for anyone, not even her own mother. Granted, she has a lot of suffocated resentment and despise for her mother so I can see why she killed her own mother. However, this also proves just how relentless and evil Woo-hye is. She kills and kills and there’s no knowing who her next target is, what her next moves are, or what she plans on doing. Everything about Woo-hye is so spontaneous, random, and unpredictable, but she’s also calculative and intelligent on her own part. This could explain for why Woo-hye is always clearly a few steps ahead of the team. She knows what she’s doing and she knows how she’s going to get what she wants.

Woo-hye is now seeking after Yeo-wool’s body and that’s a scary thing. Never mind that Da-il’s body hasn’t been found yet and that no one’s taking care of it any longer now that Mom’s dead. No one will be able to defeat Woo-hye when she chases after Yeo-wool’s body if Da-il’s body grows weaker by the day and our team is unable to fight off such a powerful evil spirit. Who exactly will be able to save Yeo-wool and Da-il and kill off Woo-hye? You so desperately want our team to find Da-il’s body without having to worry about Woo-hye, but that’s such a difficult thing to do when Woo-hye herself too is in the search for Da-il’s body. Everything is so intertwined with one another and you can’t do one thing without worrying about the other. Our team is occupied with not only finding Da-il’s body in order to save him, but is also worried about defeating Woo-hye so she doesn’t kill them all. How will they be able to do all of this without getting injured in the process?

Da-il’s evil inside of him is slowly starting to consume him, but as we saw in this episode, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. Yes, he’s slowly turning evil which means his chances of returning are slimmer and his chances of injuring others are bigger. However, being an evil spirit means he has better chances of defeating Woo-hye since it’ll be a battle between two evil spirits. Maybe this is what is needed to defeat Woo-hye. Da-il has to sacrifice one thing for the other, but his true wishes and goals still remain the same: to protect Yeo-wool. Whether as an evil spirit or not, he’s doing whatever he can to protect Yeo-wool from Woo-hye. It’s just sad to think about how with the evil spirit slowly taking over his body, he will have less chances to be with Yeo-wool, but it also means he’ll maybe have a better chance of defeating Woo-hye.


It was also sad seeing Yeo-wool’s instant reaction to Da-il upon reuniting with him. Before, she wasn’t scared of him; before, Yeo-wool was excited and relieved to meet with Da-il again after his disappearance every night at 1AM. She dreaded waiting for his return and she worried about him every night. However, when Yeo-wool saw Da-il again in this episode, she took a step back away from him and was reminded of the injuries that he inflicted on her. It was heart-breaking watching this because you can sense just how scared she is of him even though she doesn’t want to be and really isn’t. Yeo-wool trusts Da-il and she still cares for him; nothing about him or their relationship has changed, but she can’t bring herself to say it. Maybe there’s a part of her that is denying all of this change or maybe it’s the part of her who still truly believes that Da-il is the same person despite having almost killed her the night before. She still sees hints of the good in Da-il even when he’s consumed by evil and it’s this hope that keeps Yeo-wool hanging on. She can’t seem to let go of Da-il or isn’t persuaded that he’s entirely gone. How could she when he’s the person she relies on and cares about the most?

Now that we’ve finally reached that point in the drama where our protagonist and villain have finally reunited again, it should make for an intense and interesting watch. I hope that Woo-hye will be defeated even if it’s not by much or in just small little bits. It’s about time that our team takes Woo-hye down and begins to taste little bits of victory. They’ve been working so hard this entire time, they will truly reign in this battle.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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